The room of requirement


evil minded


Fourth year at Hogwarts


Hermione Granger is Hermy. Harry Potter is justharry. And Severus Snape is the Darkmaster. What is wrong with the witches and wizards during the summer holidays after third year?


Well - sometimes I really want to have a Snape to cuddle, but regrettable I do not own one, J. K. Rowling however does, I just do borrow him from time to time - to cuddle and to mess around here a bit ...


M – Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16

Author's Notes:

Uhm ... ok ... I have to admit ... English is not my language by birth ... so ... please do not kill me while reading ... neither for the bad English I use, nor for what I am writing ...


Story contains child abuse

Child-abuse is a really serious thing, it is an evil thing ... and there are a lot of children in our world that really would need help without being helped ...
I think, a lot of readers do not really grasp the meaning behind the words in all the stories here written about an abused Harry, they read the words, maybe they feel sorry for poor Harry ... but I guess just a few are really able to know what they mean, those words, what they mean for those children in our world ...
Yet, closing our eyes and pretending it does not exist, is no solution ...
So I write this to remind all of you who will read this, that there are children in our world which are enduring just such ... and worse ...
to remind you of your feelings, of your sympathy, and of your understanding ...
Maybe it will help some of you to handle people, children as well as adults, which are showing any signs - whichever - of once being abused ... with understanding and with help ...

What does not mean I am not as evil as I pretend to be ... ^.~ ... believe me - I am ...

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Chapter one

Prologue – the room of requirement


It had been quite easy this night.

Not stealing a slice of bread, that never was easy as aunt Petunia always seemed to know what exactly she had stocked in her kitchen. Sometimes he thought she counted every single slice of bread that was there and this night he had not been able to sneak one out. Well, it was not a surprise at all. At least he never was. What was the exact reason why his stomach ached with hunger. Well, that wasn't anything new to him either. He was used to it. Aunt Petunia never gave him anything to eat unless it was Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes at least. If she did not forget.

Nor had it been easy to escape uncle Vernon's beating this evening. And this too – he actually had not managed. Well, this too – as always. Yet, this too was nothing new to him either, he never managed. Uncle Vernon always found a reason to beat him, no matter how hard he tried to avoid it. And this evening it had been a really bad beating, he mused while he pressed an old shirt at one of the worst cuts on his temple where his head had met the kitchen table when he had fallen. It – at least – was a cut he could reach to. Not so the fresh cuts and welts on his back where uncle Vernon had been beating him with the cane until he had been tired and had switched to just kicking at him.

Nothing new thus far then either.

But what had been easy, well, was escaping before he had lost consciousness so he could have a bit of peace now in his room. Thus, he could count himself lucky this evening and after he could be sure that his uncle would not come back to continue the beating, he let out a breath of relief. He had made it through another day and he was still alive.

And as it was Wednesday and thus not weekend, he could be sure that his uncle would not enter his room sometime during the night to demand more from him than just to endure a beating. Aunt Petunia was at home during the week. She only left on weekends to visit her sister in law.

Harry was sure she hated those visits. But as aunt Marge was as demanding as uncle Vernon was, and aunt Petunia did not wish to get into trouble with her, she visited her every weekend. Well, what meant pure hell for Harry as his uncle visited him during the night in his room then.

Shaking his head in frustration he got up from the mattress he was sitting on and went to the table that stood in one corner of the otherwise small and bare room. He better did not think of that right now. It was not weekend now, it was Wednesday and he had a few nights of peace before Saturday night.

He crept under the table and lifted the invisibility cloak.

A small smile escaped his normally so stoic face as he opened the laptop and pressed the start button.

'Thank you, Hermione.' He thought. 'For this little bit of peace and contact to the wide wizarding world.'

With trembling fingers he keyed his user name and his password and pressed enter, hoping that his friends were online this evening while he opened his usual site on the web.

Lumos-net ...

