Percy Jackson the Movie Fan fiction (OC, OC, OC, OC Whoohoo! 3)

Alright people let's start things of here! I support Percabeth 100% but I am trying something new. This is off the movie not the books so let's also pretend this is the second book and the Sea of Monsters is the third! Lol I hope you all like this. Cause I sorta love it. lol

My name is Morana Haddie (Ha-ddie, not Ha-ttie) Wright. I am seventeen years old; I live in Manhattan, New York. My mother is Evangeline Wright; she is the most powerful lawyer in Manhattan. Dad left when I was a baby mom said he was a real jackass and was probably rotting in hell. I didn't realize how right she was. She never got married and it was just her and I but she sent me away to St. Gregory's Catholic school for girls (never knew how much I loved boys till now). This is my tenth school in twelve years. Let's just say trouble follows me around, everywhere I go. I was the poster child for teenage issues. I am dyslexic and have ADHD, great combo huh? Well St. Gregory's was more than just a catholic school it was a board school; a boarding school from hell, ironically. Every morning the nun that handled our dorms (I was in dorms 8-12) would come around banging on some sort of cymbal to wake us up. The sister that was in charge of my dorms name was Sister Lily, and she was a mega bitch. She had it out for me, I would be sitting there starring out the window, then Lucy Lawson would snicker saying something and I got blamed…now maybe giving her a bloody nose didn't help out but hey, the girl had it coming. I sighed and threw my legs off my bed. I hadn't slept that night; too many things were running through my head, like always. My roommate Rose yawned loudly as she sat up. She saw I was awake and her eyes widen a little.

"Morning Rosie," I said and she glared at me. She hated it when I called her Rosie. I snicker and stood up. I heard Sister Lily banging her cymbals as she came down the hall. I could have sworn she did it on purpose, but it sounded like she had stopped at our dorm room door and banged the cymbals louder just to piss me off.

"Haddie, don't you even think about it." Rose said and I turned and looked at her. How did she dress so fast? She had already put on her uniform, and was standing up her crutched giving her support. Rose has a muscle deficiency in her legs, and was constantly made fun of. She always wore pants, my guess she was self conscious about her legs. I smiled at her sadly and sighed.

"You better get dressed before old lily walks in." She said and Sister Lily, moved on finally. I nodded and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out the uniform and dressed quickly. I sighed and brushed my hair then pulled it into a lose ponytail. I sighed and grabbed my bag stuffing my books in it and Rose smiled at me. I returned her smiled and then she and I walked out of the dorm. Rose was had curly blonde hair that was very…large, like she was from Texas. You know how the beauty queens puff up there hair? Well that's how hers was. I walked at her pace as we headed towards the grand hall, where the meals where held. Every morning we had to say our daily prayer, then our before meal prayer, then we had to eat, and then we had to say out after meal prayer. I wasn't catholic but this was apparently as my mother says "My last straw and then its juvie," If I had the choice I think I would have picked Juvie. I sighed and tossed my bag on the table and then sat down. Rose sat beside me and looked around nervously.

"What is it?" I asked and she turned to me her eyes afraid.

"Does something seem…off to you?" She asked and I looked around. No one else was in the cafeteria but Rose and me. I shrugged it off and stood.

"Nah, their probably just still up there gossiping, but hey, means, more for us right?" I asked smiling as I walked backwards towards the lunch line. I turned and Sister Lily stood behind me and I let out a yelp. She smiled; it was a wrinkly yellow toothed smile.

"Good Moring Morana," She said her voice screechy and I winched. I hated my name, for two reasons, it meant "death", and my father named me it. I gave her a fake smile and then walked past her towards the lunch line, people started walking it laughing and gossiping. I felt her eyes on my as I grabbed a plate and started piling on pancakes. I grabbed Rose an apple, and some other vegetarian approved foods. I turned around carrying my plate, Rose's plate, plus two orange juices. Sister Lily watched me intently as I juggled the load towards my table. I set Rose's plate down in front of her and than sat down myself. Sister Lily finally stopped watching me and then turned around walking towards the kitchen. I was going to graduate the year, I tried extra hard to be good, and studied even harder so I could pass. So my grades were low B's –low D's. The school year was practically over, three days left I think, and today was out end of the year "field trip," we were going to some old church, what's new? I turned and realized Rose was now starring at me. I chewed my food slower, meeting her eyes and she turned away quick. I chuckled rolling my eyes and swallowed my food.

"Rose what is it; you're acting like I have wings or something." I said and she smiled sheepishly.

"I'm just…worried about you…When you leave school I mean, what if you get into trouble, I mean you'll be eighteen soon, that's jail." She said and I chuckled a little. She looked at me and I realized she was being serious.

