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All right, so this is the first time I've tried writing anyone from universe, but cripes they're fascinating. I also didn't want to be too obvious with everything in them, but I think Eli's has most of what you'd expect it to.

So here's the first installment of Five Things Five People on Destiny Miss.

Five things that Eli Wallace misses:

1. His mother. He knows the Air Force is taking care of her (TJ has had to reassure him repeatedly that General O'Neill will take care of it; that he's a good man who cares about what matters to his people, has to remind Eli that he is one of General O'Neill's people) but...he just doesn't want her to be afraid, or alone. And more than anything else into eh universe, he just wants to get home to see her, one more time, just in case he gets sick.

2. His DVDs. He hasn't been able to see most of his friends since he left MIT (on top of that no job thing) so he spent most of his time with his mother watching old movies. She used to reminisce and say she never had time for them--that her copies had been misplaced. So once a week he'd go and find a copy of some movie that she'd mentioned (it had taken him several months to get his hands on all of them) but when he'd done, she'd been so happy that he didn't even care that he'd soon have to find two jobs just to pay for them.

3. The park. There had been a park up the street from his house that he'd frequented with his parents as a kid, but hadn't had time to visit as an adult. After being stuck on Destiny for who knows how long, he think that maybe he should have gone for more quiet walks and just looked at the stars instead of flying through them.

4. Having a pause button. He was good with games and this is the most amazing thing he could have ever hoped for (the awesome parts, not the near death stuff) but when Young looks at him, barks out orders for things Eli can't do and doesn't understand, he really wishes he could step back, take a deep breath and collect himself. But there are goddamn Aliens attacking the ship and the shield are failing. He always wanted this kind of chance, always thought that he could handle it because he was so good with his games. He never noticed how much he needed that pause button. But then it's over, and they're all alive and TJ smiles comfortingly at him at dinner and Matt claps him on the shoulder, singing his praise and he can't help but wonder if he really needs that button after all.

5. Soda. Not because he's really all that addicted (anymore) but he misses the taste, and, really, anything's better than gruel and water. Except for maybe tomatoes.

Short, but I like how they're turned out. I'm not sure if I want to put TJ or Matt up next (they're both done) and Chloe's about 2/3's of the way as well. Still working on who Five is. I really wish my brain did not supply the Cylon model number Five. Anyway, tell me what you think!