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Chapter 1

"Okay, sir, here are your key cards. You'll be in room 314."

"Thank you," I said to the tired looking woman at the check-in desk whose name tag read, "Kathy." I couldn't blame her. A monstrous snowstorm had closed the airlines and roads in Boston, so even though there were plenty of people like me who actually lived here in the city, it was absolutely impossible to get anywhere. Our landing had been rocky at best, and to be quite honest, a bit frightening, even after our flight was rerouted. Now, anyone who was left at the airport had been shuttled to closest hotels, unable to go any farther. The patient staff of the hotel had been registering stranded guests for the past hour, and I was the second to last person in line.

I turned to the figure behind me before heading toward the elevators. "It was...a delight to have met you, Bella," I told the woman who had sat next to me on our long international flight. "Good luck with your career move." I was just about to reach into my pocket when the desk clerk interrupted us.

"You two aren't together?" she asked, panic overtaking her voice and features.

"No," Bella replied, shaking her head. "Is there a problem?"

The woman's eyes dropped and she shuffled nervously behind the desk. "It's just that...I assumed you were together, and that was our last room."

Bella and I both muttered expletives beneath our breath as the woman rapidly asked if Bella knew anyone else on the flight that she could room with. I already knew that she didn't. Bella had been traveling alone, just as I had. The lobby was empty aside from the two of us, and my stomach turned when I saw Bella eyeing the sofa in the waiting area.

"You can stay with me," I said before I had time to question myself. "You have to. It's fine, really."

"Edward, I don't think..."

"Bella, there is no way I can let you stay out here in the lobby all night. If you're not comfortable with sharing my room, you can take it. I'll be fine."

"No," she said, shaking her head. "I... Okay." With a deep breath, she hoisted up her bag and gestured toward the elevators.

The desk clerk looked relieved yet guilty, but she didn't say anything else as we proceeded to my room.

The entire situation was painfully awkward. There was only one bed in the room, and we argued over who would use it. Bella insisted that I take it since it was my room, but I could never allow a lady to sleep on the floor. Sharing was out of the question, given the rings we wore. Even if my situation was more complicated than I wanted to explain, it was too late to go there now. The fact was, she was a beautiful, charming, disarming woman, and the attraction I felt to her was undeniable. I picked up on something similar from her throughout our long flight, but it was just that - attraction. Nothing could come of it. Nonetheless, being trapped in this room together overnight made things much more tense.

We ordered food, and it must have arrived while I showered because she was eating when I emerged from the steamy bathroom. She apologized for not waiting, but I understood that she must have been starving; my stomach growled with need as soon as I smelled our dinner. A few minutes later, she gathered her bag and locked herself inside the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit.

As I waited, I turned on the television and watched reports about the weather. Forecasters were hoping that roads would be cleared by morning for local traffic, but the airlines were still locked down with no projected time for resuming flights. At the same time, I wondered why I felt as though I was waiting for Bella if we were just going to sleep once she was finished showering. It was unsettling, and I didn't want to over think it and frustrate myself even more.

She had been in there for a long time when I heard a repetitive banging sound followed by her frustrated voice. Alarmed, I approached the door and pressed my ear against it.

"Bella? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she said with annoyance, "but this stupid hair dryer in here won't freaking work!"

"Can I help?" I offered, hating the idea of her feeling so out of sorts because of something as insignificant as a hair styling tool.

The door opened, and as I stepped inside, I saw Bella dressed in a silk tank top and pajama pants. Her arms folded over her chest when she realized how exposed she was in that outfit, so I tried not to stare. It was difficult, though; her wet hair fell over her shoulders in sexy, beach-like waves, and her skin was pristine and pure without cosmetics to hide her natural beauty. She hadn't worn much make-up on the plane, but there was something so alluring about seeing her in this state that weakened me.

"Let me," I said, extending my hand for the hair dryer. I fiddled with the controls and plug for a minute, but it was useless. The thing was busted. "Sorry. It's not working."

When I looked back at her, something in her eyes had changed, and it caught me off guard. I had no idea what had caused it, but she looked determined and nervous all at once. Suddenly, her arms were around my neck and her mouth pushed against mine. Somewhere along the way, my mind registered what was happening and my eyes closed, taking in the feeling of her against my body. I couldn't help returning her embrace or her kiss, as desperate and uneasy as it was. The want and desire were there on both sides, but there was deep anxiety that I couldn't deny. I took a step, leading us until she was pressed against the wall, and my hands took advantage of her bare arms, soaking up the heat and softness of her skin. Our tongues fought and played, and our bodies shook with tension. This wasn't right, but I could not deny her. The little devil on my shoulder convinced my conscience that there must have been a reason we were seated together on the plane then forced into this tiny room, and I was able to justify my actions, squashing my better judgement and moral fiber.

My hand was under her shirt on her waist when she pulled back, panting and looking into my eyes guiltily. "Wait," she pleaded, worming her way out of my embrace. My head dropped in shame as she forced me out of the bathroom. "I just...I need a minute. I'll be right out. Just give me some time, okay?"

I nodded, unsure of whether she meant that we were going to proceed or not, but when she kissed my cheek before closing the bathroom door in my face, I understood.

Tugging on my hair, I paced the room, still fighting myself and questioning what I was doing. I didn't have much time; I knew she would be out at any moment. If this was going to happen, there was one thing I needed to do. Avoiding my reflection in the mirror above the dresser, I slid the ring off my finger and tucked it into my shaving kit. I sat myself on the edge of the bed and stared at the bathroom door, bouncing my leg in anticipation.

