For the record, Axel is a meanie-head jerk-off.

This morning I awoke to the pleasures of the floor in all of its cold and hard glory under my head. I'm not quite sure how I ended up like this, but I did and this I know for certain! Let me tell you, waking up on the floor instead of in the comforts of a warm, soft, snuggle-able blanket isn't very nice. My bottom half was sprawled messily atop the bed while my top half was draped off of the mattress and onto the floor. Axel's stinky sock was next to my nose, as well, might I add. I whimpered and sniffled to show my disagreement with the situation.

I have to admit, I'm not exactly the most masculine guy around. I'm not very intimidating either. But, I am a decent fighter, if I say so myself.

I clasped the sheets hugging the mattress desperately with my fingers, attempting to pull myself up. I got half way there, then fell back, squealing as I did. The 'thud' sound made when my head made contact with the floor seemed to echo throughout the room. My eyes widened and I became silent for about three seconds then I moaned out an agonized "Owwwww.", my eyes even watering a bit.

Now determined to get out of the mess , I flailed around violently, my legs tangled up in the comforters and my body twisted into angles it shouldn't be. I managed to get my legs off the bed and I laid there limp on the tiled ground, half of the material once on the bed, now on the floor around me.

The chilly temperature beneath me made its way through the thin layer of clothing I was wearing and within a matter of moments, I had started getting goose bumps. I bit my bottom lip anxiously while I clumsily got myself on two feet. That's when I saw him.

Axel stood there in the doorway, fully clothed, and grinning like a fox, obviously having seen the previous scene. When he saw my facial expression of pure frustration he chuckled bemusedly. My eyebrows knotted further. "Don't laugh at meee." I demanded angrily, cheeks puffed out. He just grinned some more and rolled his eyes before saying "Breakfast time is almost over, newbie."

Food. Now if that wasn't inspirational I don't know what is. My face instantly brightened and any negative energy I felt earlier simmered out of me, replaced by an entirely excited one. I jumped up and down, partly because of the food and partly because I was freezing.

I pounced on the bag of belongings I had placed next to the water mattress like a cat and tore it open, flinging on my robe as quickly as possible over my pajamas. I ran out the door, pushing Axel slightly because he was blocking the doorway and skedaddled through the hallways, zipping up my coat as I did. Suddenly, my upper-half was yanked on from behind, my coat tightening around my neck and pulling me backward. Axel had grabbed a hold of my hood and stopped me; I was now bending over backwards as if I were playing limbo because of his grasp on my apparel.

My legs began to quaver after a few minutes passed in this position, Axel still grinning like the idiot he was, seeing how long I could manage. I whimpered again like the pathetic terd I am, my thighs seemingly on fire. My arms flailed uselessly in the air, trying to get free of his death grip. He laughed as if proud of his malicious behavior.

"Owowowowowow." I said in super speed , feeling my legs give out. I fell to the ground with another 'thud'. That was it! He was going to get it! In my childish fury, I collected the water vapor in the air into one large sphere with ease and flung it at his head from my place on the floor.

Axel's mouth made a shocked looking 'o' as the cool liquid vaulted at his face hard enough to leave it red and make a noise that would normally come from a slap. The water drenched his fiery hair, making its color slightly darker than normal. It quickly traveled from his head to his shoulders and upper body, making his robe cling to his body in an anything but subtle way considering these things were already skin tight.

My eyes dragged from his torso to his face when I realized I should probably read his expression and know what to do next. Let me tell you one thing, when Axel is angry, you can tell pretty easily. I could see the fire flickering in his emerald eyes without much thought put to it.

Within seconds I scrambled up on my feet again and jolted in a dead sprint as soon as I was. "DEMYX!" The roar of the older member boomed throughout the hallways. My pace quickened when I heard Axel's violent footsteps behind me. He was chasing me down. I was quick, though. It was as if my body was molded to be a runner, and the constant flexing of muscles came easily. I was running at speeds that pros did, and I resisted the urge to pat myself on the back.

Although I was somewhat worried about my well-being, I couldn't help but grin. Times like this reminded me of my past. With that thought my brain shut-down. At the thought of "my past", I was incapable of anything. My knees buckled and I went crashing into the floor, the high speeds that assisted me less than two seconds ago now leading to a more painful crash. None of my muscles were willing to move for me anymore. It was like being betrayed by your own limbs- the ultimate betrayal. I began to cry, at the pain of my fall, at the embarrassment I felt, and at the exhibition of disloyalty from my own body. I guess this was my defense against memories that might lead me to inspecting my previous life.

I tried defying myself and racked my brain desperately for the memories that they tried to lock away from me. As I did, though, It was like I was electrocuted on the inside. It wasn't a physical thing, it was as if my mind- my thought processes- were being sapped with high voltages of electricity. Within a matter of seconds, I just gave up, lying limp.

Axel had caught up at this point and was panicking. "Demyx, what's up? Yo, Demyx!" he shouted but I was unable to answer him and tell him I was fine. "The ceiling's up!" I had the urge to reply.

"Um…" he began stuttering. "I'll go get Lexy!" he shouted rather lamely and ran off to heaven knows where. "Great. Now I have no entertainment." I whined in my head. No longer did I hunt down the information that I knew I would be punished for. I just stayed in my other thoughts, free of harms way at the moment. I still couldn't move. Drats.

'Bored, bored, biggidy biggidy bored" I sung in my head, wishing I was able to sing aloud. I continued my ridiculous tune for a good half hour. By then, I was just about close to insanity. That's when I heard it; the sounds that meant freedom. A pair of rushed footsteps neared my destination. Surely it was Axel and this "Lexy" chick he was talking about. Maybe she was a healer or something. I really didn't care. As long as I had control again, I was happy.

