Lily's Plan

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 1

Lily Marie Potter née Evans had a bad feeling about her former headmaster. She knew that he was a very powerful wizard, but he seemed to take an unhealthy interest in her son. This bothered her and she told her husband James about this and James promised to be extra careful around the old man. Lily also started planning for every scenario she could think of, but when she heard the prophecy she told James that they needed to be prepared for whatever the old man had in store. Lily and James made a sure their wills were iron clad and that Dumbledore couldn't find any loop holes in it to exploit. What James didn't know was that Lily feared that it wouldn't be enough and began to work on creating spells that could help her escape along with little Harry. She didn't think James would be with them and that didn't bode well with her.

The night of Halloween came and Lily heard the door explode then she heard James yelled at her to take Harry and run, she did and ended up in the nursery.

"Give up the baby Mudblood" Voldemort said.

"No!" Lily said defiantly.

Voldemort raised his wand to execute the deadly curse, but Lily was ready and with complex wand movements and an incantation never heard of before she and Harry disappeared as a green light hit both of them.

When Lily came to she found she was in a park, she looked around and found Harry by her crying. When she picked him up she found Harry had a lightning bolt-shaped cut on his forehead. Lily thought that was a side effect from being hit by the killing curse though she wasn't sure. She now had to get to Gringotts and set the next phase of her quickly made up plan in motion.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore was furious because he told Hagrid to bring Harry to his aunt's where he was waiting, but when he found out that Harry wasn't there and with an outward appearance of calm he questioned his friend with no avail. Voldemort was gone, but so was Harry. This didn't make any sense, as it didn't follow the prophecy. He needed Harry under his control so he could guide the boy. Dumbledore sighed and left to head to Gringotts to assert some power over the Potter vault. When he got there he was stonewalled at every turn and not even him throwing around his title as Head of the Wizengamot worked. Someone got to the goblins first and that didn't bode well for the leader of light. So he left the bank in a huff without a clue on what to do.

/Scene Break/

Lily had a smug smile on her face as she thought of the look on Dumbledore's face when tried to access the Potter vaults and found he couldn't. She now was in a hotel room with Harry figuring out her next move. She knew she had to stay away from the wizarding world until Harry was eleven then there was no way to stop it. She did have a Potter elf grab several books she thought might help herself and Harry in the future, but other than that she cut her ties with the wizarding world for now.

/Scene Break/

Years passed and Lily settled down in a nice neighborhood she went by her maiden name of Lily Evans and even had told Harry that his last name was Evans so he wouldn't be recognized, plus she went to a doctor to conceal his scar for more protection.

Harry grew up very well and had plenty of friends, but he became more of a studious student at school because his mom made him do his homework before playing. His best friend was his next-door neighbor Hermione Granger. Harry and Hermione did everything together. When there was a class project that required partner Harry and Hermione always picked one another. Lily and Hermione's parents, Dan and Emma, got along great and loved watching their children play. Lily never remarried as she still grieved for James and knew she could never love another man.

During those years Lily also taught Harry magic, more so mind magic like Occlumency and Legilimency. She taught Harry the principles of Legilimency since he didn't have a wand to use. Harry then began teaching Hermione Occlumency, because whatever he had he'd always share with his best friend and vice versa. Lily guessed that Harry would have the strongest mental shields ever when he entered Hogwarts. But an interesting thing happened one day that she never expected. Hermione was over playing with Harry when it happened.

"Harry, give it back!" Hermione shouted.

"You have to catch me first," Harry taunted good-naturedly.

Hermione huff playfully and chased after Harry, who had stolen the book she was reading.

"Harry, I want my book back," Hermione demanded.

"What's the magic words," Harry teased.

Hermione who was tired from running around held out her hand and willed the book to return to her hand and with an unseen force Harry was dragged toward Hermione as the book, which was in Harry's hands, appeared to fly at her. Lily watched this with shock.

Hermione's a witch Lily thought.

Lily left to make a call knowing that this will change many things.

When finally the book was in her hands again Hermione smiled triumphantly.

"Thank you" she said politely.

Harry was confused to what just happened.

"Harry, Hermione could you come in here for a moment?" Lily called.

