Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in the story. They are the property of themselves and WWE.

Notes about this story: I wrote this story as WWE/F in an alternate universe. So, in this story-

-The Undertaker is 31 years old and in his Lord of Darkness persona, but he wears the attire he has now, with the fighting gloves and all. The only difference is he wears the ripped shirt over his tanktop. He also has the trimmed beard he has now, as well as all his current tattoos.

-The Undertaker wears his WrestleMania 24 Lord-of-Darkness robe during his entrances. He also uses his Ministry entrance music.

-The Undertaker is the current Intercontinental champion.

-The Undertaker's girlfriend is Ariel (Shelly Martinez), who was brought in to be his valet after Paul Bearer betrayed him. Basically, Ariel is the Undertaker's "Michelle McCool" and "Paul Bearer" rolled into one.

-As well as being the Undertaker's off-screen girlfriend, Ariel portrays his on-screen love interest.

The Undertaker also has Shelly's name on his throat.

-The Undertaker still has the urn that functions as the source of his powers, but Ariel carries it.

-The roster is made up of various WWE/F Superstars, both past and present.

-The Hardcore, Light-Heavyweight, and European titles are still part of the WWF, as is the U.S. title

-The WWF has 3 shows, Raw is War, SmackDown, and WWF Superstars