It actually was a word he had came up with, for he really could hope for a bit of light at the end of the tunnel that was his holiday each year, but Hermione was the one who was the owner of the site. He, Harry, surely would not be able to manage this added to somehow managing staying alive here at the Dursleys. Not that he had told Hermione anything, no, but there was no need to, he was sure she somehow knew. Some things at least. Well, the website, she had done it since last year and was quite used to it, she did not mind.

[justharry enters the room of requirement at 9:37 pm]

[justharry gets op-rights from the founders]

founders: hello justharry, nice to see you this evening ... want a coke ? ... |_| ...

Hermy: Hi justharry, how're you?

justharry: hi Hermy, *hugs* ... :-) … I'm fine, thanks, and you ?

justharry: hi gryffidean *wave* ... :-) … you're ok ?

Hermy: fine too. Anything new? Did the Dursleys give you a hard time today?

Harry wanted to write *laugh* for of course they did, but he didn't. Instead of this he checked the users list to greet the rest of the present students. Hermione was there, Dean, Colin and Dennis, and Justin.

justharry: hi ColCreev and DenCreev, *wave* … how are the both of you ?

justharry: hi hufflejustin *wave* … you're ok ?

gryffidean: of course, justharry. You?

justharry: oh, and hi founders … *patthebot'sshoulder*

ColCreev: hi justharry … fine, thanks

DenCreev: hi justharry … same answer than ColCreev … you?

justharry: has anyone else been already here ?

Hermy: no, justharry … we are the first …

gryffidean: hey, has anyone done Snape's essay yet? i am at a pure loss with this

justharry: not yet, gryffidean … ask Hermy, I am sure she already has …

Hermy: of course I'm done with it … but I won't help any of you before you did not at least try it by yourself

gryffidean: oh, fine, thanks Hermy … you are so kind …

justharry: stop arguing, Hermy and gryffidean and take a !coke instead … ^.~

founders: here, take a coke, directly from the fridge … |_| … nice and cool ...

justharry: !thanks founders

founders: you're welcome, justharry … anytime again …

Hermy: thanks justharry, :-)

gryffidean: thanks justharry, and sorry …

[Finnigan01 enters the room of requirement at 9:51 pm]

founders: hello Finnigan01, nice to see you this evening

justharry: hi Finnigan01 … *wave*

Hermy: hi Finnigan01

Finnigan01: hi everyone … have not much time … dad gave me a lot of trouble today because of yesterday :-(

ColCreev: why, Finnigan01, what was yesterday? Hi by the way

Finnigan01: well, I was online till one in the morning and dad found out

DenCreev: oh oh Finnigan01 …

Finnigan01: well, I just managed to talk my mum into allowing me a few minutes because slythadrian forgot the password to the room … though I told him and he promised he would come later I told mum that I had to get online to ask for the password. *lol* I am just glad that she does not know anything about computers, otherwise she would have known that I would not be able to come into the room without the password either.

justharry: ok, Finnigan01, don't worry … if not today, then maybe tomorrow …

Hermy: you really should not be on this late, Finnigan01, I mean, you did not even begin your homework

Finnigan01: oh, come on, Hermy …

gryffidean: Hermy! We have summer, and we have plenty of time left!

hufflejustin glares daggers at Hermy …

Finnigan01: however, sorry guys, but I have to leave unless I want my dad being really mad at me. I guess he wouldn't allow me to use the computer anytime soon again then. So I better leave now … bye all …

justharry: bye Finnigan01 ... 'till tomorrow evening

Hermy: bye Finnigan01, have a nice evening

gryffidean: bye Finnigan01 … sleep well

DenCreev: night Finnigan01

ColCreev: good night Finnigan01

hufflejustin: bye Finnigan01, see you tomorrow

[Finnigan01 leaves the room of requirement at 10:07 pm]

[Hermy leaves the room of requirement at 10:07 pm]

justharry: ^.~

gryffidean: What's with Hermy?

justharry: guess she lost connection

hufflejustin: flying hour …

DenCreev: *lol*

justharry: just come to Lumos-net airlines – your flight will be assured …

gryffidean: *lol*

[Hermy enters the room of requirement at 10:09 pm]

[Hermy gets op-rights from the founders]

founders: hello Hermy, nice to see you this evening. Want to read a good book?

justharry: welcome back, Hermy

DenCreev: re Hermy

ColCreev: re Hermy

gryffidean: hi back, Hermy

Hermy: thanks to you … damn connection …

DenCreev: hey, have I already told you, that mum made it? She got the job she made an application for

Hermy: hey, congratulations to her, DenCreev

gryffidean: yeah, congrats to her, DenCreev

Hermy: when will she begin to work in the hospital, DenCreev?