Harry and Hermione walked in both wondering what was wrong. When they got there they found Dan and Emma also there just as curious as them.

"Good, you're all here, well I first have a few questions to ask you both" Lily said to Dan and Emma.

"What kind of questions?" Emma asked.

"Has Hermione ever done something that couldn't explain when she was really happy or really sad?" Lily asked.

Emma and Dan looked at one another.

"Why do you ask?" Dan said curiously.

"Because I think I have an explanation for it," Lily said.

"Well, once I caught her reading one our medical books and Dan told her it was too advanced for her and took it from her and put it on the top shelf away from her, but a couple minutes later we found her reading it again. And when we asked how she got the book she just said she just wanted it and it came to her" Emma said.

"Another time we had some cookies high on top of the fridge to keep out of Hermione's reach. We heard a crash and found the jar that contained the cookies broken on the floor and Hermione enjoying a cookie" Dan said.

Lily smiled, as this was reminiscent of what happened when she was Hermione's age.

"Dan, Emma, what I am about to tell you will sound very strange, and Hermione, don't take what I say the wrong way, but you're a witch" Lily said.

"You've got to be joking Lily, Hermione can't be a witch" Dan said.

Lily shook her head.

"No, I am not, in fact I am also a witch" Lily said as she drew her wand.

"But witches have warts and eat children" Hermione blurted out.

Lily chuckled.

"That's only a fairytale dear, most witches don't do that, though I think a few do" Lily said as she thought about it.

"Harry, did you know this?" Hermione asked turning to her best friend.

Harry nodded.

"You didn't tell me!" Hermione shouted hitting her friend in the arm.

"Mom made me promise not to tell anyone," Harry said rubbing his arm.

"Don't be mad at Harry, Hermione. We had to keep this quiet for a reason" Lily said.

"What reason?" Emma inquired.

Lily sighed and began her tale. She told them what the wizarding world was like and how they put their heroes on a pedestal and their villains were worse than normal. She then told them about the war with Voldemort and how it felt like the end of the world was soon to be. Then she told of Harry and how a certain headmaster was very interested in him and all of her suspicions to it. She then told them her escape and how she and Harry came to live here. She didn't tell them the prophecy as she didn't feel the need to frighten them. Nor she didn't think it was the right time to tell Harry.

"But this Voldie thingy is dead, you said he was" Dan said.

Lily shook her head.

"No, he isn't. I read that they couldn't find a trace of him and I think. No, I know he did horrible magic to himself to try to make himself immortal" Lily said.

"You can do that?" Emma asked with disbelief.

Lily shook her head, "no, there is no magical way to live forever and what Voldemort did was only prolong his life by using evil methods that should never ever be attempted."

Dan and Emma seemed to understand this.

"So you're hiding from this Dumbles guy because he's has an interest in Harry and you don't like it" Emma said.

"Yes" Lily said with a nod.

"But what does this have to do with Hermione?" Dan asked.

Lily then went to explain what Hermione was. Hermione was a muggle-born, which meant she was a witch even though both of her parents weren't. Voldemort wanted to eradicate all muggle-borns as he saw them as filth. She then explained how bigotry was still big in the wizarding world and that was a big cause of the war.

"Well she not going to any wizard school" Dan said firmly.

"That's not possible Dan, if Hermione doesn't learn how to control her magic it can explode and cause huge damage. So she has to go to a wizarding school to learn how to control her magic and become a full-fledged witch," Lily said.

Dan wasn't happy at all with this as he saw it as his role of Hermione's father to protect from anything in the world could dish out, even though he knew he couldn't.

"But then what can we do?" Emma asked.

"Well, we have a head start as Harry has taught Hermione Occlumency, that is a way to protect your mind from people" Lily said as she got perplexed looks from the Grangers.

Lily then went into detail on what she'd teach Harry and Hermione, she'd teach them basic magic and potions. She couldn't have them do magic right a way since that meant they'd have to get their wands and she wanted to avoid the wizarding world for now. She also told them that she'd have them read up on spells they might encounter and give them magical history lessons so they be prepared when they entered.

