Chapter 1


"Isabella Marie Black come here this instant" Uh oh. Daddy only calls me that when he is mad at me. My daddy Billy Black could be awfully intimidating when he is mad. He is the chief of our tribe and the whole room shakes when he yells. It takes a lot to get him mad though.

"Yes daddy?"

"Did you put sand down Seth's pants?"

"No daddy Seff is a liar"

"Am not Bewwa"

"Are too stinky"

"Ok both of you stop." My dad turned around to call my mother and I shook my fist at my best friend, letting him know I was gonna get him later. He scrunched his eyes at me and looked around for my brother.

"Jakey! Bewwa is thweating me"

"Shut up you two. Why do you guys have to fight all the time. Paul I don't remember us ever being like that"

Jake was my older, stupider brother. I was four and he was nine. Normally he stuck up for me, but his even stupider friend Paul was here too. I hated Paul. Seth and Inormally never fought, but he tried to kiss me so I put sand down his pants.

"Isabella?" My mother asked me. Great. Here comes mommy. My mommy Sarah is the one who scares me more than my daddy does. He may yell but mommy is the one that sends you to your room forever. She told me the next time I was mean to someone I was in trouble. My mommy was beautiful though. A lot of people say I look like her cause I have long black hair like she does and my eyes are the same color. They say I am her spitting image. Spitting is nasty!

"Yes Mommy?"

"Why did you put sand down Seth's pants?"

"Cause he tried to kiss me mommy. Seff has cooties. I don't want him to kiss me."

"But Bewwa I wuv you."

"Seth don't try to kiss Bella. You should never kiss a girl if she doesn't want you to, but Isabella you should have come to get me our your dad. DO NOT EVER LET ME HEAR THAT YOU PUT SAND DOWN ANYONE PANTS AGAIN. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Now say you are sorry"

"Yes Mommy. I'm sorry Seff" I cried as my brother and his dumb friend laughed at me.

"Jacob Ephraim you can go to your room now. Paul I'm sorry you have to leave."

"Mom" Jacob whined. He is so annoying

"Jacob it is not nice to laugh at your sister." I stuck my tongue out at him and he stomped off to his room.

"Well Bella it seems that your room is waiting for you too. Seth get your jacket honey. I will take you home and you can come back tomorrow when Bella decides to act nice."


"Go Bella now! Before I decided that Seth cant come over for a week." A week? Was she crazy? I couldn't be without my Sethy for a week. "Say goodbye to Seth and go to your room."

"Bye Seff. See you tomorrow.""Bye Bewwa"

Mommy walked Seth home and daddy started dinner. I knew Seth would be here tomorrow but I missed him already as I sat in my room. He would be my best friend forever, even if he does have cooties.