After a few minutes, Bella returned to me. Once more, something was different about her. She seemed calmer than she had been. Her arms no longer shielded her body from my view, and as she approached me, I noticed that her left hand was now bare as well. I knew it wouldn't be for the same reason as me, but I accepted it, taking her into my arms and kissing her slower than the first time.

"You are so beautiful," I said as I turned and lowered her body onto the bed. We shifted and maneuvered until I was over her comfortably, and then we were back to kissing and touching once more, exploring each other for the first time.

Her delicate hands felt like satin on my cheeks, and her fingers combing through my hair were heavenly. Lips moved to cheeks, necks, collarbones, and chests, and it was perfect despite all the imperfections of our circumstances. What we had started could not be stopped.

One piece at a time, our clothes were peeled off - my shirt, her shirt, my pajama pants, her pajama pants - until we were both left in our undergarments. With each removal, our hands and mouths drifted along naked flesh, tasting, touching, and bringing a world of pleasure. I crawled down her body, kissing every inch along the way and giving special attention to the most sensitive places: her breasts, hipbones, and the little dip beneath her navel.

"Don't stop," she whispered as my lips grazed over the waistband of her sheer panties, so I didn't. I lifted her legs off the bed, nudging them apart slightly so that my lips could touch her over the fabric. I inhaled deeply, taking in her intoxicating scent that drove me back for more. My lips met her needful sex once again, and I could feel that her body was responding quite well to me. After dragging my nose along her playfully and teasingly, I exhaled a hot breath directly over her clit, and she shuddered, grabbing my hair and pressing me against her as she begged me for more.

Willingly, oh so willingly, I slid her legs back down and removed the final obstruction that kept me from her body. Seeing her completely naked caused a sudden swell of possessiveness to build inside me, needing to claim her, if only for tonight. Right there, at that moment, she wanted me and no one else. It was an ugly and beautiful feeling all at once, but I'd be damned if anything kept me from giving this goddess of a woman what she wanted. With that resolve and selfish need, I dove back between her legs, greedily drinking her in. I nipped and sucked upon her, relishing how soft her sensitive skin felt on my tongue and between my lips. She was wet and writhing, fighting to get away from the intensity of it all, yet holding me to her with her hands and thighs. I added my hands, grasping her ass in one and sliding two fingers of the other inside her as my tongue worked at a rapid pace on her, and the combination was enough to send her over the edge. I lay with my head on her stomach, her lithe legs surrounding me as we both panted and recovered.

"Come here," she beckoned, opening her arms and inviting me to slide back up the bed toward her. She kissed me hard, wrapping her arms around me and rolling me to my back. She worked her way down my body, much like I had done to her, but there was no hesitation when she reached my boxers. Quickly yanking them off, her fingertips and tongue traced over my left hip to the crease of my thigh. Her hand wrapping around my cock made me arch toward her, wordlessly begging for more, and she gave it to me with a smile.

I moaned her name, weaving my fingers through her hair, not to force her but to pay reverence. I hardly knew this woman, but she unravelled me, body and soul, in a way that no one else ever had. I was so lost in the feeling that I was shocked when she was no longer sucking me into her mouth; she was kneeling over me, stroking up and down as she held herself against my tip. She was teasing me, and I loved it. Unthinkingly, I pulled her hips down, gently slapping her hand out of the way as we came together in a full thrust.

She whimpered at the blissful union, and I swore under my breath, sharing her sentiment. There was no way to describe how good and how right it felt. This had to be more than just sex, even if I couldn't explain or justify it. I'd had one night stands and friends with benefits in the past, and none of them ever felt like this. Hell, no girlfriend I'd ever had made me feel this connected. This was real...it was special...but it could only be for tonight.

With that disheartening thought in the back of my mind, I made it as pleasurable and memorable as I could. I allowed her to lead us, and fuck, was that great, and when I took control, it was slow and savory. My hands and mouth were connected to her as much as I could manage, memorizing the way she moved, felt, sounded, looked, and smelled. She was the embodiment of perfection, but I only had tonight to take it all in. When I couldn't hold off any longer, I hooked her legs around my waist and rose to my knees, pounding needfully into her beautiful body. I had already felt her climax shake her minutes before, and I could see that she was submitting herself to me now.

"So fucking sexy," she growled, looking up at me with her hands over her head and pressing against the headboard to hold her in place. The timbre of her voice and the sincere, passionate expression she wore were my undoing. My release came like an explosion, bringing me the most incredible sense of relief as I fell onto her. She held and kissed me, stroking my hair out of my face and whispering sweet words in my ear.

Realizing that our encounter had left us both sweaty and disheveled, we showered together, kissing and caressing one another, but not uttering a single word. I kept my eyes on her as much as possible, running my thumbs beneath her eyes to say all the things I couldn't speak aloud. She seemed to understand, returning similar gestures and small smiles.

In an unspoken agreement, we shared the bed, and Bella fit perfectly into my arms as we drifted to sleep. I awoke the next morning, still holding her warm, naked body against mine. I allowed myself a few minutes to enjoy her and remember the night we shared before I slowly crawled out of bed, tucking the blankets securely around her.

As quietly as possible, I found all my things, dressed, and repacked my suitcase. I hesitated before leaving, having checked the weather on my phone and seeing that the roads were now open so that I could get home. For several minutes, I stared at Bella, watching her sleep and thinking about what I should do. In the end, I did what I had intended to in the hotel lobby before we realized what had occurred with the rooms; I pulled one of my business cards from my wallet and laid it on top of her purse.

I gave her one last longing look, closed my eyes, and turned away, leaving her behind.