This is my first Larten/Arra Fic so please be kind!

When I crawl into my coffin each and every night,

I remember you and how you suffered an awful plight.

I dwell on it for hours, shedding tears until the dim fade of the daylight

Of how you battled so bravely in your final bloody fight.

I miss you, my dearest Arra,

I will never forget you.

Your near-flawless personality, the sparkling in your gorgeous eyes,

And how our love was true.

I remember when I first saw you and how quickly

I fell.

My love for you was apparent,

For anyone could tell.

You pulled me from the darkest depths,

My life no longer was a living hell.

When I left the mountain, all those years ago,

It was only for the best.

I longed to explore the world

And see the rest.

I missed you every day when I was gone.

Those lonely days I did not wish to prolong.

I returned to see you again,

For your love again I did yearn

I miss you now more than anything.

I long to see you once more.

I will someday, I know it.

In Paradise our souls will meet.

I love you, my dearest Arra.

The one who fought and was triumphant.

Even in Death.


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