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Chapter 11: Paul POV:

After only three days, I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with Bella, no matter what anyone said. I knew that she was it. I would have known even without the imprint pull, granted I may have became less of an ass now that I have imprinted, and well…just a bit more serious. But I know with my whole being that I love Isabella Marie Swan, and when we're both graduated from high school, I'm going to marry that woman and live my life the best way that I can. I'll always be there for her, whether she wants me there or not, I'm always going to be there for her, for her family, and one day hopefully our own family.

But that's only if I don't scare her off with my hot headed tendencies, or my anger problems. Or the fact that I take care of little Will on my own, barely standing the choice of leaving him at home with my mother. The only two people that know that fact are Sam and Jared, but that's because they help me on the rare occasion, and surprisingly they haven't spilled it to the rest of the pack yet, and I'm glad to call them my brothers, without them who knows what would have happened to Will before I turned 18 last year, he'd probably be well…no I shouldn't think about that, not while I'm spending time with my girl, my brother, and the pack.

For the past four years though, raising someone other than myself while my mother gets drunk and attempts to abuse my little brother and I is something that I've had to put up with, but now that I'm 18 I don't have to worry about her abusing me. Just my brother, (which is not a good thought for me to have as I started to shake violently.) That and the fact that I'm a hot head it's hard for me to take care of Will with the hopes that I don't turn him into as big of an ass as I am, plus with me being part wolf I'd never get to take care of him properly. I know that I need to tell all of this to Bella, but we haven't gotten around to talking deeply about our pasts too much in the past three days that she's been here. When Bella dropped me off at my bungalow type house before we all supposed to meet up for dinner, I realized that my mom had been here because of the tire treads in the grass on my front lawn, and came to the conclusion that I was watching Will. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the little man, it's just that sometimes I wish that I was able to be a teenager instead of having to grow up slightly faster than what was needed.

Walking inside, the house was quiet so when I went into my room, I wasn't expecting it to be extremely demolished like some crazy ex had been there (especially since I don't have a crazy ex or any ex at all.) The only thing that was left untouched was my bed and that was only because little man was laying on it sleeping with a note pinned to his shirt. I immediately recognized my mother's writing and cautiously walked around the debris in my room to get to the bed so I could read the note.


I know, probably not the best time to do this to you, but you're better at looking after Will then I am or ever would be. Yes I realize that you're still in high school, and even though you're 18, with you failing your junior year and what not, you can still take care of Will better than I can. Not only that, but I've got problems.

You see, all the drinking that your father instilled in me has turned me into an alcoholic which I'm sure you can see, and now I've got problems with my liver and not long to live. The doctors said that I only have a few more days left, if that and that there's no way for them to help cure me, that the disease has gone on for far too long.

For far too long, I've told you to never take the cowards' way out, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm running, I've contacted the family lawyer and told him that you're going to be Will's legal guardian, that I just wasn't up for the task of taking care of the son that was a surprise to me. Raise him right, and with the help of you and your friends he should turn into a fine young man, a better man than what I could have produced. By the time that you've finished reading this letter, I should be somewhere close to Seattle, or maybe Tacoma, or farther, depending on when you come home.

I'm sorry about the mess but it took me forever to find paper and something to write with. You should really organize better, but that's not too important right now. In the mailbox there's a manila envelope with your birth certificate and social security card and Will's as well. I would leave you some extra money because I know that taking care of Will isn't going to be that easy on you, but by the time that the authorities in whatever town I'm in are notified that I'm dead, all of my life insurance should be going to you and Will. Put it in a safe place for him, and be wise in the decisions that you make, and yes I realize that I haven't been wise in mine. Just… make your own mistakes, don't make mine please.

And I'm not saying that you or Will are mistakes, but I've made plenty of mistakes in raising you that shouldn't have been made. Make sure that Will knows that I love him please, and never forget that I love you as well.

I'll always be watching over you both, and I'll always love you.


By the time that I had finished reading and processing the letter, Will had woken up and it was close to the time that I should be going to meet Bella at her place, but I can't. All of a sudden, my exhaustion and anger at the whole situation just became too much, I had to call Bella.

"Hello?" Bella said as she answered her phone.

"Hey Bella," I said, causing me to smile, and to wonder if she's smiling too.

"Hey Paul, what did you need?" she asked me and I could hear the smile in her voice.

"My mom's making me babysit my brother, so I can't come," I said, and even I heard the sadness and anger in my voice.

