The room of requirement


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Fourth year at Hogwarts


Hermione Granger is Hermy. Harry Potter is justharry. And Severus Snape is the Darkmaster. What is wrong with the witches and wizards during the summer holiday after third year?


Did you see Severus alive at the end of 'The deathly hallows' ? no ?

Do you think I would have had him died if I had written those books ? no ?

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M – Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16

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Story contains references to child abuse.

Child abuse is a really, really serious and evil thing, and whenever you meet someone, child or adult, who shows any signs – whichever - of once being abused, then try to help … there are too much humans in our world who are or had been mistreated.

what does not mean I am not as evil as I pretend to be … ^.~ … believe me - I am …

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Previously in The room of requirement

"Furthermore, I expect you to abide by the instructions I allocate." He then said. "I need to be able trusting you, Harry, that you do as I say and that you do so immediately and without arguing as I can assure you – whatever I will order you, I will have a reason behind my order, and it could be that it is an order that might safe your sorry behind."

"Know." The boy mumbled, averting his eyes and startling the Potions Master for the umpteenth time this afternoon.

The room of requirement

Chapter thirty-one

More than I could ask for


He slowly stood up the moment Nolan had released him and followed Severus out to the hall. They had to stop every few flights of steps for Harry to rest, but once Harry stepped out into the hospital gardens and the soft wind blew against his face, he knew that the heaviness in his chest and the weakness in his legs and arms, the slight pain in his back were all worth it while he stood there for a moment, just now realizing how much he had missed being outside.

"Sit down for a moment." The Potions Master said, extending his hand towards one of the benches that stood around the large garden. "You will need a bit more of your strength until we are at home and we do have enough time."

He didn't answer, not really knowing what he was to say – or not to say – and a moment later the older wizard that had become his father sat down beside him.

"You seemed angry at Nolan's terms and conditions earlier." Snape said, not even looking at him but leaning back on the bench and looking ahead, into the direction of the far away mountains, his arms crossed in front of his chest and his legs stretched comfortably in front of him. As if he were sitting with a teenager every day, asking him awkward questions.

"He thinks that I'm ill." He sighed frustrated. He hated it being ill and weak and he even more hated it if someone, anyone, knew about how ill and weak he was, knowing that nothing good ever came out of people knowing.

"Well, you are ill, Harry." Snape simply stated, gently but matter of factly.

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"I hate it!" The boy beside him murmured. "I hate it being ill!"

"I know, but ignoring that you are ill won't help you to get better." He softly answered. "We will have to work on your poor health together and then we hopefully will get the upper hand over this eventually."

"I'm sorry." The boy whispered miserably. "That I'm such a bother, I mean. That you have to look after me now. I mean, it sure like hell would be easier if I weren't so damn ill and weak and you didn't have to look after me and …"

Lifting his eyebrow at the boy's swearing he shook his head, deciding that he would ignore it this time. The child had taken all that had been thrown at him without any complain so far, only now stating that he hated it and surely any child that was in the same predicament as was Harry, was allowed to resort to foul language once in a while. It was only normal that the child allowed himself to vent in frustration he surely must feel upon his pains and fears.

"Child," he gently said, his eyebrow still lifted, "you have annoyed me throughout the years with your disobedience and after curfew wanderings. Trust me, in comparison with that, this here is very little bother."

Well, at least the child smiled at his words – for a moment, before Harry's face shuttered up and the smile disappeared from his face. Yes, it would be going to be a long and hard year for them and Severus just hoped that he would not be alone at the end of it. Looking at the forlorn boy he knew that adopting this particular child had been the right course to take.

"I am however sure that a fourteen year old boy would want to show a bit more considerate words in future than you just showed, Harry." The man then smirked, looking down at the child sitting beside him.

"Fourteen?" The boy asked, looking up at him with a startled expression on his face.

"Hmm." He made taking the child on his shoulders and pulling him close. "As it seems, you have not realized that today is the last day of July and therefore your birthday. I however do suggest that we celebrate it tomorrow as I am sure you will be very tired the moment we arrive back at Prince Manor."

