The Miz refused to do anymore of the show that night, deciding instead to pack up his stuff and leave for the hotel. Paul (Big Show) had tried to stop him in the hall, asking him where the hell he thought he was going. When he didn't reply, the larger man kept shouting at him all the way down the hall that they had a match and that he couldn't just walk away from their championship.

Since all the other superstars were at the arena, Miz swindled the biggest suite in the place and claimed it for his own. He ordered room service, and once the delivery guy was shoved out of the room on his ass…the door was locked for the rest of the night.

After a screaming match on his cell with Vince, The Miz had gotten the rest of the week off for himself. It wasn't a suspension, but the superstar made it very clear that he would very likely strangle the next person who dared get in a ring with them. When Vince called his bluff, Miz calmly told the CEO to review his last match with Evan Bourne.

Vince agreed to let him take the time off.

That was yesterday, they had switched cities since then.

Today, Miz had found a set in their current arena. He was halfway up, in an aisle seat, empty chairs all around him. The ring had been set up already, all the NXT rookies milled around it in a practice their set matches. The superstar himself only had eyes for one of them, his young protégée Daniel Bryan. He had very good form, he had the potential and actually reminded him of a version of Ted DiBiase Jr. Except…not quite as good looking. Nevertheless, Mike had a fondness for the kid. Despite their on-screen clash, he really enjoyed working with Daniel.

Jake had felt the same, warming rather quickly to the rookie like an uncle would a long-lost nephew. When Miz had taken on the burden of the younger man's training, his lover had been there to share the load. Jake showed the kid an array of powerhouse moves, coupling nicely with the foundation Mike tried to lay out for him. Though Daniel was actually a year older than Jake, he was dwarfed by his sheer size. And just to keep the rookie in his place, Jake had developed a fondness for calling him 'kid' or 'brat.'

The kid was just sweet, more polite than you could believe. He saw his two mentors as his second set of parents, and their fights tore him apart. More often than not, since they traveled together, Daniel would end up at his door near midnight with either tears or hope in his eyes. Sometimes it was homesickness, a hungry belly, a nightmare, or those other times it was because someone had bullied him. He wasn't a real big guy, he was still building up his muscle.

So here Mike sat, alone and cool-headed. Down in the ring, Daniel wrestled his little heart out against the much larger Skip. Any other day, he would've sat closer and cheered his boy on, but not today. He was lost in his grief, he couldn't take an ounce of pleasure out of the free show going on in front of him.

Mike had his hand to his mouth, right leg loosely crossed over the other. A usual, he had adorned his stylish clothes, for misery was no reason to look shabby. Icy eyes laid upon the ring, drinking in the view with an air of indifference.

Heavy footsteps announced an intruder's presence long before he spoke.

"Mikey?" the usually strong tone was soft, imploring.

Ah, his lover. He hadn't seen the blonde since RAW, refusing to open his door to anyone when they'd knocked.

"Here we are, Jacob" Miz didn't look away from the ring as he gestured outward, fingers flaring dramatically "Not quite at the beginning, but close enough to hurt. I hope you're proud of yourself."

"I wanted to tell you" Jake began, his lover letting out a snort of belief "I did! But I couldn't find the right moment! You were happy - we were happy, you couldn't athk me to ruin that!"

"You're leaving me" Miz hissed, refusing to look at his lover - even as he stood beside him "I had every right to know, happiness be damned."

"Don't be mad, I'm not leaving you."

"It sure as hell feels like it!" Mike barked, standing up in a flourish as he finally lost his cool "You're going to Smackdown! You're leaving my side for that second-rate show, and I shouldn't be mad? We've worked so fucking hard to get here on RAW, and you suddenly decide it's not good enough?"

Mike's voice cracked, but he was still growling "That I'm not good enough?"

"Mikey, don't" Jake soothed, reaching out for him "You're perfect."

"Don't pacify me!" Miz spat, smacking away his lover's hands "You lied to me! About everything! I thought you were going after Cena's title, I thought we were going to take all the gold! I thought…"

"What?" Jake urged, he hadn't heard these ambitions before "What did you think would happen? That they'd put us in a tag-team storyline? That I'd take the belts from Paul?"

"It doesn't matter now, I thought wrong" Miz raked a hand through his hair, blinking rapidly to dispel the tears "It was a stupid dream."

"No, it isn't" Jake assured him, trying to touch his arm again "I never knew you wanted us to work together to-"

Jake reeled back as his lover's manicured nails cut down his hand, his touch rejected once more.

"You never told me about your Bank challenge, you never told me you were booked to win, and you sure as hell never said a word about the Heavyweight title!" Miz ranted, feeling stupid for not realizing this sooner "I only knew after someone told me, or I watched the match. But this time – this fucking broke it, Jake. You led me out there on live television; you let me make a huge ass of myself!"

The betrayal in his lover's voice hurt his heart, he hadn't meant for it to be like this.

"You just let me go, you didn't give me one fucking courtesy! I just said all this crap about us being…" ice blue eyes closed to the world, pain marring his features "You let Cena of all people tell me that my lov…that you were leaving me."

"Th-op thaying that" Jake hated how his lisp ruined his words, but he had to say it "I'm not leaving you, we're still us. I'm still yours."

