Well, It's done. I hope you enjoy it and please tell me how my style is and if I'm making the charter's realistic… well as realistic as fictional super heroes can be.

Chapter 4: Second first date

"Tucker! Give me back my damn phone!" Danny shouted as he slid through the den and into the kitchen chasing after his surprisingly nimble friend.

Tucker just smiled and laughed as he and Danny started to run around the counter. "No! You know the rules. You can't call them until it's been three days."

"What kind of dumb shit rule is that!"

"Tis Man Law" Tucker said sagely, pausing for a moment to give a wizened nod before racing around the counter to dodge Danny.

"Whatever man, just give me my phone." Danny said trying to restrain himself.

"Hmmm, I think… no."

Danny gave up on restraint "You know what, fuck it." Danny pointed his hand at his friend and selected his power.

"I knew you would see i-, hey wait, what are you doing!"

The young black man soon found himself floating upside down in the air "No fair using your powers!"

"Uh huh." Danny said absently as he used his telekinesis to pull his phone away from Tucker. "Brace yourself." Danny said as he let go of his hold.

"Huh?" and with that he fell unceremoniously to the floor. Tucker shook his head as he stood up and saw Danny already talking to the girl "Dude, you broke Man Law! How could you!"

Danny just tossed an orange at his friend's head.


Blossom self-consciously flattened her skirt as she stood outside the theater. By now she would be biting her bottom lip due to her nerves but she didn't want to stain her teeth with her lip-gloss. That might make her seem gross to him, and she didn't want to scare him off.

She was nervous beyond what she thought possible. She kept on reminding herself it was just dinner and a movie but that just made her even more anxious. It was a normal date between her and a cute guy. She wasn't normal, she pretended to be but she wasn't. She tried normal dates in the past and they never worked well for her. But that day she spent with him was just so near perfect it was scary. Everything just naturally fell into place as they walked around the city, even the awkward moments were fun.

But how would he react when he learns that she can fly and shoot lasers out of her eyes? Would he stop seeing her or would he accept her.

Either way she was going to do her best to make sure that whatever was between them last for as long as possible.

When her super hearing picked up the hum of a motorcycle pulling into the parking lot she doubled her efforts to keeping her calm and cool. She took in deep breaths as she heard his sneakers walk up to the building. Blossom did her best to look casual as she looked towards the door and see Danny opening the door.

She smiled as she saw him desperately trying to fix his helmet hair as he walked over to her. She absently noticed that under his jacket wasn't the t-shirt she saw him in the last two times but a dark red button up collared shirt. It wasn't fancy but it showed he cared a little about what he looked like on their date.

"Hey, Blossom." He said with a big smile before giving her a quick once over "You look great."

She blushed cutely in Danny's eyes "Thank you. You do to." Danny's smile widened to eye crinkling level. She gave him a shy smile back.

"So" he said trailing off "Well, we really didn't plan this too well. Any movie you want to see?"

Blossom briefly looked at the listings before saying "Um, I have no real preference is there anything you want to see?"

"Same. But whatever you want to see is fine." Danny said trying to be the gentleman by letting the lady pick.

"No, really its fine. Pick what you want" Blossom said a bit shyly, trying to let him pick so she didn't accidently pick the wrong movie.

But Danny didn't seem to want to let that happen, so once again he politely asked what she wanted to see. And once again Blossom would shyly say that it was okay for him to choose. This cycle continued for a few more minutes until Danny started to laugh at the sheer audacity of their conversation.

"What's so funny?" the red head asked indignantly, blushing slightly hoping she didn't make a fool of herself.

Danny started to control his chuckles "We've been arguing over who should pick the movie for like five minutes." He said with a half-smile. And once Blossom thought about it for a minute and had to agree with him as she left out a small giggle. "How about we just watch the movie with the closest showing?"

Blossom gave him a grateful smile and nodded as they both started to look at the times.

The movie they ended up watching was some alien flic that seemed to be a mash up between Pocahontas and Sci-fi. It was long, very long but the affects and story combined were amazing. Though Danny could deal without the VERY realistic guns, they reminded him a little too much of that false world and enemies in the real one. But the explosions were good, Blossom seemed to jump on instinct, like she needed to do something but settled with clutching onto his arm.

He was also pleased that even as the movie continued on and even after she still hadn't let go.

"That movie was amazing!" Blossom exclaimed as they left the theater, drink in one hand and the other wrapped firmly around Danny's arm. "And that planet was just beautiful"

'Eh, it was nice but I've seen better' he thought to himself, remembering an adventure or two he had with one of the other 'big' heroes on the planet. He also had to bite back a corny of response that she was better looking and at least ten times more beautiful than that whole planet and anyone of the girls seen in the movie. He wasn't sure if she was the type of girl that would take that as sweet or call him an idiot. So he just nodded his agreement and gave her an admiring smile.

