Lily's Plan

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 42: In With the New & Out With the Toad

The group boarded the train well rested and ready to get things rolling. In the compartment they sealed it so they could get down to business. They needed a game plan for what to do and when to.

"Okay, so we're agreed that we won't do anything today, but wait for tomorrow at dinner when we have a great audience" Susan said.

The others nodded.

"Don't forget the founders, I am sure they've got their own ideas they'd want to implement" Daphne said.

"Yeah, they might have things they'd want changed too" Neville said.

So the rest of the train ride the group sat and chatted about what they were going to do and plans the founders might have. When they got to Hogsmeade station they took the carriages up to the castle. The feast was nice though nothing exciting happened. Soon the whole group was in the common room.

"Hello to you all, I hope you had a restful break?" Helga asked.

"Yes we did Helga, but now we're ready to get things started" Hermione said.

"Great, lets get started" Godric said.

The group and the founders discussed their many plans and tried to boil them down to just a few. They worked throughout the night.

/Scene Break/

The new term had started and no one of the group acted like it was any different. They laid low til it was time. The toad seemed more smug than before as she waddled down the corridors like she owned the place. According to Adrian's sources in the Ministry that Fudge and Umbridge had plot all winter break about pulling Hogwarts deeper into Ministry control. This wasn't sitting well with the Founders since this school was never supposed to be under any government control.

Hogwarts was its own sovereign realm. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade as well as the surrounding lands didn't belong to the Ministry at all, but to Hogwarts, the Founders and their chosen heirs.

/Scene Break/

"Guys, take a look at this" Neville said.

The others looked and was what Neville was holding. It was a new rule formed by the High Inquisitor. Basically declaring Umbridge had the power to fire any of the staff.

"Okay that's it. She's going down" Harry said.

He knew why this rule was in place. They were going to get rid of his mom and put in a Ministry approved potion teacher.

The others agreed.

"We do it tonight" Harry said.

"During dinner?" Susan asked.

"Yup, we just need to make sure everyone is there for it" Harry said.

"Never fear, Hogwarts will provide" Luna said.

No one in the group questioned this at all.

/Scene Break/

That dinner all the students were there accounted for. It wasn't a rare sight at all, but tonight would be something no one in Hogwarts would ever forget. It seemed just as soon as most of the meal was ending a sharp sound was heard and it made everyone in the hall turn their heads. There in the front of the hall behind the teacher's table a huge portrait appeared. In the portrait was four figures that needed no intro really. Everyone in the hall knew who they were even if they never saw a picture of them. They just knew. They knew before them was the Founders of Hogwarts.

"Students and Staff of Hogwarts, we the Founders have awaken and found our great school in dire straights" Helga said.

There was complete in the hall.

"We have come to see that things righted and wrongs punished" Salazar said.

"For far too long Hogwarts has become a cesspool to dogmas that should've died out long ago" Rowena said.

"So we have decided and appointed one who we know will bring this school we founded so long ago back to the light" Godric said.

Questions floated about, but no voices were heard throughout the hall. It was the loudest silence in the hall.

"Our Chosen One is Lord Harry Potter" Godric said.

Eyes turned to Harry, who stood up and walked forward. He was trained and knew this was going to happen. Besides, he was used to the stares so they didn't bother him at all.

"What rubbish is this. Potter five hundred points off and detention with me for the rest of the year for this farce" Umbridge bellowed.

"Silence you foul amphibian. You have no place here" Rowena said glaring at the toad.

"I am the Undersecretary for the Minister of Magic" Umbridge began.

"That has no power here. Hogwarts is its own realm. We are under no control from the Ministry" Helga said.

"See here, I am the High Inquisitor and-"

"Again that has no meaning since there has and never has been the position of High Inquisitor ever in the history of Hogwarts" Salazar said.

Umbridge was quite steamed and her face was totally red as her chins wobbled.

"You toad have no place here, so leave now" Godric said in a thunderous voice.

