Twenty-one days


evil minded


Fourth year at Hogwarts


Death Eaters besiege Hogwarts. A spell from Dumbledore is going astray. A cauldron explodes during potions class. And the old castle unfolds its own magic. Can some students survive the next twenty-one days?


Did you see Severus alive at the end of 'The deathly hallows'? no?

Do you think I would have had him died if I had written those books? no?

Then you know that 'Harry Potter' does not belong to me … nor does Severus … regrettably … he belongs to J. K. Rowling …


M – Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16

Author's Notes:

Uhm … ok … I have to admit … English is not my language by birth … so … please do not kill me while reading … neither for the bad English I use, nor for what I am writing …


Story contains references to child abuse.

Child-abuse is a really serious thing, it is an evil thing and there are a lot of children in our world that really would need help without being helped, and closing our eyes and pretending it does not exist, is no solution …

I only say - remind yourself of your feelings, of your sympathy, and of your understanding … and handle people, children as well as adults, which are showing any signs - whichever - of once being abused … with understanding and with help …

what does not mean I am not as evil as I pretend to be … ^.~ … believe me - I am …

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Previously in twenty-one days

"Eat!" He softly ordered, his voice however not allowing contradictions. "And eat slowly. Use the spoons." He knew how tired they were and that most of them probably wouldn't bother eating anything, their tiredness, their exhaustion overshadowing their hunger that had become something they had gotten used to anyway, but he also knew how important it was. "You do not have to finish it, but I want you to at least try it." Not only was it important that they ate something at all, but that they ate together right now. They had survived together, and they should end this together. "And if you feel sick, then just say so and I will give you a stomach potion."

He watched them eating, spooning their soup, broth only, but it was good to know that they were able to eat something, that they actually had something to eat. Not everyone was out of the woods yet, he knew, and his gaze wandered over Harry and Theodore, brushed even Draco, Tracy and Parvati, but they actually had real chances now. They would survive, he just had to believe in it, just like he had believed that they would make it out of the dungeons alive.

Twenty-one days

A few days more


Some of you have asked me to place a note here at "Twenty-one days" the moment I will publish the sequel "A few days more" and as I am an obedient author … *loool* about that … I hereby inform you that:

In a few minutes I will publish "A few days more" here at ff … you will reach the story by visiting my profile

Once more I do thank all of you for reading "21 days", for reviewing "21 days" and for showing so much and deep emotions while reading and reviewing … may the sequel be as successful as was this story here … thank you …

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September 13th, 2013

Dear readers,

just wish to inform you about another story – "… and sit a while with me …" – which will shortly start on the Profile of mrs. trabi here on fanfiction.

you will find some known persons in this story, and you will find one or another known incident in the story because the author of the story is me, even though I am posting this story not on my own profile but on my daughter's, and for several reasons so – one of it being because it's a rather unique story compared to my others.

more details you will learn while visiting mrs. trabi's profile:

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To be continued in "A few days more":

"Oh, shut it, you threefold blasted idiot!" The Potions Master growled at the man before looking down at the boy and slowly taking his hand from the rash Gryffindor's mouth. "Hereweald Hrothgar is a very old and a very close friend of mine and he of course did not imply that the past twenty-one days have been anyone's fault at all. He just is unable of keeping this blasted mouth of his and behaves in ways so one might think he would have been a bloody Gryffindor had he attended Hogwarts. So there will be no need to get overly emotional over anything he is giving away – as much as I appreciate your thoughtfulness, child."

House cup:

At the present time it looks like this:

708 - Gryffindor - Head of House: Catlady

701 - Slytherin - Head of House: evil minded

576 - Ravenclaw - Head of House: Arithmancy Master

340 - Hufflepuff - Head of House: still a free post