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Bella POV

Once again, Alice, the evil pixie from the Beauty Parlor of Hell, has kidnapped me from my nice warm bed and forced her wrath upon me. Three hours! Three hours for a damned makeover. I have been teased, waxed, trimmed, fluffed, painted, dolled-up, and dressed! My eyebrows hurt, my legs hurt, and my freakin' coochie hurts! I understand Alice's concern, but I have months before I'm turned; so, I don't see the point of waxing now, when I just need to do it again later. Evil pixie!

And every time I would complain, Alice would just say, "This is for Edward, think of what will happen when he sees you. All chastity will be out the window in a heartbeat." Or my personal favorite, "Bella, beauty is pain. Right, Rose?" Grr.

And of course, Rose agreed, "She's right, Bella. I remember when I was human; it was an all-day, everyday thing. Back then girls' main priority was to catch a husband; and some of the beauty treatments then were horrible. Thank god lye isn't used much anymore. The smell used to make me sick."


I really don't stand a chance between those two. After removing all of my body hair and giving me sex hair, Alice did my make-up and forced me in a barely there, see-through baby doll, and locked me in Edward's room to await his arrival. So here I am, a hairless, half- naked Bella.

"This is crap, Ali. At least give me something to read if you're going to lock me in here." I yelled through the door.

"It's for your own good, if you leave the room you'll be too tempted to change. Hold on..." Alice yelled back.




"Geeze, Bella, I said hold on," Alice said as she inched opened the door to hand me a book through the crack. "Here is a pretty good book. Anyways, don't worry, it's definitely out of your norm but you'll like it. I can see it."

Taking the book from Alice, I walked over towards the new bed. I walked around the bed to get a closer look at it, skimming my fingers along the silken duvet. Cullens never half-ass anything, especially Edward. So it makes since that he of all people would get Egyptian cotton sheets, for a person who will hardly ever use them. Ha! Clutching the book in my hand I jumped up on the bed and pulled myself up. Holy crap! How tall is this bed? I always wanted a 'Princess and the Pea' bed, but I think I'm going to need a step stool.

Throwing myself down in the middle of the bed, I sunk into the covers and looked at my book. Erotica? You've got to be fucking kidding me! I can't read this in a house full of vampires. Okay it's only the girls; but still, they hear everything! Then again, Edward will be home soon and, if everything goes right, things won't be quiet then.

Opening to the first page, I froze. Alice said 'I'll like it'. Does that mean she saw something? Throwing that thought aside, I started to read.

"We were supposed to meet in public, not have sex in public."

Erin's voice, sultry and breathy, wrapped around Michael Rourke-tempting, rich, and classy, like sweaty sex on hot silk sheets. The subtle note of warning in it made him grin- carefully, to hide the tips of his retracted fangs.

He brushed his knuckles against Erin's outer thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. "No, love, I'm not going to make love to you here."

I love it when Edward calls me love. His voice is like velvet, I can just imagine his voice whispering naughty things in my ear. Umm...

His emerald-green eyes glinted in the soft amber light of the pub, and he caught the flash of disappointment. She was excited, he knew, despite the way she glanced at other tables to ensure no one was looking their way. "Then what do you plan to do?"

Michael unfurled his fingers to cup her bare leg, her skin warm and satin smooth against his cool palm.

Shivers ran up my nearly naked body just thinking of Edward's cool hands on my bare skin.

His wrist caught the edge of her tailored skirt, lifting it as his fingers crept slowly toward the hot nest between her thighs.

I could feel my heart rate increase and blush upon my cheeks as I read. My hand trailed down my leg towards to brush over my lace covered core as I imagined Edward's hand slowly following the same path. I could feel myself getting wet and moaned in anticipation.

This game of seduction with his intended soul mate was giving him the most agonizing rock-hard erection of his two hundred year existence.

She tensed her thigh, and he stroked gently until her leg relaxed at his touch.

In three months of trading steamy e-mails- three months of sharing her secret desires-Erin had laid her soul bare for him, whether she knew it or not.

She wanted adventure. She wanted great sex. But after building a successful private investigation agency chasing adulterers, she didn't believe in love.

And he had to.

