Title: Bleed Well The Heart You're About To Fail
: Emono
: Wrestling
: Jack Swagger/The Miz
: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
: Spoilers for RAW 4-5-10, first part set in that episode. Mild angst, slash, PDA

AN: This is a continuation of:
Be My Lover Boy
So If You Save Me, I'll Save You Too
And Maybe I'm Yours, Too
So Much Cuter With Something In Your Mouth
A Hero Will Save Me (Just In Time)

It's Not Faith If You're Using Your Eyes
Please Don't Try So Hard To Say Good-Bye

It was supposed to be one of the best nights of his life.

Wrestlemania had gone well for the couple. Miz had retained his Unified Championship and the US belt, keeping his status on RAW as high as it could be. Jake had gone forth and ended up winning the Money in the Bank challenge. It had been a big boost for him, won with blood and sweat. The other men in the match had put up on hell of a fight, Evan had nearly broken both Swagger's legs and Christian hadn't let him up the ladder for more than a few steps before he'd knocked him out of the ring. It was a brutal match, both of their matches were.

Yet it had only gotten better. Jake had cashed in his Money in the Bank case, earning him a rather unfair shot at the Heavyweight title. He'd won, claiming the belt for his own. It had been a real night of celebration, Miz too wrapped up in congratulating his man to realize the after effects this decision had.

Jake knew, but he never spoke a word.

So, already outed as a couple (thanks to some of their past ring-action), Miz decided that they should go out together to announce to RAW that it had a new title. Not once did it cross the young man's mind that Smackdown held the rights to the Heavyweight title, not once did he look away long enough to contemplate what had gone on.

Making their way up the stairs to the guerilla position, Miz managed to hold onto his US belt and keep his other two balanced on his shoulders.

"This is so amazing" Miz rambled, trying to decide how to wear his belts well enough to show them all off "We're gonna blow their minds, Jake. No one watches Smackdown, no one knows you're a champion yet! Can you imagine the looks they're about to have?"

Miz was all but giggling, decidingly strapping both the Tag-Team belts around his waist. He adjusted them accordingly, knowing they looked much better together than apart. He laid the US belt over his right shoulder, hoping to keep Jake on his left side the entire time.

Jake was a bit pale, afraid of the repercussions that were about to be unleashed upon their relationship. Mike turned and saw this, smiling fondly.

"It's going to be fine" Miz assured him, stepping up to his lover and fixing his soft gold tie. The blonde had decided to go for a professional full suit. It wasn't the most attractive thing, but it cut nicely to his large frame. Mike's jeans were dark and stylishly sheened, his grey-blue silk shirt curled and cut off at the elbows. His darker vest caught the light brilliantly, a grey silk tie knotted at the base of his throat. He looked stylish enough for the both of them.

Later, he was sure to have a match. But this was an announcement, approved by Vince himself, so he couldn't help but keep his gear stashed away in their dressing room.

"You look…" Jake began, lips twitching upwards " 'Course, you always look good."

"You bet your pert ass I do" Miz caught his mouth for a chaste kiss, light dancing in his ice blue eyes "Are you ready?"

Jake couldn't take it anymore, "Mike, there's something I-"

Check 1-2
Better get down on your knees and pray!

"That's us" Miz nodded as if to confirm, adjusting his US belt one last time. A tech came up, handing them their mics before disappearing again. The brunette started forward, but a solid hand caught his wrist. He turned and smiled indulgently at his lover, who seemed to have a case of nerves tonight.

"Come on."

Jake wet his lips, "But I need to tell-"

"It's okay, baby" Miz cooed, dragging the blonde to his left side and ushering him out to the entrance "I love you too."

The lights fell upon them hotly; the roar of the crowd full-blast nearly deafened them. Once Jake got out there, wrapped up in his semi-natural environment, he put on his 'Jack Swagger' grin and easily slipped into character. The audience seemed shocked at first, and there were boo's, but there were some loud cheers as well.

