A/N: To those of you who have been patiently waiting for an update to this somewhat... different story, thank you. And I hope you aren't disappointed in this chapter. It's much much lighter in tone than the other chapters that came before it. If/when there is a chapter 8, it will be more in the vein of the previous 6 chapters. But I needed to answer the question "what would happen if there was a red alert while Jim and Spock were...busy?" Answering that question just didn't lend itself to seriousness so this chapter is fluff. Fluffy like the bathrobe Jim ends up wearing on the bridge. Anyway, here it is. Let me know what you think? Or not. Since it's soooo different from the other chapters of this particular story.

"Hey," Jim said with a bright smile when Spock entered their quarters.

"Captain," Spock teased, rounding the desk to kiss his Human on the head. "What has caused this expression of delight on your face?"

"Three days off. An increasingly rare treat for the best command team in Starfleet."

"How is it you know of the schedule followed by Captain Muir and Commander Carmichael?"

Jim snorted, grinning up at him. "Kiss me. Then I might forgive you."

"Your forgiveness is never in doubt," Spock reminded him, kissing him as requested.

"Will you spank me?" Jim whispered in Spock's beautiful ear as Spock kissed his neck and chewed his ear.

"Yes. I know you have missed it."

"Uh huh. And it's completely recreational," Jim assured him.

"I am aware. Tonight I will," Spock promised. "For now, it's time for dinner."

"Right," Jim agreed, standing to stretch, making sure his shirt rode up so Spock could get a peak at his golden skin. "You're staring."

"You taunt me on purpose," Spock accused, shaking his head.

Jim shrugged, going out into the corridor, Spock next to him. "Is Bones joining us in the mess?"

"As I understand it," Spock agreed.

"Kay. Good."

They made their slow way to the mess, talking with those who wanted a word with them, finally arriving to select their dinners and sit at the Captain's table with Leonard.

"Do y'all want to go to the space station with me in the mornin'?" Leonard asked as they lingered over coffee, tea, and conversation.

"Probably not," Jim said. "We're going to sleep in."

Bones looked from Jim to Spock and back. "All right. What are you not tellin' me?"

Jim shrugged innocently, finishing his coffee and standing up. "We'll see you tomorrow at lunch."

"I will be there shortly," Spock said, looking up at him, his affection clearly written on his face to the most casual observer.

"If you want to talk about me, just say so," Jim laughed.

"Go," Bones said, watching him leave the mess, his steps light. "He ask you to punish him?"

"He did. It is purely recreational."

"I do know that. He shouldn't crash this time. If he does, just let me know and I'll come. I don't have a date tonight."

"I understood you and Nyota were becoming 'an item' as Jim would say," Spock said, a sparkle in his eyes.

"He would say that. We're friends. More than friends," Bones said with a shrug.

"But?" Spock asked.

Bones shrugged again. "I got no real idea. Go take care of your infant. And I'll see y'all at lunch."

"Good night," Spock agreed, standing and leaving the mess. He went straight back to their quarters where he found Jim studying his monitor. "T'hy'la."

"Hi," Jim said with a smile. "You two have a cozy chat?"

"It was about an especially egotistical man-child of our mutual acquaintance," Spock teased.

"Humph," Jim responded. "For that, you can go sleep with him. You are already talking like him."

"I would much rather sleep with you. With your backside in flames because I punished you," Spock said, whispering the words that should not have been so seductive into Jim's ear.

"Me too," Jim agreed, shifting in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on the erection that had formed without his permission.

"You need to undress and lay face down on our bed," Spock said softly, biting the lobe of Jim's ear.

Jim nodded as well as he could, closing his eyes to breathe in the essence of Spock. "Okay."

"Do you know what I said?" Spock asked quietly, the words tickling Jim's hair.

"Naked. Face down."

"Yes," Spock agreed, backing up slightly and holding out his hand. Jim took it and allowed Spock to lead him over to their bed. Spock sat on the edge as Jim slowly removed each article of clothing, revealing more of his beautiful body to Spock.

"I'm not beautiful. Except to you," Jim said, leaning against Spock's knees when he was completely bare.

