Fandom: Alice in Wonderland 2010
Rating: R ( M )
Warning: Explicit content, do not read when under 18.
Pairing: Alice / Stayne
Genre: General/Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Disclaimer: I don't own anything not do I profit.

Written as a reply to : 2010_Alice_kink

2010-04-12 12:38 pm UTC

gentle!Stayne/shrunken!Alice :D

Stayne actually manages to find out what was hiding in the teapot and takes Alice as a captive. She's cold and frightened due her nakedness and he somehow ends up trying to console her and one thing leads to another and then Alice gets turned on by his hair. What can I say? I adore his hair XD. Those luscious dark locks *drools*

A Matter of Smallness

(Part 1)

"On that day, I shall Futterwacken vigorously."

A sound was heard in the distance and everyone around the table yelped. "Oh my!" Alice looked at the Mad Hatter who pushed a bottle against her lips. "Drink this, quick!" He ushered her and she could not do but to obey. Coughing, she felt herself shrink tinier than she had been before as the rough hands of the hatter placed her inside the teapot.

She had no idea what was going on and desperately looked up to see what he was up to. But the lid had been closed and it was incredibly dark inside the teapot that now rested upon Tarrant's lap.

Alice felt a slight panic rise within her. It was just moments ago that her mad friend had snapped. Dark circles had appeared underneath his eyes and his voice had turned low and raspy. In her panic, and still coughing, she started to bang against the teapot's walls and pleaded for anyone to get her out. "Let me out!"

She tried to listen what was going on outside but only heard muffled sounds. It seemed as if they were singing a song. Then suddenly the last ray of light was blocked as Bayard had found the teapot on the hatter's lap and Tarrant had placed his hands tighter around the pot nervously. He whispered in his low accented voice. "Down with the bloody big-head." Because he really couldn't suppress his demonic side.

Bayard sniffed a few more times and then turned around. He barked loudly to the Red Knave who was trying one of the cups of tea and spit it out in disgust. Alice, still covering her naked self with the remains of her much too big dress, dared to peek out of the spout. She could barely make out the shape of the Knave who was scolding his minions. "Follow the blood hound." The soldiers took off and Stayne turned his attention towards the hatter and his guests again.

"You're all mad." He said with a smug smile upon his face. At the happy reply he received he smashed the tea cup and turned around to leave. That's when he noticed Bayard in the distance and it made him think.

He was sure that he had seen the hatter whisper to the dog. The animal was scared to lose his family. Bit whether that should be reason for him to oblige to the Queen's demands? It was Stayne himself who followed the Red Queen out of fear rather than out of lust. And wasn't he planning on betraying her as well?

He glanced with his good eye in the direction of the hatter and his company again.

Why was the mad man clutching a pot of tea on his lap?

He suddenly strode back to the table. The Dormouse and the March Hare looked at him wide-eyed. Not one of them had expected for the knave to return. Stayne could see it clearly now. The hatter was sweating.

With one firm stride he stood next to him and picked up the teapot out of his hands.

"My, my, my." He mused in his low seducing voice. The hatter flinched at this. "What have we here?"

Tarrant stood up and raised his finger, he was eager to speak. The hare and the mouse dived away in the hope that they would be spared. Before the hatter could speak the knave had lifted the lid and was now looking down at the subject of his mission.

"Alice!" Mallymkun squeaked from her safe hiding spot underneath an empty teacup. Tarrant glared angrily at the dormouse and Stayne laughed huskily.

"So you were hiding her. I believe I've said you would be losing your heads for this." He reached inside the pot with one of his gloved hands and cupped the naked Alice out of it. She was clinging to her dress but eventually had to let go. Stayne, however, held her tightly in his hand so that no one saw her nakedness.

Alice looked up helplessly at the hatter who stared back with guilt and shame in his eyes. It was clear that he was blaming himself for failing her.

"Alice." He lisped sadly.

"NO! No, you won't be taking me!" She screeched and started to slam her tiny fists against the gloved hand of Stayne. He smirked smugly and turned to the mad company. "You'll hear from me." At that he called for his guards. The soldiers returned within an eye blink and with that prevented the hatter from killing Stayne.

The Red Knave laughed as he held Alice in his hand and walked back to his steed.

He had succeeded.

~ * ~

"My dear Alice." He mused in a husky voice.

