Percy P.O.V.

When I woke up Annabeth and Hermione were awake cooking breakfast. Annabeth was talking about architecture. I smiled typical Annabeth. But then I noticed Hermione was listening intently. That was a little odd. I smelled omelets and asked Annabeth where she got the ingredients.

"Well Hermione summoned eggs from the Hogwarts kitchens and multiplied the fish she brought by 1000 so now we have all the fish we will ever want" Annabeth said

I groaned inwardly 'cause I hate fish. But since Annabeth figured it was okay I guess it was.

Soon Ron and Grover woke up. Harry was still asleep. Maybe wizard dream were as bad as Demigod dreams. He woke up clutching his scar.

"Weird" I thought but soon forgot it under the terrible taste of fish omelets.

Harry and me decided we should start with the least fun exercise first. We would be practicing how to resist torture.

He got out his wand. I went first.


As soon as the words left his lips I felt terrible pain. It was so agonizing I found myself wishing to die. But then it was over. Harry said I went about ten minutes before I showed signs of becoming insane.

I found myself envying Ron who could go a full half an hour. But poor Grover only went two minutes. Annabeth and Hermione tied at eight minutes each.

Hermione did it to Harry, who could go a two hours before showing the signs of insanity.

Since that was so emotionally and physically taxing we decided to stop for the day and instead watched as Hermione and Annabeth went head to head in the trivial pursuit game Ron conjured.

They played five rounds before they decided it could only end in a draw. But I think if they played one more round Annabeth would have won.

It was time for bed. My last thought before sleep was that I hoped we would have a different breakfast tomorrow.