Two sides of every coin

By gabrielle phoenix

Summary: after seeing Azuma's true personality for the first time, Kahoko changes in a major way and affects everyone around her with her new and more enlightened views on things.


"Um…Yunoki-senpai, I think I'll do my best." Kahoko said with a bashful smile as she looked at her handsome and enigmatic senpai. "Thank you for worrying about me." she said bowing gratefully.

Azuma's eyes became cold. "Worry?" he asked coldly as he began walking towards her . "Me…about you?"

Kahoko immediately feels the air shifting around her and looks up at him. Her eyes widened and she subconsciously began taking a step back as if to get away from him and the cruel aura he was now emitting. She kept on backing up until she finally met the wall . He came over to her and placed his right hand on the wall next to her head in an intimidating manner.

"Could it be that you don't know?" a now cruel looking Azuma said drolly. "You're annoying." he said to a now shell-shocked Kahoko. "Jeez…its such a bother how dense you are. I'm telling you to quit the concours. Causing a ruckus with what you're doing up to now and to the following selection is a bother. The level of the selection would rise after this. You'd fall if you get shamed. It's okay, no one will care even if you're gone. isn't that so?" then he released the lock of red hair he had been holding before saying . "Right Hino?" with those words he left the stunned girl and went back down to the classrooms.

Hino stood there for a while as tears began to fall from her eyes . She couldn't believe all that her senpai had just said to her and she felt as if she had been flayed alive. The rest of the day and the next morning went by in a blur for her until she was on her way up a flight of stairs and ran into Amou-san. She was about to confide in her about what Azuma had said the day before when Azuma appeared behind her like a bad dream. Her shock caused her to fall and when she landed he held out his hand to her in order to help her to her feet . He asked her if she was okay and Amou then noticed her now bruised knee. It was in that moment that everything changed for her.

~end prologue~


Author's note : this is my first la cordo fanfic so i hope you all like it . please review and thank you for reading it .