Alice sat on his shoulder and moped. She was trying to cover herself up but hadn't really anything to do it with. Stayne's outfit seemed to be made out of leather mostly and she began to feel cold. She thanked the gods that the soldiers had stayed behind so they wouldn't see her now.

The knave hadn't really looked at her yet. He had placed her on his shoulder and had continued riding his horse. He knew that Alice couldn't get away from him without dying in the process. And Alice wasn't foolish enough to jump the long distance.

Although she'd felt it to be very tempting.

The cold wind blew past her skin and created goose bumps. She shivered.

'I need something to clothe me.'

Her long blonde curls were the only thing that covered her a bit. But just her own hair wouldn't do. She looked at his head which was, in her opinion, a ridiculous large one. Her hand smoothly settled upon a strand of his hair and she was surprised by feeling how soft it actually was to the touch. She pressed her face close against his hairs and studied the raven coloured tresses. Her fingers glided past the locks. 'Oh yes,' she thought, 'this will do.'

Carefully she gathered a few of his hairs and started to wind them around her petite body. Already she could feel the cold being replaced by warmth. His hair was slightly greasy but this didn't seem to disturb her. It actually slid very well past her skin.

The knave noticed that she was up to something and tried to look to his side. As his head moved she yelped out loud and felt how some of the hairs slipped out of her fingers whilst others were tangled around her limbs and wanted to force her down his shoulder.

"Keep still!" She yelped and Stayne reached his hand up to her.

"What are you trying to do?" His low voice said, harsher than he had intended. She looked flushed at him and tried to hide her naked body from his sight.

"N-Nothing." She said with a trembling voice.

Of course the knave didn't believe that.

"Spill it girl." Stayne moved his head some more and Alice yelped as she managed to untangle herself and fell upon his shoulder.

"I'm cold." She whimpered sadly and clutched her arms around her small frame.

The knave huffed. "And so you thought you could use my hair as a dress."

Alice opened her mouth and closed it again. She decided that saying nothing was the best reply in this case. She slightly shivered again.

Her actions made Stayne wonder about his victim. In the first place he had questioned himself why the fate of Underland would be in the hands of a midget.

'Or was it the pishalver?'

And in the second place the tiny creature was toying with his hair because she said she was cold. What kind of country did she come from to be dressed so lightly? He reached up for her again and this time grabbed her by the sides. She yelped at his action as he brought her in front of his face. Immediately he pulled the reigns as his horse obeyed and stopped his tracks. Stayne could feel his eyes turn wide but he decided not to comment.

The small girl in his hand was completely naked.

Why hadn't he noticed before?

He could hit himself on the head. Alice was extremely embarrassed and wanted to cover her private parts very much. But unfortunately for her the knave held her in a good grip. His fingers held her arms pinned to her sides and with this provided him with a full view of her front.

"Please," she whimpered, "I'm embarrassed."

The knave felt his body grow warm with desire at her soft pleading voice and flushed expression. If she hadn't been such a miniature girl he would have had plans with her. Now he felt a feeling down his guts and it wasn't pleasant. Was he really going to hand this poor girl to the Red Queen?

Surely there wasn't much harm she could do. If Alice would stay this size she could never wield a sword.

He grinned as ideas began to form inside his mind.

He watched how her breast heaved every time she took a deep breath and how her hand rested near her lower region. It was obvious she wanted to cover herself but the knave couldn't get himself to give her that privilege. His body and mind agreed that he had to watch her.

And he did.

Alice felt awkward under his gaze.

'I wish he would stop gawking at me.' She thought to herself. But she also knew about wishful thinking and sighed in defeat. Finally Stayne stirred and Alice looked up at him with anticipation. But instead of changing his grip on her he reached out a gloved finger and traced it past her body. She winced at the rough and cold feel of his gloved finger brushing past her bare skin. She felt how his fingertip pressed past her breasts and slid down her belly and between her legs. She let out a surprised gasp.

Stayne's mind was occupied by thoughts that could hardly be described as appropriate.

'How odd,' he mused, 'that this tiny girl seems so harmless and vulnerable.' He brought her up closer to his eye to study her more carefully and she squeaked again. "Stop it, please!"

He made a low rumbling sound at the back of his throat before placing her back on his shoulder again, his finger twirling into a lock of hair and offering it to her as he did so. She gratefully took it from him and covered herself up.

Until they've reached the castle it would do.

~* ~