Prologue: The day that couldn't end.

The fact that Lovino Romano Vargas was not a typical human but a nation meant that his life too wasn't one of a typical human either. There were many things that made Romano one of a kind, really, but what happened to him that day couldn't be called normal for him either. The day Lovino Romano Vargas, or just Romano, came to equally love and hate was the 13th of March and had started as usually as ever… for him, at least.

"Svegliati, fratellone! It's late! ~vee!"

Romano groaned and turned around to the not-unusually cheery tone of voice of his brother. Feliciano just smiled amiably at him and opened the window letting the sunrays in. The older Vargas twin knew that Feliciano had done it on purpose and decided to shot his most murderous look at his brother, failing miserably, then turned his head to the clock on his bedside table and groaned louder.

"What the hell, Feli?? It's just ten o'clock in the morning, dammit!"

Romano wondered if his Feliciano had some kind of happy-go-lucky barrier that protected him from whatever nasty remark Romano may spat at him and made them bounce right back in the form of waves that made Lovino say yes to whatever Feliciano asked. Or maybe it was just the fact that, as much as he could want to, Romano couldn't hate his brother.

Feliciano was dense, yes, stupid, yes, nowadays loved too much potatoes for Romano's tastes, yes, but Romano couldn't hate him even if Feliciano could become rather cruel if he wanted to. Everyone loved Feliciano and his smile, everyone preferred that part of Italy and many of Romano's people too had preferred to live in the Northern part of the country. As much as Romano felt jealous, pathetic and weak, in the end even he couldn't be the exception.

In the end he too was attracted to his brother and wanted to always see him smile and laugh and… and… what the hell! Stop saying idiocies and get up!

"I know, Romano, but we have a G8 meeting in an hour so get up!" Feliciano said and without a warning jumped on Romano's bed, right on Romano's stomach. The older one whimpered making Feliciano laugh and Romano glared at him.

"Okay…man! You're heavy!" Romano shouted and pushed a laughing Feliciano away who gracefully landed on the floor, making Romano sigh in frustration.

"I'll wait for you outside! ~vee!" Feliciano exclaimed and Romano muttered something about stupid little brothers while he searched for his clothes.

Romano hated meetings, for many reasons than just one. America just talked and talked about some stupid idea or another and today was no exception. Italy was hugging that pota- Germany's arm too tightly, as always. Creepy Russia was terrorizing poor Canada because the taller nation couldn't decide if to sit next to Japan or next to America, on the chair Canada was sitting in, not that Russia saw him, anyway. Romano on the other was kicking rather viciously France under the table, who that day, had decided that Lovino would be his next victim and didn't want to back down (regardless if his legs had started to have a sickly violet color).

"So, I say we should…" America was saying with that stupid grin on his face, really excited by his idea, not that Romano had listened what America's bright idea was about, but he was cut abruptly because, in that moment, the door slammed violently open and everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at a really pissed off England glaring daggers at America.

That wouldn't be so strange if it wasn't for the fact that England had some strange looking black drawings on his face. America seemed the only one not affected though and greeted his ex-caretaker with a smile.

"Yo, what's up? Do you know you are kinda late?" Alfred said and in a moment England was on him, strangling him with all his might, and failing if America's laugh was of any indication.

"You bloody git! What did you do to my face?!"

"But, England… I think it suits you well!"

"Okay, I'm leaving!" Romano declared, taking his chance to leave that parody of a meeting. No one seemed to care, too engrossed in the scene happening before their eyes and only Feliciano turned around to look at his brother with a worried expression on his face.

"Ci vediamo a casa…" Romano whispered in their language and Feliciano smiled at him and nodded.

Romano decided to pass the day doing the things he loved the most. He went to eat Spain's tomatoes and shout at the bastard for one thing or another ("I do not look like this tomato, dammit!") and tried to avoid the mafia all day. It was already evening when Romano finally got home. Until that moment nothing had been different from any other day in Romano's life and he still wondered if the events that followed had something to do with the hell Romano would start living from the day after…

Feliciano crying wasn't really something extraordinary either. Romano knew his brother would cry for everything and for nothing, so when he entered the living room the two shared, Romano wasn't surprised to come face to face with Feliciano bawling his eyes out.

Romano wondered how his heart would break so badly every time he saw Feliciano crying, even for something stupid. Every time Romano wanted to go and hug his brother, to tell him everything is alright even if he didn't know it himself, and every time Romano's pride and self esteem wouldn't let him. Every time Romano would just stare or, even worse, say mean things to his brother even if he didn't want to and in the end Romano would feel like shit.

"Lovino…" Feliciano turned his head to his older brother and Romano noticed that Feliciano tried to contain his tears. The younger twin tried to smile taking Romano totally aback, because Feliciano never tried to smile for him.

"W-what's… going on… idiot?" Romano tentatively asked but Feliciano just shook his head and tried to dry his tears.

"It's… nothing… just…" Feliciano stopped as tears started to stream down his face again. Romano couldn't take it anymore and with a shout of 'Whatever!' he literally ran to their room. For the next hours Romano listened to Feliciano crying himself to sleep in the living room and when the sobs finally stopped Romano felt like a real bastard again. If it had been nothing, his conscience said, Feliciano would have stopped crying hours ago and Feliciano wouldn't have tried to smile that way. You are a coward, his conscience said again, and Romano cursed himself.

