Wolves and Volleyball Chapter 1: The game and Departure

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SUMMARRY: Bella is a famous Volleyball player and she moves to La Push to spend time with her dads, Charlie and Billy…Read and you shall find out about that one…She meets the pack, Paul imprints, Bella turns Wolfy, and they kick some vampire ass. All to come in later chapters.

"Izzy!" Coach yelled at me. "Jump higher THEN hit the ball. You're supposed to be good at this."

"Sorry coach," I told her while jumping higher than before. I brought my hand down on the ball and spiked it into Brenda Johnson's face. Damn, I hated that bitch. Always trying to take my spot as captain on the volleyball team, but as long as I, Isabella Marie Swan-Dwyer was around, that wasn't going to happen. She needs to learn that she's never going to get my spot. Then again, it is junior year. My mom, Renee is sad that she has to stay home with me while Phil is out traveling the country and earning a living. You see, he's Phil Dwyer, the best batter of all time; he even beat Babe Ruth's record. I know, it's a shocker.

"I know how my mom feels about it, so after the championship game tomorrow, I'm going to be flying to Washington to spend some quality time with my dad, Charlie. Well, Charlie's not my real father, Billy Black is, and Charlie knows this, yet they're still best friends and lovers. I look a lot like Billy too, dark brown eyes, long dark brown, almost black hair, and the Native American facial structure. The only thing that I got from Renee is my wavy hair and the very awesome ability to blush like a madwoman. Note the sarcasm. It was frustrating really, but the thing that I love the most is my tan complexion. Sure, I live in Arizona but that just makes me darker, I'm actually a light tan all year round, and all my friends hate me because of it.

But back to practice, the last practice before I move and only coach knows it. Then again, I had to tell her because she was losing the state and the National MVP. Surprisingly, she was okay with it, she just made me promise not to lose the championship game and that I had to try out for La Push High School's team. I of course, agreed to both terms because there was no way that I would ever be able to live without playing volleyball, and losing the game isn't an exception because of as long as I've been on the team, we haven't lost a single game. And that was for three years.

"Nice job Izzy, just next time try not to break anyone's nose. Especially in the game tomorrow," coach told me, trying not to laugh. "Practice is over ladies, go home, eat and sleep well. Get here by 8 am tomorrow, and when we win, I have an announcement to make." We all mumbled our responses and started to get our things together to leave. Today is Thursday, and Phil doesn't have anywhere to go until Sunday, so I get to spend the night with him and mom today, tomorrow, since there's no school because of the game, and on Saturday I'm leaving. Stepping out of the gym with my bag and keys in one hand, while searching for my phone, with the other hand.

"Where are you ya little bugger?" I said to myself. "Gotcha," I muttered when I found it. I hit speed dial three and started to walk out towards the back of the parking lot where my mustang gt was.

"Hello?" Charlie said.

"DADDY!" I yelled. "You and Billy and Jake are all watching the game tomorrow right? It's on ESPN and it's the championship game and.." I said rambling and only stopping after hearing daddy and Billy laughing.

"Yes Izzy, we're watching it, and so are all of Jake's friends. They all can't wait to meet you," Billy said.

"Hi Billy, and you should know that when I get there, I won't be called Izzy, it's going to be Bella," I told him sweetly while he was chuckling.

"We know, but you're famous. Are you going to be trying out for the school team here?" Billy asked me.

"Do I even have to answer? But yes, I am, and I just made it to my car I have to go. You know that Charlie doesn't like me driving and talking on the phone. Remember, Saturday at noon," I said before hanging up.

I got in my car and started to head home. Renee and Phil are both going to the game, so we're going to be going out to dinner tonight, so that I can finish packing and sleep tomorrow after the game and announcement that Coach has afterwards. When I pulled up to the house, I had to stop and admire it. I know that I live there, but it's still gorgeous. It has three floors and looks magnificent. The color on the outside is hard to describe, it's almost a burgundy color, but it's not. I pulled into the driveway, and saw that mom and Phil's Mercedes' were there, and got out.

"MOM! PHIL! I'M HOME," I yelled, walking through the door.

"Bella! Hurry and go get ready for dinner, we're going to the Cheesecake Factory!" Renee yelled from the kitchen. As soon as the words Cheesecake Factory were out of her mouth, I went running up the two flights of stairs to the third floor where my room was while trying not to trip. As soon as I cleared the stairs, I tumbled into my room, and started to laugh. I went to my closet and pulled out something that was nice, and yet casual without looking. I grabbed a pair of panties and a bra, this time I looked to make sure that it matched, and ran towards my bathroom. I took off my sweaty clothes from practice and turned the water on to hot. I quickly got in the shower, and once the water hit my back and my muscles, I just stood there relaxing for a few minutes. Then I started to wash my hair with my blackberry tea scented shampoo and conditioner before I shaved and washed my body with my p.s. I love you body wash from Bath and Body Works. "Bella! HURRY UP!" I heard Renee yell again. I quickly rinsed off and turned off the water before shouting down to her that I was almost done.