"I plan to pleasure you here, Love." And I plan to capture your heart.

Edward saying that to me... umm.

"Oh, you do?" She crossed her arms on the table and leaned closer to him, giving him a view down her white silk crossover blouse, a peek at the shadowy valley between the lightly freckled swells of her breasts. Again, he smiled at the trace of confrontation in her tone-even when she so obviously desired him. "And how do you plan to pleasure me in public?"

"That's to be my surprise, sweet."

Her brows drew together in an exaggerated frown, drawing a chuckle from deep in his throat. Michael winced at the sound-rusty, unused. How long since he'd last felt the urge to laugh?

This guy even sounds like Edward; or how he used to be. Thank God, he's happy; he laughs all the time now.

"No," she insisted. "Tell me."

She didn't like him to take control, but he found it impossible to understand her complex rules about equality. He was a Varkyre, the damned of the damned, the most predatory subspecies of vampire, and when he wanted a woman, he claimed her.

Hell, he'd always lived outside the rules of human society, even in his mortal life. Michael had no qualms over bringing his intended soul mate to a screaming orgasm in an intimate little curved booth in Bellissima's, the most popular bar downtown.

He had to take Erin beyond her sensual limits, take her beyond the rigid, protective walls she'd created. He had to teach her to trust.

To trust him.

"I like to start with the neck." And you, sweetheart, possess the sexiest neck I've found in two centuries. He lifted Erin's thick auburn hair and pressed his lips to her skin. Flicking his tongue along her peach-soft flesh, he tasted traces of salty sweat and wildflower soap. Delicious.

I love it when Edward runs his lips along my neck. Umm. Bringing my hand up from my thigh, skimming over my stomach, and landing on my collarbones, I trailed my fingertips across the sensitive skin up to the curve of my neck picturing his lips sucking and nipping at my skin.

He drew slow circles on her leg, letting his finger dip down further over her inner thigh with each spiral. Her nipples puckered, tenting the silk. The draped fabric shivered with her quick shallow breaths.

My breath quickened and my hand slipped down in between my thighs once more.

"Are you really going to put your hand in my panties here, Michael?"

Her direct question sent a surge of desire through him just as his fangs lengthened and gazed her flesh. Shuddering, he backed off to break contact before he lost it and sank his teeth in. Before he revealed to her what he was.

Erin's hips rocked, slowly, seductively, and he knew she wanted him to lift his hand higher. By playing his game, she was talking a first step in trust.

Michael took three deep breaths. And for the first time in his cursed existence, his fangs retreated, even as desire burned in him.

Fuck, when does Edward get home? I'm so damned horny.

Only with his soul mate could he have that kind of control.

"No one can see," he promised. "They think we're just necking in the corner."

"I've never done anything like this before." Her voice shivered with awe and arousal.

He had. In his mortal past, he'd often engaged in public sex at brothels and parties.

"Naughty, isn't it?" he teased. He slid his hand around her upper thigh to cradle her ass. As his fingers encountered soft bare skin, his brows lifted in astonishment, and his cock jerked up against the hard zipper of his motorcycle pants. "You're not wearing underwear."

"I am," she protested in a whisper. "A thong." Her warm breath coasted over the rim of his ear.

"So your ass is essentially naked."

"Under my skirt, yes."

He laughed at that. Her legs parted slightly, and he knew his breath had played its own magic against her ear. He trailed his fingers back up, over her leg, to the damp, lacy thong nestled between her thighs.

My breath caught; finally his fingers were where they should be.

Breathing in faster and shorter pants, my hand moved to my core and I tingled at the sensation.

"Have you decided?" their pony tailed server trilled as he flipped out his pad and parked himself with his hip jutting against the table.

Michael stroked his fingers along Erin's hot, wet thong.

Following the book, my fingers stroked my drenched panties. Oh how I want Edward's hand on me, on my body.

She gasped. But her composure returned admirably fast. "I'm not hungry."

"We're fine," he instructed the waiter, breathing a sigh of relief. He had a beer in front of him, barely touched. Since he could consume only blood, he'd used his ability to move faster than human senses could detect to pour it out and make it look like he was drinking.

