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Sasuke Uchiha was annoyed to say the least.

For the last 4 hours he was interviewing young females that applied for the damned job of being his personal assistant. Not that he wanted one but Naruto-the-idiot insisted that they both should have one because 'that will make our company look cooler'. Sasuke was sure that the real reason was the Sakura girl that Naruto very wanted to employ.

'Tch, what an idiot.' Sasuke thought as he remembered about stack of profiles. At the very bottom was profile of Sakura Haruno who applied to be Sasuke'sassistant first. Not that he expected something else. That girl together with Ino Yamanaka was his most unstoppable stalkers.

God, he was really regretting taking Naruto as the company co-owner and his business partner.

Right now previously mentioned Yamanaka was sitting in front of him in a mini-mini-mini skirt and a rather open blue T-shirt. Sasuke mentally signed 'If she is trying to look sexy she should quit wearing revealing tops or at least get some curves to reveal.' He calmed himself down before he spoke.

"So have you got any experience working as personal assistant?" Sasuke asked for the 25th time for the last 4 hours.

"Nope, but I know everything about you and I will be a very good personal assistant, I will even keep all the fan girls away from you." Ino replied. They all say the same thing, how boring.

"Do you have any experience working with finances?" Stupid question, of course the answer in 'no'.

"Nope." Ino blinked sending him a flirtatious look. Sasuke signed. He knew he would not employ her as his personal assistant so he might as well just finish it here.

"OK, give me your profile and we will contact you next week." Sasuke stretched his hand to receive a folder. Inogave it to him 'accidentally' brushing his fingers. How casual and unoriginal. He placed the folder on the top of the stack. Now he had 10 seconds to deal with his bad mood before the next job-applier will arrive. Sasuke closed his eyes and leaned into the chair. He could kill Naruto later.

He heard a timid knock on his door.

"Come in." Sasuke said not bothering to open his eyes or move into more business-y position. "Take a seat." He said without opening his eyes. After he heard a little shuffle in the area where the chair was he finally opened his eyes to see who it was. He was shocked.

In front of him sat a small woman about his age or maybe a bit younger. She had dark blue hair that was in a tidy bun held by a lavender band. By the size of the bun he could tell that her hair was long. She was wearing a white shirt and looked rather professionally. That was the first thing that shocked him.

Secondly, he was looking into a pair of pale, nearly white eyes which indicated that she was a Hyuuga (though he noticed that her eyes were light lavender). And Hyuugas were a rich family, probably just as rich as Uchihas. Plus, he couldn't remember any Hyuugas being his fan girls.

And thirdly, girl in front of him was gorgeous, radiating innocence, angel-like, breathtaking. Sasuke could feel his heart beating faster and faster and that he literally couldn't respire.

'Knock it out of your head, Sasuke Uchihadoesn't fall in love with anyone!'

"Good afternoon." He forced out, trying not to act normal.

"Good afternoon Mr. Uchiha." Girl replied looking in her lap shyly.

"It's Sasuke, Mr. Uchiha is my father, I'm just Sasuke." He said automatically. She nodded still looking down.

"So, what's your name?" Sasuke asked.

"Hyuuga Hinata." She answered slowly. Hyuuga Hinata, he heard that name before. Wait, could it be… that she is… is she the Hyuuga heiress?! What the hell is she doing here?!

"I see… Nice to meet you, Miss Hyuuga." Sasuke said as he studied the girl.

"Well, since you want me to call you Sasuke," Hinatasaid quietly with big pauses between her words, "you can call me Hinata."

"Okay, Hinata then, do you have any experience working as a personal assistant?"

"No. This would be my first job, i-if I get it." She still wasn't making any eye contact with him.

"Are you any good at finances?"

"Umm, I don't have any exp-experience but I finished university with financial degree and… Um… I…" She was blushing. God, this perfect girl (scratch the 'perfect' part, he was Sasuke Uchiha after all, you all know perfectly well that he doesn't think there kind of thoughts) really had a complex or something.

"That's OK." Sasuke said interrupting her, adding in his mind:

'Even though you have no experience at least you know something about how business world works, which is much better than all other candidates…' She nodded, not really minding being interrupted and never rising her eyes from her lap. Sasuke decided that this was the right moment to ask his most itching question.

"So tell me, Hinata, why do you want to work as a personal assistant here?" He managed not to stress the 'work' part.

"Um, you see, uh, I… want independence."

'She's unusually confident about her choice, probably put a lot of thought in it.' Sasuke observed.

"And work is a way to demonstrate your independence?" He asked. Suddenly she lifted her head looking him in the eye. As their eyes met she unconsciously took away his newly restored breath.

"No, not really. I actually decided to show my independence by moving out of our family residence. And my, um, father, he did not support my decision so I couldn't, um, rely on him for financial support and I wanted to, well, 'try myself out' in business." Hinata replied, forgetting about her shyness when he assumed that she looked at her job as a proof of independence.

"And why did you decided to work as personal assistant. And why here?" He inquired as she averted her look to her lap, again.

"I saw your, um, advertisement in the newspaper and decided that, um, I want to work in a new-found company because, um, the task seems harder. And, uh, one of my friends told me that, um, working here would be a good lesson for me in, um, social way." 'One of my friends', probably referring to one of his fangirls.

"Why do you want to work as my personal assistant?" Just one point to make clear and then he could hire her fearlessly.

"Because that friend of mine said that Mr. Uzumaki, um, will be immature about business and, um, she, uh, she said that you are the one I can get more working experience from you and she also said that you don't like romance at work or, er, any romance at all." She blurted out the last part very fast but he was still able to catch what she was saying. That was very true indeed. He didn't like romance. He didn't, right?

Sasuke decided: he would definitely take this girl for the job.

Reason 1: She had top education with financial degree from all the candidates, it probably even rivaled his = she's good at dealing with money and making profit and knowing how things work.

Reason 2: She wasn't his fangirl which meant fan-girl-free-time in his working hours.

Reason 3: He wanted this girl to stay around, something like Naruto wanting that Sakure to be around, but, wait, no! It was completely different! Urgh, whatever.

Just for future reference he asked the last question that was more from a 'Do you want to be my wife' interview rather then 'Reasons for me to hire you'.

"Can you cook?"

"Excuse me?"

Uchihas don't back off:

"Can you cook?" Sasuke repeated again.

"Um, I guess yes…" 'Judging from the question about finances she's probably marvelous at cooking.' Sasuke thought.

"You're hired. And you start tomorrow. Be here at 8 am."

"Thank you, Mr. Uchiha!" She looked up brightly at him, making eye-contact again.

"It's Sasuke, I don't like formalities."

"Oh, okay. Then, thank you very much, Sasuke." She smiled. Both stood up from their seats and Sasuke walked her to the exit, announcing to all the ladies in the waitroom that the place was just taken and that they could go home (rather forced them out of the door). As soon as the wait room was free from people Sasuke sat down on the sofa and stared into space.

Half an hour later he was in the same position when his best-friend/business-partner/rival walked out of his office with a pink- girl. He didn't react when she said her goodbye to him. Naruto walked her to the door and then came back to the waiting room. He landed on the armchair of the sofa and looked and Sasuke.

"Sakura agreed to be my personal secretary. And what's up with you? You look weird."

Sasuke answered, still looking at the same spot in space.

"I just hired Hinata, The Hyuuga Heiress."