I stepped out of the shower before drying off and then drying my hair with the towel. I quickly put on my black lace-matching panty set that Renee just had to buy me when she went on a shopping spree. I made sure that I was dry again before I put on my white acid wash distressed skinny jeans and my black, off the shoulder top. I quickly did my make up in the smokey eye effect and just left my hair the same way, wet, curling and down my back, before I walked back to my closet to get a pair of shoes. I was searching for a certain pair when mom came in my room.

"Honey, what are you looking for?" she asked me, smirking.

"My favorite black heels, the ones that have the straps that come up to my ankles," I told her, pouting, before looking for them.

"You mean the ones on your bed?" she asked me.

I looked on my bed, and jumped up quickly, something that I was good at, because when I dive for the ball, I have to get up quickly, and hugged Renee. "Yup, those are the ones. Thanks mum," I said while running to get them on. She giggled at my enthusiasm and told me to come downstairs when I was done, that her and Phil were waiting. I told her that I'd be down in a minute and that she should go on down. I went back to my closet and grabbed my white, cropped jacket that I absolutely adore. I made my way downstairs to see mom and Phil waiting in the foyer.

"Isabella, you look beautiful," Phil told me, pulling me in for a hug. All mom could do was nod her head and try not to cry. She gave me a hug and we went out the door to Phil's Mercedes Benz ML 400. From the way that they were acting, you'd think that I was going to prom or something

"Thank you, but can we go, I'm hungry! And you guys taunting me with the Cheesecake Factory and not hurrying to get there is making me even more hungrier!" I said. They just chuckled at me, and mom pushed me towards the car. We all got in and Phil started to drive and talk about what was happening with the guys on the team. Of course, they all know that I'm leaving also, and they said that anytime that they have a game near Seattle then I could go and bring whoever I wanted, and get in for free. We got to the Cheesecake Factory, and seated within 10 minutes.

"So, Bella, do you want us to send your car to Charlie and Billy's?" Phil asked me. "We can also send the rest of your stuff if you want," he added.

"Really? Would you really do that for me?" I asked them, tears in my eyes.

"Of course we would sweetie, you're our daughter, and we take care of you," Renee said, and I didn't miss how she said 'our.'

"OMG! I LOVE YOU BOTH! SO, SO MUCH! YES, PLEASE SEND MY BABY TOO!" I shouted happily, causing people to turn and stare, and my mom and I to blush while Phil was laughing. Dinner went on in the same fashion, and when I started to get tired, we left and went home. When we got inside, mom hugged me and kissed me good night while Phil messed up my hair. "Night!" I told them, walking up the stairs to my room. I made sure my alarm was set for 7 so I could get up on time and leave and be at the school by 8.

I got up on time, got a shower, and put my uniform on before kissing my mom and Phil good-bye and headed to the game. When I pulled in, blasting Theory of a Deadman, everyone stopped and stared. I smirked and pulled into my parking spot and watched as the opposing team started to tremble with fear. Last year we played the same team and I sent their captain to the plastic surgeon with a broken nose because I served the ball, and she thought she could get it, but it hit her in the face. So, I smiled and waved and they trembled some more. I saw my coach and headed straight for her and she just gave me a look that said, 'stop it right now and stop smiling.' I straightened out my face and made my way to her, but I couldn't stay straight faced for long, and I ended up laughing right as I made my way past my coach.

ESPN was setting up, and when they heard the doors open, I was being bombarded with questions.

"Who do you think is going to win here today Ms. Dwyer?" I was asked.

I looked at her for a moment with a raised brow. "Uhm, I have a feeling on who I think it is, but I know that Lamont High has an excellent volleyball program and that it depends on the better team," I said before walking away.

POV: Paul

Thursday night and I'm stuck on patrol. Sometimes I hate being a big fluffy dog, there's nothing out here that will need watched. Sure, the Cullens are in the next town over, and because of them, I'm stuck as a fucking giant dog. Stupid fucking leeches, I muttered to myself, forgetting that Sam, the pack alpha was in my head too.