"Just bring him with us, I wouldn't mind meeting your brother," Bella said making me as happy as could be. She wants to meet my brother!

"Really?" I asked, my voice hitting a high note.

"Really, do you want me, Mel, and Embry to come pick you guys up or can you be here in like, 10 minutes?" my lovely imprint asked.

"We'll be there in a few minutes. Let me just go get Will into some clean clothes and we'll be there in about 5 minutes," I said. "Bye babe."

"Bye, hurry up too," Bella said before hanging up. I looked down at Will and smiled brightly.

"How would you like to meet a very important and pretty person tonight?" I asked him.

"Who Pauwy?" he asked me, so innocent and childlike; it's going to be hard to break the news to him.

"Her name is Bella, but you have to hurry up and change and brush your teeth, can you do that for me while I change and do the same?" I asked him, looking at him, pretending to be worried that he wouldn't be able to do that.

"Yeah! Who else is going to be there?" I heard him ask as he walked into the connecting bathroom in my room.

"Jared, Kim, Sam, Emily, you know everyone that I hang out with, Billy, Harry, Charlie, Sue, and Old Quil too. And Sam's half sister from Arizona," I told him listening as he brushed his teeth humming along to 'Happy Birthday' repeatedly as I changed into a nice-ish looking pair of jeans and a crew neck tee.

"Really? Jared's going to be there?" he asked, probably more excited by that than anything else.

"Yeah, do you have clothes here that you can wear?" I asked, confused to how he's going to be living here as the only room that I don't use is the guest room and that's only reserved for whichever wolf is closest to my house after they get off of patrolling and Will when he's here but I make sure that he never leaves any of his stuff here which I guess I should have been doing.

"I think mommy put some in the other room, I can go look. You know I am a big boy now that means that I get to pick out my clothes. Anything goes with jeans right?" he said running towards the door to my room and then across the hall to the guest room.

When he was out of the room, I quickly stuffed the not that my mom left into my pocket and then walked into the bathroom to brush my own teeth and splash some cold water on my face to hopefully help me wake up. I walked out of my bathroom to find Will sitting on my bed, struggling to tie his shoes. I moved towards the side of the bed that he was on and stole his feet and quickly tied his shoes while I waited until he was done to quickly grab a pair of socks and my own shoes to put on.

"Grab a light jacket for yourself and wait by the front door, I'll be out in a few seconds, okay buddy?" I asked, watching as he shook his head in the affirmative and running out the door again. I sighed quietly as I heard the pitter-patter of his feet on the hardwood flooring. I grabbed my own light jacket and headed the same way that he did, grabbing my keys off of the table and locking up after Will and I moved to the porch.

"Where are we going now Paul?" Will asked, bouncing up and down like a little kid. Well I guess that is kind of obvious, I mean he is a little kid.

"We are going to the Black-Swan house to meet up with everyone, and I'm sure that Seth is probably being impatient so do you want a piggy back ride?" I asked him as he got a huge smile on his face.

"YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!" Will screeched loudly, causing me to flinch and him to jump on my back.

With him securely on my back I set off at a quicker pace than what I would have been able to with Will walking and it only took about two minutes to get to Bella's house and already I could hear Seth whining about being hungry and then a loud shout of 'YES!' coming from Jared. At that point I set little man down and he went flying into the house and towards Jared.

"LITTLE MAN!" Jared screamed loudly.

"JAWED!" Will shouted just as loudly, being spun around by Jared. Bella came over to me and she looked beautiful.

"So, that's Will?" Bells asked me as she came to stand next to me.

"Yeah, Jared, put Little Man down for a second so I can introduce him to Bella," I said, and Jared put him down. I walked forward and grabbed him from around the waist and pulled him over to me. "Little Man, I want you to meet a very important and pretty lady. Bella, this is my brother Will, Will this is Bella," I said.

"Hi Will, it's nice to meet you," Bella said leaning down to his level.

"Hiya Bella!" he said to her, smiling brightly. He turned to me and said, "Pauwy, you're right. She is a pwetty lady," he said, causing Bella to blush.

"Yeah, she is," I said as I lifted Will off of the floor and put him on my shoulders.

"So, are we ready to go?" Bella asked the group as a whole, made sure that everyone was there. She got many yes's in response and smiled. "Great, let's go. Paul, Will, Embry, and Melly are riding with me, the rest of you are figuring how you guys are getting there on your own," she said before walking out the door towards her car. She unlocked the car and waited for Mel and Embry to get in the car.