//I'm a heel, I'm a heel// Jack carried a mic in one hand, the weight of the title belt on his other shoulder //I'm a damn champion. Love me or hate me, I'm their champion.//

Jake looked to the delicious arm candy on his right side, the one pretending to polish the already-shiny surface of his belt.

//I'm his champion. And I'm going to let him down.//

Together, they made their way down the ramp, absorbing the crowd's reaction like a man would drink up water. All could easily see how uncomfortable the larger blonde was, just as well as they could see the blissful glow that radiated off The Miz.

Keeping his eyes lowered, Jake got up onto the ring and pushed down the middle rope with his foot. It was such an easy task, such a simple one. He'd done it for his lover a dozen times, whether it be a training or official ring. It seemed wrong, it all seemed wrong to him. The ropes, the crowd, the moment…the beautifully proud smile on his lover's face. He'd lied to him for a week, he'd lied to him about his Money in the Bank choice, and the result of this title was the only reason he'd been forgiven for anything.

He locked 'Jake' up in a box for now, letting Swagger shine through.

Jack patted Miz's ass when he bent over to get into the ring, getting a saucy wink in return. The blonde got into the ring rather easily, keeping his belt firmly upon his shoulder. Miz took a bold stand in the middle of the ring, smirking cattishly at the responding crowd. His larger lover obediently took to his left side, lips quirking upwards as well.

"Don't adjust your television sets" Miz stated smoothly "Because yes - we really do have that much gold."

The announcers were bad mouthing them, but neither cared.

"On Smackdown, Jack cashed in his well-earned opportunity for a shot at the Heavyweight championship. As you can see, he defeated that clown Chris Jericho and finally got what he deserved."

Miz reached out, letting his fingers dance over the surface of the gold belt on his lover's shoulder, "This just proves what I've been saying all along. It's a new age for the WWE, a new age for RAW. Titans like Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Matt Hardy have already fallen under the wave of young blood. It's a time for the fresh faces of the industry to be shown and recognized."

The brunette's fingertips traced Swagger's jaw briefly, affectionately, then dropped to his side.

"With this addition to our-" Miz hefted his belt pointedly, looking smug "-collection, we now have five title reigns between us."

There were some boos, but Jack stepped up.

"Do the math, people" Jack strutted across the ring confidently, making sure to catch the camera as he ticked the titles off on his fingers "The World Tag-Team Championship, the WWE Tag Team, the United States Championship, the Unified Tag Team Championship, and finally…my World Heavyweight belt."

"Face it, we're invincible" Miz all but curled into the blonde's left side, placing a sure hand on his massive chest "We're now the most decorated couple in the WWE. Ever."

Girls in the front row screamed and clapped their little heads off when Miz stole a daring kiss, both smirking at the face that they had permission to flaunt themselves from the head man himself.

"It's time you respect your champions!" Miz demanded, pushing away from his lover to lean against the ropes "We've proven ourselves, and we're going to keep these belts around our waist for as long as we can - as far as we can from the grasp of the wanna-be's and the has-been's."

"Because I'm the two-time-two-time All-American American" Jack stated in that cocky way of his.

"And I'm The Miz!" Miz began loudly, climbing up onto the second rope and puffing out his chest "And we're awe-"

A sudden dimming of the lights and blaring of trumpets sounded.


The sudden burst of music startled Mike so badly he tumbled backward off the ropes. The only thing that saved his dignity were his lover's strong hands catching him beneath his arms. He thanked him softly, getting his footing back and looking to the entrance. Cena came out in his usual burst of energy, brandishing the WWE title belt.

Jack kept his hands on his lover's arms, fearing the worst.

//Shit, we were almost done!//

John's pace was slow to the ring, working the crowd up. The crowd was cheering louder than ever, proclaiming that the 'champ was here' or whatever. Miz leant back against his lover, shadowing the hand that laid on his forearm.

