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It all started with just one mistake. Unfortunately, that one mistake turned into another. Soon, it fell into a domino effect; one after another. "Al, please, don't hate me anymore," Ed whimpered while lying in his bed crying. He and Alphonse, were not on good terms.

On a warm, summer day in Munich, Germany, it was Al's eighteenth birthday. Everyone attended the party, except for one person. "Hey, Mr. Hughes, have you seen Edward?" the now-legal-adult inquired to his friend.

"Nope, haven't see him," Maes retorted. Al had a disappointed look on his face. "Hey, come on kid, cheer up! You're eighteen now! You should be having a good time!" the officer comforted.

"Yeah, but it's hard to have fun without Brother," Al replied.

"Don't worry, Al, he'll be here," Maes stated, putting a firm hand on the boy's shoulder. Unfortunately, Ed didn't show up.

When Al returned to his and Ed's apartment, he found the older blonde sleeping on the couch. He's been here the whole time? Al thought. He shook his brother awake and Ed was startled to see him. "Oh, Al, you're back from the groceries. What time is it?" the golden-eyed man inquired.

"Brother, it's ten o' clock at night. Where were you?" Al countered with a question of his own.

"Uh, here, waiting for you to get home," Ed answered.

"Waiting for me to get home? Brother, you missed my birthday party!" the younger brother said at a near shout.

"Birthday party, what birthday party?" the blonde queried, frightened he had forgotten something – something important. Suddenly, it came to him, "Oh, Al, I'm so sorry! I can't believe I forgot! Please forgive me!"

"It's alright, Brother, we can do something tomorrow. Just the two of us," Al said half-heartedly.

"Thanks, Al, I owe you!" Ed affirmed with a grin. The two brothers were smiling happily at each other.

Unfortunately, those were the last smiles the two would exchange. Al drew the last straw when Edward had broken a $10,000.00 vase at a furniture store. The younger brother took every dime out of his own banking account and paid for the vase. After that, he no longer called Ed "brother". He no longer cared about what happened to him.

To atone for all of his mistakes, Ed moved out of the apartment and left Al alone. Unfortunately, to Ed's surprise, Al was indifferent to his action. From then on, Ed was known as the "Screw-Up of Munich" around town. Everyone shunned him, including Alphonse. It was so painful for Ed, to see his only little brother, despise him so much.

The next morning, Al woke up from a good night's sleep. He yawned as he sat up in his comfy bed. It's been awhile since he and his brother had a frank chat; or made contact at all. However, why did he care? All his brother was to him was an idiot who couldn't do anything right unless he was using alchemy. The boy got out of bed and cleaned himself up for the day.

As he walked down the dirt streets of Munich, Al noticed his brother. He was being shooed away by a merchant in the street. "Get out of here you little rat! You'll just break something!" the bearded man at the fruit stand shouted angrily. Wow, rumors sure fueled a bunch of crap. Especially, if the crap was aimed at a particular person.

The man lobbed a few ripe apples at a trepid Edward. The golden-eyed boy sprinted away and into an alleyway. Alphonse approached the fruit stand cautiously. "Ah, Alphonse, good to see you!" the black-haired man hollered gleefully.

"Good morning, Mr. Herman," Al retorted.

"Now what I have I told you, Al? Just call me Frank!" Frank Herman stated.

"Right, right, so what do you have today, Frank?" Al inquired, eyeing the vast variety of fruit.

"Well, I've got some fresh new pineapples from that pineapple farm on the outskirts of town. Oh, and also, I've got a ripe batch of raspberries," the middle-aged man droned on. As Al listened, he subconsciously thought of his poor brother.

Edward staggered through the streets of old Munich. Why does everyone hate me? he thought. Doesn't anyone care about me anymore? His stomach was growling loudly. Other civilians were giving him dirty looks as he passed by. "Please don't hate me," Ed muttered.

The blonde hadn't eaten in quite awhile, not after all of the mistakes he's made. He didn't deserve to eat – in his mind, anyway. Suddenly, something hard hit him in the back of the head. Edward turned around to see who assaulted him. A young lad with his friends were laughing and pointing at him… Mocking him.

Without any words to shout, like he used to, Ed kept walking aimlessly. It's all my fault, I shouldn't have made so many mistakes, he thought. He felt like bashing his head against a brick wall 'til he died. Yes, death, that would relieve his pain. But, he couldn't leave Alphonse behind, could he?

"He certainly wouldn't care, if someone like me were to die," Ed muttered sadly. "Maybe it would make him happy." A single tear streamed down his slightly tanned face. Yes, it would certainly make him happy, he thought with his heart wrenching.


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