"Hey, Ms. Melissa and Embry?" I asked.

"Yeah Paul?" Embry asked.

"Can you guys let Will sit between you?" I asked.

"Of course we can," Melissa said before Embry could say anything.

"Yeah, of course we can," Embry muttered.

"Thank you. Now Little Man, please behave. Only pick on Embry, just like I taught you okay?" I asked while Bella shared a bewildered look with Mel, while Embry just groaned.

"Otay Pauwy," Will said in his innocent voice as I put him in the back seat and buckled him up. I got into the car after and was just so damn tired.

"You look absolutely ravishing Bella," I told Bella sweetly.

"Thanks babe, you look absolutely tired," she responded in kind while smirking at me.

"I am who knew that just being with a four year old would be that exhausting in an hour?" I asked her. She took one look in the rear view mirror, and I knew that what she saw was that Will was wearing out Embry and Mel both.

"Take a nap, I'll wake you when we're 10 minutes away, I promise," she told me, smiling softly.

"Mm, nap sounds good," I said five seconds before I started snoring softly.

"Mother, what time is dinner?" I heard Melissa ask in a horrible British accent, before laughing and waking me up all the way.

"Wha's goin on?" I slurred, sounding startled for a minute. What I didn't know where I was so sue me.

"Nothing, but it's a good thing you woke up, we're almost there," Bella told me, trying to hold in her giggles. "So, what's good to eat around here?" she asked as her phone rang. "Hold that thought," she muttered as she answered the phone.


"Bells, when you get to Port Angeles, just park on the boardwalk, we'll walk around for a while before we find something to eat," Billy told her.

"Okay, will do," she said and was about to hang up but Billy continued speaking.

"Oh, and nice threat on Embry. You would've done it too wouldn't you?" he asked.

"What threat on Embry?" I asked.

"Embry was being mean and hitting me Pauwy!" Will whined.

"Billy, I'm gonna go, and I'll be sure to pull to the boardwalk, bye!" Bella said.

"Bells, what threat?" I asked, she looked at me and sighed.

"Will was pinching Embry, or so he says, and Embry lightly tapped his hand after multiple attempts to ask Will to stop, and then I told Embry that he had to apologize to Will and you because he made a remark about Will being your brother, but a three year old, and I may have said something along the lines of pulling the car over, going back there and beating him," she said sheepishly. "Now, Embry, apologize," she said, glaring at him.

"I'm sorry that I was rude to your inept form Paul," Embry said mockingly to me, not meaning it at all.

"Okay…did you apologize and mean it to my brother?" I asked him, and Mel just laughed out loud again.

"What is it now Mel?" Bella asked her, wanting to know why and I was right there with her.

"You and Paul are just like parents already, making the 'kids' apologize and everything. It's hilarious," she said, laughing some more.

Bella and I shared a look and we both started to laugh with her, because it's true. We were acting like parents, and well, we weren't exactly trying to act it, it was just something that we slipped into easily.

"Oh, I know Seth is going to have a good one with this, especially with him riding with my father, and Billy," Bella muttered so only the wolves would hear it. "And Quil," she added as an afterthought.

"Well, I can always take care of them for you if you want me to Izzy," Melissa said, smirking a lot. "Maybe knock some sense into Sam too, do you know what he was trying to do to some poor kid yesterday when we were at the beach?" she continued on, sounding murderous.

"What did he try to do sweets?" Bella asked while pulling into a parking spot along the boardwalk.

"Okay, so some random pale blonde guy came walking up and attempted to hit on me, he had a broken nose, which got set badly by the way, and he was using these terrible pick up lines too. I was just ignoring the guy, and I continued talking to Sam like I normally would when I didn't want to associate with Brenda back in Phoenix. Apparently, according to Sam he was going to touch me, and you know me Bells, I'd kick their butts," she said, hesitating on the last word, clearly editing for Will's sake, not that he doesn't already use that language. "But Sam just went berserk on the guy, looked like he was about to beat him to a pulp, so when I finally pulled Sam off of him he said that it should teach him not to touch a female that doesn't want him to touch them. Is he always that possessive? I mean I get the fact that I'm his new little sister and all, but he didn't need to do that to the poor guy," Melissa stated.

"He's like that because of an inner beast inside of him. He's like that with Emily and Leah and to a lesser extent Bells here," Embry said.

"Although it probably doesn't help the matter that at the moment he hates me because I keyed his truck," Bella muttered.