Well, the haunted look in Harry's eyes did not disappear, it never did, but at least the half smile and the shy look were back, for how ever long it would last – but right now, it was a blessing to Severus's upset mind and he allowed his hand to reach up to mess the boy's unruly black hair, causing the boy to look at him startled before his smile even brightened a little bit.

"Alright, shall we go home now?" He then asked and after receiving a nod from the boy he got off the bench, extending his hand towards the boy and then pulling him up until he stood, allowing the child to keep a grip on his arm while they slowly walked towards the gates that led from the hospital's ground.

The slow and unsure steps the boy took told him enough, not only about the tiredness, but about the unsureness and the fear the child felt as well, fear that he could stumble and fall on the uneven ground out here, just like the death like grip the boy had on his arm told him enough about the pain the boy apparently was in at every step he took and he was glad the moment they had left the park around St. Mungos and had reached the small side road where he had parked the car, startling the boy when he unlocked the door of a black Voyager that surely had seen better days.

"Sir?" The boy asked, looking up at him as if he were from a different universe.

"Your magical core has been affected dangerously by illness and there is no playing around with such." He explained while opening the passenger's door for the boy to get in. "I have had no other chance than bringing you to the hospital via floo, seeing that every second had counted, but there is no need for such haste right now and I won't risk using such an amount of magic like flooing, port keying or apparition with your core at the present time. And now get in, Harry." He added, waiting for the boy to get inside the car and then closing the door before he rounded the vehicle and got behind the steering wheel.

"Fasten your seat belt." The Potions Master said and Harry dared a glance over at the man.

He meanwhile had accepted that Snape had a computer and apparently knew how to use it, even in a chat room – what gave him a small smile when he thought at Hermione, Adrian and the others in the room of requirement, knowing that he would have to wait until after the holidays to see them again. Surely Snape wouldn't allow him using his computer and his uncle surely had destroyed his laptop by now.

The thought of Snape however driving a car, it definitely was the most strange thing he had seen lately – except of Snape adopting him, Harry Bloody Potter, and for another moment he just blinked before doing as he'd been told and even after that – he couldn't help watching the man starting the car. Not to mention that he actually was able to watch, seeing that Snape had allowed him at the front seat. Uncle Vernon absolutely never would have allowed him at the front seat, never mind what and the entire situation was so very strange, he couldn't grasp it.

He watched the Potions Master driving the vehicle with a sureness that surely stemmed from practice, and he still was barely able to comprehend the situation.

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It was more than half an hour later that he steered the blasted car into the driveway of Prince Manor, glad for once that he had built it back then when Charley had asked him to. Not to mention that he actually was glad that he had kept the car.

Of course it had cost him quite an effort to really use it now, but he knew that he had barely any other chance. He wouldn't risk using any more magic in the boy's presence than absolutely necessary and any magical means of transportation was quite a large amount of powerful magic, nothing that would do any good to Harry's core.

Parking the Voyager in front of the large barn he left the car and then opened the boy's door who sat there, still blinking at him in shock. He had calmed down somewhat on their way to the Manor, but now that the car stood the boy was back to being shocked, apparently.

"Come now, child." He softly said, able to watch the shocked expression shifting from the fact of him, Snape, driving a car to him, Snape, calling the boy a child, even if the child should have gotten used to this by now. It wasn't the first time after all that he did. "We are at home and it is time to get you inside. It has been a long day and if you really wish to celebrate your birthday tomorrow, then I suggest you rest now."

Extending his hand he helped the boy leaving the car before throwing the door shut and then leading the boy over the pebbled path, their steps crunching softly on the pebbles and again the could feel the boy having a death grip on his arm, the steps unsure and careful, as if he knew exactly that he could fall otherwise.

Harry silently cursed himself for his need to walk slowly and watch his steps, for his fear that he could slip on the small pebbles and fall, and he actually had to force himself to get his eyes off the pebbly path, to look up at the house, and the moment he finally did look up, he gasped as he took in the sight in front of him.