"You are wrong about that. You are an extraordinary example of the Human form."

"Okay," Jim agreed because he saw no point in arguing. Spock stood before him, kissing him hard and breathlessly before moving out of his way.

"Face down," Spock reminded him, rubbing over his backside. "I'll be here in a moment."

"Mmm…" Jim agreed, stretching out on his stomach on the sheets.

"Arms and legs wide," Spock said from the vicinity of their dresser. "And do not hump the mattress."

"Hump the mattress," Jim repeated with a laugh. "First off, how did you know? And secondly, who are you and what have you done with my Vulcan? The one that would never use the word 'hump'." Jim could see Spock raise one eyebrow in answer, not otherwise responding until he stood next to the bed.

Jim watched with casual disinterest as Spock wound soft ropes around his wrists before fastening the one closest to the headboard. Spock moved to the end of the bed, securing his feet with the soft ropes twined around his ankles. When both arms and both legs were tied, firmly but ensuring that no lasting harm would come to Jim, Spock sat on the bed next to him, rubbing over his backside.

"Do you wish to change your mind?" Spock asked warmly.

"I don't," Jim assured him, turning his head in order to see Spock. "Will you spank me, please?"

"Because you have asked, I will. Would you be amendable to the flogger? It has been a while and we have no pressing responsibilities the next three days."

"Yes please," Jim agreed. "And then you'll make love to me?"

"If you deserve it," Spock said, standing by the bed. "I will change out of my uniform and then we will begin."

"Do I get to watch?" Jim asked hopefully.

"Would I deprive you of one of your greatest joys?" Spock asked, making Jim laugh.

"Making love to you is my greatest joy," Jim corrected.

"And being on your Bridge, giving orders to your crew," Spock reminded him.

"Yeah. I'd give it all up for you," Jim said.

Spock shook his head, kissing Jim's head. "You will never need to choose."

"Good. I like being Captain."

"As I have discerned," Spock assured him, making Jim laugh. Spock had removed his uniform and pulled on one of his casual robes, long, black, and heavy. It wasn't one of his meditation robes. This one Jim thought was much cozier than the ones he wore when meditating. And he especially liked that there was nothing underneath the robe except Spock. "Are you ready, love?"

"Very. Will you be angry if I come while you are beating me?" Jim asked.

"I will be disappointed. I will not touch you if you do not refrain."

"Okay," Jim agreed, watching as Spock brought the flogger up, running it with a light touch over Jim's body, inside his thighs, tickling, teasing him. It raised goose bumps on Jim's skin and Spock knew it was not from being chilled. He had already turned up the temperature in their quarters to ensure Jim was not too cool.

Jim tried very hard not to brace himself as Spock raised the flogger and landed it on Jim's backside with a swish and an intense flair of pain. Before Jim could fully comprehend the first strike, Spock hit him again, the sound of the flogger cutting through the air warning him of the pain before it exploded.

He had no way of knowing how many times Spock had already hit him. Not that it especially mattered. His ass was consumed in flames and his head was pounding in sympathy with each heartbeat. He had reached the point when he wondered why he had thought this was a good idea and surely Spock would soon stop. But they hadn't discussed the number of times Spock was planning to use the flogger on him so if he didn't know if they were closer to the beginning or the ending of this session.

He thought that perhaps the blows were slowing which was really a good thing. He didn't think he could last much longer.

"Jim," Spock said gently, preparing to sit next to him. His intentions were waylaid by the unmistakable sound of the red alert klaxons blaring.

"Damn. Damn. Damn. Double-damn," Jim said in complete and utter dismay.

"Indeed," Spock had to agree, helping him free his hands and feet.

Battle stations. All hands to battle stations. Captain Kirk. Report to the Bridge the automated voice called and repeated, as though Jim didn't know he needed to get there with all deliberate haste.

"This better be good," Jim said as he painfully and carefully pulled on a pair of soft sleeping pants. No way in hell could he put on his uniform. These pants still rubbed his raw ass and did very little to hide his firm erection. He pulled on a matching shirt of soft black fleece and accepted the thick fleece robe Spock had retrieved out of their closet. Surely that would help disguise his state of arousal. "Shoes?"

