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Chapter 24 Part 2…

Arthur groaned loudly as he opened his eyes to… black? Why was it so black? He moved his head. Ah right, a blindfold. He knew that his arms were tied behind his back so he decided upon coughing.

"Ah, you finally come to, Pendragon," a voice said pulling the blindfold harshly away from his eyes. He blinked furiously trying to adjust to the light in the room.

"It would have been sooner if you hadn't of hit me so hard," Arthur said not thinking it through, and then instantly regretted it when he heard chuckling.

"If that's the case, then I obviously didn't hit you hard enough."

Arthur looked up and eyed his captor for the first time. He was young, probably mid-twenties with dark hair. He wasn't very big, so he probably wasn't the one that dragged him here.

"Who are you?" Arthur said.

"Like I said to your boyfriend Arthur, that needn't concern you." Arthur's eye lit up at the mention of Merlin.

"Where's Merlin? What have you done with him?"

"Don't worry, Pendragon. Your boy toy is safe…for now."

He gritted his teeth, struggling furiously against his restrains that were digging painfully into his wrists. He needed to get out of this chair. Needed to go and look for Merlin. To hold him, and tell him that everything was going to be alright. Then he was going to god damn crack this man's smart ass face.

"What do you want with me?" The man smiled.

"That is simple and complicated at the same time. You see a few years back I lost something that was very dear to me, something that for some peculiar reason is in your possession."

"Which is?" Arthur said sounding somewhat sarcastic. The man laughed.

"Let me make this a little clearer for you Arthur Pendragon. The thing you took away from me was Merlin."

"Merlin? Wait… you're Will aren't you?"

"Finally you ask something right."

"Merlin was never your possession; he was and is still a human being! How dare you speak about him like that, not after what you did to him!" Will smiled.

"Oh, so he has told you about me then? That's nice of him." Arthur shook his head.

"What is the matter with you?"

"You still aren't getting this are you?" Will moved forward so he was inches away from Arthur's face.

"I want Merlin back."

Merlin screamed Arthur's name as he watched him being dragged away by a group of henchman into another part of the dark compound. Seeing him… seeing Arthur, had given him more hope in one moment than he had ever had in his entire life. Arthur hadn't given up on him and his heart burst thinking about what Arthur must have gone through to find him. Now he was gone and once again it was all his fault.

A man walked past him and he addressed him.

"What have you done to him? Where are you taking Arthur?"

"Oh don't worry, you will see him soon enough." Tears formed in Merlin's eyes.

"That is it! Arthur is by far the stupidest person on the planet!"

"You have to calm down."

"No I bloody well don't!"

"Can somebody do something please? I don't want people to get hurt."

"I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill him. He is dead."

"Uther can you please stop yelling?"

Uther stopped pacing and turned to face the four worried friends.

"I'm sorry. I just… I can't believe that he would do something this stupid! This sort of action goes against everything he was taught in his training and he knows it. I just… I think I should…" Morgana walked up to him and put an arm around his shoulder.

"He's going to be OK. They all are. The Prime Minister's people are looking for his car as we speak. They are the best, and we are all confident that they will find him. You should be too." Uther sighed.

"OK." His pocket vibrated.

"Hello. Yes Gaius. Yes. You did? Oh thank goodness, we will be right there." He ended the call.

"What is it Mr Pendragon?" Val asked.

"They have found Arthur's car about an hour from here."

"Well do you know where that is?" Morgana asked. Uther nodded his head.

"Yes… yes I do."

"Alright Arthur, time for you to finally be reunited with your fuck buddy."

"He is not my fuck buddy you asshole, he is my fucking boyfriend. Get it right," Arthur spat his head pulsing with pain.

"Whatever man," the thug said giving him a shove. "Let's get going."

Arthur struggled with the binds behind his back as he was lead through a long corridor to where a small group of people were standing. Arthur took this time to take a look at his surroundings. The whole place looked like it was going under repairs. The roof had holes in it so the whole place smelt of rotting wood and had moss growing everywhere. There was little light, except for the holes in the roof that is, and small tables and chairs still remained. Arthur swallowed as he was pushed forward. The small crowd of three separated and Arthur gasped as Merlin ran towards him wrapping his arms tightly around the blonde detective.

"Oh my god Arthur I missed you so much," Merlin whispered into his ear. Arthur wished he could free himself and hug Merlin back. He pulled away so he could look at Merlin in the face.

"I'm so glad you are alright," he said.

"You too. But Arthur you have to listen to me. You need to get out of here. I was just the bait- the real person they want is you."

"I know."

"You know?" Merlin said taken aback. "What do you mean you know? If you knew then why are you here? Why would you just put yourself in danger for no reason at all?" Arthur laughed.

"But I did do it for a reason you idiot. I came to get you." Merlin smiled.

"How did you even know that I was here?"

"Now that," a voice said from inside the small crowd, "Is what I would like to know."