Look, I agree with you, but just don't forget about tomorrow, we're going to Billy and Charlie's to watch some Volleyball game to help cheer on Charlie's kid. Don't forget that, make one last round and go home and get some sleep. Sam told me, before he phased out of wolf form. I did as he said and made my way around the perimeter again, not smelling anything unusual, so I made my way back home. Well, to Sam and his imprint and fiancée Emily's, seeing as I moved in with them when I became a huge ass fur ball. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and I woke what seemed like just as soon to the sun coming in the window and the smell of Emily's cooking.

"Morning Sam, Emily," I said while grabbing a few plates and setting the table for us all.

"Morning," Emily sang and Sam muttered at the same time. "So, are you guys ready to see one of the best volleyball games in history?" Emily asked us. I stared at her in shock; I never knew that she knew volleyball.

"You know volleyball?" I asked her.

"Yup, and the reason why we're watching this one game is because Charlie's daughter is the National MVP. Isabella Swan-Dwyer," Emily said. Of course, Sam and I just stared at Emily some more. "What? Stop staring and eat. We have to be at Billy and Charlie's in thirty minutes," Emily said, snapping us out of our daze. Sam and I quickly got food while Emily started to eat her small amount compared to what Sam and I have. We wolfed down our food and in 10 minutes we were all out the door and in Sam's truck. Sam floored it to the Black-Swan place and we were there when the pre game show started.

The rest of the guys, Jared, Jake, Embry, Seth, Quil, and Leah were already there, and Jared's imprint, Kim was there as well, all sitting around waiting for the game to start. "Glad you boys, and Emily, could make it. The game will start in a few minutes, once Charlie gets off the phone with Bella," Billy said, winking mischievously. He grabbed the phone from beside him, and put it on speaker. Charlie must have been on the house phone then, instead of his cell.

"Bells, be careful, and don't break anyone's nose this year," Charlie said, trying not to laugh.

"I know, I know. But, I kind of broke someone's nose yesterday during practice on accident," an angel, my guess Bella, said sweetly.

"Oh, god, why?" Charlie asked, while Billy was smirking.

"Hey Billy, and because she was and still is a bitch," Bella said again.

"How did she know that you did that," Jake asked, slightly awed.

"I'm just that magnificently awesome Jakey. Plus, Billy does this all the time that I call," she said again.

"Well, since the game is almost started, I'll let you go. Good luck Bells and can't wait til Saturday," Charlie said before hanging up and walking into the room. Emily was bouncing up and down while Jake looked confused.

"Why can't you wait til Saturday?" he asked Charlie, while Billy was smirking.

"All in good time, all in good time," Billy said while turning up the volume on the T.V.

"Who do you think is going to win today Ms. Dwyer?" the lady for ESPN asked a beautiful woman with brownish black hair and beautiful brown eyes.

She had one eyebrow raised and said, "Uhm, I have a feeling on who I think it is, but I know that Lamont High has an excellent volleyball program and that it depends on the better team," and walked away.

"Was that her?" I asked Emily, who was still bouncing.

"YES, YES, YES, YES!" she said, or shouted, which caused all the wolves to flinch. "Sorry," she said, quieter before she bounced even more.

The match started and we all watched as Bella served the ball for the whole game. The last serve, I think, was the best because not only did it go over the net, but it landed right in the face of some plastic blonde with fake boobs, and blood started to gush out.

"Oh god, that's the same from last year," Charlie muttered under his breath, while Billy was laughing from his spot in the room.

"How is that the same from last year?" Leah asked, slightly awed.

"She hit that same person, the same way as last year. Last serve of the first game, right in the nose, breaking it," Billy said through his laughter, which caused the rest of us to howl with laughter.

"Okay, quiet! The game's back on!" Emily shouted. Never figured her to be the type to watch volleyball either, but if she knows it, then she must watch it. By the time that the second game of the match was over, Bella was in the arms of her team who were all excited and shouting out in joy.

"We have to watch the post game show, so stay put," Charlie said, glaring at those who started to get up and leave. They quickly sat down as the post game show came on.

"Isabella, how does it feel leading your team to the third straight championship in three straight years?" she was asked.

"Honestly? It feels great, having the rush of excitement, running through your veins," Bella said.

"Are you going to lead your team through another year of exciting wins and the championship game?"

"Stay put and you'll find out your answer soon enough, but I have to get on stage for the announcement that coach is making," Bella said, winking into the camera before running up onto the stage.

"So, today was a great game, and we're all excited about it, but I'm also sad to say, that this is the last day that Isabella is going to be with us, seeing as she's moving to Washington to spend time with her father. So, Izzy, as your coach, and Principal of the school, I would like you to have the game ball as a reminder of those that you have left behind in the Sunny state of Arizona," said the coach.