Spock placed a pair of bedroom slippers before him and certain they were both ready, left their quarters in a rush. There was a hustle and bustle in the corridors as the crew reported to their designated stations.

The klaxons were still blaring when Jim and Spock arrived on the Bridge. Lieutenant Commander Lubchenco stood from the Captain's chair, surrendering it automatically to Jim who did not sit. She did not look at all surprised that he had arrived in his bathrobe for which he was silently thankful.

"Report," Jim ordered, glancing from Lubchenco to the viewscreen and back.

"Six point three four minutes ago, we were hailed by those who identified themselves as KaPuShens. They informed us that we were entering their space and we were to turn back."

"Weapons?" Kirk asked her.

"They fired, sir. No damage was reported."

"Return fire?" Kirk asked as he felt rather than saw the other members of the Command Crew take their places on the Bridge.

"No sir. As there was no damage, we did not," she said in her typical efficient and calm manner.

"Very good. I am assuming command," Jim told her.

"Yes sir," Lubchenco acknowledged, taking a seat just next to Uhura and telling her what they knew of the KaPuShens.

"Mr. Spock?" Jim asked, glancing over at Spock, trying very hard not to enjoy the view of his always attractive backside.

"I am reviewing the information now, sir," Spock said formally.

Jim nodded, returning his gaze to the viewscreen as he waited for his very capable crew to do their jobs.

"We're being hailed, sir," Uhura announced.

"On visual," Jim commanded, glancing back at her and taking only enough time to admire the red flannel pajamas she was wearing. Cozy, warm and undeniably sexy.

Uhura pressed the correct series of controls so that the screen was filled with what was presumably the commander of the KaPuShen ship. He (or she) seemed faintly cat-like, with ears on top of his (or her) head, whiskers that stuck straight out beside the small heart shaped mouth. He (or she) was not fur covered but had a button nose that was definitely reminiscence of an Earth feline's.

"Leave. Ours," he (or she) informed them.

"This is Captain James Kirk of the United Federation of Planets. We mean no you disrespect," Jim assured the other Captain.


"We have orders to retrieve one of our vessels which is disabled. As soon as we have done so, we will leave your territory." The Bridge crew waited patiently as the KaPuShen captain considered those words.

"Go," the Captain finally said. "Fire."

There was no impact felt from the tiny burst of light that emanated from the other vessel.

"We mean you no harm," Kirk emphasized. "We only intend to assist our disabled ship."

"Ours," the captain said sternly.

"Yes. We concede that," Kirk agreed, sounding a little exasperated to his own ears. Maybe if his ass wasn't in flames and his cock still rock hard, he might have a little more patience for this admittedly strange conversation. "We'll leave just as soon as we have retrieved our ship."


Jim stopped himself from sighing at the stubbornness of the other captain. He was about to try again when he was stopped by Spock.

"Captain," Spock said quietly.

Jim looked over at him, signaling to Uhura to cut the transmission. "You have something, Commander?"

"Incoming," Sulu announced. He was sitting calmly at his station in Buck Rogers sleep pants that were a particularly putrid shade of lime green. Jim would have not necessarily noticed except Chekov's shirt was the matching top to Sulu's pants, just as Sulu's yellow and red shirt was the top half of Chekov's pants. "Shields at 100%."

"Are they firing BBs at us?" Jim asked no one in particular.

"Captain, from my readings, the KaPuShen ship is four point three nine meters in diameter and two point two eight meters in height."

"Kilometers?" Jim asked, certain that the twin sensations of pain and arousal that he seemed unable to suppress had effected his hearing.

"Meters, sir. It is four meters by two meters," Spock said, a certain amount of disbelief in his voice.

"Aye, sir," Chekov said, turning to look at the Captain, his face more pink than usual. Jim had a fairly good idea what he and Sulu were doing before the red alert sounded. "It is about the size of a large Earth car."

"Well," Jim said, looking over at the turbolift as it expelled Dr. McCoy. "This is an interesting situation."

"What's that, Captain?" McCoy asked, looking at the screen, his head tilted ever-so-slightly. "Is that the damn ship that keeps making our lights flash?"

