Meanwhile Harry decided not to take any chances and so he sent a letter to the lawyer he'd been thinking about for a while now and then waited for a response . He was pleased when one came back later that night .

The next morning…

Harry woke up and slipped out of his bed before hurrying to shower and dress . When he was done he walked to the front of the castle and waited patiently . A student came and told him that the headmaster wanted to see him but he decided to let him wait a bit as he no longer trusted him.

A few minutes later a man by the name of Jonathon Zabini who was the uncle of Blaize Zabini came up to him . He looked like an older version of Blaize and was the wizarding world's most ruthless solicitor and this was what Harry needed at the moment . He'd sent the man some of his memories the night before and especially of what had happened all of this year and he could tell that the man was pissed.

"Hello Mr. Potter , I am Jonathon Zabini . It is a pleasure to finally meet you." said the man who gave him a shrewd gaze. "I am looking forward to working with you ."

"So am I sir , please call me Harry by the way . Or Ry for short. The headmaster has summoned me and I am on my way to see him. Do you mind starting immediately ?" he asked and the man nodded.

"Then call me Jonathon ." Jonathon replied. "or John for short. I took the liberty of doing a few inquiries last night and found out that Dumbledore made himself your magical guardian after your parents were killed . I brought a few papers if you would like to change that . It would make you as close to emancipation as you can get since you do have a solicitor to guide you ."

Harry nodded and asked to see the paper and after reading them over and thinking it through a bit , he signed them as he had read up on these documents weeks before in the library among others. The papers immediately disappeared to the ministry after he was through with them. Then they made their way to the headmaster's office and went in.

In the headmaster's office…

The headmaster, Minerva and Severus were waiting inside for him when he walked in and he enjoyed their shock when they saw the solicitor with him. "You wanted to see me headmaster?" he asked coldly .

"Yes Mr. Potter I did ." said the headmaster. "may I ask why Mr. Zabini is here?"

"I decided that perhaps it was time I seek counseling from sources other than this school ." said Harry calmly . "After all , since coming here I have almost been killed by Voldermort twice, betrayed by everyone around me repeatedly and almost sent to Azkaban than none other than yourself. In light of all this I felt it prudent to find someone who will actually really be in my corner without their own hidden agendas at work. Now what was it you wanted headmaster ? I don't wish to miss the train."

The headmaster couldn't blame him for any of this but he said. "Well we finally decided to grant your request. You'll be staying at Hogwarts for the summer ."

"I don't think so." said Harry . "I have other plans."

"I must insist as your magical guardian Harry." said the old man forcefully and Harry smirked at that .

"Actually Mr. Potter found it prudent to change that headmaster and as such you are no longer his magical guardian at all , nor are the Dursleys his muggle guardians . We used ancient magic to make sure of it and they agreed in light of all that has happened." said the solicitor with a grin as he hated Dumbledore for the man's manipulation of everything around him.

"Please reconsider Mr. Potter , you are safer here." said the headmaster .

"Am I really? I seem to remember a possessed Quirrel trying to kill me as well as a younger Voldermort , a basilisk , a blood traitor girl among other things so if this is safe then what is hell?" Harry asked icily . "I have told you before , I will take care of my own safety from now on so please stay out of my business. You are my headmaster only and the only the we should ever have to discuss is my performance in school , that is all. Everything else is none of your concern as you have proven that my wellbeing is clearly not a major concern of yours. I've been fighting my own battles since I got here with you always conveniently missing in action and when I did try to seek out help from your staff I was turned away so please leave me be . Now I must be going as I do have other places to be."

He then walked out without a backward glance leaving a remorseful Dumbledore , a stunned McGonagall and an intrigued Severus . They went to his dorm room and he made sure that he hadn't left anything before getting Hedwig and putting her in her cage . Then he gave her to Dobby .

"Is there anyway to get to Gringots without me going on that train?" he asked. " I don't feel like dealing with those traitors right now."

"I can side apparate you once we are outside the wards." said the man and Harry nodded before following along with Dobby and the caged owl .

He was then apparated for the first time to outside Gringots. He then summoned Dobby who had the owl and they all walked inside . He saw Griphook and went over to him.

