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Previous chapter: The woman didn't show any expression, but simply pointed a dark red curtain – my hell. The little waiting area leading to the photography room.

She sighed and got up.

Chapter 2

Ella walked out of the corridor, almost bumping into Max, who had a scowl on her pretty face.

"Max! What're you doing here? Auditioning to be on the cover of teenqueen, too?" Ella asked, surprised. "Apparently," Max replied, still scowling.

"Ms Ride! Get in here!" the photographer yelled. Max pasted a bright, fake smile on her face and murmured, "Help me." Ella simply smiled brightly and skipped away to the waiting room.

How do models do this? Max thought as she strode into the room. The photographer looked delighted. "Hey, gorgeous! Now, if you'll just stand over there…yeah, give me that smile! Amazing! Now, go natural…Fantastic! And another beautiful smile! Excellent!" The photographer smiled at her and Max gladly exited the room.

"You signed me up, didn't you?" Max said flatly as she walked outside to get Ella. Ella simply shrugged and smiled.

"You're a pretty darn good actress. Back there? When you asked me if I was auditioning, too?" Max clarified at Ella's confused expression. Ella tilted her head to the left, an action she always did when she didn't understand something. "No, I didn't. I purposely waited till you were safely inside the photography room before I went back outside," Ella said, slightly surprised.

Max put her hands on her hips. "Then who was it? A clone?" she questioned, her voice laced with clear scepticism. Understanding passed over her face as she realised what she had just said. "Oh, shit," Max muttered, "not you, too."

"What?" Ella asked, half-fearful, half-annoyed. Max grasped her hand and steered her towards Dr. Martinez's car. "Mum!" Max called, tapping the window and signalling to Valencia, who was furiously tapping away at her iPhone. "Oh, hello, girls," Valencia said, unlocking the car door. "How was it?"

"Not so good," Max said grimly, and started to tell Valencia about Max II and all the other clones. Valencia's eyes widened, and she raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you telling me this?" Max gestured helplessly at Ella, and Valencia shook her head. "No. Please tell me it's not true,"

The gorgeous blonde smirked at the younger, dark-haired girl. "So how did it go?" she asked. Ella II smirked.

"She totally fell for it," Ella II said, smiling maliciously. Anne laughed cruelly.

"Max II and the rest of the clones may be history, but I think this means Itex has decided to start their cloning project again."

"The Replacement Plan has begun."

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