Blossom gave him a cute blush and adverted her bright pink eyes for a second before carefully glancing back at him. He liked her but at times she seemed a bit bi-polar to him. It was like she couldn't decide if she wanted to be confused or courageous. But he also found it rather endearing.

"So, any good places to eat around here?"

Blossom thought for a moment before leading him around the mall and stopping a built in family diner. It wasn't fancy but it was an after movie meal, it wasn't supposed to be.

As they made a quick order for a cheeseburger and grilled chicken with two colas they started with a little small talk.

"So, Danny" Blossom started after taking a sip of her drink "Where are you from?" she asked a bit bluntly.

Danny winced a bit "Promise not to freak out?" Blossom gave him a strange look before nodding her head. Danny stared at her like he wasn't sure if she was being truthful but answered anyway "I'm from Amity Park."

Blossom's eyes widened "Really? You're from the home town of Phantom?" she asked excitedly but after hearing Danny groan in exasperation she tried to calm herself. "Sorry."

"It's okay. It's just annoying to get that response every time you say you're from Amity." He confessed remembering the times he left the city and be hounded with questions about his alter ego. Always asking dozens of questions of what he was like and if he had ever met him. If only they knew who they were talking to.

"I'm sorry, its just that I used to have this huge crush on him when I was younger." She admitted shamelessly as she tried to defend herself and make Danny understand her excitement.

Danny on the other hand let a smile slip on his face feeling a little bit of irony with the whole situation "Trying to make me jealous already? It's only our second date." He teased.

"What? NO! it's not like that! I mean… I'm not trying to…." She paused when she saw that Danny was holding in his laughter at her expense. "Jerk" she mumbled, wanting to swat his arm but didn't know if she had the right on the second date.

"Sorry, you're just so much fun to tease." He said not bothering to hide his amusement, "And you look so cute when your cheeks start to match your hair."

Blossom was now desperately trying to force her blush down. She wanted to say something but nothing came to her mind. The only thing that saved her from making an embarrassing comment was that she spotted the waitress coming over with their food "oh look, our food is here." It was a weak get away but she managed it.

The food wasn't the best in the world but they enjoyed it and the company. They joked and teased each other for most the meal, making the most of their date. Well Danny did most of the teasing but it was still enjoyable.

After they ate they decided to just wander the mall for a bit, a way to extend the date a bit. At some point in their walk Blossom had nervously re-wrapped her arm around his and had a pleasant surprise of him grasping her hand.

"So… do you need a ride back to your place?" He asked, trying to sound casual about it but he wanted to spend a little bit more time with her and the fact she would be hugging his back.

Blossom shook her head "No, I'm fine." She said. She had already gathered that Danny was older than her, defiantly older than eighteen if he had his own place. She didn't want to seem the immature little girl by showing that she still lived at home with her father. "I can get home on my own."

"Well, if you are sure…" He said with a hint of disappointment.

Blossom smiled at his expression and stood on her tippy toes to attempt to give him a peck on the cheek. Unfortunately, even with his head hanging down slightly in disappointment, he had more than a half a foot height advantage over her. So without floating she was just able to give him a peck on his chin. "Thanks for the offer though. It's sweet and I would love to ride on your motorcycle sometime." She said adding the last part equal parts embarrassed and excited.

Danny smiled at her, and in a moment of impulse bent down and kissed her on her forehead "I'd like that too." He said brightly "So, see you soon?"

Blossom nodded and pulled out her cell phone for effect "Talk to you soon." She said, her cheeks still rosy from the kiss.

Danny nodded and with a bit of reluctance started to make his way back to his bike.

He had fun today and was looking forward to the next time the two of them could get together. And Maybe this was karma finally paying him back for all the shit he had to go through so far, so he was not going to waste this chance. He liked her and he was going to see how far he could take this relationship.


While it wasn't that late, it was barely half past nine, it was still much later than when Blossom would usually come home. So it garnered some attention when she got home. She had easily waved it off by saying that the movie was longer than she thought. It was a half-truth and they believed her easily enough, even if they did wonder about the light make up and clothes. They just brushed off the facts, thinking that Blossom would tell them if it was important.

The fact was, she didn't want to tell them. They would stick their noses into something that was none of their business, and they might ruin what was just starting.

Though, as she thought deeper into it, she may be the one to ruin it for herself. Danny still didn't know two things. One, that she was only sixteen. She didn't know if that would matter to him but it was still something that seemed to be important, especially if he was older than eighteen like she thought. And two, was that she had super powers.

She wondered if she would see her as a freak, a menus like the ghost that haunt his home town. Or would he accept her and find it an insignificant fact or maybe he'll think that it makes her cool.

All she could do was work up her courage to eventually tell him and hope for the best. But for now she was going to enjoy the ride up the hill and hope it goes down smoothly instead of crashing horribly.

I hate that I'm not making them as long as I'm used to but it just felt done. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, I'm trying to make it seem realistic with improbable charters.

Also, sorry to my HP fans but it's hard out here and Super Hero stories are easy for me.