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This is my first South Park FanFic so please be nice :)

Usually I write about Alvin and The Chipmunks (and I still will!) but as I'm starting to get into South Park too, I thought that I'd do a FanFic

Basically this story is about Kyle being in love with Stan but Stan doesn't know... nor does Kyle... until now!

This is in Kyle's POV



I see him walking through the hall, a smile on his face… such a beautiful smile… he's smiling at me!

Suddenly everything is getting warm, I just know I'm going red, I quickly turn away.

I'm getting butterflies in my stomach, the room in starting to spin, he makes me so nervous even though he's my best friend!

What are these feelings? Why am I feeling like this? Why can't it just fucking stop?

I try to compose myself, try to keep cool, but that doesn't stop me getting hard… why does he turn me on so much?

"Dude? Are you okay?" he is suddenly next to me.

I turn to him, "Y-yeah, w-why?" I stammer.

"Kyle Broflovski. You and I both know that you are bullshitting, now fucking tell me what's up!"

"Dude, its nothing!" I fake a smile, "I'm fine!" I insist.

"Okay then…" he says, I can tell that he doesn't believe me but he doesn't pressure me into telling him the truth.

"So do you wanna come over my house tonight?" he asks.

I smile, a real smile this time, I smile at the thought of the possibility of me and him being alone together…

"Kyle? You there?" he asks.

"Uh… yeah! Sure I'll come!"

He smiles back at me, I blush, he notices, "Hey… are you blushing?"

"NO!" I lie.

"You are! You have a crush on me!" he's only teasing me, joking obviously, but I go redder.

"I AM NOT FUCKING GAY!" I yell at him.

He blinks, "Dude I was just joking! I know you're not gay!" he says.

I don't know what to say, "So shall we go?"

"Yeah okay," he says smiling his beautiful smile…

"HEY STANNY WANNY!" a female voice yells, she runs towards us, "Hi Kyle!" she says to me.

I groan, "Hi Wendy."

I can't stick that girl, yeah I know she's a nice girl, never done anything wrong to me, and she is pretty hot, but she has broken Stan's heart so many times and I hate seeing him hurt.

"Hey babe!" Stan says to her and puts his arm around her!

I suddenly turn angry… almost jealous, "What's this?" I demand.

"We're back to together!" Stan says smiling at his girlfriend!

I force a smile, "Uh… congrats!" I say, obviously not meaning it.

"Thanks," Wendy says, then starts kissing my best friend!

Tears form in my eyes, "Uh… I… uh… gotta go!" and I run off.

I run all the way home, holding back my tears.

"Kyle! Take a look at my drawing!" my little brother Ike says, holding up a drawing.

"Piss off!" I yell at him.

He starts to cry, but for once I ignore him.

My Mom starts yelling at me for making Ike cry, I ignore her too.

I run upstairs, into my room, I lock the door, turn my C.D player on loud, get under my bed covers and sob my heart out!

This is when I knew.

I, Kyle Broflovski, am in love with my best friend, Stan Marsh!

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