One of my original stories that I wanted to re-do. Plots not going to be much different but how I write will be. It'll probably have a much different feel to it, darker in some places, less Mary sue-ish I hope and probably a bit more romantic. Basically a better written version of the last… hopefully.

Also since I think Danny should be around 15 at the end of the series that's how old he is at that point.

Prologue: Alternate Ending to Phantom Planet

Danny took in a few deep breathes as he watched the rest of the ghost step away from pillar. Even through his strain and exhaustion he could feel his emotions running on overdrive. A raising feeling of satisfaction from pulling off the stunt, a great amounts of relief from saving his home, and last pride in himself from it all.

As he started to float down he could hear the crowd of scientist, reporters, and diplomats screaming in joy over the success as they ran out of the main building. When he finally landed he was tackled to the ground by his best friend Tucker, his sister Jazz and who he hoped would be his future girlfriend, Sam.

"Awesome." Sam mumbled as she got up from the ground with the other three.

Danny felt a hand pat him on the back, turning his head he saw his sister smiling at him "Good job little brother. Or should I say hero." Danny gave her a weak smile due to her very lame line but was happy for the praise all the same.

They all stiffened when they heard the sound of metal boots stepping on ice. Standing in front of them was probably near all of the Ghost Zone with Danny's long time enemy, Skulker, out in front, leading the pack. Danny stood up and greeted the ghost "I don't know what to say other than thanks, Skulker, to all of you."

As soon as Danny finished his thanks Skulker grabbed him by the front of his black and white hazmat suit "Don't get too mushy on us ghost child. Remember I'll never stop hunting you. And now that you have you saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize." He let Danny go with a wicked grin, flying off back into the portal leading the entire ghost population back through the portal and into the Ghost Zone.

The four teens smiled as they watched all the ghosts disappear through the portal and all three as one stiffened when they heard a familiar voice speaking in an all too familiar hostile tone "Good work Danny,"

Turning the white haired boy saw his two very angry looking ghost hunter parents, who don't know that he is their son meaning he is just another spook to get rid of. "Or should we say, Danny"

The way they said that made him think that they knew but they couldn't "Um, er, ah," getting over his brief stutter Danny put on his best superhero authority voice, which according to his friends sucked, and tried to talk them out of whatever path they were heading. "Sorry, citizens but I have no idea what you are talking about." During his whole hero tone he crossed his arms and waved his finger trying to look as authoritative as possible.

But at the end of it his mother just put on a gentle knowing tone of voice, grabbed his hand that was outstretched and looked him straight in the eye "Isn't there something you want to tell us?"

Danny froze then and there, they really did know and they wanted him to tell them right now. Sure right now would be the best time, everyone saw him as a hero and would love him but did he really want everyone to know his secret? Especially in front of all these scientist and foreign politicians, ones that would do anything to dissect him and try to copy what he could do. Then there were all the ghost hunters here, especially one certain girl who can seriously hold a grudge and wanted to put a hole in his stomach.

"Yeah, there is." His voice was stern as he spoke sounding more like an actual hero "Your son is still in the Ghost Zone, I better go get him. I'm sure you guys will have a lot to talk about later." And with that the white haired hero flew off into the sky and quickly flew through the closing Ghost Portal.

Miles away watching the broadcast on a TV in their living room was three eleven year old girls. All three could be described as identical if not for the few obvious differences of their hair and eye color.

The sister with short pitch black hair and neon green eyes was currently complaining, very loudly, about how they couldn't do anything more than move a few cables around the planet. While the sister in blonde pig tails and neon blue eyes reminded her that they tried to remind her that they tried to move the incoming asteroid but it was too big for them to do anything. The sister in green practical spat in disgust because they were not able to do anything and how a guy that looked so weak saved the world instead of them.

She then tried to get her sister with long red hair and neon pink eyes to side with her but she noticed she was out on a world all her own. "Blossom, hello?" Her sister called as she snapped her fingers near her ear but couldn't get any response. The girl was too focused on the boy with white hair as he flew away.

Chapter one: Moving On

Danny bobbed his head as he listened to his music in the large U-haul he was currently riding passenger. He and Tucker had been driving for the last two days with a few breaks, it was currently Tuckers turn to drive and no matter how much he complained about driving so long he was going to drive the rest of the way to their destination. It was part of their deal considering it was Danny who would most likely be unpacking everything.

Speaking of which he could see the rather large coastal city with its buildings and structures coming closer every passing second. Danny and Tucker finally decided to go to college after taking a two year break. Danny was pretty sure Tucker just used the two years to goof off and do many, many projects for various people that earned him quite a bit of money. But Danny, on the other hand used that time, or at least the last six months, to relax.

The last five years have been rough on the twenty year old. He's seen and done more than most people could say with four life times. After the Diastroid had passed Danny Phantom had become the number one hero in the world. Villains and monsters came to his medium sized home town to test themselves against the "best". His old list of bad guys didn't seem to even mind, they actually seemed to use the new guys to measure themselves off of and get better at what they did.

Slowly, after barely a two year time, he became a global hero and then, at least twice, an inter-stellar hero. He fought ghost, monsters, demons, aliens, fellow heroes, mob bosses, tyrants, terrorist, the list just goes on and on. He fought so hard, he gained responsibilities and titles he never wanted nor needed, he gained scrutiny, he gained praise, he felt tragedy and horror and felt being hope itself. If he was honest with himself, he loved nearly every moment of it.

To feel like you were truly doing something. To feel that you aren't wasting yourself and you were something more than just a part of the crowd. But some things… some things weren't worth risking to just have such a petty feeling. It just wasn't worth the risk, it just wasn't worth the pain, it wasn't worth the grief, it just wasn't worth feeling that tired.

So he stopped.

In all honesty he didn't expect what happened next. In just one week his missing presence went noticed. The world seemed to panic and ask just where was Danny Phantom?

But he didn't worry, he knew of the other heroes. Each one had their own specialty and helped the world out where they knew how to help it best. He knew a good many of them, the world was in good hands. He… he just needed to rest.

Admittedly the city they were heading to probably wasn't the best of choices, being filled with silly yet dangerous villains and having a literal island of monsters barely five miles from the shore. But it had a good college with one of the best Astro-science and Criminal Justice programs at its college, besides he heard they had their own heroes. So it was their problem not his.

All he hoped was that this city of Townsville would make for a relaxing four years.

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