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Mag had followed Alton nearly two miles, until Alton had disappeared into a large crevice in the ground. Mag wondered why on earth he would be going there, but followed anyway, planning some very messy deaths for Alton.

As soon as Mag was down there, a red light flashed and a feminine voice said 'Suspected of possessing cyframes'. Then a mechanical hand reached down and grabbed onto the arm of his cyframe, then yanked. Mag felt like something had ripped off his spinal cord. The cyframe, still attached to his shoulder, simply didn't let go. It tore out a large chunk of his shoulder, leaving a trail of blood as it slipped the cyframe into a safety compartment.

Mag nearly screamed with pain. Then he remembered that if Admiral Alton knew he was here, he would alert security. But he looked up and saw that security would be coming anyways. A camera, placed like an eye, stared down at him from the ceiling. He reached up his good arm, then yanked it out, grinning hideously at it.

"If Alton is watching right now, tell him this" Mag stuck up his middle finger. Then he reached up his other arm and yanked the camera out of it's socket. Small sparks and beams of electricity crackled through the air as the loose wires hung flailing. Mag continued down the hall, and what he saw he would remember for the rest of his life.

It was a great room, glowing walls with a reddened rock floor, tinted blue in some spots. It was very heated, as though it was made underground in an active volcano. Near the end of the room was Alton. He was laughing maniacally. He put his hands in the air, yelling about how he would become a god.

"I will join you all soon! You will not be the only powerful thing on this planet now! HAHAHA" he screamed. Linear had her wings out. She was standing timidly in the center of a large circle cut in the floor. Strange symbols dotted the sides.

Then, Alton did something terrifying. He walked up behind Linear, reared his hands up, then rushed them down on Linear's wings. A horrible cracking sound filled the air. Linear doubled over in pain, falling to her knees. Admiral Alton grabbed one of the wings, then wrenched it from her back. Another horrible cracking sound.

He reared it up over his head, then he struck it down onto the ground. The sound of an earthquake filled the air this time. The walls around them cracked, the floor cracked, tremors rocked through the earth. Huge holes appeared in the ground, glowing energy coming out of them.

Mag gave a battle cry and ran towards Alton. Alton tore the other wing from Linear's back, then cracked it against the ground to. The room destroyed itself around them. Pieces of rock crackled through the air, breaking into smaller parts as they clattered to the ground. The only things that was left was a small platform of where Alton, Mag, and Linear were. Around them, instead of a bottomless pit, there was yellow and blue energy crackling under them like a lake.

It was beautifully colored, like a fireworks show. It skipped up and down, here and there, bouncing off of the platform. Little bits of energy crawled up and fell off every once in awhile.

Mag looked at Alton, getting over his shock, and saw that he was still screaming with maniacal laughter.

"YES! THE GOLDEN EARTH ENERGY! IT WILL GIVE ME THE POWER OF A GOD!!!!!!!!" he shouted. Until Mag ran forward and cracked him on the head with his fist. That shut him up. His nose went flying into the dirt. His head came up, snorting steam and red with fury. He pulled a pistol out of his jacket and aimed at Mag.

Quick as lightning, Mag reached down, grabbed the pistol, wrenched the pistol from his hands, then he turned it towards Alton. Alton jumped up and barreled into him. They both careened over the edge.

Mag dragged himself up, but it was not easy, given the fact that Alton was attached to his leg. He began kicking him and trying to make him fall off. Alton swung his legs up on the side and punched at Mag. Mag had almost no experience with hand to hand fighting. He was smacked solidly in his jaw. His head came back into focus with blood dripping off of his nose.

Mag skyrocketed forward, quick as lightning, punching him twice in his head, then unleashing a roundhouse kick then swacked him in the chin. Alton did nearly a complete side flip. Mag smiled as Alton didn't get up. He began walking over to Linear. Alton's hand moved. Mag prepared to help Linear up when something grabbed his leg and he was sent flying to the dirt. He turned around and saw Alton, still there, grinning.

"You cannot beat me. I have the power of a god at my disposal. None can beat me! NO ONE!"

"I've had enough of you" was Mag's reply. Mag got up at the exact same time Alton did, then charged into him with his shoulder thrown out. Try this he thought. Mag was not as big as Alton, but speed was on his side. What he lacked in brute force, he made up for in agility. His shoulder his Alton fell in the chest. But the momentum carried them both over the edge.

Mag just barely managed to catch the side with his injured arm. Then he swung his the arm up and grabbed on. Alton was about one foot away from his, trying to climb up as well. Then, realizing that this would be his chance to get rid of his opponent, Alton kicked out at Mag. Mag grabbed his forehead, a superior glint in his eye.

Then he cracked Alton's head on the side of the cliff as hard as he could. Blood spurted everywhere. Head wounds always bleed a lot, and they bleed even more when they are split open. Bits and pieces of blood and bone rained down into the water. Alton's dead body dropped down into the abyss of energy, where he was never seen or discovered again.

Mag had another problem. He could not get back up, do to his weakened state, and his grip was slipping. The rock's edge he had grabbed onto began to crumble. He closed his eyes tight, wishing the end wouldn't be very painful. Then the rock he had grabbed onto tumbled off. His grip flew off.

Mag waited for the pain. But there wasn't any. He looked up, afraid that he might see the devil above himself. But instead, he saw an angel. Linear was gripping his hand, trying to pull Mag up.

"Thanks" he said. Mag reached up his good arm and helped out, his face turning purple with exhaustion. Then, at last, he swung his legs over the edge and stood there gasping for breath.

Linear lay against his side.

"How do we get home?" Linear asked.

But Mag didn't answer for a moment. He knew the way home. He would take them there.

"Come on Linear. Home is down there. It will take us home" Mag said. Linear nodded, realizing what he was saying, then she gripped his hand.

"Together" they both said at the same time. Then they both smiled warmly at each other. Mag leaned over and kissed Linear. Then, hand in hand, they both jumped down into the stream of iridescent light, and were enveloped in it.

They would be taken home.


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