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Let me repeat it again, just to make sure I got it right. You said… okay, the awesome you said… no, I won't say that… stop interrupting me, dammit! Christ… Holy Roman Empire? As in that little annoying nation that was killed by Francis so long ago?

That Holy Roman Empire? The dead Holy Roman Empire?

"He wasn't killed… just… beaten up badly…" the ex-nation said, interrupting Romano's ramblings.

"The difference?"

"It means he never died in the first place…" Gilbert said, sighing loudly, annoyed by all those questions. Here goes he's beauty sleep… Prussia stood in a sitting position and glanced irritated at Romano, who seemed upset and very much confused. "All that time with Spain made you really dense…" Gilbert sighed and Romano shot him a murderous look. Gilbert sighed loudly again: "Listen, I don't know exactly what happened when France beat my brother back then. I found him unconscious in the middle of the battlefield and I took him home… he was in a kind of coma for a long time and when he woke up he couldn't remember anything, not even the awesome me! And that says something!"

"In your point of view it must had been an awful blow…" Romano said sarcastically but Gilbert totally misunderstood Romano's words.

"I see you understand!" Gilbert exclaimed and smirked. "Anyway, I decided not to tell him anything about him being Holy Roman Empire and we started anew… one day he comes to me and told me his name was now German Empire…"

"I see…" Romano became confused again. He decided to shot the question once more, just in case: "And since you found him, he never, ever, had a girlfriend?"

"No, Romano…" Gilbert said and Romano nodded.

So Germany had somehow remembered something from the past he had forgotten, when he was still Holy Roman Empire and it had to deal with a promise he made to a girl he met back then. That totally ruled out the theory the girl was a human. It was impossible for her to be still alive and if Germany was sure she was still waiting for him meant she was a nation.

A nation that…

"…worked for Austria and Hungary… but I don't remember her…" Prussia said, "Or, better yet, Ludwig never wanted me to meet her…"

"I wonder why…" Romano snorted.

A nation who had worked for Austria and Hungary. A quick calculation and Romano knew they were talking about the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Which female nation worked for them back then? Romano and Spain had asked them all, he was sure, and none of them had anything to do with Germany…

Wait a moment. But if Germany didn't know he is the Holy Roman Empire, how were they supposed to know the Holy Roman Empire was Germany? That meant she never searched for Germany because it was Holy Roman Empire who made a promise to her… so, she was still waiting for Holy Roman Empire to return! Romano groaned: he had to ask them all again but this time about Holy Roman Empire! No, not all… just those who had worked under Austria…

"Was she older than him?" Romano asked.

"No…" Gilbert hmm-ed in thought, "No, they were the same age…"

The same age, which means she must now be as old as Germany. A girl as young as Germany that had worked under Austria. But Romano didn't remember any girl as young as Holy Roman Empire that had worked under Austria… he just remembered his brother running around with a broom, sweeping, doing whatever Austria wanted him to like an idiot and wearing that stupid dresses Hungary made him wear… those stupid dresses that Spain had found so cute and had made Romano wear too…

Wait. A. Moment. Those stupid dresses…

Those stupid maid dresses.

Those stupid maid girly dresses.

Those stupid maid girly dresses full with laces that made them both look like a girl! Especially Feliciano… because of his shrilly voice and love for cleaning.

Feliciano, who was a nation, who looked like a girl and worked under Austria and had been young as Holy Roman Empire.

Feliciano who was friends with Holy Roman Empire!

Damn it to hell and back! Romano stood abruptly up from the couch, waking once again Gilbert, who just had fallen back asleep, earning a curse of disapproval. Romano couldn't care less!

Feliciano didn't know Germany was Holy Roman Empire because he thought he was dead. Germany on the other didn't know Feliciano was the girl, first of all, because he didn't remember who that girl was and because back then he didn't know that girl was a boy!

That potato-bastard with a wrust for a head! That idiot, son of a **. He dared to leave Feliciano for… Feliciano? And then they said Romano was the stupid one!

Romano suddenly burst out laughing and Gilbert leaned away from Romano, clearly scared, even if he would never admit it.