"Hello Mr. Griphook." said the boy . "We have some business to discuss if you don't mind."

The goblin agreed as he'd been told about that before and they made their way to the office. "How can I help you Mr. Potter?"

"I would like to do the blood ancestral test and find out about my holdings and vaults . I want to know of any withdrawals from them and any seats I may have in the Wizengamut and so on." said the boy seriously.

The goblin was surprised but he quickly did the tests and then waited for it to reveal itself .

Ancestral lineage

James Potter

Morrigan Lefay

The Peverell line

Godric Gryffindor

Rowena Ravenclaw

Lily Evans Potter, James Potter and Sirius Black -Parents

Sirius Orion Black

Helga hufflepuff

Lily Evans Potter

Salazar Slytherin

Heir to all mentioned above.


Potter family vaults -seven hundred and fifty million Galleons

Potter trust vault- twenty million galleons

Lefay vaults- eight hundred and eighty million galleons

Peverell vaults- seven hundred and sixty million five hundred thousand galleons

Gryffindor vaults-two hundred and seven million galleons

Hufflepuff vaults-two hundred and seven million galleons

Ravenclaw vaults-two hundred and seven million galleons

Black vaults- six hundred and forty five million six hundred thousand galleons


There were more than twenty different estates and castles listed all over the world and Harry smirked at that . He also found out that not only were the Dursleys being paid from his vaults to keep him, but that a man named Lupin was as well , the latter on his parents orders.

Abilities-both hidden and revealed





Wandless magic

Elemental magic

Rune magic

beast mastery

Mind magic


Dream manipulation

Soul flying

Sighing he took the rings the goblin gave him and put them on , only getting the heirship ring for the Black family since the head was still alive. He then inquired about the head of the black family , had all the money to the Dursleys cut off and insisted that it be repaid as well. It also amused him when he found out that the house they lived in belonged to him and he sneered at that but decided to let them live there for now as it would be easier to find them in the future.

Once that was done he assigned Griphook to be his financial caretaker and then he got a bottomless bag and left after arranging for Mr. Zabini to be paid through a special account. He had quite a few seats in the Wizengamut that he would need to learn about as well as four on the board. When he was done he left with Jonathon , stopping only to buy the paper and smirking when they saw the headlines that would cause the ministry , the Weasleys and the headmaster and his staff hell for what they had tried to do to him. Hermione would be getting it as well .

They then visited quite a few shops before he chose one of the houses that he'd chosen from the list . Apparently his family rings could act as portkeys if needed and he planned to make good use of it . He'd been learning about the fidelus charm for weeks now and he could now cast it to his uttermost pleasure. After that they went to Muggle London and shopped for things he wanted before port keying to a house in Paris France. He then placed the villa under the fidelus charm with himself as the secret keeper and went inside with John .

There were three house elves in residence and they immediately took to Dobby . He also found out that he could practice magic here with no one being the wiser due to special wards that had been placed on the house and he grinned evilly at that as he had a lot of work to do . He spent the next three hours going over a few things with John before the man left and he then checked out his home before going to take a rest in the master bedroom . He had a lot of training to do , no point in wasting his it and being too tired to not train well.

The next few weeks went by quickly for Harry and with the use of his time turner he managed to get more training than he'd ever dreamed done, mastering nearly all of his abilities , studying and learning Occlumency and legilimency with John who felt he needed it. His body filled out a bit more and he looked healthy for a change and gained some sun on the days he did go out . He made various potions including the nutrition potion that he took every single day and he bought some skele-gro as well, repairing all of his frail bones once and for all by taking it . He kept a healthy diet with lots of exercise and he now practically glowed with health. He also grew quite a bit more and was more of a sinewy build instead of bulky, the perfect seeker body . He did manage to send Dobby to go get him a firebolt and was more than happy with it . He even managed to discreetly acquire his apparating license in France with his lawyer's help.

