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It was a sunny afternoon. The sun was resting in its sunny peak in the blue sky, watching over everything. The location of this particular tale was nestled away in a quiet forest area. Trees surrounded it, creating a cool but favorable climate. There was a large building here; colored white and surrounded with symmetrical-cut hedges.

A small rabbit hops over and stops to clean its face in front of a large, stone-hewn sign. When it moves, the words 'New Beginnings Home for Mental Disorders' can be read.

Inside the building, the halls were white and grey. Various people wandered about, either patients or workers. The patients: a girl sitting down in a corner in a fetal position while rocking and hitting her head against a wall...

A man standing up and swatting away at unseeable demons that are attacking his head...

Two men sitting at a table, playing a game of checkers. Rather, both staring intently at the undisturbed game-board; one stating "You sunk my battle-ship..." At random intervals...

The woman walking about in torn clothing, chanting, "I am the queen!"...

An old man being carried away on a gurney, singing, "The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be! Ain't what she used to be! Ain't what she used to be!"...

And so many more. That was only on the first floor. As we go further up the stairs, we see many therapy-rooms and doctors' offices. Finally, on the third floor there were the isolated rooms. These rooms were kept for the most severe cases that this facility treated. It was a young nurse named Sakura's first time working up here so the Chief Doctor, Dr. Tsunade, was walking her through this secluded area.

"Um, Sensei? What will be doing here today, exactly?" The pink-haired woman asked. The older blonde woman sighed and replied,

"You'll just be delivering medecine to the rooms." Tsunade flipped through the chart that she had and read off the first room, "First delivery, Room 2A; Subject Name: Pein; Subject's disorder: Schizophrenia, Spilt-Personalities, and Paranoia, thinks that his five brothers have come back from the dead to haunt him." Tsunade measured out a dose of sleeping medication and relaxants before handing them to Sakura. "I hold him down, you get him to swallow the pills." Sakura gulped but nodded.

Tsunade opened the door and immediately they heard a 'conversation' being held. "You are so useless! But what did I do to you?! Ha! What do you think?! You never even came to our graves after we died! I was busy, forgive me!!" A man with auburn hair and piercings all along the bridge of his nose was clutching at his hair as he walked around the room and yelled at the voices in his head. Tsunade sighed before stating,

"Alright Pein, it's time for your medication." Pein looked at them with ash-grey eyes and shook his head softly before he barked out,

"Shove it up your ass, you wretched old cunt!!" Tsunade rolled her brown eyes,

"So it's going to be that one today, huh Pein?", before rushing the man and holding his arms behind him in a steel grip. "Sakura, get over here!" The pink-haired nurse nodded before she stood in front of the struggling male. He looked at her with a curious expression before it turned spiteful and he spat in her face.

"Ugh!" Sakura wiped her face off, in obvious disgust. Tsunade chuckled softly,

"You're lucky it was just spit this time!", she tightened her grip on the male, "Give him the medecine!" Sakura nodded before she slipped the pills into Pein's mouth, making sure to cover his mouth until he swallowed. Tsunade nodded and let go, Pein going to sit down on the chair in the room. Just before she shut the door, Tsunade spoke, "You have therapy at 4:00 today, Pein." Pein smiled and nodded,

"I'll be sure to be there.", as the door was closed.

Sakura gave a huge sigh. They had only done three deliveries and she was exhausted. But when they got to a certain door, she stopped. Something had cought her attention as it floated through the air. The soft, dulcet tones of a... "Piano?" She questioned. Tsunade nodded before flipping to a certain page.

"Room 3B; Subject Name: Hidan Shiroi; Subeject's Disorder: Yandere Syndrome." Sakura had a confused look on her face that just seemed to increase when she saw Tsunade take out a cherry lollipop from her pocket.


"He doesn't need drugs because there's nothing to treat. But he likes anything cherry-flavored. They seem to calm him down a bit." She handed the pink-haired woman the treat before opening the door. Just before Sakura walked in, Tsunade whispered, "Be careful around him." Sakura nodded as she walked forward, Tsunade keeping a watchful pace of three steps behind her.

The room was clean and pristine, even the window that was high up on the wall was shined to perfection. There was a large, white stuffed-cat in the corner and a small bed. There was a large pile of books, all about servitude and being a proper butler, and things like that. But in the center of the room, there was a large cherry-wood piano. And playing away on that piano was a slim, pale-skinned, short white-haired male. He was dressed in a short, white gown (like most of the patients here) and his pale hands skillfully roamed across the keys, filling the area with the beautiful music.

