Here's my next installment of the collection of short, SatoHika related stories; Hidden Pearls! This short little number acts as practice for me for any more kissing scenes I do in the future. I hate a badly written kissing scene, and I don't want to be a hypocrite.

sweet kiss..

Her sweet, tender lips, tasting of cherries and raspberries, slowly approaches mine. I prepare myself for an indescribable rush of emotions, having already experienced her way of expressing feelings. Our lips lock, clinging onto each other like magnets, fitting perfectly with each other. I tread my hands through her smooth blue locks, enjoying the feel of her breath-taking hair flowing between my digits. She smiles into the kiss, cupping my cheeks with her tender palms.

I slipped out my tongue from through my lips and lightly flicked it across hers which were still connected to mine. She separates them, allowing me to meet her soft pink tongue. The small kiss has formed into a hot and passionate one, giving me a sensation that left me dizzy, but euphoric at the same time. Parting, we stare deep into the other's eyes, reading the emotions swimming through them: love, lust, desire, and longing.

I tilt her head and planted a soft one, parting a way only a moment after. I had left her in a romantic daze from that last, quick lip-lock; smiling stupidly to herself and blushing heavily.

Our kisses were always like this, and we both love it more than anything in the world.