Disclaimers: This story was written mostly to get it out of my head. Only characters I own are Mira, Jamil, Mike Draven and Maxwell. The others belongs to other people, this wasn't written for money, just to play around with ideas. The song used within this happens to be Muse's Resistance. Sorry for the punny galaxy and stuff. The brain's pretty much gone with the writing of this.

Mixed Up Realites Alantech - Swordsinger

Written by Tejina Shinsen

South Amrka, Erth, Milty Way Galaxy
Mid afternoon

The jungle around her was all too quiet as Mira Greason knelt behind the cover with the rest of her team. They were pretty sure that they were safe for the time being. Captian Jamil Andros glanced at the youngest member of the team. Mira looked as tired as he knew they all felt. Didn't help that she had pulled an all nighter the night before fixing two of the bikes, he reached over patting her shoulder.

"Mira, if you need to rest a little go ahead, we'll keep watch."

"No, I'm still good Captain. Really, it's okay." She bit back a yawn.

"Kiddo here." Michael handed her one of the protein bars from his pack. "You didn't eat breakfast so humor me. It's not perfect but might keep you going for a while."

She nodded tearing the package open. "Think we can go home soon? I don't like it here."

"It won't be safe to go back home kiddo, not while they're hunting ones with your skills." Andros sighed.

"Then leave me, I told you before that I wasn't willing to have you guys sacrifice your lives for mine Captain."

"You're the last of the Swordsingers. We're not letting them get you kiddo."

The sixteen year old frowned a little. She knew when Andros had found her that he had gotten protective over her. Didn't help that he had just lost his daughter, who had also been a songsword, he had adopted her on the spot promising to protect her from the invaders. Since then she had been an underground beacon of hope for those that were fighting against the invaders. That had been three years ago, and since then she had been traveling with them.

Biting into the bar she chewed silently listening carefully to the jungles around them. "I hear machines." She whispered softly. She bit her lip a moment. "Fuck, ten of them, already having us surrounded."

"Fuck," She glanced over to Michael. "Sir, there's another drop ship on the way, seems they know about the princess here." He moved to activate his armor. "Might be best if we get into the temple, it should cover us longer, at least until the Valks get here."

"Valkaries won't be coming we're on our own this time." Andros nodded though. "Mike, point, Mira stay on his tail, the rest of you cover them. We want her to get in, if we can hold out a while longer we should be okay."

"No, everyone scatter, please… I don't want you getting hurt because of me." She yelped as Mike grabbed her arm pulling her towards the temple ruins. "Michael, let me go damn it… I wont…" She heard the shot from behind them and a moment later there was pain in her side making her scream out.

Mike pulled her closer and used his body to cover her. "Mira?"

"Mira hide!" The order came from Jamil over the gunfire, the others were backing towards them firing into the jungle.

"I can fight…" Mike shook his head.

"No, you're too important, hide, we'll get you when we can."

She felt him hand her her bag and shove her deeper into the temple. Mira stumbled hearing a yell behind her. Draven fell back, his brother Maxwell moved to cover him. She bit her lip knowing no one had seen her get hit. Leaning against the wall she watched Mike move to cover the others so they could retreat. Mira stumbled back from the entrance knowing they'd need room. Her hand flew over the pad on her wrist, punching buttons to activate the secondary weapon she carried.

Four small round amplifiers popped from compartments in the bike portion of her armor. They flew out of the doorway into positions to act as a buffer for her team.

Closing her eyes she focused, knowing the system would need her calm and collected to work. Her side was killing her, but she ignored it for now.

" Is your secret safe tonight? And are we out of sight? "

She kept her voice low and her eyes closed doing her best to block out the pain she felt. The gunfire stopped. She could hear the alien forces hunting them ordering a fall back as she raised her voice more, the speakers amplifying it.

" Or will our world come tumbling down? "

Draven managed to pull Maxwell to the temple checking his pulse.

Jamil was next favoring his arm. She opened her eyes looking at the man who had become a father to her.

" Will they find our hiding place? Is this our last embrace? "

Now she was holding the last word, her voice trembling. They heard trees crash at the force of the small sonic booms her weapon caused. Four drones had been enough at least. Mike and Jamil leaned on either side of the door.

"Bring the drones back Mira, you don't have many to waste."

She nodded still singing. The booms got closer as they did, though there was no gunfire. Mira held out her hand, the four weapons, the size of golf balls turned off landing into it. Eyes looked up.

"You did good Mira." Jamil did turn to catch her as she stumbled. "Fuck, when did you get hit?"

"When… we ran for the temple. It's okay I'll be fine." She knew she was lying, her eyes fell on Draven, without him she probably didn't have much of a chance. Jamil pushed her towards Mike.

"Get her out of the suit and patch her up, Maxwell, how's Draven?"

Max didn't answer him. Mira let Mike lead her deeper into the ruins slipping the amps back into her pouch.

"Mike… He's… He's gone isn't he?"

"The older man didn't answer her. There were a few shots coming from the entrance. Everything happened in slow motion, Mira saw Jamil start for them, only to fall, she would have started for him if Mike hadn't shoved her back more.

She lost her footing falling back, expecting to have her back hit a wall as Mike's head exploded from a shot from the enemy's gun. Her eyes flicked up, four of them, all moving towards her. Her hand reached out when she realized she was still falling.

* * *

The world went cold for a moment, she had expected them to open fire on her. Everything went cold, extremely cold for a brief moment, then she found herself on her back looking up at a ceiling that seemed to be lit by light bouncing off a pool. Her bag had fallen from her hand, scattering across the floor, she heard her guitar case hit something hard, the metal thud somewhere past where she could see. Her side was screaming in pain. She knew she had to get out of her armor to check the damage.

Flowers… Damn it, the shot must have hit the protoculture, which is why they didn't fire again… They're waiting for the cyclone to lock up around me. Hearing footsteps nearby didn't help. There were four of them, heavy from the sound of it.

Mira managed to get up, and scrambled weakly to a wall, her hand going for her gun, which wasn't where it should be. The teen leaned her head back, she could feel the energy draining from the unit wrapped around her.

"Beckett, I think we need a medical team here." The older voice came as she felt herself start to go numb again. She saw two men move closer to her and tried to get up.

"Hey, stay down, you're hurt." This came from the dark haired man who moved closer.

"Armor… need to get out of it… before it locks up." She tried to reach up to get the helmet off.

Sheppard noticed the female, at least he was hoping from their voice was struggling, helping her he managed to get the helmet off. "You're a kid…"

There was a weak nod. "The rest of it, activates with the buttons on the shoulders if I am unable to remove it myself…"

"Hang in there, we're going to wait for the doctor okay?" He brushed the hair from her face hoping to calm her. The girl's eyes rolled back.

"Sheppard, what did she say?"

"She told me how to remove the armor she's in. There's still a pulse sir. She may have just passed out."