"What's he doing here?" Miz hissed, he wasn't fond of the much beloved WWE champion.

"Couldn't tell" Jack whispered, growing a bit paler.

John got into the ring with them, a mic in his hands. Soon enough, the trumpets and rap faded away. Cena grinned heartily, holding up his hand as if that would silence the crowd. He was laughing like a little kid, loving the attention.

"First order of business, before we ruin the children, congratulations!" John declared jovially, gesturing to the blonde "Jack Swagger is officially…the luckiest man in the world."

John turned his tone into a mocking one, "Cashed in a briefcase…to become the World Heavyweight championship."

Jack breathed a silent sigh of relief, hoping the champion was out here just to mock his own win.

"That was the easy part" John continued on, he had chosen to interrupt them on a last minute change "You're going to find out that these people don't care about what you've done. Part of being a champion is these people drooling for what you're about to do."

"Save your dramatic lines for the rookies" Miz stepped up for his lover "We know about defeat, Cena. We've earned these belts."

"Don't start with me, kid" John glared at the younger man "You've earned about half of what you wear on your shoulders. So butt out, I'm talking to your lover boy."

Mike could feel his ears burn, but he didn't back down.

"I've earned this!" Jack barked at the champion, holding his belt tightly "Nobody on RAW can compete with me! I've beaten everyone here! I dare you to find th-omeone that deserves this title more than me."

"You see, the problem with that is…there's one RAW superstar…standing in the ring with you, right now" Jake glanced to his lover, the older man elaborated "Wearing orange."

Miz rolled his eyes, hating that this man was trying to ruin their moment.

"Who's calling you a liar" Cena finished "And that same RAW superstar…" at this point, the crowd started chanting his name "Who's looking at you sweat so nervously and cling to that belt…says you're not championship material."

Jack actually was sweating bullets, the lights were getting to him.

"I've earned this, my friend" John held up his belt, not looking away from the blonde as he tried to crack his resolve "And I say you haven't earned what you have. I say that behind all that All-American American bravado you are nothing but a weasel."

The crowd laughed, Cena smirked beneath the rim of his cap.

Miz saddled up next to his lover, glaring fiercely at the older man, "Watch it, Cena. One would call you jealous."

Cena snorted, "Of what?"

Miz's smirk turned wicked, resting his head on his lover's shoulder as he purred, "Of the fact that we can keep our titles."

Two very dominant personalities clashed right there, two sets of blue eyes burning into one another. They were ready to jump each other right there, but Jack rested a hand in the dip of his lover's back.

"I got this, baby."

Miz relented, letting his blonde take care of his own problem.

"I'm the essence of championship material" Jack hissed at the other man, stepping forward.

"You think so?" John shrugged "Fine. Prove it to me tonight. Be a champion and face me in a match."

The crowd roared, excited at the prospect.

Mike's eyes went wide at this, looking between the men. The blonde remained stoic, he had no desire to face the man but if it would shut him up-

"Still not tickling your fancy?" Cena needled "Fine, okay. I'll do what a champion does, I'll step up. Because I'm so sure I'm going to do to you what I did to Batista" Cena got closer, voice lowering "Make you tap out" he raised his belt "I'll put the WWE championship on the line."

Cena backed off him, still brandishing the belt, "Ball's in your court, Champ. What's it gonna be?"

Miz laid a hand over his lover's belly, stepping out a little to look up at him, "You can totally take him."

Jack really wanted to get this over with.

"That doesn't work for me, Cena. On so many levels, that just doesn't work" Jack started inching toward the ropes, hoping to get himself out of there before his lover found out the awful truth on live television "Let me tell you why that doesn't work, I-"

I hear voices in my head
They council me, they understand
They talk to me

Randy emerged from the entrance way, wearing his new shirt and what looked like nothing underneath (his ring gear was always minimal to his boots and spankies.) Jack felt his lover's fingers dig harder into his arm, signaling his fear. The Viper had always shaken the Demon of Desire, if not just enough to rattle his nerves.