"For once in your life you were really useful!" Romano exclaimed and took Gilbert's hands in his. "Thank you so fucking much!" Romano exclaimed and Gilbert smirked, confused but at the same time his ego became even bigger. Gilbert watched as Romano ran out of his house so quickly he didn't have the time to even wink. He shrugged then and a few minutes later he was back in Morpheus's arms.


"Svegliati frattellone, ve~"

Romano opened his eyes and stared at the smiling face of his brother as he made his way to the window and opened it, letting the sunshine in. Romano cuddled in the sheets and closed his eyes again.

"Don't fall asleep! We have to go to the meeting! Don't tell me you don't remember!" Feliciano exclaimed and jumped onto Romano's stomach, in an attempt to wake him up for good. It worked.

"What the hell are you doing, you dumbass!" Romano shouted and Feliciano totally ignored him, laughing instead of running away in fear. Romano shot Feliciano a murderous look but then, gazing at his brother's smiling face, his frown softened.

"We must go, Romano…" Feliciano said and then laid beside Romano in the big bed they shared. Romano gazed at Feliciano, his brother, the one he would never admit how much he truly loved.

"Yeah, I know…" Romano said. Feliciano would never know what Romano had to endure for him but he didn't really care. It didn't matter anyway and if it made Feliciano smile Romano would do it again and again. "But you go first… I'll come as soon as I can…" Romano then stood up and put on some clothes, under Feliciano's confused stare.

"How I can be sure you aren't lying and you won't come?" Feliciano said then and Romano snorted.

"Trust me, I won't miss this meeting for anything in the world…" and Romano turned around and kissed his brother on the forehead. "See you!" and walked out of their home.

As soon as he was out Romano looked up at the sky and he could picture all the clouds, their exact shape and location, in his head. He looked on his right where a young man was trying to repair his bicycle and Romano knew that young man's name was Marco, had two daughters and in an hour or so he will manage to go home just fine.

Romano started to walk and watched everyone do what they had been doing for the past period of Romano's life. He was sure they will be doing the same things forever as there was no way Romano would wake up to tomorrow. There was Jessica, beautiful girl, talking with her friend, Martina. Dan the baker. Mr. Bianco the doctor, secretly in love with Maria, the dress maker.


Romano stopped before a door and listened to the soft music playing inside. He knocked on it, as he had been doing for so long Romano didn't remember, and Catherine opened up and smiled at him as she did to all strangers.

"I would like to take violin lessons…" Romano said and Catherine nodded at him.

Half an hour later Romano went to buy his own violin and made his way to the meeting. Again. It was starting to get boring, really… Romano didn't need anyone to explain to him what was happening and he wasn't affected at all when he opened the door and found England struggling to death a laughing America.

Feliciano waved at him from his place near Germany and Romano shot Germany a murderous look. The bastard…

"Oh, you finally came, Romano?" Canada said, his eyes not leaving Russia's back, who was still dangerously close on sitting over Canada.

"Russia, there's another chair here…" Romano said and everyone stopped to look at him. "You were going to sit on Canada…" he explained after, with a bored sigh. Russia turned around and finally saw Matthew, smiling shyly at him. Even England stopped what he was doing and let go of America.

"Oh, cute Romano! You finally came!" Francis exclaimed and immediately stood up to kiss Romano on the lips. Romano felt his eye twitch and blocked the attack with his violin.

"Away from me, rapist!" Romano shouted and kicked France hard on the groin.

"Why are you so cute and violent?" Francis exclaimed, kneeling down in pain. England burst out laughing, totally forgetting about the marks on his face.

"Romano! What's that?" Alfred grinned at Romano, taking the violin from the Italian. Romano cried in surprise and then tried to take the violin back. "You know how to play? It's Austria's, isn't' it?"

"Come on, of course, its Austria's!" England exclaimed, "Romano can't do anything!"

Romano tried to calm himself down and grabbed the violin back from Alfred's hands.

"I'm sure Romano can do a lot of things…" Francis said and winked at Romano, who gaped. "But I'm sure his brother can do better…" France said then and winked at Feliciano. Germany and Romano's eyes twitched in unison.

"Idiots! It's mine, dammit!" Romano exclaimed then and put the violin on his shoulder. "I'll show you I can do things even my brother can't!" and started playing.




Romano was surprised at himself really and with a smirk noticed everyone was staring at him, their mouth's wide open. Romano noticed England took the opportunity and dragged America away from the meeting room.