Sakura gulped and, with a gentle push from Tsunade, walked up and placed the lollipop on the wooden area of the piano. As the nurse was walking away, the music stopped. She turned slightly and saw the male softly pick up the sweet. He turned and looked at Sakura with the sweetest-looking smile and happy red eyes before stating,

"Why thank you so much." That smile. It was just too sweet, too kind. It gave the nurse the creeps as she shakily replied,

"Y-you're welcome.", before Tsunade grabbed her and took her out of the room.

The next morning, the albino wakes up in his room and stretches himself out before cleaning up his small living space. He straightens out his gown and brushes his hair back, then brushes his teeth before smiling and moving back to the piano. He stretches his fingers and then begins to play.

A while into the song he speaks, "Why hello there." Silence. "Why, of course I can hear you." More silence. "Nothing to worry about, I just love to have company. I'm sorry that I don't have any refreshments to offer you though..." He sighs but then smiles again, "My name is Hidan. Hidan Shiroi." The albino keeps on playing until he speaks up again, "You know, I don't really know why I'm here. I think they call me 'Yandere', or something like that. Can you imagine?!" His playing got a bit faster. "They just came and took me away from... from..." But suddenly, he stopped.

Hidan seemed to stare at the keys, red eyes a bit unfocused as if he wasn't there. "They took me away from him... Kakuzu..." His fingers began their work again, playing a new song.

"My master..."

"I don't remember where I was before I arrived at the Servants' Institute. But when I got there, I knew what I was born for..."

When Hidan was just a boy, he made his way onto the grounds of the most prestigious school for butlers and maids in the world. Miraculously, they took him in. And it proved to be quite the good judgement because Hidan was quited the servant.

He learned to cook and clean faster than most of the other students there. And, the teachers noticed, his sense of loyalty was astounding. It almost borderlined obsession, the need for the albino to get everything perfect. He would study all of the books and always ask if there was anything more that he could do.

Hidan was the Institute's star. Clients from all over wanted to hire him. But he always respectfully declined them. He always believed that there was something more to learn, something more that he wasn't doing quite right. It was when he was eighteen that everything changed.

One day, a new potential client came to the Institute. A tall, muscular man with tanned skin, emerald green eyes, earthern-brown hair, and a stitched-up scar across his face. A millionare entrepeneur...

"Who's trying to find a good butler or maid." Kakuzu Hoku stated as he was led into the main parlor. This is how things would be done, a client would be treated to a day of the royal-treatment by three of the Insitute's brightest butlers and maids (or rather, Hidan and two others), and at the end the client would choose to employ whichever one they deemed the best.

By routine, Hidan, a young maid, and a butler walked into the room where Kakuzu was waiting patiently. Upon seeing the entrepenuer, all three servants flinched. Such an intimidating presence! Hidan was a bit unnerved at first, but he outgrew it and took his seat on one of the low cushions on the ground at the other side of the room. The other two followed the albino and awaited instruction.

Kakuzu looked at all three, the latter two not really having anything to write home about in features. But the albino... Being albino was rare enough, but it made Kakuzu want to see how well he could perform his job.


First was breakfast. The other butler-in-training walked up and proceeded to use the kitchenette area to prepare breakfast. Getting things out of the refridgerator, he asked, "What would you like to eat this morning?" Kakuzu frowned, and thought,

'Well, he's out. He should have asked me before he started...' The brunette huffed out and order and after it was made, the butler tried bringing it over. He set the food on the table just fine but when he tried to give the man his coffee, he only succeeded in spilling it on Kakuzu's expensive suit-jacket. Kakuzu growled, eyes narrowing. The butler-in-training held up his hands defensively and whined,

"My apologies, Kakuzu! I mean-- Sir!"

"Get out." Kakuzu gritted out. The butler ran away from the room in tears, Hidan and the maid watching in silence.

'Idiot...' Both Kakuzu and Hidan thought at the same time. Hidan looked towards Kakuzu and spoke gently,

"If I could, Kakuzu-sama..." Kakuzu raised an eyebrow silently but gestured for Hidan to stand. The albino quickly, yet calmly, walked over and asked for the brunette's jacket. "It would be a shame for such a high-quality coat to be ruined like that." Kakuzu nodded softly as he stood and removed the dirty jacket. Hidan took it and, with a bow, he left the room and immediately went to the Institute's laundry-room.