Hermione was bouncing up and down with excitement at the thought of all the new things she was going to learn. While Harry rolled his eyes as she watched his best friend.

/Scene Break/

More years went by and Harry and Hermione were quite skilled at magic even though they never cast a single spell, not to mention they had a very good grasp on what the wizarding society was like with the help of Lily getting books by use of a house elf from Diagon Alley or going to the Potter library. She taught the children to give all sentient beings their respect and not to judge them. She also taught them about the pureblood ways since Harry was the last of the Potter line.

One day Lily had an idea, but didn't know if she could talk the Grangers into it, but she had to try. She knew that Dumbledore would use every method possible to control Harry and she remembered that the Weasleys were very much a part of Dumbledore's inner circle and that Molly Weasley had big plans for her daughter and Harry. She overheard a snippet of this one night and filed it away. But now she might have a possible way to counter it.

"I have come to ask you for a favor" Lily said as she sat down in the Granger living room.

"What is it Lily?" Emma asked as she watched her friend twitch nervously.

"Well, I was wondering if you two would sign a betrothal contract between Harry and Hermione" Lily said.


Lily cringed at the sound.

"Why the bloody hell would we sign something like that?" Dan asked when he had his temper under control.

"It is to protect Harry from Dumbledore and it gives Hermione protection as well," Lily said.

"Please explain" Emma said wanting to know the logic of her friend's madness.

Lily then explain of Molly Weasley and how she feared the red haired woman would do something to get Harry with her daughter and that she didn't want that to happen since Molly was tight with Dumbledore and that would give the old man influence over Harry.

"But where does this protection for Hermione come in?" Emma asked.

"Well, if Hermione is betrothed to Harry then that means no harm can come to her or it would be an attack on the Noble and Ancient House of Potter, and Hermione will need that since she's not only a muggle-born, but very smart and will be ridiculed by her peers" Lily said as she remembered her experiences.

Emma knew Lily very well and could tell Lily was lost in her memories that gave time for her and Dan to discuss things.

"I think we should do it Dan" Emma said turning to her husband.

"But Emma dear, she only ten she's not old enough for this" Dan said not liking to lose his baby so soon.

"Actually, most wizarding families set betrothals up very soon after their child is born" Lily said coming out of her memories.

Dan was torn as he saw the benefits of the betrothal, but didn't want to give up his little girl so soon.

"Hermione will still be you little girl, she's just going to be betrothed to Harry that's all" Lily said trying to help things.

"Alright, what do we have to do?" Dan asked with a sigh.

Lily smiled in relief and pulled out an old shoe.

"There are the Potter betrothal contracts, my account manager has them and is waiting for us. We first need to grab Harry and Hermione" Lily said.

Once they gather the two kids and Lily told everyone to hold on she tapped the old shoe with her wand they then all felt a hook snag their bellybutton and felt like they were caught in a vortex. When they landed they were in a very nice ornate office.

"Greeting Mrs. Potter, it is good to see you again," a strange creature said.

"Hello Griphook, it is good to see you too, I'd like you to meet my son Harry and this is Hermione Granger, his soon to be betrothed and her parents" Lily said.

"Oh my, you're a goblin" Hermione squeaked.

Griphook bowed.

"That I am Miss Granger."

"Mom, why did you call Hermione my soon to be betrothed?" Harry asked curiously.

Lily sighed then explained the situation to her son and Hermione.

"There's no way I'm letting anyone get Harry" Hermione said defiantly as she took ahold of Harry's arm.

Lily smiled, "I knew I made the right choice."

Griphook watched the whole thing and muttered something in gobbledygook.

"Excuse me for a moment I need to see to something first" Griphook said.

They nodded and the goblin left. When he came back he was accompanied with another goblin that just from first glance was one who demanded respect.

"Mrs. Potter, it is good to see you, I am Ragnok, Director of Gringotts" the regal looking goblin said.

Lily's eyes widen.

"It's nice to meet you Director Ragnok, this is my son Harry, this is Hermione, and these are her parents" Lily said making the introductions.

"Now, I understand you want a betrothal between your son and this girl?" Ragnok asked.

Lily nodded.