John looked to the couple, "He looks pissed, doesn't he?"

Indeed, Randy looked very annoyed. Unlike Miz, he knew that Swagger was leaving for Smackdown, and he was wondering what the hell Cena (his own lover) was doing out here fucking it up. He stalked up to the ring, pausing just for a moment to take in the situation. Orton was a man who could either fix a situation or shake things up. Today, he was going to try and get this over rather painlessly. Without an ounce of fear, he walked up the few steps and slithered through the ropes. He paused once more, sizing up the blonde with a hint of disgust. What a horrible thing to do to one's lover, leaving them without even hinting at it.

Miz was blinded by glory, he couldn't have figured it out in such a short amount of time.

Randy had a mic, and he was going to put it to good use. He got up in his lover's personal space, trying to warn him with his eyes that this wasn't the time to be messing with the other couple.

"I am sure that Mr. Swagger here, being the competitor he claims to be, will want to face the man who beat him last week" Randy informed him, tilting his head "Me."

"Really?" Miz stepped out of his lover's shadow, outraged "Cena? Orton? Really?"

Cena was just confused, but Jake was the one about to get ill all over the ring.

"Miz, come on" Jack grabbed for his lover, hoping to get them both out of there so he could just tell them the truth. But the brunette was quick to get out of arm's reach, going up to the older couple.

"It's so typical of you two to come out here and try to steal the spotlight right at the beginning of the show" Miz ranted, ice blue eyes searing them both "You forget, this show isn't all about you. Tonight, right now, it's about us. The most decorated couple in WWE history!"

Miz smirked, cocking his head to the side in a rather arrogant way, "Unlike some."

This seemed the perfect set up for Cena to take over, Randy couldn't stop him.

"You know, your idea sounds much better to me" John clapped a hand on his lover's shoulder, getting a sideways glare "Who better to punt Jack Th-wagger off RAW than the great Randy Orton himself?"

Miz faltered at this, brow creasing rather innocently, "What?"

That wasn't the voice of The Miz, that was the soft inquiry of Mike.

Jake surged forward, laying an insistent hand on his lover's arm, "Forget them, Mike, come on."

Kayfabe was broken.

"The Heavyweight Championship belongs to the Smackdown brand" John replied slowly, pointing at the blonde off handedly "We can't keep it on RAW. That's why Swagger here is going to Smackdown with his fancy title."

John played to the crowd, shrugging childishly and looking to the camera, "Because we'll just miss him so much."

Randy lowered his mic, bracing himself for the blow up.

Mike turned to face the blonde, hurt etched into his features. Even with his mic hanging at his side, his next heartbroken words were picked up.

"Is that true, Jake?"

The blonde bit the side of his lip, looking down at the mat. It was all the answer that Mike needed. It sent his mind into overload, everything finally connecting. The Heavyweight Championship couldn't be kept on RAW, it wasn't one of their assigned belts. There was no way Jake could stay on their show, not with the contract assignments. His eyes shined with tears, but he refused to let them fall. Just three months ago, the brands had decided to take two different travel schedules. They rarely got to be in the same city, sometimes the same state.

Edge and Jay had the same problem, half of their break-ups were about distance.

Mike shook his head, dropping his mic carelessly. The whine of feedback was loud, making the crowd groan in protest. The brunette kept shaking his head, as if denying it, as his trembling fingers tried to unlatch his belt. All three gold-plated titles toppled to the mat, each thumping softly.

"Mike?" Jake tried, hoping that wasn't a coldness he could sense growing in his lover.

Mike shed his black back-up mic, dropping down and sliding between the ropes. The three called to him, though Cena and Orton in kayfabe. Mike refused to look up, holding up his hands in a form of surrender. He continued on, going up the walkway with the crowd shouting at him in all directions.

By the time he reached the guerilla position, tears were already falling.