"Why did you even do that?" I asked her since it's been bothering me for a while and the few times that we've been phased together she hasn't thought of it.

"Because she's loyal to her friends, she'll stand up for them when they're at their lowest, and get revenge for them whenever her friend whoever it is can't do it for themselves. She's fierce and protective, she loves with her heart and once you're in it, you're in it forever unless you harm someone she cares about even more than you," Melissa said while Bella looked away embarrassed. "She's one helluva friend, one that you want to hold onto for the rest of your life," she continued, "when you ask her to keep a secret, she does to the best of her ability, half of the time forgetting about it until something is said to trigger it, or something is done."

"Not only that, but she's brave and vulnerable, fierce and scared, she's loved and she's hated, but most of all, she's the best friend that you could ask for," Leah said, leaning in the window on the driver's side seat.

"How long have you been there?" Bella asked, her hand covering her heart.

"Since Ms. Melissa, as Paul calls her, started naming off the qualities that make you the person you are. But Paul, the real reason why she keyed Sam's truck was because of how much pain that I was in when he shattered my heart, and because Bella's weird and knows things, she knows how much Sam's truck means to him," Leah said while smirking.

"Let's stop talking about me now please, I'm hungry," Bella said whining and getting out of the car after she rolled her window up and turned off the ignition. "Melly, have you been introduced to Harry, Sue, and Old Quil yet?" Bella asked.

"Not properly, no. All I know is that Harry was the one in the hospital, Sue is Seth and Leah's mum and that Old Quil is that creepy old guy that wouldn't stop staring at you earlier," Melissa said.

"He's not normally that creepy, but he's creepy enough. I think today is just an off day for him," Bella said. "I remember when I was little I ran into him when he was coming out of the bathroom when Jake brought me over to Quil's house, and he was naked. Not a pretty sight, I can't tell if he's gotten any wrinklier or not, but since then I've stayed my distance from him," Bella said shocking us all.

"Ew, you've seen my grandfather naked?" Quil asked, coming towards our small group as Embry was climbing out and Bella locked the doors.

"You make it sound as if I wanted to. I ran into the guy while I was running away from you because you were picking your nose and trying to wipe your boogies on me," Bella responded back.

"Dude, that's disgusting," Embry deadpanned.

"Tell me about it," Bella muttered before looking at me and Will wide eyed.

"I can assure you that he doesn't," I said, already knowing what she was going to ask.

"Oh thank god," she muttered so quietly I don't think that anyone was supposed to hear it. "So, what all is good to eat here, I want to eat at some type of proper restaurant, maybe something with a buffet since we all eat a lot," she said, a lot louder, getting everyone to gather around us and bounce idea's back and forth.

"How about we just walk around and find something that everyone can agwee on," Will said quietly, causing everyone to stop and stare at him. "What? I can have big boy thoughts, and I am smart unlike some people," he said, the last part while looking at Quil and Embry.

"I agree with Little Man," Jared said, and Kim agreed with Jared and so on and so on it went like that until Quil and Embry figured out what Will meant by the last part of his statement.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Embry whined.

"Nobody ever said that it was, this is life you know," Bella said before smiling down at Will. "I think your idea works just fine, plus we've all agreed on it minus doofus one and two over there who would be left out, so which direction do you want to walk in?" she asked, giving him his own thoughts and decisions in the matter. Extra points in my book.

Will looked around for a few seconds and said "North." We all looked to Charlie as he was the cop and knows this stuff and he pointed up the boardwalk.

"Then north it is," Billy said before he started in that direction. We all followed him talking among ourselves, until we came upon a hole in the wall buffet place. When we walked in, it was pretty empty and the waitresses were just standing around talking, so we had to wait for a few minutes before someone realized that we were there.

"Hi and welcome to Poe's Buffet, how many people?" an older gentleman asked.

"20 please," Charlie said in his gruff man voice.

"Will you wait a few minutes until we can get enough tables together to seat you all?" the man asked, trying to hide his shock.

"Of course we will, although it doesn't look like you have enough people in here for that to not be a problem," Leah said, letting her inner bitch come out, Sue pinched her for her attitude, and the guy just went about getting enough tables together.

We stood there talking until the host guy came back and told us to follow him, which we obviously would have done anyways because without doing that then we probably wouldn't have been able to eat. What is it with the stupid questions that are asked at restaurants?

"Will this be fine?" the guy asks us. Again, the stupid questions, why?