"And you're compliant with this?" Ragnok asked turning to the Grangers.

The Grangers nodded.

"Good, let's begin" Ragnok said as he sat down at the desk.

The group sat down in the provided seats.

"Now, here is the Potter betrothal contract," Ragnok said as he handed a piece of parchment to the adults.

"Is there a way to make sure that there is no way Dumbledore can't void this?" Lily asked.

Ragnok nodded.

"Yes, by Harry accepting the Potter family ring" Ragnok said.

Lily bit her lip, she knew what that meant and she was worried of tipping her hand so soon.

"Is there any other way?" Lily asked.

"No, there isn't" Ragnok said shaking her head.

"Can I discuss this with Harry first?" Lily asked.

Ragnok nodded.

Lily then explained what being Lord Potter was and what it meant. It basically meant he would become an adult in the wizarding world. Though he'd be unable to take his seat in wizarding government til he was of age. Harry would have the power of the house of Potter and Dumbledore couldn't do anything to Harry or it might be construed as an attack on the Potter house, which would be very bad for him.

"So being Lord Potter would protect me from Dumbledore" Harry said.

"Yes, but you have to think about this hard since this will make you a legal adult in the wizarding world" Lily said.

Harry turned to his best friend for her advice.

"What do you think Mione?" Harry asked knowing she'd never steer him wrong.

"Well it has it advantages and mean we could be betrothed and Dumbledore couldn't do a thing since you'd considered an adult, but on the other hand you'd have to take charge all the Potter businesses" Hermione said.

Harry nodded.

"I'll do it mom, if it means that I can protect Hermione then I'll do it" Harry said.

Lily nodded.

"Ragnok, Harry will need the Potter family ring," Lily said.

Ragnok nodded and had Griphook get the ring from the Potter vault when he returned Griphook gave Harry the box. Harry opened the box to find the Potter family ring, it had a Griffin on it with two crossed wands.

"Mr. Potter, please put the ring on," Ragnok said.

Harry did and the ring resized to fit him.

"Good, now Hermione and I can get betrothed" Harry said.

"Mr. Potter, you're first order of business you need to take care off al the open marriage contracts you have" Ragnok said.

"Marriage contracts" Emma said shocked.

"Yes, many families have offered their daughters to Mr. Potter" Ragnok said handing the group a stack of parchment.

The group looked through each one and vetoed each one, when they got to the Weasley one Lily was livid even if she had a feeling about their plan.

"Harry, are you sure you want to be betrothed to me when you could have any other girl?" Hermione asked as she looked at all the betrothal contracts.

"Of course I want you, you're the only girl I want" Harry said in an obvious tone.

Hermione jumped into Harry's lap and kissed Harry on the lips. Dan couldn't believe that his daughter would do such a thing, especially in public. Emma smiled and knew that Harry was just right for her daughter. Lily smiled as Harry reminded her of James at times and this was one of the times. Dan and Emma signed the betrothal contract Harry signed as did Lily being the witness. Harry then sealed it with his ring signifying that the Potters accepted the contract. The contract then with a flash went in the records.

This negated all other contracts out there since this was an official Potter one, and none of the others were. Potter one trumps all others made.

Just then a ring appeared on Hermione's ring finger on her left hand.

"Now that is done with I'd like to congratulate both of you, Lord and Lady Gryffindor" Ragnok said.

"What did you say?" Lily said shocked.

"Lord and Lady Gryffindor, were you not aware of your husband's lineage?" Ragnok asked.

Lily shook her head.

Ragnok then handed Lily the Potter family history book, which was full of everything about the Potters and their ancestors.

"This book has everything you need to know, it is self-updating also to keep track of the Potter line," Ragnok said.

After that the group went through all of the Potter business stuff and gave Harry a portfolio full of his financial papers.

"We'll look over it in more detail when we get home" Lily said.

Harry nodded.

With that they took a portkey back to the Granger house.

"Why didn't you tell me about the Gryffindor thing?" Dan shouted.

Lily stood her ground.

"I didn't even know about until today, and if I knew about it I would never have suggested a betrothal between Harry and Hermione" Lily said keeping calm.

Dan was fuming though.