An old seventeenth Century manor lay in front of him, complete with two wings in the east and west sides of the courtyard while the large main house faced the south. He easily could count three different levels above ground and he was sure that there was at least one level underground while he could see a large dome on the top of the roof from the west wing.

A large circular stone fountain was situated in the centre of the courtyard, flowing, sunlight sparkling in the water spray and the same bright, nearly white pebbly paths led around it, towards the house and across bright green lawns. One seemed to vanish behind the house while another one seemed to lead into a small wood of some sort.

The Potions Master led the boy around the fountain to the large front doors. He didn't mind adapting to the slower pace of the boy and he nearly smiled at the large eyes and the astonished facial expressions the child looked around with.

"You never have seen Prince Manor from the outside." He softly said. "I rarely stay here, but it has been in the family for generations and is one of the safest places in Britain, with layers upon layers of protective wards woven around it. The Dark Lord does not know where it is, nor does Dumbledore – although he is aware of its existence."

"It's beautiful." Was all the boy softly said, nearly whispered and he couldn't help agreeing.

"It is." He just as softly answered, just the moment when one side of the double winged entrance doors opened and none other than Minerva McGonagall stepped out of the building, while at the same time the boy's knees buckled and gave way, the child giving away a small startled gasp.

He relinquished his grip on Harry's arm and caught him by the waist as he sunk towards the floor, placed a hand under Harry's knees and he simply pulled the too much underweight boy into his arms. Gently and with a sure footing he made his way towards the house and then up the wide flight of stony stairs.

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The transfiguration professor awaited them at the top of the stairs, her face creased with concern as she glanced down at the boy held in Severus' arms.

She had known that he would bring the boy home today and she hadn't been able to keep herself from coming to visit, allowing herself into the man's manor.

She wouldn't do so normally, even if she knew that she still was keyed into the wards, that she still was the only one except of Herbaceous VanHarkins who was keyed into the wards, that she was allowed to visit the manor whenever she wished, but she never had done so in all those years, because she had known what a large amount of trust Severus showed her in allowing her that much. But she hadn't been able to keep herself from doing so today.

She hadn't seen the boy since he was at St. Mungos, since he had left Hogwarts for the summer holidays actually, and what Severus had told her, it had sounded really serious. Not to mention that she knew – normally people rarely were at St. Mungos for such a long time and if they were to stay so long, then it really was very serious indeed. And it just had added to this knowledge when she had looked out of the window expectantly, seeing Severus arriving in Charley's car in order to avoid using any kind of powerful magic in the boy's presence.

The picture of the Potions Master carrying the boy that seemed too small in the man's arms suddenly and the man doing so without any efforts, carrying the teenager as if he were a small child that weighed nothing, it didn't calm her worries at all, on the contrary.

"Good evening, Severus." She softly said, holding open the door for the younger man. "I have asked Zilly to prepare a light dinner already. I hope you are amenable with this."

"Thank you Minerva." The man answered. "And yes I am."

For a moment she wondered if she should address Harry as well, but the boy had turned in Severus' arms, hiding his face in the man's robe and it was clear that he was embarrassed upon having broken down – but Merlin! The boy was ill and surely he would understand that an ill person shouldn't be ashamed of breaking down and having to be carried. And surely not if it was a child like this boy being ill as he was – but well, she sighed heavily, the boy was just as stubborn in those regards as was Severus.

Minerva opened the door into the sitting room and Severus lowered the boy onto the sofa, aware that his arms had hardly tired, another remainder that the boy was so much lighter than he ought to be and he silently swore while he took a blanket from the backrest of the sofa, spread it over the small form.

A moment later Zilly popped into the living room, announcing that dinner was already prepared.

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Dinner itself had been a rather calm affair.