"It will, thank you," Bella said to the guy.

Will tugged on my jeans to get me to bend to his level, and when I was there, he cupped his hands around his mouth telling me that he had a secret to tell me.

"She's very polite. I like her alweady. Are you going to mawwy her?" he whispered as quietly as he could, but everyone heard him. I looked from him to Bella, to everyone around us and saw Melissa, Bella, Leah, Emily, and Sue all standing there with one eyebrow raised (the same one), their arms crossed over their chest, and the same hip out to the side.

"You're not very quiet at all, but I would like to once we're out of high school, lived a while, and once I ask Charlie, Billy, and Harry," I told him just as quietly as he asked me. He went over to Bella and did the same thing that he did to me, pulled on her pant leg and cupped his hands. This time, nobody could hear him when he whispered whatever it was that he whispered. Bella took one long look at him and smiled brightly and whispered something in his ear just as quietly and then started to tickle him making him giggle in the adorable way that four year olds have.

"I think he can be quiet," Jared said as we sat down, him across from me, Bella on one side of me, and Will on the other. "Maybe he did that to just embarrass you, although you handled that rather well. What would you three have said?" he asked Billy, Charlie, and Harry.

"No," Charlie said automatically, and leaving it at that.

"Maybe," Billy said with a smirk.

"Depends on when he wants to do it," Harry said softly.

"Hi, I'm Tammy and I'll be your waitress today, have you decided what you want to drink?" a fake blonde asked while staring shamelessly at Jake, who was trying to look away from the very intimidating blonde who looked to be well in her thirties.

We told the lady our drinks, and she just kept staring at Jake until Bella spoke up, "Uh excuse me, Tammy?"

"Yes, what can I do for you dear?" the lady asked.

"Well for starters, you can stop staring at my 16 year old brother because frankly you look to be well into your thirties and you're creeping my brother and everyone else here out, especially our fathers, so that'd be great. Not only that, but that ring on your finger signifies that you're married. And by the looks of your stomach I'd say that you have kids too, maybe one around 10 or so, right?" Bella said, while the lady just stood there, shocked.

"Uh… yeah," Tammy said, shocked out of her mind, and so were the rest of us.

"Thank you, you can go now," Bella said sweetly and as the lady walked off she smiled brightly at the rest of us.

"Thanks Bells, you're the best," Jake said, sighing out a large gust of air.

"No problem Jakey, plus I'd do it for any of you guys if your girls weren't here, but it's kind of hard to say that you're all 16 because of how big you guys are," Bella said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"What are you thinking Isabella?" Sam asked, sounding slightly murderous, getting a low rumble in response from me. "Oh hush, I'm not going to harm her, she'd end up hurting me before I ever got the chance to harm her. She knows things that normal people wouldn't know, especially when it comes to getting revenge on someone, she knows how to hit them where the heart is," Sam muttered just loud enough for the humans to hear.

"Kind of like what she did to Brenda during our freshmen year," Melissa said smiling ruefully.

"She got what had coming for her," Bella said in her defense.

"I don't think we've heard this one yet Billy," Charlie said, leaning forwards on the table to listen better.

"I don't even remember what you're talking about Melly, please…explain," Bella said confused.

"Well, it was after the first summer practice, when we were voting on who the captain should be, when we narrowed it down to you and Brenda," Melissa said. "We were having a debate, and it was just between the two of them and Brenda, I don't know how she knew it, but she knew that Renee had run off with Bella, leaving her dad here and everything, and Bella only told that to me and someone else because we were all supposed to be good friends. I was shocked that Brenda knew that so Bella knew that it wasn't me that spilled it was Nicole, who did that, but Bella just took one long look at Brenda, then lowered her eyes to the floor and started to smirk, and I'm sure you all have seen her when she smirks. She's evil looking. But Brenda didn't see it and she thought that she had won when Bella spoke up and said, 'My mother may have ran off with me, but what excuse does that give your mother? Have her legs met?' and Brenda shrieked and ran off, leaving Bella there to win the spot as captain," she continued, laughing the entire time. "And then the next day at practice when it was revealed to Brenda that Bella won, she was pissed and she tried to spike the ball into Bells' face, but Bella was one step ahead of her and had spiked it back to her and Brenda didn't see it coming because she had turned around and so when the ball hit her, she went flying, and did a face plant on the gym floor," Melissa continued.

"And then when Brenda went to sit up, I walked over to her and very calmly said that if she was going to be jealous about her position as second, then she should step down all together and quit the team," Bella finished.