"Rose, I'll be fine, I'll go home. Plus even if I did my mom would bail me out, and I have Alex…He'll take care of me." I said and she smiled. Alex was my twin brother. He and I looked pretty much the same, but he had dark blue eyes while I had light blue eyes, that sometimes looked green. Alex came and visited me every week in this hell hole, he had the same problems I had, but he was able to stay in public school. Rose didn't say anything after that and soon we we're both sitting on the bus. Sister Lily sat in the front, her snake like eyes on me the whole time. Sister Margret, a bigger lady with curly red hair, and black thick rimmed glasses drove the bus. She was the one who was taking us on the field trip, and Sister Lily was there to chaperon. I smacked my gum as I chewed flipping through some magazine Alex had sent me. Sister Lily was still staring at me and I was tempted to flip her off. Don't think that would help me graduate. I mumbled to myself about how creepy she was and put my head phones on. I turned my iPod on and paid attention to the music, not the creepy nun staring at me.

"We are here children!" Sister Margret said as I took my ear buds out. I looked at the church through the window. It was huge, had billions of windows, and statues. This wasn't going to be pretty. I stood up stuffing my iPod into Rose's bag she carried. I didn't like to carry purses; they always got in the way. I hoped down the stairs and into the street. Rose came out behind me and I helped her down. She thanked me and we walked towards the group of students.

"Now girls, this is the oldest church here in Manhattan," Sister Margret said but I was to busy watching a boy. He was looking at around, a pretty girl stood beside him. They both we're watching the group surveying it looking for someone. A boy that had crutches like Rose hobbled over to them; he whispered something into the boy's ear and his head snapped towards me. I gave him a puzzled look and followed the group into the building.

"Oh shoot," Rose said nervously and I stopped turning around to see her.

"What is it?"

"I left something on the bus. I'll be right back." She said turning.

"No, no I'll go get it." I said walked away, but the boy that was watching me stepped in front of me. He was taller than me, and had ocean blue eyes. He smiled at me and I swallowed.

"Hi, um…My name is Percy." He said and I looked at him confused. I looked over at Rose and she was sending him death glares.

"Hello Percy, I'm Haddie, now if you'd excuse me I ne-"

"Morana, Rose!" I heard Sister Lily yell and I grumbled.

"Morana?" Percy said and I shot him a look and turned. Sister Lily had her arms crossed around her chest and she was sending daggers at Percy.

"Yes Sister Lily," I asked and her lips curled back into a sinister smile and I shuddered.

"Come along now; stop talking to the handsome boy there." She said, and I blushed a little. I sighed and started away from Percy and he took my hand. I turned to him confused and he handed me a pen.

"Take this, Haddie." He said and I looked at him confused but nodded. I took the pen and then walked into the church. Sister Lily wrapped her bony arm around my shoulder as I walked past her.

"Now Morana, boys will only cause problems, and I'm sure you have enough problems." She sneered and I chuckled.

"Yes, Sister." I said and shrugged out of her hold. The girls were allowed to explore the church on there own and I decided to head up the stairs, towards the choir loft. Huge stained glass windows were surrounding me and I fought back the urge to touch them. The sun shown through causing millions of colors to dance around the room. I stood there in awe watching each and every color. Damn my ADHD. I looked down and saw that the girls had moved on, probably down stairs. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned. Sister Lily was making her way towards me, but she was moving slowly,

"I finally have you alone." She said her voice evil. I raised and eyebrow at her crossing my arms.

"Sister Lily, isn't this a little you know against your vows?" I asked and she smirked. Her black habit started to change, into brown leathery wings and I screamed.

"You! Morana Wright will die." She said raising a long bony finger at me. I backed away and she lunged. I jumped to the other side and slammed against one of the stained windows and it cracked.

"The pen! Click the pen!" I heard the boy Percy scream as Sister Lily made her way towards me. I crawled away, under the pews.

"It's a bloody pen you idiot!" I screamed at him. But Sister Lily was close behind and I did as I was told. When I clicked the pen it turned into a bronze sword and my hand fell from the wait. "What the hell!" I screamed starring at the sword. I jumped up, sword in my hand. Sister Lily, made this noise, like she was growling and she stormed towards me. I let my instincts take over and swung the sword my eyes closed. Sister Lily blood curdling scream pierced my ears, and the sword cut through her like butter. When I opened my there was sand covering the tiled floor. I dropped the sword and backed away from the sand that used to be Sister Lily. I turned and the boy Percy looked at me, and I starred back.

"What the hell just happened" I asked but he only looked at me confused.

"What are you talking about, I heard you scream and I came up here." He said and I looked at him confused.

"What? No, y-you gave me your pen, and it turned into a sword." I stuttered and he laughed at me.

"Um wow you are crazy, I just came up here to make sure you were okay." He said and walked over towards me. He bent down and picked up his pen, the sand was gone. I shook my head and Percy looked at me sadly. I…I couldn't have just imagined that. There was no way…

"Morana," I heard Sister Margret call and I looked at Percy one last time them trotted back down the stairs. Sister Margret smiled at me.

"It's time to go my dear, we're off for lunch." She said placing her arm on my back and pushed me towards the doors.

"What…what about Sister Lily?" I asked and she looked at me confused.

"Sister Lily? You mean Sister Rachel my dear." She said smiling still and I shook my head but said no more. Who the hell was Sister Lily, and what the hell was going on?

A/N: Yeah, Yeah I know, the first chapter sounds like the beginning of The Lighting Thief, but I promise you it will change, a lot! So tell me what you think and I hope you all liked it lol.