"I am the Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. I am here to correct all the wrongs that have been taking place in this school and to keep it to Ministry standards!" Umbridge screamed.

"You mean to dilute our fine institution with your teaching to create sub-standard witches and wizards. Yes, we've seen your teachings and you are willingly teaching the next generation to lay down and die without a fight" Salazar said.

"It's all of his fault. That egoistical brat has been causing all the trouble" Umbridge said pointing her finger at Harry.

Harry had been remained quiet through this all as he saw the Founders ripped into the toad. He wonder how long they wanted to do this. The founders were too calm and controlled to not have planned this out beforehand.

"Lord Potter has shown true mettle and honor that this age lacks. He is the most noble and powerful wizard in this school and the future of this world" Rowena said.

Harry blushed under Rowena's praise.

Umbridge was enraged and whipped out her wand and began firing dark curses at Harry. There was gasps in the hall at this.

Harry was ready for this kind of response and rolled out of the way of the dark spells and shield against the two weak stunners the toad had sent out as he finished his roll. The fight didn't last long since Umbridge never was much of a dueler to begin with. That and she wasn't very powerful at all. Perspiration was coming down her face as her face was red, full of anger. She used a lot of her magic in firing those spells.

Harry flicked his wand and bound the toad in ropes thus ending the duel.

"Hogwarts and the Founders have declared me as their Chosen One and Champion" Harry said as he raised his hand up.

The sword of Gryffindor dropped into his hand and he clanged it to the ground point down.

"My first act is to rid the castle of our amphibian problem. Madam Umbridge, your services are no longer needed in Hogwarts" Harry said.

Umbridge vanished from the floor.

"Harry, where is madam Umbridge?" Dumbledore asked fearing Harry killed the toad.

"Don't worry headmaster. She's outside the wards along with her things" Harry said.

"I see" Dumbledore said.

Harry then turned to the Founders making everyone else do the same.

"The first step of the new age of Hogwarts has been taken" Rowena said.

/Scene Break/

Thankfully that night was a Friday and that meant there was time to take things in. The whole weekend it was time to adjust. There was much talk at what they had just seen and most were not sure what it all meant.

For Harry and his group they relaxed and chatted. They remained in the Potter quarters to avoid the questions. It helped that Hogwarts provided rooms for the others for the weekend so they didn't have to leave. They had the meals there too.

"Well I think last night will go down in Hogwarts, A History" Susan commented.

"Yeah, but in what way?" Harry asked.

"Come on Harry. This is just the start and I think it'll just get better" Daphne said.

"I hope, I really have no idea what I am doing" Harry sighed.

"That's why we have us here Harry. We'll help you if you get stuck" Padma said.

"I guess" Harry said frowning.

Hermione sat by Harry and hugged Harry close.

"We can do this Harry. All of us" she said.

Harry just nodded.

"What's the word around the castle?" he asked turning to the Founders' portrait.

The Founders had two portraits. The big one in the Great Hall and the one that was in the Potter quarters.

"According to the other portraits there's much talk. Dumbledore is pacing back and forth in his office. The teachers are talking as are the students. All wondering what all of this means really" Helga said.

"I figured. I guess I'll need to let them know" Harry said.

"We can come up with a speech of some kind to help you" Hermione said.

Padma and Daphne nodded.

So the Brainy trio began to write something for Harry.

/Scene Break/

On Monday morning the group of friends finally made their appearance in the Great Hall. They sat down and began eating like it any normal Monday. Everyone in the hall was looking at the group, mostly Harry wondering what was going to happen next.

Harry sighed and got up. Hermione gave his hand one last tight squeeze trying to boost his confidence. Harry got to the podium and looked out at the students.

"Students of Hogwarts. Many of you have questions as to what the future holds. Well, I can't give you those answers since I am unsure myself. What I can promise you is that I vow to make Hogwarts the best school it can be. I'll bring in professors that know what they're teaching and will pass on their knowledge to you. But mostly this school will not change really. There will be some minor fixes, but this will still be Hogwarts that we all know and love. That will do for now. It's time for classes" Harry said then walked away from the podium.

