Mag looked outside in dismay. The 8th Imperial army was battling with the Selenian continent. He could see them fighting from a football fields length away. Gun blasts were erupting back and forth. Most of the area had been clouded by rifle smoke. He sighed and walked back into his house, knowing that something terrible would happen soon.


Wounded and dying soldiers littering Mag's doorstep. They had all been patched up and healed as best Linear could do, but she eventually grew tired and had to rest. Mag, Gre, and Chain had been forced to take over from there. Pepper was nowhere to be found. They hardly knew the first thing about healing, as they had nearly depended on Linear to keep the group healthy and up and running.

Mag had used up nearly their entire stock of Naolin because of all of the soldiers that showed up. They were from both sides, Selen, and the 8th Imperial Army. His mood had sank several notches when he saw a man on horseback ride up. He looked very important, sort of in the same position as Eugene was earlier. He looked down at Mag, as though sizing him up.

"Fire the mansion" said the man. "Let it be known that if you harbor the enemy you shall have your property burned"

Mag stared at him in shock. "WHAT?!" he started running towards the man. "We helped your men too!!"

The man pulled out a pistol and aimed it at him. Mag immediately stopped dead. "Do you need a lesson as to ensure that you listen to Admiral Alton of the 8th Imperial Army?"

Several of the soldiers who had been with him suddenly pulled out long rifles and aimed at the Selen men. "Fire!" a commander barked.

Rifle shots beat through the air. The four men that they had aimed at were instantly dead. Blood squirted on the ground. The other men put another bullet into their rifles and aimed at the remaining five men. "FIRE!"

Smoke clouded Mag's view. When he could see again, he saw several men with torches walk towards his house. And then he saw a horrid sight. There were men dragging out a kicking and screaming Linear, quiet as she usually was, no one would just stand there and let themselves be dragged out of their own home. Mag gasped, and tried to break his urge to run over and kill the men.

Then the torches flew through the air. Two of them landed in a window, and the third landed in the living room. The place was instantly inflamed, smoke and ash filling the air. The admiral called his men over and ordered them to leave.

Chain had been sitting by quietly in all of this, but after she saw the torch, she snapped. She shouted with anger and gave a battle cry, running towards Alton at full speed. Alton simply picked up his pistol and aimed at her.

Chain saw what was coming and her look of anger turned into a look of fear with quickly turned into a look of shocked surprise as Alton pulled the trigger. Her sprint stopped dead and she went reeling backwards, a bloody hole near the top left of her chest.

"Stupid boy"Alton muttered, thinking she was a boy, then he pulled on his reins and left. Chain fell to her knees, blood nearly soaking her features. Her face had gone pale, as she was losing blood very fast.

"CHAIN!" Mag roared and dashed to her. He looked down at her, and realized that no amount of Naolin could heal her now. The wound was much to big and she was dying too fast for even Linear to heal her now.

"Mag..." she whimpered. A spurt of blood came out of her mouth. "Go get those bastards for me"

The she collapsed to the ground, the life drained out of her. Hate could not even begin to describe the feelings that he had now. His anger boiled within him, the rage he felt was incredible. His face turned red and he closed his eyes tightly, several tears running down his cheeks. Then, abruptly, the anger stopped. He turned around and faced Gre, who had not said a thing the whole time.

"Come with me" he said sternly, then he led them off of the path away from his house and onto a shortcut that would lead them right into the 8th Imperial Army's path.

He dashed through the woods as though he had taken some sort of drugs. He was fueled by his anger, his hatred, and his desire to carry out the last words that Chain had told him to do. Go get those bastards for me.

"Master Mag! What do you think you are doing?!" Gre said, preparing for a lecture. Mag turned around with a grim look in his eyes. "I'm gonna carry out Chain's last words"

Gre immediately knew he had said the wrong thing.

Mag saw a long log on the ground. It was about two feet long and would make perfect cover against any bullets.

"Gre, you sit down here. You will not move unless you have to and don't shoot unless you have a clear shot, got that?" said Mag. Gre nodded and lay down against it.

Mag dashed away and hid behind a tree, and patiently waited for the squad to come down the road. He heard footfalls in the distance. His muscles tensed and his jaw tightened. He was ready.

When the soldiers appeared in full view, and were close enough to the tree, Mag braced himself. He was nervous. But he couldn't be nervous at this point in time. It was not allowed. Gathering his courage, he stepped out from behind his hiding place and rushed down towards the squad below.