Heyyy all. Sorry I've just kinda...disappeared from the face of the planet, but I come baring a collection! What kind of collection you ask? Well, none other than a Pearlshipping collection! That's right; I'm going to write drabbles, one-shots, and ficlets and upload 'em here. All of them will be non-related to one another unless I say otherwise. It's more convenient for me that way~ Hope you enjoy them! :3

Note: This particular chapter is somewhat AU; the pokemon are kinda non-existent. You may seem references here and there, but my stories' main interest is Pearlshipping. Ash and Dawn only. I will incorporate the characters' pokemon in future chapters, but for now, bear with me. Thankyou~

Pokemon moves range from powerful to tactical, type to type, affect to no affect. Some moves just baffle me to no end. Like, for instance;


I walked up to my dark-haired companion. He still hasn't noticed me approaching him, but how could he when all of his attention is focused on the screen in front of him, flashing with pictures of famous trainers and their pokémon, luring him into it's mind-numbing quality? I stand right next to him and give him a stern look;


He's still staring, staring at that blasted box called television.

"Ash...!" I start rising my voice a little more in hopes that he would notice me.

Not even a side glance. I sigh in frustration as he continues nodding his head, agreeing with whatever the hell that television host is blabbering about. Tapping my chin, and idea pops into my head. I've always wondered how it felt charming up a man, and now I finally get my chance.

With newfound enthusiasm, I inch closer, wrapping one arm around his neck, and the other arm delicately tracing miniature hearts on the sleeve of his white shirt. He tenses and shivers a bit, though he continues with his eyes glued to the screen, trying his best to hide his apparent blush. I smirk, going a bit further with my gestures. Tilting my head downward and parting my lips, I place them near his ear lobe, whispering in a husky, and hopefully attracting, voice;

"What's a sexy guy like you doing here, watching nothing but TV?"

He slowly grabs the remote and points it at the television, pressing the POWER button. He turns his head towards me a bit and his blush couldn't be more obvious.

"U-umm... Do you want to go somewhere, Dawn?" I smile in satisfaction and nod to his question. I grab my turquoise purse and slip on my matching shoes, turning to him and giving him my sweetest of sweet smiles. He scratches the back of his head and lets out a sheepish but warm laugh, most likely for choosing TV over me. But what can he do? He's only one man. Even guys have those moments where they'd rather go to a game or some guy-related event rather than spend time with their girlfriends. Giving me an apology hug and peck on the cheek, he grabs his car keys and just before leaving the apartment, he ponders;

"Do you really still think I'm sexy?"