"That was nicely done Harry. Short and concise" Padma said.

"Yeah, it also will hopefully ease the nerves of students here to know that this is still the same Hogwarts" Daphne said.

"Come on guys, we still got classes. We can't let Hogwarts' Champion be late" Neville joked.

This eased the tension in the group as the laughed and then grabbed their things and headed off to class.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore was pacing. He didn't know what to do. Harry had control of the castle, total control and the backing of the Founders. He really had no way of salvaging his plans any more and was now staring to realize he was out of the game. But this didn't sit well with the old wizard. He couldn't be out, he was the leader of light, the defeater of Grindelwald. He couldn't be just easily pushed aside like this. He needed to make a bold move, and fast before people who go around and say 'Dumbledore who?'

/Scene Break/

It didn't take long for the Ministry and it all of its inept power to try and take Hogwarts by force. It happened one lunch break.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Susan asked as she saw Harry stiffen for a moment.

"There are a battalion of aurors being led by Fudge and his little Toadstool" he said.

"Where are they?" Daphne asked.

"Just outside the wards. Hogwarts has stopped them from entering since they were deemed a threat" Harry said.

"What should we do?" Neville asked as he got his wand out.

"We should deal with this as peacefully as we can. We don't want to start a war with the Ministry" Hermione said.

"Harry, where's my aunt?" Susan asked.

"She's not there. My guess Fudge has distracted her so he could make a fool of himself. He also has the media with him" Harry said.

"This could work to our advantage" Daphne said with a grin and a calculating look in her eye.

"Lets hope" Harry said.

/Scene Break/

Harry, Hermione and their friends all headed out to Hogwarts gate to fid Fudge, the Toad, aurors and the media standing there.

"Can I help you all with something?" Harry asked politely.

"Potter, I order you to give control of Hogwarts to madam Umbridge at once" Fudge ordered in his most pompous tone.

"I am sorry Minister, but I can't do that" Harry said.

"I know you have done so sort of dark magic on the castle. He's bewitched the castle to his own dark intent" Umbridge spat.

"I have done no such thing, and I have witnesses. May I present you to the Founders of Hogwarts" Harry said.

Hermione, Luna Neville and Daphne pulled out something from their pockets and expanded them. They were the Founders' individual portraits that had been in Harry's quarters. Hermione held Rowena, Luna held Helga, Neville held Salazar and Daphne held Godric.

There was gasps and murmurs as well as the scratching of quills against parchment and the bright flashes of bulbs taking pictures of the Founders.

"This just a trick" Fudge blustered.

"I think not!"

The sorting hat appeared out of thin air and a stool appeared so the hat wouldn't hit the ground.

"Hogwarts and the Founders have declared that their Champion is Lord Harry James Potter. Magic has bound Lord Potter to the castle and there's nothing you can do about it" the hat said.

"He's bewitched the hat!" Umbridge shouted.

"Silence you insufferable toad" Salazar barked.

"Yes, you dare to accuse our Champion of such a deed. Champion Potter is nothing, but a gentle-wizard that shows more courage, loyalty and chivalrous attitude that none others in this school in the this world has" Rowena said.

Harry blushed at this.

"Enough of this. Potter return control of the castle to madam Umbridge this instant" Fudge said.

"Ah, you must be the Minister" Helga said.

"That I am. I am Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic" Fudge said puffing out his chest in a pompous manner.

"Yes, but you seem to have forgotten the old laws" Helga said.

"What do you mean?" Fudge asked totally perplexed.

"Easy. Hogwarts is not in the Ministry's jurisdiction. Hogwarts was founded ages before the Ministry was ever erected. It was decided by the first Wizarding council, which Godric was apart of, that Hogwarts would stay its own sovereign nation. Even after the creation of the Ministry, which used the charter of the first Wizarding council as its base. Hogwarts remained its own nation separate from the Ministry" Helga said.

