Oh The Webs That We Weave

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A/N: Ok guys this story takes place right after chapter 25 of the Heart No Kuni No Alice manga series. This will primarily be an Alice x Blood fanfic, but it will have moments with all other characters. This is only my second fanfiction, and the first one for Heart No Kuni No Alice so I hope you like my writing. :-)

At the Clock Tower

"Hi Julius, I'm back," Alice said upon entering the Clock Tower.

Briefly looking up from his current clock Julius gave a nod in greeting.

"I'm sorry I was gone so long. It looks like you're busy, can I help with anything?"She inquired.

Putting the clock down gently Julius stood and faced Alice. " I've told you before Alice that you don't have to help me out because you stay here." Seeing the look of disappointment on Alice's face he quickly added, "But if you really want to help a cup of coffee would be nice."

Alice beamed up at Julius and headed off to the kitchen. Despite Julius's reassurance that she didn't need to help out Alice always felt the need to assist Julius. She loved to help out in any way that she could, even if it was simply making coffee.

As she started grinding the coffee beans Alice's thoughts turned back to the Mad Hatter. She would definitely not be attending the ball if we was going to be there. After their last encounter she never wanted to come across him again. His violent mood swings were indeed a sight to behold, a sight that she never wanted to see again.

Alice's grinding of the beans became more forceful as she was lost in her thoughts. The nerve of him coming to the Clock Tower and telling Julius that he wanted to take her to the mansion. She wouldn't live there in a million years. She enjoyed the peaceful friendship that she and Julius shared. It was so easy to live with him. He never lost his temper or claimed she was seducing the men. What a ridiculous thought.

Shaking her head as if to clear all the thoughts away she finished preparing the coffee and returned to give it to Julius.

Starring at Julius intently as he took the first sip Alice held her breath. After the first sip he placed the cup back down and said "Eight. The beans were really ground up well."

"Yay that's better than last time," Alice said smiling.

Julius favored her with a rare smile, "Have you decided if you will be attending the ball?" He asked.

Alice's smile quickly faded and a blush crept up her checks. "Um, yeah I decided that I'm not going to go."

Sensing that their was something wrong Julius prodded further by asking, " May I ask why?"

"Well Blood is going to be there and I don't want to see him," responded Alice sheepishly.

Sighing Julius began, "May I give you some advice?" Upon Alice's nod of approval Julius continued. " If you want to go than go, don't let some man dictate what you will and will not do."

Starring at the floor Alice nodded. She didn't know why but this topic of conversation was making her feel uncomfortable. Deciding that she needed an escape she said, "Um thanks Julius. Um I noticed that we're low on a few things in the kitchen, I'll go out and grab some groceries."

Julius just sighed and nodded in approval as Alice hurried out the door.

At the Hatter Mansion.

The only sound that could be heard form the closed door of Blood Dupre s office was the continuous scratch of pen against paper as the Hatter worked diligently on his every growing heap of paperwork. His silence and concentration was suddenly broken by the Bloody Twins bursting through the door with a distraught looking Elliot bringing up the rear.

"Boss Boss!" The twins yelled racing over to Blood s desk.

"Sorry Blood, I tired to stop them." Said a contrite looking Elliot leaning against the doorway.

"Like you could stop us newbie-hare."Replied Dee.

"Yeah go eat a carrot you rabbit." Added Dum.

"I don t eat carrots and I m not a RABBIT!!! Elliot shouted and his face turned a very unnatural red.

"If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck..." began Dum, "than it s probably a duck," finished Dee.

"That's it! I have had it with you two!!" With that Elliot whipped out his gun and pointed it in the twins' direction.

"Bring it on newbie-hare!" The twins shouted in unison while drawing their swords.

Blood, who until now, had been ignoring the commotion slammed his pen down on the desk with enough force that it echoed throughout the vast office.

"Enough." Blood said in a deadly calm tone. The look in his eyes quickly made the twins and Elliot sheath their weapons and look ashamed. Well in the twins' case their look of remorse was purely a sham, however, Elliot truly did look down cast.