DenCreev: first of September … late shift … after my parents brought us to Kings Cross …

Hermy smiles

[Darkmaster enters the room of requirement at 10:14 pm]

founders: hello Darkmaster, nice to see you this evening

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, head of Slytherin house and former Death Eater, now spy to Dumbledore and the order of the phoenix, entered his private library at his manor and he visibly relaxed.

He had arrived earlier this day, but he had not had the time until now to sit here in this room.

At first he had made sure that the manor was fit to live in, what meant a lot of cleaning spells against the amount of dust here and there and – well, nearly everywhere, while his house elf Zilly had been cleaning out the kitchen and the bathroom, and then he had had to ensure that there was enough to eat so he would not have to go shopping during the next weeks. Ifthere was anything he really hated, then it was shopping.

After this he had taken a bath and then – well, Zilly had served dinner. But now, finally, he could enter his library, sit in the large armchair and watch the dancing of the flames in the fireplace, smell the books, the paper and the leather from the book covers, the wood from the shelves and he could allow himself to listen to the soft crackling of the flames, taking in the sight of all the shelves filled with old books and parchment scrolls.

He leaned forwards and took the tomb from the small table in front of the armchair and ran his fingers over the dark brown cover. 'Morgan le Fay and the secrets of Avalon'. A tomb he once …

No, he would not think of Lily now. Not now, not today. Well, ok, not now. Tonight would be another matter altogether, but at least not now, and with a resolved expression on his face he placed the book back at the table and stood, turning towards one of the shelves near the door, an evil grin on his face.

Yes, it was the summer holidays. And he knew what some of the students were up to.

Since more than three years now he owned the computer and he had found more than one of the students in the web. Students with one or both muggle-parents. He meanwhile knew of eight students there. Two of them had left Hogwarts just a week before, five would leave next year and one the year after. Four of them were Slytherins and they knew about him having a computer too. In fact, he quite often communicated with them this way during the holidays, writing electronic mails.

Well, next year this would be over. At least if his students would stop communicating with him this way after their graduation. What he was sure of. Who would by free will continue communicating with his old and snarky Potions Professor after leaving school?

Snorting he pressed the start button and waited until the computer required his user name and his password, typed both and opened his mailbox.

Well, he had a mail from Darren McKinsky three days old.

Opening it he shook his head. McKinsky was one of them who wrote to him during the holidays every week at Monday evening nine o'clock. Sharp. He could have set his alarm at this.

Arent, Cracksly and Elson, they wrote when they had news, or if they were bored, whenever they wanted. But McKinsky was … well, he was McKinsky …

Sighing he read the message, frowning the more he read.

'Dear Professor Snape,

I hope you arrived well at Snape Manor and settled in without any problems.

Here, there are no news, everything is as it was last year. Mother is still at St. Mungos and father still is drinking. But only in the nights, what I am glad for.

A few friends from the neighborhood did open a clubhouse during the last term and they invited me. I will take the offer at Saturday and have a look at what the clubhouse is about. It is in the parish hall, so I guess it cannot be that bad. At least not with alcohol and drugs or such stuff.

But I have something for you, try the following link:


There you will find a room called "the room of requirement".

The password to the site itself is "expecto patronum".

And the password to the room is "protegere spatium".

And from within the room you will have access to the profiles of the users who are in the room at that time. You only have to click at the name and then the button "profile".

Have fun with it, and as I know you, you will have it … but be careful, they can kick persons out of the room if they so wish. I guess you better do not tell them the fact that you are a teacher.

