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Chapter 17

Harry sat beside the bed, watching over the brothers as they slept. They had to be the most trouble prone humans since…..well since he'd been mortal. He smiled slightly and reached over to gently brush Sam's hair away from his face. It wasn't fair that they never got a break. He leant back as he felt Castiel come to stand behind him. "They will be alright Harry."

"For now. How long can they last under this pressure?"

"You lasted."

"I had Michael and you."

"And they have us." Castiel held him close as they watched the two sleep off the trauma of Ruby's attack. They stood watch until Sam began to stir restlessly and then hazel eyes snapped open in alarm.

"Easy Sam, you're safe." Harry put a hand on his shoulder and Sam blinked at him in confusion before relaxing. He turned his head to see Dean lying beside him, looking totally healthy again.

"Ruby…is she dead?" Sam asked.

"One very dead demon." Harry promised and Sam closed his eyes in relief.

"Was Dean…"

"No, but if we had arrived much later Harry would have been calling his soul back." Castiel answered and Sam winced. He rolled over and wrapped an arm around Dean, needing the comfort of touching Dean's living body.

"Get some rest Sam." Harry patted his shoulder and then they left him and Dean alone.

Harry sat on the porch watching the sun rise in silence. It was so peaceful here in their little oasis. The property was so heavily warded on Michael had ever managed to find it. It was their place of peace, away from the war, from everything. In some way it was odd having the brothers there and yet in another it felt good. It was amazing how quickly they had become close to them but war tended to make you bond quicker. "Want to try and keep a leash on your subordinates?" He smiled slightly as he felt the familiar presence.

Michael moved to sit beside him. "I am aware of what happened and what you did to the perpetrators. They were rather disgruntled." He smiled slightly.

"Good." Harry growled.

"How are the brothers?"

"Recovering. Dean nearly died, again. I think he's beating me on the near death experiences."

"He may have you beaten thanks to something Gabriel did over a year ago."


"In an effort to make Sam accept Dean's coming death he set poor Sam in a time loop where Dean died every day by different methods."

"Ouch. Which really would have just made things worse."


"It seems like no matter how many demons we stop nothing gets better."

"It will, we shall not fail."

"Castiel says the same thing."

"Then you should believe him, believe us. I do not believe you are able to give up Harry or you would have years ago."


"I will see you later." With that the archangel was gone and Harry smiled softly as he stared out over the open plain bathed in the morning sunlight. They were right, they would win, even if he had to destroy Lucifer's soul himself.


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