Neither he nor Minerva had been ready to make any deep conversation concerning the real reason of Minerva's visit, namely the boy's health, and so the topics had been about the upcoming school year, about the new lesson plans, about his new post and about whom appointing the new Slytherin head of house and potions teacher.

Minerva had suggested Slughorn, what had caused him to actually laugh out loud, startling Harry in the act and he had shaken his head.

"Nice joke, Minerva." He had said then, ignoring the still owlishly large eyes of the boy who goggled at him startled.

"It hasn't been a joke, Severus." The idiot woman smiled at him. "Slughorn's been a Slytherin, he's been the head of Slytherin before you, and he's a Potions Master."

"Slughorn has his head stuck as deep in the asses of any influential witch or wizard as possible and I always have wondered how he got it in and out of all those rectal areas as often as he needs." He had said, electing a chocked gasp from Harry and a shocked "Severus!" from Minerva.

Well, he hadn't cared, just reminded Harry to not repeat his words in any means, added with a stern look at the boy who quickly had nodded at him with still large eyes. A few minutes later however the boy had started to suppress sniggers at his earlier words and for a moment he had wondered if it had taken the boy's brain so long to comprehend his words or if it had been the boy's shock taking hold of him for so long.

"You are allowed to laugh in this house, Harry." He had said at one point or another. "If I had not wanted to hear laugher in this house then I never would have adopted a child to begin with. Seeing however that I have, you are most welcomed to do just this."

And the boy had done, laughed, if only just softly, but he had. It had been enough for him at that particular moment.

An hour later he had brought the boy to his room.

"I suggest that you – slowly, mind you – prepare for bed." He had told the boy then. "I do not wish you to leave your room alone before I cannot be sure that you won't fall down the stairs and break your neck in the act, and I do not wish you to go to the bathroom alone either for now. If it is not my person you ask for assistance, I expect you to call for Zilly who will be glad being able to help you. I expect you to move slowly and to keep close to the furniture so you have something to hold onto if needed. I have prepared a shrunken pyjama for you to dress into and in the bathroom you will find a toothbrush, a washcloth and anything else you might need. If something is missing, then just ask Zilly and he will be of help. I will be back to have a look in on you later."

"Do you have any news, Severus?" Minerva asked the moment he came back down to the large parlour.

"Concerning what, Minerva?" He asked back after a moment he had needed to get himself back to reality and sat back down opposite the woman. "The blasted tournament, my new post or Harry's condition? You will have to be a bit more clear."

"Concerning Harry of course." The blasted woman said. "I have never seen you like this, Severus. You seem to care so very deeply for the boy, it nearly is startling."

For a moment he wanted to seethe at the woman, to tell her that he didn't care about anyone and surely not about that blasted brat, but then he remembered what had happened when he had claimed the same thing towards Nolan, that he wouldn't care, having been so sure that Harry had been asleep but the boy having heard his words.

No, he would not do the same mistake twice, never mind how embarrassing the blasted woman was with her accusation.

"Loath as I am to admit it, Minerva, yes I do care." He growled at the woman. "And deeply so."

"He isn't as ill as I heard Nolan saying, is he?" She asked and he could see the hope in her eyes. "I mean, surely I do know of his magical core being damaged so badly, but all the other things I have heard Nolan speaking about …"

"I do not know what exactly you have heard, Minerva, but let me assure you, there was enough damage done to the boy that I can say for certain that he would not have seen the sunset again if he had stayed any longer in this particular household." He said, taking a deep breath. "If he had managed to last until its rises, that is. He very nearly didn't survive until now even with both, Nolan and myself working on him to heal a majority of his injuries and keeping him stable." He then added, his face softening a bit. "That child does not know how much he had come to mean to me, and neither does he know how scared I am for him. Not even after I have heard of the attack on Lily's house have I been this scared as I am now and I do not know how one innocent boy can raise such feelings within me. It scares me more than I am ready to admit." He finally said, his expression softening another notch and a haunted look appeared in his eyes for a brief moment before he slammed a blank mask over his face again.