The man that Arthur had met earlier stepped out and Merlin's eyes grew as wide as saucers.


"Hello my dear."

"But… what… how?"

"Oh Merlin you did speak stupidly when you were nervous, and when we were getting dirty…"

"You shut your mouth you foul bastard. Don't you dare talk to Merlin that way." Merlin put a hand on his arm.

"Arthur it's OK."

"No it's not OK, Merlin. Do you know the type of things he says about you behind your back? And now that he's saying them to your face is making me twice as angry." Will laughed at the two of them.

"I'd watch your mouth too if I were you Arthur. I'm still yet to bring Lance out here." Arthur let go of Merlin and stepped in between them.

"Where is Lance?"

"A wild spirit that one, I'll have to have someone go and check if he is still alive." Arthur growled.

"Why would you do this Will?" Merlin asked. "What did we ever do to you?" Will narrowed his eyes and slowly walked towards the two of them.

"When you left me Merlin, I lost everything. I lost my respect at the police station when everyone found out what happened and almost lost my job. I was never treated professionally again. My parents won't talk to me, my sister. They all loved you and thought you were the best person for me. And I lost them all, and it was all your fault."

"My fault? How is this my fault? You cheated on me!" Merlin said. Will stopped.

"Yeah that was your fault too. We were engaged Merlin, and you still didn't want to have sex with me."

"That's because I wanted to wait."

"We were going to get married anyway, one day wouldn't have mattered." Merlin was getting mad now and started to walk up to Will but was quickly grabbed by two men. Arthur tried to help him but was easily dragged away by another man. Will smirked.

"As I said, it wouldn't have mattered."

"It did to me."

"Of course, you and your love and flowers and rainbows. Oh please, spare me before I throw up." Merlin shook his head.

"What happened to you? You are nothing like the Will I used to know."

"People change Merlin, and they move on. I just don't know why it had to be with this fuckwit," Will said pointing at Arthur. Arthur glared in return.

"You want to know the reason I got together with him? Because he treats me like a human being. I never belonged to him, we belong to each other and I am happier than I have ever been. That's something you will never understand."

"But I could," Will said, walking forward and running his fingers up and down Merlin's arm. "I could know what it was like if you gave me another chance." Merlin scoffed.

"In your dreams."

"Oh but Merlin, you have to know that we were so good together," Will said moving his hand to Merlin's face, "Those two years were the best years of your life, you have to admit that."

"Get your hands off of him," Arthur said earning him a kick in the crutch from Will. Arthur not being able to help himself, fell to his knees.

"Stop it Will! Stop hurting him!"

"Alright fine. How about I make you a deal my dear Merlin?" Will said his face coming closer to Merlin's.

"I will stop hurting Arthur and even let him go, if you agree to give yourself to me, forever." Merlin gasped and Arthur's head shot up.

"Mer-lin… please don't do this," Arthur said. Will laughed. Merlin said nothing.

"You're thinking about it aren't you Merlin? You have been since you left me, what it would have been like to make sweet love to me for the first time."

"No he hasn't!" Arthur yelled. Merlin looked at him with sad eyes.

"Let me get this straight," Merlin said slowly, "If I go with you, you will let Arthur go and never touch him again?"

"That is what I said," Will answered. Merlin bit his lip and looked at Arthur. It hurt him to see him in so much pain because of him. He needed Arthur to be safe.

"Fine," Merlin said, "You have a deal." Will grinned.

"Merlin no!" Arthur said struggling against his captors. "Merlin please, please don't. This is what he wants."

"I'm sorry Arthur," Merlin said, "If this is the only way to get you out of here, I have to do it."

"No," Arthur began to sob, "No. I'm not going to let you go. Not after everything we have been through together."

"Let them say their goodbyes," Will ordered, "We will leave after that." The men unhanded both of them and Arthur got up and ran straight into Merlin's arms.

"Stop crying you prat," Merlin said, "I'll be OK."

"No you bloody well wont!" Arthur said, "Not when you're hanging around with that lunatic."

"All he wants is to be the first to take me and then I'll escape somehow," Merlin said, "He's a sad excuse for a man." Arthur's eyes went wide.

"Ah, you do realise that there is going to be a problem with that plan Merlin." Merlin looked at him confused.


"Because we already slept together, on my birthday," Arthur whispered. Merlin smiled.

"Oh yeah, how could I forget?"

"It wasn't that memorable for you? I feel cheated." Merlin lightly smacked his arm.

"Shut up. I still stand by what I said Arthur, being with you that night, was the best moment of my life." Arthur kissed his forehead.

"Me too."

"HOLD IT!" Merlin and Arthur turned to Will who looked extremely mad.

"What? You said we could say goodbye." Will walked straight up to Merlin, pulled him away from Arthur and looked at him dead in the eye. The next thing he said shook everyone to the bone.

"You spread your legs for him, didn't you Merlin?"

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