Miz hardened his tone, trying to harden his heart, "So who is it?"

Jake was lost again, "What?"

"Who's on Smackdown that's so tempting?" Miz snapped, advancing on the blonde at a slow stalk "Who's caught your eye, baby? Who sparkles for you?"

"You think I'm cheating?!"

"What not? They've got good stock over there" the brunette's jaw clenched, a muscle jumping just beneath the skin "Is it one of the Superstars? Nick? Dave? How about the Divas?"

Miz started for the blonde sharply, shoving hard at his chest, "Or did you take one of the wanna-be's? Did you spin him a pretty web of lies? Promise to boost his career if he got on his back?!"

Jake kept his foot, a cool look of indifference on his face. There was no way to deal with a hysterical Mizanin, he'd learned that much this past year.

"I hate this!" Mike shoved at him again, loathing the raw emotion revealed in his voice "I hate you!"


"Why would you do this to me? Why would you put me through this?" Mike inquired tearfully, not really wanting an answer for fear it'd break his heart further.

Jake tried again to explain, "I told you, it didn't theem right-"

"Why did I get myself into this? Why was this worth it?" Miz dug the heels of his palms into his eyes, physically trying to remember why he'd started this relationship in the first place "Why did I ever think you'd stay with me?"

This broke the blonde's heart, "Pleathe stop?"

Miz dropped his fists to his sides, turning his red-rimmed teary eyes to the ceiling, "Why did I let myself fall in love with you?"

Jake had heard enough, something crackled in his chest like kindling. He didn't give a second thought to how it would look, or how the other would react, he just did. The blonde lunged at his lover, catching him by the wrists and throwing him down into the seat. Miz gave a little scream of frustration, struggling against the stalwart hold.

"You ass!" Mike screamed, flailing as he was shoved down hard. He found his wrists pinned, one to the armrest and the other crushed hard against the back of the seat. He found his lover staring right at him, a stony expression on his handsome face. Mike sucked in a sharp breath, peering widely into the blonde's own startlingly dark eyes. An unsettling mix of fear and lust churned inside him, showing on his features there for anyone to see.

Jake leaned in closer, nearly causing Mike to go cross-eyed as he refused to break their shared gaze. He half-curled into the seat, drawing in on himself protectively as goosebumps broke out along his skin. He could feel the blonde's breath on his cheek, his lips.

"J-Jake?" he trembled, the sudden harsh attitude turned him on more than he'd like to admit.

"If that's true, then you should forgive me" Jake stated firmly.

Miz wet his lips, trying to find his breath and his voice, "Why should I?"

"Because love me."

With that, Jake ducked his head and planted a solid kiss on the shocked brunette's lips. Mike tried to fight it, he truly did, but he ended up melting into the embrace. The rough drag of the plastic seat against his wrist, the slick of Jake's tongue ravishing his mouth, the heat of the blonde's larger body bleeding into his own…

Mike Mizanin submitted to Jake Hager.

Jack Swagger showed The Miz his true place.

Miz whimpered breathlessly into the larger man's mouth, closing his eyes and parting his pretty lips. He let Jake take all that he wanted, arching into him a bit so the heat of their bodies blended. Jake crouched closer, loving the small moans he was drawing from the brunette. Miz willingly parted his thighs, cradling the blonde's hips like he had done so many times.

"What are you guys doing?"

The innocent inquiry startled the two apart, and with Mike's wrists still pinned, they looked to the source. Daniel was standing there, still in his practice gear with a light sheen of sweat on his skin. He looked confused, his eyes dancing between them. They had been careful not to do too much around him, seeing as he was limited in experience and was so unsure of himself to begin with.

Jake slowly pulled away, Miz was mouthing words he wasn't sure of.

"Hey kid" Jake stood up, letting the brunette go reluctantly "

"I thought you two were…fighting?" Daniel was obviously struggling to make reason of this situation. Just the other day, he had watched his mentors fight on live television and then saw that Miz isolated himself from everyone else. He thought they were on the verge of a break up; he had been worrying about them constantly since then.

"We're not fighting" Miz stated, but his voice was still wavering like a plucked string "I was…he was just…"

Daniel was already going red in the ears, eyes pointedly on the ground.

"Maybe the brat could use some hands-on training?" Jake offered, helping the unsteady brunette to his feet. There was a look on his face, one that told Miz he had right now to choose their fate. He could either keep being pissed or let it go, there were only two ways this whole thing could play out.

Forgive all their transgressions or carry out this weak grudge.

"Actually, Danny" Miz put on a big grin, looping an arm around the blonde's waist "Did you know that Jake here got himself a match at Extreme Rules?"

"Really?" the younger man's eyes rose from the floor "Who against?"

"Two guesses."

"Oh man!" Daniel finally put two-and-two together "Randy Orton?"

"The one and only" Jake followed his lover's lead, letting his hand rest along his back "It's part of my new storyline."

"Wow" the smaller blonde was clearly impressed.

"I'll leave you two at it" Jake dipped down, brushing a kiss just behind his lover's ear "Give 'em hell for me."

"We'll try."

The answering kiss on his cheek was all he needed to know.

They were fine.

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