"How scared was she when you said that?" Sam asked, having already been on the side of Bella that would require her to be deathly calm.

"Terrified, she pissed herself," Melissa said trying to hold in her giggles.

"Kind of like Sam did a couple of years ago," Leah said smirking while Sam was banging his head on the table.

"Here are your drinks, are you ready to order yet?" Tammy asked after she placed the correct drinks in front of the right person.

"This is a buffet is it not?" Leah asked her, and when Tammy nodded her head, Leah continued, "Then give us our plates so we can go get our food. All we need you to do is to bring us more plates and our drinks, okay sweet cheeks?"

"Yeah, that's perfectly clear," Tammy stuttered out.

"Leah, that was rude," Sue chastised.

"Sorry mom but she wouldn't stop staring at Jake," Leah said. "It's creepy," she shuddered.

"What's this story about Bella making Sam piss himself?" Emily asked.

"You mean you didn't tell her Sammy?" Bella asked, sounding shocked.

"And have her laugh at me? No way, that story is just way too embarrassing for that," Sam said heatedly.

"This we have to hear," Jared said, getting real interested.

"Yeah, I wanna hear this stowy," Will said, leaning on my arm, looking between Bella and Leah.

"Do you want to or do you want me to?" Bella asked, smiling.

"You can, I wouldn't be as…great at it. You would tell the story better than I would," Leah said, while Sam muttered a quick prayer under his breath.

"Okay, well it was after Sam had broken up with Leah, and after Leah was done crying on my shoulder, I grabbed her by the hand and I pulled her outside with me and I may have picked a rose from Sue's rose bush and demolished the rose bit and picked off the leaves, and Leah was just confused. I told her to go inside and grab Sue's salt shaker, and she did that, and while she was holding that I dragged her all around town, and when we found Sam coming out of the woods, I went up to him and pushed him back in about 20 feet or so, and I told him to kneel and to look at what he did to Leah, who he promised that he would marry, and you all pretty much know that story, but when he saw Leah's face that was all red and puffy, I told him that I was going to make him feel as much pain as he put Leah through, and when he saw the thorny rose stem and salt he freaked, started apologizing as much as he could get in, but me being a volleyball player I have to have a lot of strength in my arms and so I took the salt shaker from Leah and I used the rose stem as a switch and then put some salt on the open wound and I had him crying out in agony. After about 20 swats I asked Leah if she wanted a turn and Sammy boy pissed himself and started to cry real tears. I guess it's safe to say that he does have a heart," Bella said, smiling sweetly at Sam who was banging his head on the table.

"Here are your plates," the waitress said as she set a pile of plates on the table. "Is he okay?" she asked, sounding worried.

"Oh, Sam, yeah he'll be fine, he's just having an epileptic seizure, it makes him bang his head on a flat surface for a limited amount of time, he should be done in a few hours," Bella said sweetly. "Your concern is duly noted, you can come back in a while and refill our glasses if you would like," she finished, smiling so sweetly she looked insane.

"Isabella Marie," Charlie, Harry, Billy, and Sue all said.

"Sorry," Bella said innocently.

"I'm going to have my hands full with you aren't I?" I asked her.

"Absolutely," she said before she grabbed a plate and went to get some food, with Jake, Leah, and Embry following.

"Paul, I'm hungry," Will said, yanking on my arm. "Can we go get some food?"

"Yeah, come on little man," I said grabbing two plates in one hand and Wills hand in the other. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"Chicken, and mac- n'-cheese, and a salad," he told me jumping up and down excitedly.

"You want a salad? Since when do you eat salads?" I asked him.

"Since I saw Bewwa eating one. I want a salad!" he screamed loudly causing everyone to stop and stare.

"Depriving him of his vegetables?" Bella asked, scaring me before she bent to Wills level. "Hey sweets, stop crying, if Paul won't get you a salad, you can have some of mine, and if you don't like it, you can make Jared or Embry eat it if you want because they don't eat their vegetables, okay sweetie?" she asked him, getting groans from Jared and Embry.

"Yeah, thank you Bewwa, you're very nice, will you mawwy me?" he asked her.

"Uhm… you're a little too young to get married buddy, plus I like the idea of marrying Paul," she told him softly. "C'mon, let's go sit at the table and let Paul get the rest of your food, and you can have some of my salad too," she said grabbing his hand and winking at me before walking back towards the table.

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