Chapter 1: Review

The ocean. It's always been there for me as long as I can remember. When I was four, my mom and dad would drive me and my brother over to the beach to play. That was when times were different, and Dad wasn't talking on his cellphone 24/7. Well, I guess when you're older, the times change, right? When Sora and I kept splashing each other, a huge wave would usually come and crash over both of us. The sound of the rushing blue water would welcome me, and I could hear the echoes of it even after the wave left. Like a memory, that sound still stays with me, reminds me of happier times. Any more I feel that kind of happiness just doesn't last. Mom and Dad got divorced by the time I was ten, and I still don't know why. Maybe it was because Dad got too caught up in business deals. Maybe it was because Mom nagged him a lot.

Either way, I ended up living in a broken home. What are the chances? Hm, at this rate as divorce is growing more "popular", I'd say three to one. The odds are pretty huge. Then again, I was never that great at math, so what the heck do I know? As I stared out at the ocean, trying to recollect my thoughts, I wondered how I did wind up this way.

How can something so perfect turn out to be so wrong? I guess this goes without saying: stuff like this happens to kids like me and Sora all the time. Speaking of him, he doesn't talk to me much any more. Time to review.

Sora became the popular guy, and I, his sister Namine, became the outcast when we were in junior high. He rose to the occasion after our parents finalized their divorce.

He decided to participate in sports, join the debate team, get himself elected to Student Council, and be all Goody Two Shoes Mr. Perfect. I just decided that I wanted to retreat within myself. After all, I was just Sora Tasaki's little sister, right? Where the hell did I fit in? Here's the answer: nowhere. No one really wanted to talk to the shy girl, except the few people who actually wanted to get to know me. But, I get ahead of myself. I drew a lot, sang sometimes, but never really joined any clubs. And, judging by my wimpy physique, I couldn't really get into sports either. Here are some stats.

Toward the end of middle school, I made five friends. Sora had fifty friends and a girlfriend.

Eighth grade was awesome. I would get to say goodbye to my crummy yellow locker and my favorite bullies. Oh, and no more school counselor ragging on me, asking, "Are you OK? Do you need to talk?" every five seconds. I swear to God she wanted me to have a problem. But, life here had been OK, aside from the facts the popular kids treated me like crap, I got my first brush with depression, and Sora continued to upstage me in everything. But, junior high is filled with so much drama anyway. Everywhere you look, you can find it. You don't need to look for a rainbow with the Lucky Charms guy's pot of gold at the end. That's my weird philosophy, though. Still, despite all the stuff I went through, I made it out all right. Then, Mom told us on the morning of the last day of school that we were moving.

Wasn't that perfect timing? Besides, I had to be transplanted from my childhood home and, worse, the ocean. I wasn't too happy to say the least. In fact, I managed to hold a screaming match right then and there. Maybe I was suffering from too much junior high drama. So, Sora had to kiss his replaceable girlfriend goodbye, and I ended up crying when I told my friends. They were sad but hoped I would come back for visits. I promised them I would. Now, I watched the waves lap the shores of the shore, my last day here on my childhood beach. Tomorrow, I would leave for a bigger city, noise, and a new high school to attend in about a week as a freshman while Sora would be a sophomore. He would be a nice, popular sophomore while I would be an invisible freshman.

I would enjoy the outcast life again anyway. I was completely used to it. If I wasn't by now, I would be way more fragile, which is one label I don't appreciate. I was going to be fifteen soon, but everyone back at middle school said I looked like I was ten. Maybe I do. I don't care. I planned on forgetting about how sucky middle school was. I guess that maybe being a freshman won't be so bad. Sora said he had a good year last year, but then again he's him. Mr. Popular wants to be Homecoming King someday. I just want to be left alone, because being the new kid is going to be so hard anyway. Besides, people are likely to tease me, but life goes on. So, goodbye yellow brick road.

I'm moving on to roads of concrete.