Fistbeard leaned back and savored the cold beer in his mug. The quality of service at the tavern had improved; the barkeeper had evidently used the compensation he received from the Guild of Essential Inscriptions to invest in a better inventory. Fistbeard slowly drained the mug and smacked his lips in satisfaction as the cool liquid made its way down his bruised throat.

"Just what's needed after a harrowing escape, eh?" He joked, putting his mug on the table for a barmaid to refill. "I thought Iago's teleportation was bad, but that Shadow Walk..."

"It's usually not that turbulent," Zahrah muttered. "It was probably the wild magic."

"Clearly," Iago rolled his eyes. "What caused that, anyways? Everything was going fine until the idiot started casting spells in the fountain."

"I don't know," Zahrah confessed. "Casting spells in and around the water shouldn't have done anything to affect the stability of the wild magic."

Fistbeard nursed his beer thoughtfully as everyone paused to go through through their memories of the battle.

"Hey, didn't you get some of your whiskey in the water?" Krag asked. "I saw you crack a keg over his head."

Fistbeard smacked himself on the forehead with his free hand.

"You're right, I completely forgot about doing that to him. The whiskey must have tainted the fountain."

"Elhonna's nipples," Iago cursed, "You mean we almost got devoured by eldritch abominations because Fistbeard got a cleric drunk?"

"No, that can't have been it; alcohol doesn't cause magic to go haywire," Zahrah said. "I've been around inebriated magic users before, and it never gets that bad."

"But he made it with magic water, didn't he?" Kotor pointed out. "I remember, after we climbed the cliff, he gave it to Krag and said that he had access to a magical spring."

"Really?" Zahrah asked. Fistbeard did not like the look in her eyes. It was a hungry one, like one would see in predator who had just spotted his first meal of the week. "Fistbeard, where is this spring? Is it in the Underdark, or the mountains, or the forest? What's the name? What does it do? Has anyone else studied it? There might be something special about it that I'm sure we could benefit from if we were able to examine it."

Fistbeard took the contents of his mug and emptied them over her head.