"I do understand, my dear Severus." Minerva sighed, leaning back in her armchair. "But if I understood Nolan correctly, then there isn't anything that could be done at all, is it?"

"I fear no." He said. "We of course will prolong it as long as possible, but in the end it won't change anything. His core is cracked and he will get weaker with time, his magic will leave him through those cracks and in the end he will die, never what."

"How long does he really have, Severus?" Minerva asked, her voice very quiet and he took a deep breath.

"I cannot answer you this question because I do not know an answer to it myself." He then said. "It might be a week, it might be a month, it might be a year, maybe even two years or three but – surely he won't see adulthood. But well, for now he will have to simply regain a bit of his earlier strength, meaning that he will need to rest and to eat, and that he will have to do physical exercises. On Friday afternoons he will visit St. Mungos for regular check ups as well as for one or another therapy. We do not know which he will be able to take, but I would suggest something like drawing or music. Anything that could help him dealing with what had been done to him."

"Do you think he will accept it?" She asked and he frowned.

"I will not raise any false hopes in saying that it will be easy as surely he will start fighting over one or another point, but he will have no other chance than partaking in the therapy. He may give different therapies a chance, I won't deny him that in ordering him into one specific, but he will partake in one or another or he will get into trouble with me."

"Do you think it is wise to try and force him?" Minerva asked, frowning.

"Of course not." He said, running a tired hand over his just as tired face. "But what other chance to I have? We do not have enough time to sit by and discussing things over and over again until the child sees reason and while it surely won't safe his life in the end, it nevertheless might help saving his life for a bit longer and I will take any day, week or month I can." Taking a deep breath he got off the armchair he was sitting in.

"If you excuse me for a while, it is late and I will have to get Harry ready for bed." He then said.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

"Are you ready for bed now, Harry?" Severus asked upon entering the boy's room, frowning at the boy sitting in the armchair in front of the desk instead of in bed. "You look tired."

"Am tired." The boy murmured and he nodded.

"Lay down then, and try to sleep." He softly said, taking the boy on his upper arm and pulling him up from the armchair, leading him over to the bed. "And except for short trips to the bathroom, I do expect you to stay in said bed for the next few days as long as there is no assistance present from my person."

"What?" The boy asked then, looking up at him startled.

"I am sure you have heard me correctly, Harry." He said, scowling. "You will stay in bed for the next few days as long as there is no assistance present in form of my person. I will of course take you to the downstairs halls for meals and for reading as well as I will take you outside for short walks in the garden, but generally the most thing you need at the present time is rest."

He turned towards the chair where the boy had placed his clothes to fold them when he heard murmur coming from the boy, a soft "I think I'd rather be back at Privet Drive than stuck in this bloody bed for a few days or maybe even weeks" and a moment later Snape had turned towards the boy almost even before Harry had finished his sentence, his eyes flashing dangerously at the stupid declaration.

"Have you any Idea just how close to death I have found you at this particular house?" He asked, his voice a dangerous growl. "Have you any idea how much work we put in, just to keep you alive after that bastard had his hands on you? Or do you really have no care whatsoever for your own general wellbeing?"

"I … I didn't mean … I just …" The boy stammered, looking startled and miserable, scared, for all he could tell, like a lost and frightened little child that had done something without even knowing what he had done but feeling sorry and miserable over it all the same.

"I can understand that you do not like staying in bed." He softly said, sitting down at the edge of said bed and pulling the blanket up over the boy's shoulders. "No child would like this, what is the reason as to why I just told you – I will take you for short walks outside in the gardens, and I will take you downstairs for meals and to the library maybe later when you are better. This is not a game, Harry." He then added seriously. "You are ill, and you are seriously ill. I will not having you risking your own life just because you do not wish to stay in bed. I expect you to do as you are told and to just stay in bed while no one is around you."

"Yes, sir." The boy murmured and apparently this time he couldn't stop the tears from falling, the thin shoulders shaking with silent sobs – and a moment later the boy quite suddenly and unexpectedly threw himself into the Potions Master's arms, the older wizard slowly wrapping his arms around the teenager, sighing for a moment over the emotional up and down of the child.