Sincerely yours,


Well … that indeed was interesting.

For a moment Snape debated with himself if he really should search out this room, he had his freedom for a few weeks after all without the unnerving presence of the students. But then, why not? He could always leave.

So he visited and after finding the room and giving the right password, he entered.

[Darkmaster enters the room of requirement at 10:14 pm]

founders: hello Darkmaster, nice to see you this evening

justharry: hi Darkmaster, nice to see a new face …

Hermy: hello Darkmaster, I never before saw you here

gryffidean: hi Darkmaster

ColCreev: hi Darkmaster

DelCreev: hello Darkmaster

hufflejustin: good evening, Darkmaster

Snape was surprised for a moment at the amount of greetings. He had tried such a chat room once, after Elson had invited him into one, but there the users had not been greeting him at all, besides of Elson himself. And now every present user was greeting him personally … that was … well, strange. Suddenly it hit him that maybe he should write back, something he had not been thinking of when he had entered the room. But well, he was here now, so he could play this game just as well. For now at least.

Darkmaster: Good evening everyone.

Darkmaster: And yes, obviously - I am a new face here, Justharry.

justharry: well, then welcome to the room of requirement, Darkmaster … :-)

Hermy: if you need help with anything here, or if you do have problems with anything, just address justharry or myself and we will help.

hufflejustin: Which house are you from, Darkmaster?

Darkmaster: Slytherin, Hufflejustin. And I do not have to ask from which house you are.

gryffidean: figures …

justharry: behave, gryffidean! Please!

gryffidean: just said figures …

justharry: and I just know you, gryffidean, let it be, please

Hermy: um, well, how did you learn of this room, Darkmaster? As we have to be careful so muggles do not stumble over this site, it is not a quite common chat room and we do not even use a dot but a hyphen so it is a bit more safe

Darkmaster: From another Slytherin student, Hermy. I guess you do not have a lot of them here.

ColCreev: not really

DenCreev: just two, besides of you now

Hermy: we do not have more Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws either. Maybe we will get more from other houses than just Gryffindor with time.

gryffidean: you have no profile yet, Darkmaster … i just went and had a look, your profile is empty …

Darkmaster: I just entered here, Gryffidean. Without really having the time to create a profile yet.

Hermy: it is not that important, Darkmaster. you can take your time with that. Just get a feeling for being here.

Darkmaster: I will do just this, Hermy, thank you.

Hermy: and would you finally mind writing not 'i' but 'I' … I mean, it's simple, gryffidean, you just have to use 'shift' to do so

Snape watched the conversation for a while, allowing his thoughts to run around the users of this chat room.

ColCreev surely was Collin Creevey, and DenCreev Dennis Creevey, that much was not hard to find out. Gryffindors.

Founders, well, he knew who the four founders of Hogwarts were, but surely no one would use those as a nickname for a chat room, thus he had no idea who the founders was, not even which house he or she attended as the term founders would stand for all four houses.

Gryffidean was a Gryffindor, and thus surely Dean Thomas, a fourth year now.

Hermy – well, he could not be sure. But as he guessed that justharry could be no other one than Harry Potter, he guessed that Hermy was Hermione Granger. He could be wrong though, but somehow he was sure that he was not.

And last bat not least, hufflejustin surely was Justin Finch-Fletchley.

What somehow disturbed him, was Potter. Using the nickname 'justharry'? And written with a small initial? What was exactly the reason why he had not been sure in the first place. But then – there was only one Harry at Hogwarts, and that was – Harry Potter. And together with Hermione Granger as Hermy, that figured.

But yet again. A nickname like 'justharry'? Just Harry? That somehow did not sit well with him. Not that he cared, he just did not understand.

And what he did not understand either, was the fact that they were friendly towards him, a stranger, a Slytherin no less. They did not know anything about him besides the fact that he was from Slytherin.

But honestly, there he followed the advise from Darren and visited this room, just to find out that none other than Bloody Potter was there too.