The camera's flashed over to where Bella was standing, and you could see not only the shocked look on her face, but the tears of joy as she ran to hug her coach. "I'll never forget what I've left behind. Thank you, so much Coach," she said.

"That's not all. For the past three years, when you have been leading us to the championship games, all the girls on the team have signed two balls each. One to put on showcase, and one to give to you. You're the first National and State MVP to have ever came from this school, so the real game balls all go to you. We will never forget the great times that we've had because of you. We're gonna miss you, but you better make well on that second promise," her coach said again.

"Oh my gosh…thank you. All of you, I honestly don't know what to say," Bella said. "Oh, I have to call my dad, excuse me real quick," she said running off stage. In seconds the phone was ringing and Billy had it on speaker. "OH MY GOSH! DADDY! DID YOU WATCH THE GAME? PLEASE TELL ME YOU WATCHED THE GAME! ARE YOU WATCHING THE POST GAME SHOW? THEY'RE FILMING THIS AREN'T THEY?" was all we heard out of the phone while we watched her bouncing up and down like Emily on the TV.

"Yes, dear we watched the game. Good job, but you weren't supposed to break that girls nose again. And yea, they're filming this. You look like Emily right now, bouncing up and down like that," Charlie said.

"HEY!" Emily shouted, throwing a pillow at him, causing us all to laugh.

"Congrats on the win Bells," Seth shouted in the phone.

"Sethy?" she asked, sounding shocked. "Seth? Is Lee-lee there?" Lee-lee?

"Yeah, we're both here. Congrats," Leah said, not sounding like her bitchy self. "Paul, if you don't stop staring with your mouth open, then I'm going to kick you in the balls when Bella gets here," Leah said.

"I guess you being a bitch is normal then," I told her, smirking, and totally not prepared for what came next.

"LOOK BUB!" Bella yelled into the phone. "Lee-lee may be a bitch to you, but unless you know the reason why she's that way, don't call her a bitch. I think only Sam, Leah, and I can rightfully say that, right Sam?" she said.

"Y-yeah. That's right Bella. Please don't castrate me the next time you come up," Sam said, sounding afraid.

"Damn, I guess I'll have to leave my knives unpacked, can't wait to see you again on Saturday Sammy!" Bella said, excitedly.

"You're coming on Saturday?" Jake yelled.

"Yup, and keep Quil and Embry off of me please Jake," she said.

"Hey, we heard that!" Quil and Embry shouted together.

"That's why she said it, dumbasses," Leah said, laughing.

"Oh, I have to go, Mom and Phil are waving me over to them, and Phil's got balls," she said, laughing. "Bye!" she said before hanging up.

POV: Bella

"Oh, I have to go, Mom and Phil are waving me over to them and Phil's got balls," I said, laughing. "Bye!" I said before I hung up on them. I ran over to my mom and Phil before I jumped up on them and started laughing. Phil, knowing what I was laughing at, started to laugh with my while my mom was blushing.

"Bella, look behind you dear," my mom said. I did as she said, and saw at least 30 tearful girls, all-looking at me. I jumped down from where I was at, and they all came running at me, muttering that they were going to miss me.

I started to hug them all back, one at a time, and when I got to Melissa, the smallest girl on the team, and my little sister in all sense's of the word, I broke down crying. "Melly! I'm going to miss you, so much. You're my little sister and you always will be. Don't ever give up on playing volleyball. You'll soon be at my level, it doesn't matter how small you are. I love you sis," I muttered in her ear.

"I love you too Iz," she told me, crying just as much as I was.

"In the summer, you can come visit me, I promise. My dad and Billy won't mind, I have them wrapped around my finger as it is," I told her. "Now, put on a smile. Don't let me see you crying anymore okay. If you ever need me, I'll always be there for you, if Brenda's being a bitch, just call me and I'll set her straight. I've talked to coach already, and you're going to be the next Captain. Stay strong, dear sister," I told her, wiping away her tears. I gave her one last hug, before I had to leave with Renee and Phil. We went straight home and I went to bed, being told that I had to be up by 6 so that we could make it to the airport on time so I could board my flight. I woke up on time, and did everything that I needed to do, making sure that I had everything packed that I was going to need, and bringing my bags down stairs.

Mom and Phil were downstairs, waiting to take me to the airport, and Phil had this cheesy looking grin on his face. We got into the car, and drove for the hour that it takes to get there, and the whole time, Phil still had that smile on his face. We got out of the car and Phil, mom, and I took my bags to the check in place, and waited in line.

"Bella, I know how much you hate accepting gifts, but please, take this one thing from your mother and I and don't be afraid to use it on anything," Phil said, while pulling out his wallet.

