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Chapter 16

Dean thrashed restlessly in his sleep, locked in nightmares and Sam watched, unsure how to help him cope with the memories of hell. Memories that seemed to be getting stronger every day. Sam did the only thing he could, wrapping his taller body around him, touching him gently to try and ground him in the present. Dean started awake, eyes wide and Sam kissed his forehead, one hand stroking his stomach and Dean slowly relaxed. "It's okay Dean, you're safe, I'm here." He whispered and Dean turned his head to look at him, seeing the determination and love in Sam's eyes.


"For what?"

"Being such a baby." Dean muttered and Sam sighed.

"Dean….I can't begin to imagine what you went through down there. What happened to me without you is…insignificant in comparison. It's going to take a long time for you to deal with what happened, maybe it won't even happen fully but no matter what I'll be right here. Just like you were there for me when I went through withdrawal." Sam promised firmly and Dean closed his eyes but nodded. He needed Sam to stay, without him he didn't think he'd be able to come out of the memories, at least not sane. "Maybe Harry or Castiel can do something to help you sleep better." He offered but Dean shook his head, rolling over to rest his head on Sam's chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.

"They've done too much for us already." He muttered tiredly, feeling Sam's arms wrap around him tightly but not tight enough to make him feel trapped.

"Okay….for now. Try to get some more sleep."

Castiel left the dead demons behind, heading for the building they had been guarding. He frowned as he looked at all the angel wards before simply brushing straight past them; after all he was Death's Angel now, not Heavens. He looked around curiously while remaining invisible and then began to rearrange things, messing up all the demons careful work in preparing to break the seal. He smirked once he was done and then headed home, wanting to see Harry. It was kind of fun to mess with demons heads, who knew Harry would be such a bad influence on him with all those Marauder stories.

Castiel smiled and wrapped his arms around Harry as he cooked. Harry turned in his embrace and kissed him hello. "How'd it go?" He asked before going back to stirring something that smelled wonderful.

"Well. The ritual they were preparing for will not work." He smirked and Harry laughed.

"I am such a bad influence on you." He teased as two plates floated over to him. He plated up and they sat down to eat. Just because he didn't have to eat didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it and he always enjoyed Harry's cooking. They enjoyed a quite meal together and then retired to their bedroom to spend time together.

Sam screamed as the blade dug into his side, staring hatefully up into black eyes as Ruby smirked down at him. "Stupid Sammy, so stupid. Did you really think you could just undo all my hard work with no consequences?" She snarled and Sam looked past her to where Dean was slumped against the wall, blood coating his head from where he'd smashed into the wall. He couldn't see if Dean was breathing or not but the noise he'd made when he hit the wall….Sam screamed again as agony flooded his body. "Pay attention!" He spat in her face in reaction to her words and noticed the blood mixed with his saliva, that was not good. "Anything to say Sammy?"

Sam took as deep a breath as he could and screamed out verbally and mentally, praying for aid. "CASTIEL! HARRY!"

Ruby just sneered and pulled the knife free of his flesh. "Sorry Sammy but no one can hear you."

"Wouldn't bet on that bitch." A familiar voice snarled and Sam could just make out messy dark hair and glowing emerald eyes before his world went dark.

Castiel knelt over Dean, hands spread over his head wound as he worked to heal him, leaving Harry to deal with the demon. Castiel moved from the massive head trauma onto the multiple broken bones, including a broken spine. If they had been much later Harry would have been pulling Dean's soul back to his body again. As it was healing him was proving to be rather tricky. He wasn't a normal angel anymore after all, he was Death's which generally meant killing, not healing. Sensing that Harry lashed out, utterly destroying the demon called Ruby. He opened his powers to Castiel and knelt to work on Sam while Castiel continued with Dean. Once they were stable the four males vanished from the warehouse.