"So I says to Janie, I says, 'Girl, you're never going to get a man acting like that!'..." The maid was currently talking Kakuzu's ears off about everything and nothing as he sat through, what was supposed to be a relaxing massage. Everytime the girl's hands pressed into his back, he felt like yelling.

'If the massage doesn't kill me, her voice will...' Kakuzu thought, grimacing as the maid pressed extra hard in the space between his shoulder blades. Suddenly, the door opened to reveal Hidan. The albino was holding Kakuzu's jacket (now cleaned and pressed and smelling of a nice, neutral scent) on a hanger. Magenta eyes widened as Hidan looked at the situation. Silently, the albino walked over behind Kakuzu and whispered something to the maid.

Flinching softly, the girl choked back a sob before fleeing the room. Kakuzu sighed, more than thankful that that ordeal was over. But then Hidan spoke in his calm voice, "If you could please stand up, Kakuzu-sama."

After helping Kakuzu with the jacket, Hidan found a newspaper and handed it to the man before asking, "Is there anything in particular that you would like, Kakuzu-sama? Coffee? Tea? A massage to counter-act that slaughter that my aquaintance was trying to pass-off as something?" Kakuzu raised an eyebrow but replied,

"I'll stick to the massage." Hidan smiled and nodded and stretched out his fingers before he began the gentle, almost angelic process of working out the kinks and pressures made by his predessecor. Kakuzu groaned softly. Not from pain but because Hidan actually new what he was doing and it actually good. "You've obviously been taught well." Hidan smiled softly before replying softly,

"Thank you. I've been living at the Institute for so long that I've learned almost everything about pleasing my masters." Something about the way that Hidan said that statement made Kakuzu raise an eyebrow in intrigue.

Over the course of the afternoon, Hidan had successfully fed, groomed, and taken care of Kakuzu to every whim. When the service-period was over, Hidan helped Kakuzu get his belongings together before he bowed, "I hope that you have a pleasant day, Kakuzu-sama.", and left the room.

That same day Kakuzu brought Hidan back to his mansion. Hidan, surprisingly, didn't refuse.

We met each other that day because you decided to choose me, there was no other...


For the first few months, Hidan served Kakuzu without error. The normal work-day routine was to wake Kakuzu at 5 in the morning. Then, while the older male was taking a shower, Hidan would prepare his clothes.

Then, while Kakuzu was getting dressed, Hidan would prepare breakfast. Usually the brunette liked things simple (oatmeal, eggs, coffee, fruit...) But sometimes Kakuzu would ask the albino to change up the menu on weekends then they would have something from one of the exotic cookbooks that Kakuzu had in his kitchen.

Afterwards, Hidan would chauffer Kakuzu to work at the financing building in town.

Later in the afternoon, after cleaning the house and getting dinner started, Hidan would come back and drive Kakuzu home. Dinner would be served and, after a few recreational activities (watching the news and stock reports, reading or being read to, or something that Kakuzu's therapist would recommend to him), Hidan would draw Kakuzu an evening bath.

After the bath, Hidan would lay out Kakuzu's bed-clothes and, afterwards, would stay in the room in case Kakuzu needed anything until the brunette finally fell asleep.

Sometimes, rather than going to the room which Kakuzu had prepared for him, Hidan would sleep on the floor of the master bedroom, just to be close to another body.

Preferably Kakuzu's.


I worked so hard because I thought that you needed me, and I still believe it even now...

One day, Kakuzu was at his weekly therapy session. He was required to have some sort of therapy because his job was one of the high-stress occupations of the company. And since the only other choice was to develop some sort of weekly 'fun-activity'...

"Can we hurry this up? Just give me the usual ink-blot test with a side of 'and how does that make you feel' so I can go home? I bet Hidan's been waiting for me in that car forever..." The brunette huffed towards the psychiatrist.

The snake-like man, Orochimaru was his name, smiled and asked, "Yes, this Hidan. Tell me, is he your only servant?" Kakuzu sighed. Great, side-questions.

"Yes... I don't see why I should have more than one when I have someone like Hidan." The doctor hummed and scribbles something down before asking,

"Have you thought about how Hidan feels? Maybe you're over working him?"

