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Chapter 10: Bad Start

Hinata watched with disbelief as Sasuke gulped down his third glass of tomato juice and gazed down hungrily at his second portion of French toasts.

They moved into Hinata's kitchen since Sasuke's was lacking of food supplies and… um, basic cooking utensils. So now he was taking full advantage of her culinary skills.

Hinata glanced at her watch. It was 7:19 already, and she still had to take a shower, prepare for work and then drive all the way to the office which would probably take about 15 minutes... But she wanted to be on-time on her first work day (regardless that it was her boss who was making her late) so she wanted to try and leave 5 minutes spare just in case the traffic was heavy.

However, it would be incredibly rude to try and push her boss out of her kitchen when he was enjoying his breakfast. On the other hand, she didn't want to be late…

"Mr. U-, I mean, Sasuke, I, um, have to…" she left the sentence hanging, hoping that Sasuke would understand without her saying it.

"Hm?" Sasuke asked, his head rising from his already half-empty plate, obviously not getting the hint, "What is it?"

"Sasuke, I, I have to g-go and pre-prepare myself for work."

"Oh. I see." He answered before digging back in.

"I, um, have to, um, take a-a shower."

"OK." Sasuke mumbled while still eating the toast. Was it a morning thing or were all men so thick or was it just this specimen? (Especially when he wanted to be thick)

After receiving no further reaction, Hinata, with a defeated sigh, went to her bedroom to grab some clothes and then, after glaring at her boss's back, went into the bathroom, slamming the door between them.


Sasuke gulped down the tomato juice.

'If she's in the shower then she is naked then I can break into her bathroom and then…'


She was definitely reading his mind.

And anyway, Uchiha's weren't supposed to have such perverted thoughts, they were reserved for idiots like Naruto!

Still, Hinata, naked in the shower...

She locked the door as a habit (when you live in the Hyuuga compound with nearly every member of your extended family near and being able to visit you anytime habits like this develop), not conscious in the slightest what she was just saved from.

In a quick pace she brushed her teeth, took a super-quick shower, dried her hair, put on her underwear, white blouse, neutral tights, black skirt, and opened the door. A very unbelievable picture awaited her there. Sasuke Uchiha, The Legendary Sasuke Uchiha, was standing over the sink and washing dishes.

"P-please don't bother with them! I'll do them myself!" How bad mannered of her. Guests shouldn't do housework.

"It's OK." he replied, switching off the taps and drying his hands on the nearby towel, "I already finished."

Really, how bad mannered.

"Can I give you a ride?"

"I-I can't."

"I insist."

"I'm sorry, I c-can't."

He pouted for a fraction of a second but Hinata saw it anyway.

"I don't take 'no' as an answer. I'll be waiting near the elevator in 5 minutes."


"No 'buts. It's an order."

Wasn't that called overuse of one's power and position?

5 minutes later he was waiting near the elevator, carefully studying a cheap reproduction of a famous picture that hang on the wall. Now that he looked in retrospect on his actions he thought that perhaps he was too pushy.

Her door opened and she walked out, putting her jacket on her way.

"Ready to go?"

She nodded.

He called the elevator. With a warning high-pitched ding the doors opened. They walked in. In silence they reached the underground parking (it was one of the main factors why Kakashi chose this house. He thought that the car is less likely to be stolen if it's a couple of meters below the ground. And since North Konoha is outstanding for its criminal records Kakashi decided that he'd rather go for the safe option, especially if you consider the fact that he drove a very expensive car). A black sporty Porsche welcomed its owner with a wink of its 'eyes'.

Again, as a gentleman which he was, in his own way, Sasuke rushed to open the door in front of the lady. She smiled gratefully and slid in. He closed the door and swiftly walked to the driver's side, glancing at his watch.

'7.46. I'll have to hurry to get there on time. Hope the little personal secretary won't mind the speed too much.'

The buildings and cars swiftly passed by behind the passenger's window. They drove in silence. To pass time Hinata began to think about what happened to her in the past 24 hours. Somehow it still didn't fit in, she still couldn't fully accept the fact that she got a job, moved out of Hyuuga Compound, moved into a new flat, discovered that coincidently her boss is her neighbor, also known as , Konoha's most wanted bachelor… and all that in just 24 hours. Unbelievable.

And all she expected, all she wanted was simply to go to an interview, and perhaps, if she was lucky, get a job and then, perhaps, move out of the Compound if she had the courage to face her father. Yesterday morning she never thought that today she might be here, in this leather seat that smelled like some familiar perfume, in Sasuke Uchiha's car, being driven to work by her boss.

It was seriously a bad start for a business relationship. Normal bosses don't drive their employees to work. And once, only yesterday, she thought that Mr. Uzumaki would be not suitable to gain her first working experience from. Compared to how it turned out today, she should've opted for the blond, joking, completely not serious boss rather than this perfect boss/neighbor. It's not Sasuke's fault and it's not that she doesn't like him being her boss, or her neighbor, or even the person himself, it's just that she hoped for a normal work relationship so that she could learn more, see what's this world like from inside, finally apply her business skills, live like an average human. It seems like she won't get the chance.

A deep, now familiar voice, brought her back to reality.

"We're here."

Hinata looked at her watch.

'7.55. Wow, that was quick. And just as I planned.'

"Thank you for the r-ride, Sasuke."

"You're welcome."

Sasuke opened the passenger's door, offering Hinata a hand. For a moment she hesitated and he saw the uncertainty in her eyes but then her little, soft, warm palm was placed in his. She smiled. He offered a tiny smile back (because Uchiha's smirk, not smile. But he could make a little exception). Gracefully she stepped out of the car and suddenly they stood very close, holding hands. In a second her cheeks were coloured in and adorable shade of pink.

"Princess, are you embarrassed?" Sasuke half-whispered, taking pleasure in teasing her.

She looked away, her cheeks growing redder.

"W-we should g-go to work."

He smirked:

"You're right, princess." and still holding her hand in his he turned to the entrance door, "Let's go to work."

The legend goes that once in a million of years Naruto Uzumaki comes early to work. It seems like today was a jubilee because 7 floors above, from a window in his office, Mr. Uzumaki looked at the scene below.

"Never thought you had it in you, Uchiha."