"I thought you said no damage," Jim said to Sulu.

"No damage, sir," Sulu confirmed.

"Well," McCoy said, shrugging.

"Will it survive being seized by our tractor beam?" Jim asked.

"Affirmative," Spock said. "However, we could simply transport it aboard."

"No. I don't want to meet with them. I just want them to stop firing on us. As useless as it is. Scotty," Jim called into the intercom on the arm of his chair.

"Scott here, sir."

"Do you have the ship on your screen?" Jim asked.

"That I do," Scotty agreed.

"Good. Hold it in the tractor beam. And see if you can make the process…unpleasant for our new friends."

"I can," Scotty said.

"Uhura," Jim requested, motioning to the screen when Sulu reported that Scotty had engaged the beam.

"Release," the agitated Captain demanded. His (or her) ears were twitching in time with the whiskers that seemed to have grown longer in the interim.

"Well," Jim said, pretending to consider the order from the other Captain. "Turns out your ship will easily fit into one of our closets. Unless you want to spend the next week in darkness, contemplating the relative merits of friendship versus firing on us without provocation, you will let us get to our ship. Once we have retrieved it, we will leave your space."

"Mighty," the KaPuShen claimed, raising to its full height, which Jim guessed was about 20 centimeters. He'd had GI Joes growing up that were taller than the 'mighty' KaPuShen Captain.

"Mr. Scott. Please demonstrate to our new friend the real meaning of mighty," Jim requested calmly.

The KaPuShen captain was shaken from his chair and unceremoniously dumped on the floor of their bridge. The Enterprise crew heard what sounded distinctly like cats howling before their screen went dark.

"Think we got through to 'em?" McCoy asked, barely able to contain his laughter.

"Mr. Spock?" the Captain asked.

"They are disengaging weapons, Captain," Spock said.

"Captain," Uhura said. "They are signaling their surrender. They will accept any terms you deem appropriate."

"Tell them we don't want their surrender. We only seek their permission to pass through their space. If they will grant us that, we will release them with no harm coming to them or their ship," Jim said.

Uhura transmitted Jim's orders, waiting.

The screen illuminated itself with the KaPuShen captain looking appropriately chastised. "Friends?"

"Yes," Kirk agreed. "Would you care to come aboard and meet in person?"

"Tiny," the Captain said.

"We are aware. We will not fit on your ship. If you come aboard ours, we will be careful," Jim promised.

"Friends," the KaPuShen confirmed. "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow will be perfect. On our ship it's 2300 hours. If you come at 1200 hours our time, we can share our midday meal. We'll talk and learn more about one another."


"Very good. Good night."

"Sleep," the KaPuShen confirmed, the screen going dark once more.

"Well," Jim said, hands on his hips.

"Indeed," Spock said, moving to stand next to him.

"How far is it to the disabled freighter?" Jim asked Pavel.

"Ve vill arrive at those coordinates in 3.543 hours, sir," Pavel informed him.

"Very good. I am returning to my quarters. Providing no more miniature ships attack us, I will see you for Alpha. Good work everyone. You are dismissed."

The Alpha command crew left the Bridge, McCoy following Jim and Spock into the corridor away from the rest of the crew.

"You want me take some of the pain?" Bones asked Jim gently.

"Yeah. Otherwise I may crash. I hate when that happens."

"I know," Bones agreed, clapping him high on the shoulder. "I take it the cat people interrupted too soon."

"Something like that," Jim said, looking only at Spock. "You'll owe me."

"I don't want to know what he owes you, do I?" Bones asked.

"Nope. Will you bring it to our quarters, please?" Jim requested.

"Sure," Bones grumped. "Because it doesn't matter if I get any sleep. As long as the infant Captain of this boat can go back to bed."

"Seriously? Why are you so mean to me? I don't deserve it," Jim protested innocently.

"You do," Bones and Spock both responded simultaneously.

"So not. Do you want to sleep with him?" he asked Spock in mock sternness.

"As you wish, Captain," Spock teased.

Jim snorted at him, taking his hand as they went back toward their quarters, certain McCoy would arrive shortly.