Ten minutes later Romano's song was over and taking advantage of the fact everyone was still too shocked to talk pointed at Germany and exclaimed: "Come with me, I need to talk to you!", then glanced at Feliciano and added: "In private…"

Romano turned around and didn't wait to see if Germany was following. He exited the meeting room and went somewhere Romano was sure no one will hear them talk. When Romano finally felt safe, he turned to look at Germany, who had followed him, as planned.

"Okay, here is the deal…" Romano started and slapped (mannishly, of course) Germany. Blue eyes stared at him and Germany made to shout something when Romano continued: "What the hell were you going to do!" Romano exclaimed, clearly pissed off.

"What are you talking about?" Germany retorted.

"You were going to leave Feliciano, admit it!" Romano exclaimed and Germany stared at him, confused.


"It's not important, the fact is…" Romano sighed, calming down, "You are going to do the most idiotic thing of your life…."

"What…" Germany was even more confused and by then just a little angry, but Romano didn't let him talk.

"I know you remembered a girl to which you made a promise back when you were younger…" Romano said and that shut Germany up. "Oh, man… this is difficult…" Romano sighed again and then started to explain, all the while staring at Germany straight in the eyes. Romano described Italy back when they were younger and Germany admitted she was the girl he remembered. Romano then started explaining about his memory loss, the fact that Germany back then was Holy Roman Empire, everything he could. Romano then told him that girl was Italy, the same Feliciano that was waiting for him in that meeting room, so in love with Germany it made Romano angry.

During Romano's speech, Germany listened very carefully to every word and slowly memories started to fill his mind with different images, of that black hat he used to wear, his little dog and images of vast green fields. With every word Germany remembered something and suddenly the picture of Italy dressed as maid came to him so vividly it made him dizzy.

Yeah, he was that girl. The girl Germany had loved since the '900. The girl… how stupid Germany had been. Feliciano. The boy he loved and still loved, even after all the things they went through…

"Why are you telling me this?" Germany suddenly said, "Didn't you hate me?"

Romano stared at Germany, then he dropped his eyes to the ground.

"I do hate you, really bad…" Romano whispered. "But I love Feliciano too and you are the one that makes him really happy…" he blushed and turned his back to Germany, who stared at him, his face not showing any emotion, just a tiny little smile on his lips. Romano felt like crying in that moment but he didn't and just run a hand trough his hair in annoyance. He knew Germany was staring at him but Romano didn't have the courage to look at the taller nation.

"What are you waiting for?" Romano suddenly snapped, "Damn you! Go to him!" he exclaimed and he didn't need to turn around to know Germany had. Romano remained still for some minutes more then he dried his eyes, picked his violin and slowly walked out from the building.

Romano's mind was blank but his heart told him he had done the right thing for once. He didn't know where to go then but his legs decided for him and an hour later Romano was slowly walking up to Spain's house.

Romano was welcomed by the scent of fresh tomatoes and he smiled a little as he spotted Antonio staring at the clouds under an apple tree. A second later Antonio was waving cheerfully at him and Romano quickened his step and sat down beside Spain.

"Romano!" Antonio greeted then frowned as he noticed the tears drying at the corner of Romano's eyes. Romano didn't stop Antonio as he felt the other's finger slowly caress away Romano's tears. "Is everything all right?" Antonio asked and Romano vigorously nodded.

"Of course, I'm fine, Spain bastard…" Romano said and leaned on the tree. Antonio frowned but knew where not to push the matter and noticed the violin in Romano's hands.

"You know how to play?" Antonio smiled fondly at him, "I never knew you knew to play violin!"

"Oh, I… I… well…" Romano blushed and looked away.

"Play something for me!" Antonio exclaimed and Romano felt his heart stop.

"No, I won't!" Romano exclaimed, his face now burning.

"Oh… come on! For me?" Antonio smiled and Romano gave in. For the third time that day, with a blush on his cheeks, he started to play but this time it was different. Antonio was listening to him and he felt more nervous than ever. Nevertheless, Romano managed just fine even if Spain was staring at him with admiration.

Romano felt his heart beating rapidly and when he put down his violin he didn't turn around to look at the face Spain was making. Romano decided to change topic immediately and stood up abruptly from his spot near Spain.