"You're giving me your wallet?" I asked him, looking at him like he was crazy.

He cracked a real smile, while my mom started to laugh, and said, "No, I'm not giving you my wallet, I'm giving you this," he said, while pulling out a black card. I stood there shocked for a moment.

"That's an unlimited card," I muttered, slowly reaching my hand out to grab it. "Thank you guys, thank you so much," I said happily. We made it to the security part, and they called for the first class section of my plane to make it's way to the plane. I hugged mom and Phil one last time before I made my way through security and on the plane. I fell asleep on the plane and woke to being shaken by the stewardess telling me that we were about to land.

I got off the plane once it was landed, and started to look for Charlie and Billy. I quickly found them and ran over to them, dodging the random people that were in my way. "DADDY! BILLY!" I shouted at them. They looked over to where I was and saw me running. Daddy held his arms open for me, and I jumped into them, and finally feeling as if I'm at home, or close to home.

"Bella, since I know you, Renee, and Phil, you probably brought a lot of stuff, right?" Billy asked.

"Only about 6 or 7 bags, and my car," I said, with a straight face.

"Glad about the reinforcements then," I heard Charlie mutter as he let me go.

"Reinforcements?" I asked, raising a brow at him. He put his hands on my shoulders and spun me around to where I was looking behind me, and I saw four Quileute boys and Lee-lee. "LEE-LEE!" I shouted, jumping on her, almost the same way I did Charlie.

"BELLS-BELLS!" she shouted back, catching me, and we started to giggle.

One of the guys, I don't know who, but it looked like Seth, said, "Really? You go running straight to Lee-lee and leave me with Jake, Paul, and Jared?"

"Sorry, Sethy, didn't know who you guys were. I would never forget Lee-lee though. She's my best friend. Oh, and which one of you is Paul?" I asked, looking at the other three. "I need to kick your ass," I stated, more to myself, but of course, Lee-lee heard me, and pointed to the one that was standing next to Sethy. I looked him up and down, and when I saw his eyes, I just froze, I stopped breathing, and I felt my eye's roll to the back of my head and I fainted.

I woke up quickly to see that Lee-lee caught me, and the guys were laughing at Paul, who looked so sad. I felt the urge to go and hug him but yet…I still need to get revenge on him calling Lee-lee a bitch. And I need to figure out what the hell just happened. "Bells-Bells, you alright?" Lee-lee asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. C'mon, lets go get my bags," I said, getting up and walking to where the baggage claim is at. I faintly heard whispering behind me, and then an 'OW!'

By the time that we reached baggage claim, all my bags had already came out, and they were in a row. I grabbed them all, and Lee-lee and the guys all carried one, leaving me without anything to carry. We got outside, and I see my car, and I thank the lord that Phil had it sent to where I could pick it up when I got to the airport. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the car and pulled on Leah's arm. "Lee-lee, you want to ride with me?" I asked her, smirking my evil smirk. She saw my smirk and knew something was up, so she nodded her head and let me lead her to my car. I grabbed my phone and dialed Billy's cell number.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Billy, it's me, Lee-lee and I are going to ride in my car, so, don't wait up!" I told him.

"K, behave," he said hanging up.

"Oh, we'll behave alright," I muttered darkly to Leah who started to cackle madly. I popped the trunk and Leah put my the bag that she had in there before getting in the passenger side. I got in the drivers side and started to rev the engine. Leah told me where my dad and Billy parked so I drove towards them first. When I got there, I rolled down my window and wolf-whistled at them. "Hey, Sethy? Do you want a ride?" I asked him seductively.

"Hells Bells, of course I do," he said, staring at my baby.

"Well…too bad," I said, before I floored it out of the parking lot and towards the freeway. I drove while Leah and I started to talk about life on the rez. When we got into the rez, Leah started to give me directions on where to go to get to the Black-Swan house, as she liked to call it. "Black-Swan?" I asked her, loving the name.

"Yeah. Oh, and it looks like Sam is there too," she said, pointing to a truck that I knew all too well.

I pulled up, and smirked again before getting out of my car. I whistled loudly, and saw Sam poke his head out the door. He came running for me while I went for his truck and had my key out and ready. I carved, 'Isabella Marie Swan-Dwyer OWNS!' on the one side of it and smirked at him. I walked up to him while smiling innocently. "Just remember. Pay backs a bitch," I told him, right as Charlie and the rest of the guys pulled up.

"Hey, Sam, I need to ta- What the hell happened to the truck?" Paul asked.

"Bella…" Sam said, still in shock.