"Dad, we made a choice and there is no way to back out of it" Hermione said firmly.

Dan wanted to say something, but Hermione stood firm and looked ready for an argument. He knew his daughter and she was very bright and that meant she was prepared to counter all of his points. This deflated him somewhat.

"Dad, I may be married, but that doesn't mean I won't still be your daughter" Hermione said hugging Dan.

Dan hugged his daughter back.

"Mr. Granger, I will protect Hermione with my life, I promise" Harry said with as much conviction a kid could have.

Dan looked into the boy's eyes and knew Harry meant it.

Lily also saw this and knew that was James coming through at this moment, James was known to keep his promises.

/Scene Break/

Later on they looked over Harry's financial portfolio and found that Dumbledore has been trying to get into the Potter vaults many times, but was denied. But what really made them mad was that money was given out to the Weasleys. Certain Weasleys to be exact.

"Who are Ron and Ginny Weasley?" Harry asked.

"They are Molly's children and how they got access to the vault we have to find out" Lily through clenched teeth.

"They stole my Harry's money, they'll pay" Hermione said fuming.

Dan and Emma never saw their daughter like this and to be frank, they were sort of scared.

"Yes we need to contact Griphook and tell him that all money transfers will be stopped and all money return with interest" Lily said.

Harry nodded in agreement.

/Scene Break/

On Harry's eleventh birthday Harry got his letter to Hogwarts and that made them plan on how to get to Diagon Alley without being swarmed. Lily decided it wasn't too dangerous since Harry's scar was hidden thanks to surgery.

"Come on, we're close to the Leaky Cauldron" Lily said.

"I still don't see it" Dan grumbled.

"Because wizards hid it from Muggles" Lily said.

Lily didn't need to explain since the Grangers knew about the witch trials.

They first went to Gringotts to get some business done.

"Hello Griphook" Harry greeted bowing to the goblin.

"Greeting Lord Gryffindor, how may I help you?" Griphook asked bowing also.

"Could we talk in your office" Harry suggested.

When they were all in Griphook's office they went straight to business.

"Griphook, I'd like you to stop all payments for the Weasleys and they have to pay back all the money plus interest" Harry said, he was coached by Lily on goblin decorum and how what to say.

"Very well, it shall be done" Griphook said jotting something on a piece of parchment.

"And we'd like to get money from our vault" Hermione said shyly.

Hermione was still nervous about the whole thing, not marrying Harry, she accepted that. It was the whole money thing and the fact that it also now belonged to her too.

After Gringotts the spending began. First they went to Madam Malkin's for robes, both school and formal as they now were a Lord and Lady. Their next stop was to get their potion supplies then they went to Flourish and Blotts where they got their books. They had to drag Hermione out of that store since she wanted every book there. Lily suggested to them to get an owl so then can send letters back and forth. Harry picked out a snowy white owl that he fell in love with. Their last stop was getting their wands.

"Greetings Lord and Lady Gryffindor" Ollivander said.

"But how did you know?" Hermione asked shocked.

"I know many things Lady Gryffindor, but we can discuss that another time as you're both here for a wand" Ollivander said he then looked at Lily and smiled, "it's been a while Mrs. Potter, but I'm glad to see you alive."

Lily smiled. She always liked Ollivander even though he seemed odd.

He then measured both Harry and Hermione in every way possible.

"Now, lets get started" Ollivander said clapping his hands together.

Wand after wand the couple went through with no results as far the wand maker could see.

"Tricky customers we have" Ollivander said with a sparkle in his eyes.

That's until Ollivander pulled out two wands from the same box.

"These wands were made a mated couple of Griffins, very rare magical core indeed," Ollivander said.

Both Harry and Hermione each felt a surge of warmth through them as sparks sprung form their wands.

"Excellent" Ollivander said thrilled

/Scene Break/

For the rest of the summer Harry and Hermione read their books, but found that they knew most of the material from their lesson with Lily. But they still read and even performed some simple spells successfully. Lily was amazed at the control they had at their age. She cautioned them to be careful and not to show off too much of their skills. She wanted them to be under the radar while under Dumbledore's gaze.

End of chapter

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