His potions skills as well as all the others went up as well and he even managed to brew the wolfs bane potion successfully as a test of his skills. He now had hundreds of bottles of various potions on his shelf and he'd managed to harvest the skin of the basilisk for more than fifty different clothing pieces of armor . Furthermore he had gotten rare and extremely valuable potions ingredients and now had most of it in storage. The other good thing was that he had become pen pals with not only Draco but Lucius of all people. They chatted it up through the letters and did really get all the misconceptions out of the way .

Another thing Harry did throughout the month was dream manipulation. He first did it on Ron making him think spiders were out to get him and then on Ginny with the basilisk . He then decided to practice it on his main target , Voldermort . It was surprisingly easy due to his scar and at first he simply made him more curious about him . Then he decided to have a little fun and began sending him naked images of himself and Tom Riddle together as he'd found the boy rather sexy . At first Voldermort tried to block them out but after a while he actually allowed the connection to build and Harry began finding it much easier to send him these images of the two of them together simply because the man welcomed them so much . He even used images of himself before a mirror using a dildo and he could feel the pleasure the man was feeling through their link which meant that he was somehow jerking off to it all.

He also decided to send images of a threesome with the two of them and surprisingly the handsome Lucius . It seemed that Voldermort was more than open to the idea after a few times and it amused Harry as well as pleased him. He went further by manipulating Lucius' dreams into seeing him naked and dreaming of fucking him . Lucius was more than open to the idea if his reactions in those dreams were anything to go by and his letters became increasingly intimate over the next few months to Harry's amusement .

Another interesting change in Harry was the fact that he'd grown his hair all the way down to his waist and now kept it in a ponytail as well as he'd gotten his eyes fixed once and for all , eliminating the need for glasses . He also changed the way he dressed and now wore black leather or silks that made him look stunning . It pleased him to be seen as sexy after being called a freak his whole life and every new male or female who all but drooled over him was a small victory to him and a way to boost his self confidence. He wrote to Neville and the twins almost everyday and in midsummer he invited them over for a week to have fun . It was a blast and it showed as they all got things they needed at Harry's insistence and made plans for the upcoming year . Harry also bought the marauders map from the twins for a thousand galleons at his insistence as they would have given it to him for free. Another person he began writing to was Sirius Black and in so doing he learned all about the Dementors as well as who really betrayed his parents that day . It was also how he learned about the Patronus charm and began learning it . By the time it was time for him to attend Hogwarts once again he'd mastered it .

The only fly in the ointment was when Sirius broke out of Azkaban , unable to take a minute longer to wait in seeing his son and Harry began to worry as he didn't know where he was . He finally decided that he would probably turn up at Hogwarts and so he made plans for finding him and bringing him to the house in France as soon as possible . He also left him bottles upon bottles of potions he'd need to recover and took some along as well.

With Albus….

The last few months had been hard as he'd immediately called out the Order as soon as Harry had left that day with the intentions of waylaying him at platform nine ¾ . Unfortunately for him Harry must have suspected that because the boy hadn't gotten off the train at all . They then spent the entire summer trying to find him and it worried and annoyed Albus tremendously as well as the Hogwarts staff who openly believed that he may have been kidnapped by death eaters. Furthermore the wards around the Dursley home had crash on midnight of his birthday meaning they were now useless but in light of recent events , no one could bring themselves to care about the muggle family who had treated the boy so badly . Albus had gone to see them before it happened along with Severus and had used his legilimency skills to see into the family's minds. What they'd found was even worse than what Harry had told them and it had shamed them both as well as Minerva who couldn't believe she hadn't noticed. Poppy was ashamed as well as she too had never noticed in spite of all the times she'd cared for the boy other than that he was underweight and rather tiny . But after they'd all viewed his gathered memories in the penseive no one had any doubts. Harry Potter had been telling the truth about his life with the Dursleys.

That only made them feel worse with all the howlers coming their way since the incident where Harry blew up on all of them and they all now knew that it was a long time in coming . They all wanted to make amends only the boy was nowhere to be found and any letters sent to him was promptly sent back unopened and with curses attached to it . The only letter that had come to them from him without curses were the courses he would be taking that year and the choices had surprised them . Ancient runes ? Who knew Harry would ever be interested in that of all things ? He had also skipped Divination .

Then his godfather broke out of Azkaban and the search grew more frantic .


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