A deep "Tsk" noise was heard and then I felt pressure in my arm. Psh. Pressure. If I could, I would roll my eyes at my statement. I was STABBED. Someone jutted a needle into my arm and I instantaneously reigned control over myself once more.

My eyebrows furrowed in anger and I looked up at my assaulter. There was both Axel, standing to the side looking kind of skittish, which was very surprising to say the least, as well as a large, bulky man crouched down next to me. I threw them both the most venomous, accusing glare I could muster from my place on the floor. "MURDERERS." I hollered, letting my built up anger out. "YOU'RE ALL OUT TO GET MEEE." In return, I got a punch in the face. From Axel, of course.

"I just busted my ass for a good hour, frantically trying to help you out and you call me a fucking murderer?" He screamed. Irrational anger rose up in me. I hated him so much for anything and everything. It was all Axel's fault. He was the one who made me be like this, "heartless" as Xenmas said. I needed to blame someone. Why not let that someone be Axel?

I became red in the face from my anger. "I HATE YOU! I HATE ALL OF YOU! I WANT TO BE NORMAL! I WANT TO GO BACK! I HATE YOU!" I screech, my voice high and shrill, the ever-persistent throbbing staying consistent on my cheek where I had been hit. Tears welled up in my eyes but I blinked them away, hoping no one would notice. Thankfully, they didn't.

"I see only one way to settle this." Axel said, eyes flaming again. The husky guy held up a hand in attempt to soothe Axel and cease fighting but Axel slapped his hand down. "No, Lexy. I'm going to fight. This brat needs a lesson" He said.

Truthfully, I didn't want to fight. I wasn't a fighting guy… at all. I was more of a tricks-and-music kind of guy. If that is a type. If it isn't, then I just made a new kind of guy and I'm perfectly content with admitting that. Peace and serenity made me happy for obvious reasons and I tended to crack under high pressure. In a flash, his chakram were out and lit, their glow slightly mesmerizing… slightly terrifying. I stood motionless for a good ten seconds, just staring at the dimly lit weapon. Axel growled from across the room, displaying his impatient nature.

This was when I realized that I wasn't getting out of this battle. I sighed while simultaneously summoning my beloved sitar. Naturally, I was not pleased when Axel actually laughed. I mean, full out laughed in hysterics; to the point that he had to brace himself on his knees in order for him to stay standing.

"What?" I snapped at him defensively, cradling the precious musical instrument to my chest. After a few more minutes of his hurtful snickering, he was composed once more, a sloppy grin on his face as he replied with "Going to lull me to sleep, are you? For a second I thought this was a battle. Pussy. "

I gasped, then glared at him as if he was crazy. He had no idea what my sitar and I were capable of. I figured I was just going to have to show him.I crouched into my fighting stance, bouncing my weight from one leg to the other over and over again. Axel grinned mischievously, his eyes squinting until they were merely slits of emerald. "Don't be surprised when I kick your ass. Got it memorized?" I ignored his comment completely and, instead, let my fingers dance across the strings.

The moment I hit the first note, moisture from our surroundings lifted up by our feet, creating somewhat of thick fog. Higher and higher the mist rose as more collected in it, and it was now very easily up to our chests. Within seconds, the cloud was so thick you couldn't see through it. A smile crept across my face.

My fingers were a blur and the sitar was humming as if in pleasure from being played. I hit each individual note with complete accuracy despite the fact that I was merely improvising. Serenity crossed me as I continued with my serenade. Happy enough with the amount of liquid I had gathered, I strummed the instrument , hitting each string at almost exactly the same time. In an instant, all the water formed the shape of a whip.

Getting more intense with it, My muscles jittered in anticipation at what was about to happen.

The whip fanned out into over two dozen tentacles all wriggling and waving in their smooth, alluring motions. They swayed in unison, as if dancing to the tune I was creating. I now took the water coating the sides of the wall and froze them into sharp icicles jutting out in Axel's direction if he dared lean too far left or right. I then formed a large block of ice behind him, one thick enough that it couldn't be shattered by brute strength. He was trapped.

My attention back towards my water whip, I played an off-note, purposely out of tune. The tentacles all became rigid and tense, some twitching on occasion. I played another and there was more violent shaking. I continued on and orchestrated a good fifteen measures of out-of-tune playing and they did their deed. They aggressively shot out in Axel direction, seemingly taking their disdain for the noise out on him.

However, before they had a chance, the originally still pyro threw his chakrams up in the air and had his flames engulf everything for a good thirty seconds. Once the madness stopped, I saw that all the ice I had frozen was shimmering down like rain to the floor, pooling there. The tentacles were no where to be seen.

"That was impressive and all, but I think it's time I showed you a little something." He said, taking several steps toward me until he was an insignificant foot away. He snapped his fingers together and ignited a small flame. "This," he said, nodding his head towards the fire. "Is what happens when you mix water with fire." He kicked at the ground so that the liquid at our feet splashed up. Some unfortunate droplets hit the flame and instantly evaporated, a small sizzling noise the only thing signifying this.

He gazed at me, trying to find a reaction. Mine was simple; I grabbed his hand and shoved it downwards into the pool of water. It flickered and disappeared from the moisture. A few seconds passed with us standing there in that position before I said "That all depends on the circumstances, now doesn't it?"

Axel chuckled briefly. "I suppose you're right." He said and lifting his back so that he wasn't bending over any longer. I let go of his hand and raised as well. 'Lexy' was still standing there the entire time, just staring. He must have been shocked by the random outburst. If that's not awkward, I don't know what is.

"WHY THE FUCK IS THERE WATER DRIPPING ON MY GODDAMNED HEAD?!" hollered the only female voice I'd heard since my stay.