Bloody ironic. He had finally found the woman who might free him from imminent destruction-if he could convince her to believe in him-and he's done nothing but lie to her so far. The only topic on which he could be honest with Erin was sex.

As soon as their server left, he bent and nibbled her neck again. This time his fangs remained retracted.

Sex was the way to capture her heart.

She whimpered, bending her head so her hair spilled over him.

Suddenly a loud growl permeated the room and I sat up in a flash, my heart beating erratically. Looking over to the corner of the room where the growl came from I saw Edward. Both of his hands were pressed flat against the wall and he crouched forward, looking at me as if I were his prey. His eyes were black and he was panting.

Blood rushed to my face as the realization of what I've been doing caught up to me. Edward caught me masturbating in his bed. Oh, God! What is he thinking?

"E-Ed...Edward," I stuttered breathlessly. "I can... I can explain."

"Enjoying your book, love?" he said huskily. "What are you reading?"

In a flash he was next to the bed. With a smirk he reached for the book.

"Bella, Bella, Bella..."

Slowly, he walked around the bed his eyes never leaving mine. When he reached the opposite side, book in hand, he climbed towards me on the bed.

Stalking me.

Taunting me.

My heart beat even faster as I watched him prowl.

"You've been a naughty girl, Bella," he teased.

Coming to a halt in front of me, he reached for my outstretched legs. Grabbing my ankle, he parted my legs and lent his face down to my calf.

I let out a moan as I watched him skim his lips up my leg. Ever so slowly, his mouth moved closer to where I desperately wanted to be touched.

"I can smell you," his groan shooting a spark straight to my core. "And you smell so good."

"Edward," I moaned. His lips left my skin and he crawled up my body yet holding him away.

His nose traced along my jaw to my ear, letting his breath leave me in a daze. Whispering into my ear, he teased, "Heaven forbid I interrupt, my love. You were busy. Shall I continue reading for you?"

My eyes fluttered shut, and I sucked in a shaky breath.

"Would you like that, Love?"

Unable to form a coherent thought let alone a sentence, I nodded.

He loved hearing her moan with need. Loved the way her auburn waves shivered over her shoulders as she tilted her head. And he adored the throaty melody of her laugh, the honey-sweet sighs of arousal she made at his touch-


Edward's voice echoed and sent waves of pleasure down my body. I could feel my stomach flutter and my panties dampen even more. Holding the book in his left hand, he used his right to move down my body and stopped at my underwear.

The elastic trim of her thong snapped against her as Michael worked to slide his index finger underneath.

I gasped as his cool finger found its way into my panties.

Springy curls brushed his fingertip.

He nipped at her earlobe gently. "You are so wet."

Edward spoke the words to me eliciting a moan deep from my throat as his fingers brushed downward.

Her cleft was snug and hot, and he pressed two fingers against her clit. With a moan, she jumped on the seat.

"Edward," I moaned.

"Relax." His fingers circled over her, and her eyes opened wide. "Trust me."

Would she?

"That's so good, Michael." Her hand dropped to his thigh to brace herself as her head arched back in pleasure.

As he spoke I moved my hand to his thigh, so close to the budge in his pants. His erection dug into my hip and I wanted nothing more to touch him like he was touching me. His fingers felt so good in me and all I could think was I needed more.

"Touch me."

And I did.

The book flew across the room, where it landed I have no idea nor do I care. My palm was flat against his cock as he pushed against me.

"Bella," he moaned into my mouth.




I could feel myself being shaken as the world went black.

"Bella... wake up!"

"Mom?" I jolted upright. "What are you doing here? Where's Edward?"

"Who's Edward?"

Looking around I noticed I was in my room in Phoenix. What the Hell?


"Are you okay, honey?" she asked and put her hand to my forehead. "You were moaning in your sleep and you look a little flushed."

Embarrassment flooded me. My mom caught me having a sex dream. It didn't even get to sex. And what about Edward?

Disappointment came next, I don't know an Edward. But, oh, God, do I want to.

"You need to get up if you want to make your plane, it leaves at noon," Mom said. "Are you sure you're okay? You don't have to go to Forks, you know. You could come with us."

"I know, Mom," I said. "I have a feeling someone's waiting for me there."

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