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Epilogue: Ocean Waves

The ocean. It's been that one constant in my life since the day I was born. Even when I moved to Kingston, I knew I could always come back to Destiny where that beautiful ocean is and always will be. With the changing of the tides, my life has also changed. And now, I don't look back on what could have been or what happened in my life. I move on and live in the present in a healthy way. No therapist ever needed to tell me that. Sometimes, you just need to learn that kind of stuff on your own.

My brother Sora is no longer trapped behind his arrogant façade. He's himself again, the older version of my sibling, my childhood playmate, who pushed me in the crashing waves. Learning to move on after a bitter divorce has finally happened at last.

Mom is still with Luxord. Dad is searching for a date now that he has the time to do it. He's sold a painting for $200. Not bad for a guy who's trying to re-master his craft. Paine's still moody but my best friend for life like all of my other three hometown friends. As for my new friends in Kingston, they haven't changed much, only most of them are with people now...well, except Selphie. She told me the other day she's waiting for a new guy, because Xion mentioned that her sixteen-year-old cousin would be coming to town by next school year. His name? Irvine Kinneas. Axel and Roxas are content with the redhead's cheap motorcycle, but everyone knows about Axe's obsession with that Harley.

Pence and Olette unexpectedly hooked up (I hate that term though, so shallow) after Kairi's party. Supposedly, it was an "accidental" kiss, yeah sure. Dem and Yuffie, meantime, are taking their time—they're not even dating yet! Hayner wants to be single until college since he thinks wanting to get into the military will keep him occupied. Zexion is coming up with reviews for his Muzak Korner for next year's school paper issues, the overachieving weirdo. He says that 30H!3 will be on the chopping block, whatever that means. He and my hippie friend are getting along just fine. Those evil popular kids are no longer considered in "the group" by their more sober peers. Yuna is probably relying heavily on Facebook for social interaction this summer, ha! Sorry, can't help it, I was never any angel despite what Rikku and Garnet insist.

In a few months' time, Larxene will be expecting her baby right in the middle of college. Who knows if Marluxia will ever be the same again?

And Riku? Well, as I speak, he is with me now, sitting next to me on the beach in his strong, quiet way. We've only been together a month, but it almost feels like a year. Personally, I have no idea how long we're gonna last. It could be a few more weeks (doubt it though), months, or even years. For now, I prefer not to take things for granted. Every time we go on a date or just hang out (every other beautiful summer day), I live for the now. And I really like him, honestly. I've developed a habit of playing with his silver strands of hair. He thinks it's weird, yet it makes him smile. Hm, can't be too weird then. We've gotten close, closer than I would have expected in terms of having a first boyfriend. He's even talked about his real dad.

His parents were divorced after his little sister Kayla was born. I remember earlier in the year, when I was being depressing and keeping track of how many kids had divorced parents. This may be because I'm more optimistic now, but I don't do that kind of stuff any more. It no longer matters. It's like this one Sarah McLachlan song I heard that goes "we are born innocent" or something like that. Pretty deep lyrics. I think I've figured out the meaning of them. It's sort of like this moment, watching the waves crash and play with Riku next to me. Things can't get better than this. Then, they do with one idea.

"We're swimming," I tell my new boyfriend, getting up and setting my sketchbook aside.

Of course, he looks confused, but at this point, I think he's perfectly used to me being spontaneous. One of my new goals. If I can't be spontaneous, how am I gonna live?

"With our clothes on?" he asks, though starts grinning at the thought.

I kiss him on the lips. He knows me too well. "Darn right we are. And don't chicken out on me. I know why Jiji can't stand the water, but that doesn't mean you can't, too."

Then, he starts laughing, and I know I've got him convinced to do this crazy random thing with me. I'll tell ya right now, it doesn't take much. Must have been the kiss.

I take off my shoes and socks, and Riku's doing the same thing. We hold hands.

"Ready?" I nearly laugh. This is way too much fun. He nods.

We jump right in, the waves crashing over us. But, our hands aren't separated.

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