"Now," Blood began, "what is this all about. It had better be good." Anyone in the room could pick up the silent threat in the Hatter s voice.

"Boss you have to make onee-san come to ball," Dum blurted out while he and Dee looked up to Blood with puppy dog eyes.

"Is that what this about." Blood said with all the indifference in the world. The Hatter picked his pen back up and continued with his work.

"I m surprised she s not planning to attend, what with all the men there to seduce." Blood finished while not even bothering to even look up from his work.

" Please Boss." Said Dee pulling lightly on Blood s arm.

"If the young lady doesn t want to go than that s her own choice. Now I have work to finished." Blood said with a tone of finality tugging his arm out of Dee s grasp.

"But she does wana go." Piped in Dum

" Yeah and we already have a red dress picked out for Onee-san" Dee exclaimed.

"No it s pink." Countered Dum





Just as the twins were about to unsheathe their swords and duel over the color of Alice s dress the faint voice of Elliot was heard.

"It's going to be orange." Elliot whispered.

Dee and Dum s battle was instantly forgotten as they turned to face the March Hare. Even Blood looked up from his paper work to look inquisitively at Elliot.

"Orange like a carrot." Stated Dum.

Once again Elliot s face turned an unearthly shade of red as he shouted, " No not like a carrot! Orange like in the color of carrot cake! They're completely. "

Upon the blank looks Elliot was receiving from the twins and Blood he began trying to clarify what he meant but was soon cut of by Blood. Turning to The Twins and narrowing his eyes he asked,

"What is it you two are going on about?" he asked irritably.

The twins looked at each other than down at the floor, neither wanting to say the reason why Alice wasn t planning to attend.

"Well" Blood demanded while glaring at the twins.

Finally it was Elliot who couldn t bear the silence anymore.

"Well you see Blood, its, ah I don t know quite how to say this." Elliot stammered while looking any where but at Blood and scratching behind his ears.

"Spit it out Elliot" ordered Blood.

Taking a deep breath Elliot said," Alice said she wasn t going to the ball if you were going to be there."

Seeing the expression on the Hatter s face Elliot immediately wished he hadn t said anything.

Blood s eyes narrowed instantly and his face became hard as stone.

"Is that so." He said while rising from his chair and purposefully walking to the coat hanger where he promptly downed his jacket and hat.

"I have business to attend to. Elliot finish the paperwork. Dum, Dee I believe you have a gate to guard." Blood instructed and turned to go out the door.

Before he could leave Elliot hurriedly caught up to him in the hallway.

"Blood you re not... you re not going to do anything are you? I m sure she didn t mean anything by it." Elliot implored.

"I didn t give you a hard task Elliot. I told you to finish the paperwork and yet you re not doing it. Is it too much for you to handle." Blood said flatly.

Elliot knew that he was treading on thin water and decided it would be best to back down.

"No n n not at all I ll get right on it." Stammered Elliot.

" Good." Was Blood s reply as he made his way down the hall.

Placing his hand to his forehead Elliot said, " I need a drink."

Alice smiled happily to herself as she headed down the path towards the market. The sunshine and outdoors was beginning to help her forget her current worries and cares. This was just the cure she needed, maybe she would take a quick walk through the forest before heading to the market. Some more alone time would probably be good for her.

Heading of the trail Alice began her way through the forest. The chirping of the birds and wind through the trees was defiantly doing the trick. At the moment she didn't know why she had been so stressed earlier. Everything was fine, things were more than fine, they were great.

Then before she knew what hit her a hand shot out behind a tree and grabbed her arm tightly, halting her in her steps. Alice let out a scream of surprised and turned to face the very last person in the world whom she wanted to see.

Blood Dupre was holding fast to her arm while giving her a smile that sent chills up her spine.

A.N: Well gang that's it for chapter 1, I hope you all like it. I promise that the next chapter will be much more exciting, this chapter was kind of a set up chapter. :-) Be assured that the next installment will have the fan girls inside all of you gushing with happiness. :-)