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Australian Family of Fire

Amara and John were sat teaching there young children Pyra and David how to talk. This may not sound unusual until you here their age. The twins were only ten months old. Now I know this sounds very strange but its true. The young children had already mastered the skill of walking at half the age they are now, and yes that does mean at the age of five months old, geesh.

But this fact I will tell you now a fact that John hasn't even told his own mother... HE WRITES BOOKS!!!!... Nah only joking, his mom knows about that, but what she doesn't know is...

That this half of the Allerdyce family were mutants.

Amara could create and control lava and molten rock, and was given the nickname Magma. John could bend the element of fire at his own will and was given the nickname Pyro, though Logan did enjoy annoying John, and often called him Pyromaniac.

Pyra and David were like opposite gender doubles of their parents, if you know what I mean, Pyra like her dad and David like his mom. Except for the fact that they had black scaly wings. I guess it was just for an independence like thing, you know for their own powers.

Now the twins were nothing alike, heck they weren't even identical, but they had...well, a connection. You know the freaky twin thing...? Anyhow, Pyra had orange hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes, she even had the same first word as her dad which would be "Crikey!" and i will not tell you as to why that was her first word as the reason is extremely rude, if you catch my drift. David was mummy's sweet little boy. With dark skin hair and eyes, all a beautiful shade of brown, could easily be passed as a male version of his mother.

Though their mutant powers did have its downside. You see, the twins were allergic to water. Yes, this sounds odd but its true. When water came in contact with their skin, it would sizzle and steam up slightly, and sometimes it would get so bad that they would cough up smoke! Hence forth, the two of them were washed in a certain anti-bacterial disinfectant thingy. The children's condition was also the reason why they lived in Australia, because it hardly ever rained at all!

The family of fire was happy, but that happiness was destined to be shattered...