DenCreev: I'm done with today. Night Darkmaster, gryffidean, Hermy, hufflejustin and justharry

ColCreev: the same goes for me, night Darkmaster, gryffidean, Hermy, hufflejustin and justharry, till tomorrow

justharry: night ColCreev and DenCreev, sleep well

Hermy: good night the both of you, sleep well and have nice dreams

gryffidean: sleep well ColCreev and DenCreev, till tomorrow

hufflejustin: night you two …

Darkmaster: good night ColCreev and DenCreev

[ColCreev leaves the room of requirement at 10:47 pm]

[DenCreev leaves the room of requirement at 10:47 pm]

gryffidean: i'll be back in a moment, need something to drink

Hermy: bring me something too, gryffidean

gryffidean: ok, what do you want, Hermy?

Hermy: a coke

gryffidean: !coke

founders: here, take a coke, directly from the fridge … |_| … nice and cool …

gryffidean: *lol*

Hermy: *rofl* … thanks

hufflejustin: that's it …

gryffidean: that's what, hufflejustin?

hufflejustin: I just finished the transfigurations essay for McGonagall

gryffidean: uargh … you are as crazy as Hermy, hufflejustin

Darkmaster: You are just one week into the holidays and already make your homework, Hufflejustin? That sounds more like a Ravenclaw than like a Hufflepuff.

hufflejustin: of course, Darkmaster … it has to be done, hasn't it? So better get over with it. I am sure Hermy has completed her homework already

Hermy: of course I have. So I have plenty of time to look over the books for the new school year as soon as the list arrives

gryffidean: you are crazy Hermy … :-p ...

Darkmaster: Well, I have a question.

Hermy: then just ask, Darkmaster

Darkmaster: Why are you all using the full written nickname? Wouldn't Justin be much more easy to write than Hufflejustin and Dean much more easy than Gryffidean? And so on? This is a bit long-winded with time.

Hermy: well, not really, Darkmaster. We use the full nick, because just then the addressed person sees the sentence in a red color instead of just black, so the addressed person knows even without paying full attention to the conversation that someone had been asking a question directed to him or her

justharry: and you do not have to write the full name either, Darkmaster … just write the first two letters and then press the tab key and the name will be completed by itself. You do not even have to regard capitalization

Darkmaster: I am quite impressed. That simplifies things.

Hermy: It does

[slythadrian enters the room of requirement at 10:59]

founders: hello slythadrian, nice to see you this evening.

justharry: hi slythadrian … :-) …

Hermy: hello slythadrian, nice to see you today. You missed yesterday, it was quite funny

slythadrian: hi Darkmaster, gryffidean, Hermy, hufflejustin and justharry … yes, I did not have time yesterday evening. My father was at home.

Hermy: *liftsaneyebrow* I hope you did not get into trouble, slythadrian?

hufflejustin: hi slythadrian

Darkmaster: Good evening, slythadrian

slythadrian: no, Hermy, not really. But thanks

justharry: ^.~

gryffidean: hi slythadrian

slythadrian: what, justharry?

Justharry: nothing, slythadrian

slythadrian: o.O

slythadrian: a new face … Darkmaster … what house from?

Darkmaster: The same as yours, slythadrian.

hufflejustin: however, I'm going … till tomorrow, Darkmaster, gryffidean, Hermy, justharry and slythadrian

Hermy: night hufflejustin, see you tomorrow

gryffidean: night hufflejustin

slythadrian: good night, hufflejustin

Darkmaster: Good night, hufflejustin.

slythadrian: hey, know the newest? Pansy Parkinson has a computer now too. I just wanted to ask you if I may invite her to this room

Hermy: of course, slythadrian, you can invite whomever you want, as long as it is a witch or a wizard. It would do no good if the muggles knew about the wizarding world

slythadrian: yes, I just thought I ask, I mean, we are Slytherins after all. And this is your room

justharry: you do not have to ask, slythadrian, and you should know that. here we are all the same.

Hermy: well, this is our room, yes, but that does not mean that only we are allowed in here. Where would be the fun? Do you think justharry and me do want to sit in here alone? That was the reason why we created this room after all. In here we can forget our houses for a bit and be friends.

slythadrian: yes, you said so when I first visited … nevertheless ...

