I love making references in my fanfics so if you watch Friends or Twilight, then you'll find a parody of it in this chapter. ^^ Enjoy~! Reviews appreciated~! By the way, this chapter is set when Elliot and JD are in a relationship. (I'm a Friends fan, but my friend asked me to make a Twilight reference since she's obsessed over it +_+)

Note: Janitor has had a crush on Elliot for some time. XD

Actually, this chapter is pure randomness so you might not like it. XD I just did it while doing biology coursework. (Y)

Perry_cox has logged on.

Perry_cox: Huh, newbie's not online. Perfect.

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Unicornz4lyf: *sneak hug*!!!! :3 Hai hai~!!

Perry_cox: Oh dear lord, no…. newbie, how the hell did you know I was online, even though you're offline? It kills me to say this but I must, repeat, must know. And this isn't out of the blue, but are you just too dumb to spell 'hi' correctly?!

Unicornz4lyf: I appeared offline~! ^^ tee hee~!

Perry_cox: Can you stop with the girly talk?! Jeez, you even talk like that online??

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Control_freak_not: OMG Hi guys~!!! ;D xx

Perry_cox: Well, I guess it's obvious now that God hates me…

Unicornz4lyf: Elliot, stop hogging my laptop!! D:

Control_freak_not: go back to bed, u!

Perry_cox: I don't even want to know what you two are doing…

Lord_of_janitors has logged on.

Lord_of_janitors: Dorian, some guy, Blonde doctor… blonde ..doctor….

Perry_cox: Some guy, huh? Some talk for a lousy janitor. I mean seriously, what use are you? You don't even mop the floors, you actually make it dirtier. Heck, you've never done any work in this dump for your whole life..! So, 'some guy'? Well, just so you know, I, some guy, save lives, so who are you to talk?

Unicornz4lyf: surprisingly, that was probably the shortest rant you've ever spoken :O

Control_freak_not: Hi, janitor~! :3 xx

Lord_of_janitors: oh lord… no.. not the kisses.. I beg u.. NOOOOOOO!!!

Lord_of_janitors has logged off.

Unicornz4lyf: O_o….

Chocolate_bear has logged on.

Chocolate_bear: Yo, VB! Wassup??

Perry_cox: You know, being me, I'd probably not be in this ridiculous conversation but Jordan had a failed liposuction and well, she looks horrific. Not like she never did before, but now she's as skinny as a stick.. Like Barbie..!

Control_freak_not: D: excuse me???

Unicornz4lyf: hey Turk! I'm watching a movie :3

Chocolate_bear: Twilight?

Unicornz4lyf: TWIIIIIIILIGHT~!!! 3 :DDD

Perry_cox: Oh dear God, no… that ridiculous corny vampire movie that Jordan watches on repeat day in and day out? I mean, it's absolutely crap, what with the stupid girl who risks her whole life for some charming glitter boy and that golden retriever who's just obsessed with her? And the worst part is, the guys both look crap and the girl's just some emo-obsessed student who just throws away everything for a bloodthirsty vampire. Teenagers are so dumb..

Unicornz4lyf: but Edward's hawt!! D: 3

Control_freak_not: JD!!

Unicornz4lyf: well he is ¬¬ and FYI Jacob's a werewolf :/

Perry_cox: Oh no, the annoying text talk…

Chocolate_bear: oh I'm watching Friends, y'know the show kind of reflects our lives, even though it's just a TV show. Like Rachel and Ross kind of reflect JD and Elliot, with JD being Ross and Elliot being Rachel. Not like the characters r real or anything.

Perry_cox: I don't know why, but I felt like there was a slight irony to that…

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Monica_geller: wait.. What r we doing here?

Chandler_funny_guy: Ikr! Can this be any weirder?

Monica_geller has logged off.

Chandler_funny_guy has logged off.

Perry_cox: …Did that just actually happen?

Unicornz4lyf: ……….

Chocolate_bear: ……….

Unicornz4lyf: well.. Mr peep is getting pretty tired so I guess I'm out~. ^^ Bye everyone~!

Chocolate_bear: The Todd would SO love this conversation… see you, VB.

Control_freak_not: JD!! Don't sleep yet!! D: we're not even done yet!!

Chocolate_bear: yup, he'd love this conversation so much, he'd probably make love to it..

Perry_cox: Oh come on, that guy would make love to anything.

Unicornz4lyf: bye guys~! By the way, Dr Cox , I'll be watching you~ ;3

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Perry_cox: Huh… peace.. Finally..

Chocolate_bear: oh yeah, by the way, Dr Cox… Carla and I r kinda in a bad situation right now and I was hoping if you'd give me some advice and well..

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Chocolate_bear: ;D Hah, worked like a charm~.

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Chocolate_bear: Heyyyy, babyyyy ;)

(Perry_cox is appearing offline.)