"Is there something to eat? I'm starving!" Romano exclaimed and quickly walked away from Spain, into his house. Antonio laughed as Romano shouted him to walk quicker and followed his little tomato in the kitchen.


Romano would always love Feliciano.

He couldn't give Feliciano everything Germany could as Feliciano couldn't give Romano everything Spain did. It was a fact Romano realized after so many 13ths he couldn't even count them anymore. Of course he would always love Feliciano, they were brothers after all and there was a bond between them that neither Germany nor Spain or anyone for that matter could break. They spoke the same language and together they were a country: Italy. And even if they had different mentalities and more often than they wanted to admit they got to each other nerves the most, they were one. No one could change that fact.

Romano could complain as much as he wanted but he would always care for his brother.



"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Romano said after dinner and Spain smiled at him.

"Of course! Anything for my little tomato!" Antonio exclaimed and stood up to prepare the guest room. Romano stared at the spot Antonio had been sitting and tried to suppress the smile he was ready to let go.

Romano didn't want to return home. He knew Italy and Germany were there together now, no need to disturb them. Not today at least. Maybe tomorrow… Romano groaned at the idea he had to repeat all that madness again but, he sighed, it was worth it, really.

Some hours later Romano went to the guest room Spain had prepared for him and fell with a thud on the bed. Romano sighed and closed his eyes but opened them immediately after as he felt the bed crick.

"What are you doing, pervert?" Romano exclaimed as Spain made himself comfortable beside Romano.

"Well, you said you wanted to sleep with me…" Antonio explained as if he was telling Romano the time and hugged Romano close. "Good night!" Spain smiled and kissed Romano on the cheek, making the other blush.

"Idiot!" Romano shouted but Spain was already snoring. Romano stared at Spain sleeping face and wanted to punch the other on the nose but gave up. He tried to move but Spain had a hard grip on his waist and giving up sooner that Romano wanted to admit he felt asleep a moment later.

Someone hadn't closed the curtains.

That what Romano thought first thing in the morning as the sunrays hit him in the eyes. Romano groaned and tried to move but someone had his leg over his waist thus making it quite difficult to stand up. Romano looked down and he saw Antonio's messy hair nuzzling in the crook of Romano's neck.

Idiot Spain… Romano smiled softly as he absentmindedly started to run his hand through the older nation's hair. Always with Romano, for Romano… South Italy didn't know what to think about it, really, he couldn't understand why his heart filled with so much warmth whenever Spain looked at him.

Spain, who always helped him solve Romano's problem.

Spain, who was always there when Romano needed, even when Romano insulted him all day long.

Spain, who was now sleeping with him even if it was past noon…

"Did I say Spain?" Romano stood up in a sitting position abruptly and heard Antonio groan beside him. Romano's eyes widened and looked over the open window where the sun shone brightly in the sky. It was morning.

It was morning and Feliciano wasn't there shaking him awake.

"Spain! Spain! You bastard, wake up!" Romano started shaking Antonio's shoulders. Spain slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Romano stupidly.

"W-what?" he slurred and Romano wanted to slap him.

"What day it is?" Romano exclaimed. "Come on! Tell me!"

Antonio stared at Romano with half-lidded eyes and then looked at the clock on the bedside table.

"It's… the 14th… why? Do you have to go somewhere?"

The 14th….

The 14th!

Romano wanted to dance around with joy and smiled brightly at Spain, who stared at him, still drowsy.

"Romano… it's too early…" Antonio whispered and pushed Romano back into the bed. Spain hugged Romano again and closed his eyes. "Go back to sleep…" and kissed Romano's shoulder. Romano remained limp on the bed and yawed, suddenly aware of how much tired he was.

Yes, sleeping a little more wasn't a bad idea.

He looked back at Spain who was smiling in his sleep, and even if his hold on Romano was tight it didn't make Romano uncomfortable at all. Whatever he felt for the older man, Romano thought, could wait…

Romano had all the time of the world to understand, even if he didn't need to, Romano realized, it was pretty clear. But for now it was too early to do something about it.

What was more important was that whatever Romano would do Spain would remember about it and with that thought in mind Romano cuddled against Antonio and fell back asleep.

The end!

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