Tomorrow Feliciano will not cry… Romano thought as he fell asleep.

"Svegliati, fratellone! It's late! ~vee!"

Romano abruptly woke up and turned around to look at the smiling face of his brother with a mix of annoyance and happiness, not that the later showed very much on his face anyway.

"So, it was nothing after all… if you stopped crying…" Romano said. Feliciano tilted his head to the side and Romano could actually see the big question mark above his brother's head.

"What are you talking about, vee…" Italy said, "I wasn't crying…"

"Yesterday you were bawling your eyes out, stupid!" Romano quirked his eyebrow as Feliciano seemed more and more confused.

"Did you have a bad dream?" Italy asked and then he smiled. "Don't worry, I'm okay! But now get up! We have a G8 meeting in an hour!" Feliciano said and went to open the window.

"Another G8 meeting??" Romano exclaimed and Feliciano looked again back at him confused. "What are you staring at… dammit…" Romano turned to the clock on his bedside table and gaped at the hour.

"Romano… the last G8 meeting was ages ago, vee…" Feliciano said and then looked at his brother with mischief. As soon as Romano noticed the look he got up from the bed before Feliciano could land on his stomach.

"How did you know I was going to do this, vee?" Feliciano laughed and Romano stared at him as Italy got up and exclaimed something along the lines of "I'll wait for you outside! ~vee!".

Romano quickly put his clothes on and in contrast from the day before he was the one who dragged Feliciano to the meeting. What happened in the next hours made Romano dizzy.

America was saying the same things he said the day before.

Russia was still terrorizing Canada, as the day before.

France was flirting with him. Again. And France didn't go for the same victim two days straight.

"Is this some king of joke?" suddenly Romano exclaimed in the middle of the meeting, making everyone stop and stare at him. In that moment the doors slammed open and a feeling of dread slowly engulfed Romano's being and little by little he turned his eyes to the door. There England was in all his glory, in the same state as the day before.

"Yo, what's up? Do you know you are kinda late?" America started. That was it, Romano thought, standing up from his place and without a glance back he literally ran away. As soon as he was out he noticed everything was going as it has the day before. The people and the animals too were doing the exact same things they had done twenty-four hours before.

Romano decided to pay Spain a visit, hoping that at least Antonio was doing something different, but his wish wasn't granted.

"Hi, Romano!" the Spaniard greeted him with that idiotic smile on his face as always. Romano stared at the plants full of tomatoes they have eaten yesterday. Was it possible for them to grow again in just a day?

"I think I'm going crazy…" Romano said then, sitting suddenly exhausted next to Antonio. The older boy stared at him and smiled:

"Why do you say that, Romano… has something happened in the meeting?"

"This meeting happened…" Romano whispered and groaned in frustration. Spain was confused and for once Romano didn't blame him. "What day it is, bastard?"

"The 13th…" Spain said after a moment of thought and that was all it took for Romano to actually panic. "Are you okay?" Antonio asked.

"Would you believe me if I told you I already lived this day?"

With that Antonio was even more confused and Romano decided not to press the matter. He remained with Antonio all day and in the evening Romano returned home, afraid of what he was going to find out. Again his worst fears were confirmed and as soon as he opened the door he found Feliciano crying in the exact same spot Romano had found him the day before.

"Lovino…" Feliciano started but Romano could just stare at him. For a moment he wondered if someone out there was playing with his mind and that Feliciano would stop crying and exclaim: "You are on Candid Camera!" or something along those lines. But those tears, Romano thought, were pretty real and no one could do the exact same things twice, in the exact same manner.

"W-what's going on…" Romano said, this time leaving the "idiot" part out. As he had done the day before Feliciano shook his head and tried to dry his tears. "And don't say it's nothing!" Romano added as an afterthought. Feliciano turned abruptly to him and for a moment he stopped crying.

"It's… Germany…" Italy admitted then and Romano cursed himself, because he should have known that the potato was behind it all.

"What did that bastard do, again??" Romano exclaimed really angry and Italy shrieked in fear. At the sound Romano tried to calm down and Italy found the courage to continue.

"He said…" sob "We shouldn't see each other anymore…" Feliciano added after a moment. "It hurt so much the way…"

"Why should it?" Romano exclaimed, sincerely happy. "That bastard had hurt you so many times before that it's good for you not to see each other again!"

Feliciano looked at him. "Yes, but I…I…"

"It's the best thing it could have ever happened to us!" Romano said and Feliciano tried again to dry his eyes, nodded but didn't smile. When Romano went to bed some minutes later, Feliciano followed soon after and got into the bed with Romano as always.

Romano tried to ignore the fact that Feliciano was still crying next to him and he hoped that the next day Feliciano would really consider his view seriously.

"Svegliati, fratellone! It's late! ~vee!"

Romano woke up so abruptly he fell from the bed, making his brother laugh out loud. Blinking sleep away Romano stared at Feliciano with fear:

"Late… for… what?" he slowly asked.

"Silly brother!" Feliciano said with a smile. "Today we must go to the G8 meeting, vee~"

Romano could only think one thing: What the hell it's going on??


Svegliati, fratellone: Wake up, big brother.

Ci vediamo a casa: See you at home.

Sorry for any lexical or grammatical errors! I hope you liked the story so far!