I have decided to take the chapters off MDB for now as I want to rewrite it because I've realized I've written myself into a dead corner. =A=;; So please bear with me while I fix the story... and hopefully I will be able to upload the chapter(s)(?) before finals come around the corner (in roughly 3 - 4 weeks! OTL.) ^_^;;

Also... I need to leave "The Ineffable" for a while because an evil thing called "Writer's Block" has decided to visit this story and... here we are. Stuck. OTL. I'm so sorry... I'll do my best to update as soon as I can figure it out! I promise!

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Lastly, I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SUBSCRIBED/REVIEWED/READ MY STORIES! *bows* You guys are my biggest motivation to continue writing! Especially since I'm getting more and more frustrated with the current direction Meca Tanaka-sensei is taking FTAK. OTL. But I promise to not abandon these unfinished fics! (: