The straw that broke the Thestral's back

By Gabrielle phoenix

Set immediately after Tom Riddle's defeat in the chamber of secrets.

The Weasleys, an Obliviated Gilderoy Lockhart, Minerva McGonagall , Minister Fudge, Madam Bones, Ginerva , Ronald , Fred , Percy, George , professor Snape, a few aurors and the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore were in the headmaster's office all looking at Harry in disappointment . Ginny had just lied to them that it was Harry who had opened the chamber of Secrets and petrified the students and he was in shock by it all as he couldn't believe her treachery . What was worse was that they all seemed to believe her if all the insults he was getting from everyone except the twins were anything to go by.

A part of him wondered why he was surprised as all of Gryffindor and the rest of the school had turned on him earlier that year when they found out he was a parselmouth and only the Weasley twins and Neville Longbottom had surprisingly stayed by him . He looked at the twins now and they were looking at their sister suspiciously as if they didn't believe her and in it was in that moment that Harry all but adopted them in his heart .

"She is lying and I can prove it!" he yelled out suddenly causing all the people yelling at him to stop and finally look at him as the Aurors still held on to him.

They'd only gotten Ginny's word for it and now that they were paying attention he wasn't going to waste it .

"You can prove it can you ?" drawled Snape. "How do you plan to do that Mr. Potter , by petrifying another student?"

Harry looked at him for a minute and then he remembered something he'd been reading on a few weeks before after having a lot of time on his hands. "I can show you my memories in what I believe is called a Penseive." he said to their surprise . "I read about it . You simply take out the memory you want the person to see and put it in there right ?"

Everyone was obviously surprised and some of them were kicking themselves for not thinking of it themselves.

"Yes I think we should see his memories because I know Ginny and I think she's lying." said Fred .

"I agree ." said George. "She's been acting strange all year and I think he was telling the truth. I love my sister but I know when she's lying and I know she is now."

Hearing them say such a thing made the adults unable to deny him that and he went over to Dumbledore's penseive and before all of them he drew out the memory and placed it in the bowl before allowing them all to look into it . As they did the Aurors continued to hold him in place and he waited for them to see what had happened. When the others were finished they all looked at Harry with shamed filled gazes except for Snape who sneered as always but their was a look of grudging respect as well.

"My boy…" Albus began apologetically .

"Don't !" he said coldly . "You lost the right to address me familiarly when you turned on me without even hearing my side . I fought , bled and almost died for you all and this is what I get in return. I faced a fucking fully grown basilisk to save the little bitch and what did I get for it , almost thrown into Azkaban. You know I would like to say that I am surprised but after the way the noble and brave Gryffindors turned on me this year I cant say that I am. Only three people earned my respect this year and two of them just stood by me against their own sister . After what just happened you can save your apologies as I don't want them from hypocrites like you . Get your fucking hands off me." he said icily jerking his hands out of the aurors grips.

Then he picked up the book and the sword. "After what I just went through I do believe that these are mine, especially by the ancient magical rules." then he turned to Ginny. "And you , you are nothing but a lying little blood traitor bitch who would have had me sent to Azkaban after I saved your life. I should have left Voldermort to kill you like you deserved for petrifying all those students , nearly killing them. I almost died when that basilisk bit me and I still tried to save you yet you did this .You owe me a life dept you tramp and I am going to make you pay it someday in the most humiliating way possible for almost getting me sent to that hellhole. Never speak to me again ." he then turned and stormed out of the room angrily , ignoring all the calls of those behind him.

He ran off to Gryffindor tower and ignored all the people staring at him before going to his trunk and grabbing some parchment and a quill. Neville came in along with Fred and George and went over to him.

"Harry what happened?" asked Neville worriedly .

"Ask the twins." said Harry coldly as he began writing a few letters . "I have a few things I need to do and I need an owl. Neville can I borrow yours? Mine is too recognizable and I know that Dumbledick is no doubt checking my mail like the nosy old fart he is."

That surprised Neville and he realized that whatever had happened in the office had been something horrifying for Harry to speak this way as he had always revered the old man . He agreed and Harry quickly wrote the letters before hurrying off to the owlery while the twins told Neville what had occurred. When he was done he began making his way back only to run into Malfoy senior and Dobby . That surprised him but then he had an idea and put a bit of his ripped robe from the basilisk into the diary before running up to them.

"Lord Malfoy." he called out and the blonde man stopped and turned to him in surprise .

Stopping before him he gave him the diary. "You dropped something that day in Diagon Alley in a certain blood traitor bitch's cauldron sir. I am simply returning it." he told the surprised man who arched a brow at his language and the fact that the boy would give it to him.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean Mr. Potter." said the man and as he took it and handed it to Dobby.

"Oh but I am sure you do sir but no matter ." said the boy. "Do have a nice day ."

The man looked at him with curiosity and then began walking away as Harry quickly directed Dobby to open it . When the elf saw the clothes and realized that it was free, it was so happy. Malfoy senior predictably got angry but Dobby surprising knocked him back , defending Harry who was very grateful.

"Sorry about that Lord Malfoy but you see , I had to get some compensation seeing as that diary you gave the bitch nearly killed me ." said Harry walking over to the downed man . "Also , tell your son if you don't mind. I agree with him , some wizarding families are indeed better than others. I had my reasons for not taking his hand in friendship before , he reminded me of someone I hated . But things have changed and I am now more open to the idea ."

That stunned the man who got up gracefully and looked down at the boy , the loss of his elf momentarily forgotten . "Indeed? Why is that ?" asked the man .

Harry sneered. "Read the paper if you wish to know tomorrow Lord Malfoy. I am sorry about the elf really but you see , I live in an …undesirable situation and I will need his help to acquire certain things for me. I'll refund you at a later date if you do me a favor seeing as I could show everyone the memory of your little diary trick with the blood traitor bitch . I wish to be resorted so that I can be placed in my right house. You see , the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin but Draco's rudeness had turned me off so much I insisted on Gryffindor." the man was actually wide eyed at that and then he smirked as he was definitely beginning to see the Slytherin behind those green eyes.

"I'll see what I can do Mr. Potter and there is no need to refund me . I am always open to helping a fellow Slytherin." said the man . "I am sure you don't want this to reach the wrong ears and so I shall be discreet."

Harry smirked back. "that is all I ask thank you. Also , you can tell Draco to write me during the summer so that we can get all the misconceptions out of the way . Do tell him that my house is no doubt being watched by Dumbledork so he needs to be careful. I am interested in learning about the wizarding world and as Dumbledick has done all he can to isolate me from it I will have to send Dobby to acquire what I need discreetly . That is why I needed him you see."

"Is that so ?" said the man . "I think that I may be able to help you there. I could send you a few books if you would like?"

"That would be most appreciated Lord Malfoy." said the boy . "The only disadvantage of being in Slytherin so far is the fact that I have to deal with that idiot Snape. The man hates me because of the lies the headmaster fed him no doubt . He apparently thinks that I am pampered like a prince at home , fool that he is . If he only knew how wrong he was about that , but no matter. All in good time. You might want to be careful with him as he seems to be rather…close to the old coot." he told him .

Lucius was curious about that but he could see that the boy wasn't lying and so he nodded . "I'll be sure to remember that Mr. Potter, thank you."

"Please , call me Harry." said the boy . "I must be going now as these walls have ears if you know what I mean . Do have a nice day lord Malfoy … I wouldn't mind it if you wrote to me as well. Just so you know." the boy smirked at the look of surprise before sauntering off with Dobby , well aware that the man was watching his ass.

As soon as he'd moved away he said. "Dobby make yourself invisible please and then follow me as I have a few things for you to do. I also want to bond with you if you would like."

"Oh yes please . I would like to be Master Harry Potter's elf." said the elf eagerly and so they did before he went invisible and the continued on .

They walked on until they reached the girl's bathroom that Myrtle haunted and went in . the girl immediately flew over to him .

"Harry , you stopped the boy and the monster that killed me . Thank you." said the girl with a blush . "You have my loyalty ."

Harry smirked. "Thank you Myrtle . I have a feeling we'll become the best of friends from now on . Just don't report to anyone about me , especially a certain group of people who I am sure you know betrayed me by now." he said and the ghost nodded.

Then Harry sent the house elf to go get a few books from various shops in Diagon and Knockturne Alley as well as a few other places with money he'd gotten from Gringots earlier that year. He also gave the elf a note to take to Gringots to withdraw more money if needed . After the elf had left he said goodbye to myrtle and then made his way back to the tower. He gathered some clothes and after taking a quick shower, he made his way down to the dining room and walked in . Many people were whispering about all they thought had probably happened and it appeared that the headmaster had made some kind of announcement as they were all staring at him the way they did before .

Then the students , namely the Gryffindors began to clap as if they hadn't all turned on him and he sneered at them all and walked out without a backward glance , stunning them all into silence as they'd obviously expected him to forgive and forget all their betrayal of that year. He snorted, no chance of that happening . Walking down to the kitchen , he got himself some food from the elves who simply adored him and then made his way to the astronomy tower .

He was then joined by the twins and Neville.

"You alright Harry?" asked Fred. "You looked pretty pissed in there , not that I blame you."

Harry nodded. "Yeah. I should tell you though that I have had enough of the Gryffindors and their treachery . I am thinking of being resorted into the house the hat wanted to put me into in the first place." he confided.

They all knew about that and so they nodded in agreement . "well nothing will change between us as I think it may be the best thing for you right now." said George.

"Thanks." said Harry . "You guys are my brothers as far as I am concerned and a really great group of friends."

"You're our brother too Harry . How do you plan to get through your stay at the Dursleys?" Asked Neville worriedly .

"I have a few ideas and I've managed to acquire an elf who will no doubt be a great help. My mail will no doubt be watched as always so if you're going to write to me then come up with a way no one will guess at." he told them as they ate .

They all nodded and talked for a bit more before he said goodbye to them and went to the library . Once inside he walked up to the librarian, he'd been visiting there for some time now and they had become friends as he had had no where else to go really other than with the twins and Neville occasionally.

"Hello Madam Pince. I wanted to ask you , I saw Granger take home a book from the library and so I was wondering if I could borrow a few for the summer to study a bit ." he told her with hopeful eyes that he knew would work .

The woman was immediately taken in and so she nodded. "of course Mr. Potter, go right ahead."

"Thank you ma'am. Also I was wondering if you would keep this between us. You see most of the teachers don't think that I am all that smart and I want to shock them when I return." he explained and the woman agreed with a smile.

He then went and began picking up books on every subject the school taught and then a few on rune , wandless and elemental magic. He also saw a few interesting ones and grabbed them, planning to peruse them later. By the time he was done he had over fifty large tomes to the surprise of the woman who beamed at him and then checked them out discreetly . As they were the only ones currently there it was easy enough and he shrunk them all and placed them in his pocket before thanking her and leaving for the chamber of secrets . Going down into it he looked around and then used a reparo that repaired the entrance before hurrying inside .

Looking at the dead basilisk he pulled out his wand and shrunk it before placing it into a small bag and then began exploring the chamber. He was rather pleased when he found a room full of books and he wasted no time in shrinking them along with the potions ingredients he'd found in yet another room before putting them all into his pocket . Upon his exploration of the walls he found various other exits and grinned, this would be useful. As he had locked the entrance behind him he used one of the exits that opened into the third floor and went back to the dorm , walking in he found Dumbledore waiting for him with McGonagall by his bed and trunk.

"Is there something else you both need Professors ? Or are you trying to send me to Azkaban again?" he asked coldly .

The headmaster and mistress looked ashamed and then the woman said. "I simply came to apologize Mr. Potter for what happened even if you don't want it ."

He snorted at that . "lovely now if that's all ? I need to gather my things and seeing as your Gryffindors tore up my trunk and all that earlier this week I need to see what I need to replace so if you don't mind , could you please leave." he asked icily .

Knowing that the boy was definitely not in a good mood as well as shocked by what the Gryffindors had done , they left quietly and Harry sneered at that before locking the door and warding it with the wards he'd had to learn to protect himself from the other Gryffindors that year.

It was then that Dobby came in and handed him the multi-compartment trunk he'd sent him to by as well as all the books and others things he'd asked for. "thank you Dobby , now help me get all this inside quickly before anyone shows up and then I can send you on one last errand for the day ."

The elf nodded and they brought his old trunk inside as he looked around. It had a bathroom , two bedrooms, a kitchen stacked with food that would never run out, a library waiting for his books, a study , a potions room if needed and one last large common room for whatever he wished to use it for . That pleased him and he gave Dobby one of the rooms in spite of his protest and then unloaded his bounty before taking the contents of his old trunk and putting it in . He also put the sword of Gryffindor into his bedroom and then he turned to Dobby.

"Can you or anyone else stay in here even when its locked ?" he asked and the elf nodded. "Good , that solves one problem then. Now I want you to go to the Owl Emporium and get me food for a whole summer as well as snacks, one of those special cages they have and anything else you think Hedwig will like. Get yourself some decent clothes as well and go to Knocturne Alley and see if you can possibly find me a time turner and a book on how to deactivate the ministry tracking charms on my wand and me . Then go to Gringots and get me some muggle money if you don't mind as I will be needing it . Tell Griphook to keep all this to himself and that I will send him a letter in the future to explain a few things." he told the elf who nodded and then left with a crack.

Once that was done Harry walked out of his trunk and then he used his blood to make the trunk only accessible to him and Dobby . He was also pleased that the elf had obeyed him if the powerful wards coming off it were anything to go by . He then looked at the broom that McGonagall had bought him in the first year and sneered. That was one thing he no longer wanted . He would have to make sure that Dobby bought him something better, a firebolt perhaps? With that in mind he placed his new trunk in his old trunk and then locked and warded it before removing the wards on the doorway . He then shrunk the trunk and placed it inside his pocket before sitting on his bed and pulling out a book on quidditch as well as a catalog of wizarding things that would be useful to him and hiding it in there , making sure no one would know what he'd really been reading .

Ron and Hermione then came in with hesitant looks on their faces as they had been two of the first to turn on him when they found out he could speak to snakes and Ron had only been in the chamber's outer corridor after eavesdropping and following him and Lockhart.

"um , hey mate." Ron said hesitantly . "I just wanted to say…"

"Stop , I don't want to hear it and we are no longer friends. You stopped being my friends when you both turned on me , especially considering that you two owe me a life dept too." said Harry icily . " you betrayed me and you Ron were willing to see me thrown into Azkaban when it was your sister that was the lying hypocrite all along . She almost murdered so many people including Granger here and yet you dare to come in here and pretend that nothing happened. Don't ever speak to me again , either of you. You lost the right to call me your friend when you betrayed me ."

He then turned his back and ignored the fact that Hermione was crying hysterically . Ron got predictably angry and tried to hex him but Harry was expecting that and so he cursed him with extremely painful boils all over his body without remorse as well as Hermione. They ran out after that and all of Gryffindor house was in an uproar about what had happened to the two of them . Ignoring them he went back to his room and sat back unto his bed, picking up his book and getting back to his reading.

Minerva , Albus and surprisingly Snape who had been with the headmaster at the time showed up to see the Gryffindor common room in chaos as some of the Gryffindors tried to lead the two students to the infirmary.

"What on earth is going on here?" said a stunned Minerva hurrying over to them. "And who cursed you ?"

"Harry." the two of them said causing many people to gasp.

Unfortunately Harry heard them and then came out . "yes I did but it was only because the blood traitor tried to hex me when my back was turned . I can always show you another memory if you wish . As Granger pulled out her wand as well I had to defend myself . If he is going to hex people , he should expect it back." he said coldly .

Ginny who had been listening got angry and tried to fire her bat boogey hex at him but she was obviously an idiot to do that because he dodged it .

"Petrificus Totalus!" the boy countered furiously , using a lot of power so that it would be hard to remove and the girl stiffened and then fell to the ground petrified. "See how you like being petrified after doing it to more than half the students and then blaming it on me you hag!"

Apparently the headmaster had left that out as many gasped and began looking at Ginny fearfully before backing up. The headmaster looked at Harry with a disappointed frown.

"Now was that really necessary Mr. Potter?" he asked.

"Yes I think it was headmaster. She tried to hex me and I returned it with one that was harmless except it stopped her. Besides , the punishment must fit the crime and seeing as you all let her off after she used a basilisk to petrify half the school and then almost brought Voldermort back to life I say she deserved it . Lets not forget the lie she told and almost had me sent to Azkaban shall we?" he said coldly . "you were willing to send me to Azkaban on a lie the blood traitor told yet she gets away with nothing . Where the hell is the justice in that headmaster ? Or does it only work on a select few. Even the muggle world isn't this corrupt and that's saying something . She could have killed someone and she gets away with it yet I who fought and killed a fully grown basilisk and defeated Voldermort once again almost got sent to Azkaban by the lot of you and you ask me if this was necessary ?" he sneered angrily before taking the nimbus two thousand and floating it down to McGonagall. "You can take that back Professor as I will no longer play for a bunch of traitorous hypocrites. They all turned on me this year except for the twins and Neville, three out of the whole house and school. Lets not forget that they ripped my trunk to shreds along with my belongings and almost destroyed the few keepsakes I have of my dead parents . Yet no one gets punished but me , so damn typical."

"No need to be so melodramatic Potter." Snape began but it was obviously the wrong thing to say as it set Harry off.

"And you , lets not leave you out shall we. Clearly fame isn't everything . That is what you said right ?" Harry said icily . "You come with your arrogance thinking that I live like a fucking prince well you are fucking wrong!"

Everyone but Albus gasped at that . "until my Hogwarts letter came I lived in the cupboard under the stairs of the Dursley house. Furthermore they beat , starve and abused me and I lived like a fucking house elf until I came here . It wasn't until they got my letter that was addressed to the fucking cupboard under the stairs that they let me have a room . Yet I came here and fought and bled for you motherfuckers and for what ? Not a fucking thing because when I begged the headmaster not to send me back there he gave me some bullshit about wards and sent me back there anyway . So all of you can fuck off and leave me the hell alone you bunch of traitorous little shits . I'll protect myself from now on , no more taking any of your shit. Snape you owe my father a life dept that transferred to me and if you don't want me to make your life a living hell the way you did mine you had better leave me the fuck alone. I live with a family who hates anything magical , in other words they repeatedly try to beat the magic out of me . Until I went to school I thought my name was 'boy' or 'freak'. They hate magic about as much as Voldermort hates muggles. I heard that you and my mother were once best friends and I had to laugh at that . I wonder how she would feel knowing the way you treat me now huh?" he said angrily before walking into his dorm room and slamming the door shut leaving a stunned room.

The entire student body and three teachers except for a select few couldn't believe all they had heard including the headmaster as while he'd known that the Dursley's treated Harry badly , he hadn't known that it was this bad until the boy had screamed it into his face. He remembered the end of the first year when the boy begged him to let him stay behind but the man had refused because of the wards and he now knew that he had sent the boy back to his own hell. How could he have been so foolish ? All the signs were there but he had ignored them .

Snape looked at the closed door and felt that the boy had to be lying and exaggerating things . But then he saw the look on Albus' face and it all began to sink in , the boy wasn't telling lies at all . He really had lived like an house elf and no one had done anything about it at all. He walked out then as he had a lot to think about especially knowing that he had abused a boy who had grown up in the same hellish lifestyle as him .

Meanwhile Harry decided not to take any chances and so he sent a letter to the lawyer he'd been thinking about for a while now and then waited for a response . He was pleased when one came back later that night .