"Meaning you have no business here. The only required help we need is from your department of education to test the students and unless Hogwarts asks for help from the Ministry" Rowena said.

Fudge was seething as he glared at Harry. He was very close to frothing at the mouth. Umbridge was livid and she wouldn't stand for the uppity half-blood trying to play pureblood Lord and everything. She pulled out her wand.

"Avada Kedavra."

There were gasps heard as the vile spell was heard. The sickly green curse streaked heading right towards Harry. That's when a phoenix intervene and swooped in and caught the curse in its mouth. The phoenix burst into the flames and a pile of ash with a baby phoenix was on the ground. Luna stepped forward and took the baby phoenix and cradled it in her hands.

"Aurors, arrest that woman. She tried to kill Lord Potter" Daphne said.

The aurors were hesitant, but then heard a booming voice that really got them going.

"You heard Miss Greengrass, arrest madam Umbridge for casting an Unforgivable at a head of an Ancient and Noble house."

Amelia appeared on the scene and she downright angry. Not even a hundred raging bulls would match her mood. Susan could tell that her aunt was most likely the angriest she had ever seen her.

"Cornelius you idiotic buffoon. How dare you use my aurors for your own personal vendetta" Amelia raged.

The aurors all cowered at their boss' anger. They had seen their boss anger before, but never like this.

"Amelia, now is not the time or place" Fudge said trying to put on a brave face, but inside he was scared shitless being confront with a pissed of Amelia Bones.

"I beg to differ since you've decided to make this into a public event" Amelia said gesturing with her hand to all the media coverage.

"Madam Bones, it's great to see a voice of reason here" Harry said.

"Lord Potter" Amelia said nodding to Harry with respect.

Pictures and quills scratching on parchment were going on nonstop copying down everything little thing. The reporter from the Wizarding Wireless was doing the play-by-play like an excited sports fan. This was so much better than they expected it to be.

"Aurors, I believe you have a job to do. Arrest madam Umbridge for casting an Unforgivable at a head of an Ancient and Noble house" Amelia barked.

Two aurors snapped on magic binding bracelets onto Umbridge as well as confiscating her wand.

"Now Amelia, this is being rather rash" Cornelius said.

"Rash Cornelius, you just saw one of your cabinet try to kill Lord Potter? And you call that rash. You do realize that this crime is punishable by death" Amelia said.

"Now see here, Delores was provoked into attacking Potter" Cornelius blustered.

"Not from where I was standing. And LORD Potter wasn't doing anything of the sort" Amelia said.

"I am glad that someone in the Ministry has their head on straight" Rowena said.

"Yes, and she was from my house too" Helga said.

"Madam Bones, I believe you know the laws here and know that the Ministry has no power over Hogwarts" Godric said.

"I do" Amelia said with a nod.

"Then can you kindly remove your aurors since it is looking like the Ministry is trying to make siege to an educational institution that has really no way of defending itself" Godric said.

Amelia nodded and barked out orders and her aurors all jumped and began to obey them like whipped puppies. Soon the aurors were gone with Umbridge leaving just the reporters, Fudge, Amelia, the Founders and Harry and his friends.

"Now that is taken care with. I believe we can solve all of this in a mature and rational manner" Rowena said.

"I quite agree Rowena, of course away from the prying eyes and ears of the circling buzzards" Helga said.

There were grumbles from the media about being called buzzards.

"Now Minister, shall we have this discussion in a civil manner like adults or do you plan on smearing the good names of the Founders like you did me?" Harry asked.

Fudge didn't look like he wanted to do this behind closed doors since his plan, well, Umbridge's plan was to slander Harry even more than they've already done, but that plan went out the window and now he was holding his green bowler hat in his hands wringing the brim ever so slightly, unsure how to proceed.

"That sound like a great idea" Amelia said as she led/dragged Fudge behind following everyone else to the castle leaving the vultures, I mean the media outside the gates.

End of Chapter

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