That one statement caused Kakuzu to sit upright in a second. He shook his head, "Hidan never complains."

"Maybe because he wants to please you? It's not uncommon for those who care about their employers to put their own health at risk for the good of the position." The brunette laid back down in the long-chair and thought to himself,

'Maybe it would be better to at least hire a few more aids. Just to help Hidan out.' Kakuzu stood up walked out of Orochimaru's office without even a 'thank-you'.


Outside, Hidan was beginning to drive Kakuzu home as usual. He softly asked, "How was your therapy?" Kakuzu sighed and got his cell-phone from his pocket.

"It was fine. Hidan, excuse me for a moment." The businessman spoke as he dialed a familiar number. Hidan nodded and stayed quiet as he drove on. There were a few rings before Kakuzu spoke up, "Hello, Kisame? Yeah, it's me, Kakuzu. ... I've been doing fine, just fine. ... Hey, how would you like to help me out? ... Well, I'm in need of a new chef."

Hidan almost stopped the car but caught himself before he caused an accident. He carefully listened in to the conversation as quietly as possible.

"Yes. ... No, I know that you have your restaurant but can't you take a break? ... Of course! Hm? Well, maybe I could use a planner too. ... Oh, I never got around to getting a gardener..."

Hidan silently drove on, his nails digging into the leather of the steering wheel.


A week later, Hidan woke up in his room and looked at the clock. It was already 5:30! "Oh no!!" Hidan yelled before rolling out of bed and rushing to put on a seemingly clean outfit. Running out of the door, he panicked, "How could I sleep in?! How dare I sleep in?! Kakuzu-sama's going to be pissed!!"

The albino ran down the stairs as quick as possible and ran into the kitchen. "I'm so sorry! I--"

"Hey, Good morning!" Hidan flinched. That voice wasn't Kakuzu's... The teenager looked and saw Kakuzu already at the table eating breakfast. But at the counter was a tall muscular man with unruly blue hair who was busy at work cooking away. When the man turned, Hidan could see striking black eyes and a sharp smile.

"Wh... Who?" Hidan blinked, eyes wide. Kakuzu took one of the plates that the man had and stated,

"Hidan, this is my good friend Kisame. He's agreed to be my chef for a couple of weeks." Kisame scoffed and set another plate of food down onto the table.

"You mean I finally decided to agree so that you would stop bothering me." He then turned to Hidan and spoke, "Come on and eat, there's plenty more so don't be shy." Hidan gulped but went to sit down next to Kakuzu anyway. When Hidan began to take small bites of the food, he asked Kakuzu,

"I thought... that I was to cook breakfast--" Immediately after, a slim brunette with paper-pale skin walked in typing away at something on a PDA.

"Hoku-san." He spoke up. "One of your collegues just texted you asking for theaccount that you working on last night. Should I give it to him?" Kakuzu groaned,

"I'm not done with it, tell him that the file got corrputed."

"Understood." The pale-skinned brunette sat down at the table and began to text the collegue back.

"Erm... Kakuzu-sama?" The businessman looked up from his food and replied,

"Oh. Hidan, this is Itachi. He's my new planner." When he was done texting, Itachi smiled softly,

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise, I'm sure..." Hidan gritted back. The albino turned back towards Kakuzu and finally noticed that Kakuzu was already dressed as well.

"Where is Deidara? I'm not re-cooking breakfast if this gets cold!" Kisame growled.

"Deidara?" Hidan asked.

"He's the hyperactive ball of sunshine that is in charge of Kakuzu's wardrobe." Itachi stated.

Hidan felt like he was going to be sick.

Kakuzu looked at his watch and stated, "It's time I headed out. Hidan, let's go." The albino got up from the table and follwed Kakuzu to the car. He left his food hardly touched.

"Hey!" Kisame asked, "Didn't you like it?"

Hidan didn't answer.

"I was in complete and utter shock!" Hidan shook his head, "Why had Kakuzu-sama hired others when he had me? Oh well," Hidan began playing again. "I was the best servant in that house. Kakuzu-sama knew it and I knew it." Hidan looked out of the barred up window and saw that the sun was beginning to set.

"Sunset already? And no one even called me for therapy. Meh..." The albino stood and stretched out his cramping limbs before laying down in his bed. "You should come back tomorrow. I would be more than happy to tell you more of my story."

Slowly, but surely, Hidan drifted off to sleep.

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