When he had first decided to care for the boy, it had been mostly to redeem himself in his own eyes and to become someone who did not resemble his father in any ways. Now it had nothing to do with that anymore, now he was truly getting attached to the child. The boy was far braver than he had ever known, far kinder and the child held no arrogance whatsoever.

For a moment Severus remembered the look on Potter's face when he had held his hand for the first time in the infirmary and the look of pure happiness when he had been sitting with the boy, reading him a story, such a small thing as sitting with the child and reading him a story, to a fourteen year old teenager. It only was proof of how needy this child was without ever asking for anything and he knew – those moments were true and those moment, they had broken through his hard outer shell and touched him.

Now he just had to fix this mess he had made with Potter throughout the past few years. He needed to show the boy that he wasn't going to hurt him, and that he wasn't going to leave him either, that they would work through hard times together, that he wouldn't let the boy fighting for his life alone and without his help.

But how would the boy being able to let his guard down and trust him? He knew he had to do something more than just taking the boy to meals and to short walks to make up for this – but he was ready to do more, he was ready to really care for the child.

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"Is he asleep?" Minerva asked the moment Severus came back into the large parlour and she nearly chuckled when the man only nodded at her tersely. She knew the man well enough now and she knew that – well, most likely, and as strange as it was, had Potter fallen asleep in the Potions Master's arms. A thought that was rather amusing and she nearly chuckled for a moment. But then she got serious again and pointed at the table where the evening edition of the Daily Prophet lay, delivered just moments ago by a ginger owl from the publishing house.

"Is it what I fear it is?" He asked, and she nodded, knowing what he meant, namely the report about Harry Potter being in hospital.

"I still don't know how they have managed getting in there, no one told anything about that."

"The hospital guards had been letting in the reporters the moment Nolan and Hotaru had left the room for Nolan's office to discuss Harry's condition and further treatment." Severus said and she frowned. "They must have informed them via patronus that they could visit as only the auror was in the room and then they have disappeared when the reporters arrived."

"Have they been found?" She asked, worried over the fact that guards from St. Mungos had let the reporters in. "Because there is no information on them in this blasted report Skeeter wrote." They were supposed to keep the patients, never mind who the patients were, safe, it was their job to keep them safe! And now the knowledge that they hadn't, that they maybe even had been corrupted, it startled her, if she had to be honest.

"Yes." Severus answered and she gave a satisfied nod. "Moody said they have been arrested already and there will be a trial at the beginning of next week."

"At least." She sighed. It wouldn't do for them to get away with betraying the trust placed in them without getting punished. "The article is from Skeeter, has she been amongst those imbeciles? It just would be like her."

"No, she has not been, and luckily for her as she does reside in my bad books at the present time anyway already." Severus growled darkly and again she was reminded that those, the man chose to take under his protection, well, he would protect them with his life and anyone messing around was in danger of losing his or her life by his hands.

"Would you like to read the article?" She asked, frowning worriedly.

"No, not now at least." Severus answered. "I have had a rather good day. I have brought Harry home safely and considering his condition, he is well today. That is more than I could ask for and I do not wish to have my good mood destroyed by a bloody article in the daily prophet. I will read it tomorrow morning."

"Hmm." She made, leaning back and allowing herself to relax in Severus' company. It was a rare occasion that the man admitted being in a good mood and it was a relaxing thought that he did so right now.

Not to mention that she nearly felt at home, here at Prince Manor.

Maybe she would send a patronus to Muriel to inform her that she wouldn't be home tonight, she smirked to herself for a moment. Not that she really thought Severus would by free will start their abandoned relationship anew, but well, surely one night wouldn't hurt, would it? And the thought of having the younger wizard all for herself for the night – it was a thought that wasn't so unpleasant.

Just maybe.

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To be continued

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The first day at home for Harry and a few rules that has to be set

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