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Random poem that got stuck in my head while reading Rurouni Kenshin. You know how Sojiro-kun is always smiling? What's the look on his face when he's sleeping? X3 I don't own the characters, I do however own the poem.

What happens when Sojiro sleeps

One day Seta Sojiro

Went out to take a nap.

Little did he know that

This would cause mishap.

And then Yumi saw him,

Asleep beneath the tree.

She ran to get the others

So that they all can see.

Some of them were cranky

As they walked up to the place.

But stop dead in their tracks

When they saw Sojiro's face.

Cho had a heart attack

While Hoji took pictures with glee.

Shishio-san fainted

While Kamatari screamed "OMG!!!"

The look on his face while sleeping

Was different than what they know.

It ended when the swordsman awoke

He smiled and said "Hello."

They pretended like they didn't care

As the boy walked away.

Hoji took out the picture

To remember this historic day.

The swordsmen stared at the picture

As though in disbelief.

But what they saw was real

Although the moment was brief.

Either Hell had frozen over

Or the world was upside-down.

Because on the face of Smiling Sojiro

In his sleep he wore a frown.