Darkmaster: That may be a noble reason, Hermy, but not everyone would share your way of thinking.

Hermy: well, if they think otherwise, then they are quite at the wrong place in here and should open their own room, Darkmaster. We do not care from which house the other users in here come. As long as no bad blood is spilled. This room should be a place of peace and rest for every member. And there are quite some who are in need of such a place during the summer

Darkmaster: What do you mean by this, Hermy?

Hermy: it is not my place to tell anything, Darkmaster. Maybe someday you will learn it from those members themselves

Hermy: Finnigan01 told us you forgot the password. He used it as an excuse to come by for at least a few minutes

slythadrian: yes. I made a note and placed it under my keyboard, but somehow it got lost. Well, and Finnigan01 got in quite a trouble with his father after he found out he was on till one in the morning

Hermy: I told him to go to bed earlier. But he wanted to finish some games he was playing

slythadrian: yes, I know. I never knew what he found so fascinating with those games

gryffidean: well, they are games … and games ARE funny

Hermy: justharry?

justharry: hm ?

Hermy: you are a bit quiet this evening, justharry. Are you ok?

justharry: yeah, fine, just tired, Hermy

Hermy: you did not answer my question earlier, justharry

justharry: ^.~ … just forget it, Hermy, ok ? I'm fine …

slythadrian: .oO( of course, and I am a pink rabbit )

gryffidean: *lol*

[justharry leaves the room of requirement at 11:19]

Hermy: damn!

slythadrian: O.o

gryffidean: ups?

gryffidean: surely the connection

slythadrian: I highly doubt that

gryffidean: but Harry never leaves without a word

Hermy: I should have left him alone, that's all

gryffidean: well, he'll be back tomorrow evening

slythadrian: ^.~

Hermy: I hope

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

Shortly after that slythadrian had left the channel and not long after Snape had made his farewell too and had left the both remaining Gryffindors alone. He had learned quite enough this evening.

At first, there was Darren McKinsky. A student in his house who had sent him a mail with the information on the room of requirement. He had been reading between the lines when he had read the mail.

Darren had mentioned that his mother still was in St. Mungos and that his father was still drinking, but luckily only during the nights.

What Darren had not mentioned was that his father would beat him then.

He had seen marks of beatings last year. Not enough that he would have had enough evidence to get the boy out of there. Not enough that Darren would not find excuses. But he had seen them. And he had seen enough beaten children in his carrier as a teacher and as head of Slytherin, that he knew those kind of marks well enough.

So he now knew that Darren had a rough summer ahead of him and he considered to check on the boy during the next weeks. It was after all a common thing that he visited the families of his students from time to time during the holidays. It would not look odd if he made a visit at the McKinskys during the holidays now.

Well, and then he had learned that there was a chat room named the 'room of requirement'. Run by Granger and Potter. Gryffindors. Yet – they both seemed to be comfortable with having students of other houses there as well, even the Slytherins. And Potter having a nickname he never would have dreamed of. Just Harry.

Then he had learned that Adrian Pucey, one of his Slytherin students, was a member of this room too, and that he was well integrated into the group as it seemed.

Yet – there were some things … Adrian's comment for example, that he did not manage to visit the room because of his father being at home ... then Granger's comment 'I hope you did not get into trouble' … the raised eyebrow of Potter by Adrian's denial … well, he would have to make another visit soon, and he would keep an eye on Adrian.

Then – Potter.

Granger had asked why he was quiet this evening. Potter had answered he was fine and Granger then had demanded an answer to a question asked earlier to which Potter had repeated that he was fine. And this time it had been Adrian who had reacted in a manner not believing Potter. After then Potter had left without a word, unlikely him according to Mr. Thomas.

Well, Adrian and Granger had known something, as before Potter had known something about Adrian.

Yes, he really would visit again, and he really would have an eye at them, first of all at Adrian.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

To be continued

Next time in The room of requirement

To learn how to have a private dialogue.

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