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"And CUT!" the whistle blew as the director for MacKenzie Falls called the end of the scene. He walked over and gave his lead star a huge thump on the back. "Fantastic work Chad, now that's drama gold! You're all free for the day!"

"Thanks," Chad flashed his director his classic smile and walked off to his dressing room to check his blog. He'd gotten a slightly creepy question/comment from one of his fans earlier.

Hello Chad,

Do you like teddy bears? We heard Sonny loves a softie.

To, which he had responded "No comment." Psh, why would he care if Sonny loved a softie? Psh, it's not like he liked her or anything. Psh, no. The message didn't end there thought.

We know you are a softie, don't deny it!

Chad Dylan Cooper was most definetly not a softie and most definetly not when it came to Miss Sonny Munroe. Just because he dressed up in a weird beard costume for her doesn't mean anything. The fact that he danced with her at her prom doesn't mean anything either.

We know you love Sonny, so therefore we're going to do you a favor. You will buy a teddy bear for Sonny Munroe.

Your two biggest fans

Reading the note had Chad wondering... did Sonny like teddy bears? Maybe Sonny did like sweet guys. That would explain why she liked Hayden. Chad's blood began to boil as he thought about that Kiss Cam canoodler. But if Sonny did like a softie...

Suddenly the prospect of being a softie didn't seem so bad anymore.

No! What are you thinking, Chad?! Chad shook himself out of his little trance. Chad Dylan Cooper is not a softie!

"Um... are you, like, okay, Chad?" Chad turned around to see his co-star Portlyn giving him a strange expression.

"Of course I'm fine, why wouldn't I be fine?" Chad answered a little too quickly.

"You're muttering, like, really loudly about, like, teddy bears and softies..." Portlyn replied warily. Chad felt his cheeks get a little hot. No, no, no! Chad Dylan Cooper does not blush!

"Uh... plotline for next week's show," Chad improvised. "MacKenzie gets attacked by a giant teddy bear who's soft. Oh, gotta go memorize lines, bye!" Chad turned quickly on his heel and walked away.

"Bye?" Portlyn replied, sounding confused. She thought for a few minutes before realizing something. "Wait, Chad, we just, like, shot next week's show!"

Chad pretended he didn't hear Portlyn as he walked out the doors towards his car. Just as he was approaching his car, he heard a high pitched squeal. Oh, great, fans, he thought. He turned around, beaming smile at the ready, expecting to see some crazed fan girl.

Only to be met with the sight of the inside of a thick dark sack.

Chad tried to scream, but it was muffled by the sack. He felt himself being lifted up and thrown onto something that felt a lot like a car seat. The car started up and began driving. After squirming in vain for a while, he decided to be quiet and listen to his kidnappers.

"What if someone saw us, Teddy?" he heard a female voice ask. Funny, it sounded exactly like a fangirl's voice.

"Oh, relax, Chasity, we had Zora help us, remember?" another female voice answered. Zora, Zora... Chad racked his brains for the familiar-sounding name. Did he know a Zora?

"Ooh, look, we're here!" the first voice. Chad heard the car stop and felt himself being lifted out of the car. He immadiatley began struggling again.

"Geez, stop moving will ya?" one of the girls said. "Man, what do you eat, rocks?" Chad went still with surprise. He heard the opening and closing of some doors, and some hushed whispering. Finally, he felt himself being propped upright into a chair, and something was being tied around his body.

"Take this thing offa me!" he insisted, squirming around.

"Okay, fine, geez," one of his kidnappers responded testily.

Chad gasped for air as the sack was finally pulled off. He opened his mouth to scream, then stopped when he took in his surroundings. Standing in front of him were two teenage girls. One was rather short, with short light brown hair and hazel eyes. She wore dark skinny jeans, red Converse and a green T-shirt that said 'Peace' on it. The other was taller, with shoulder-length blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes that slightly reminded Chad of Sonny's. She was wearing a light blue tank top and dark capris with flats. They both looked at him with half-amused, half-evil expressions.

"Hello, Chad Dylan Cooper," the short one said. "My name is Teddy, and this is Chasity."

"You may be wondering why we have brought you here," Chasity said, in an evil voice that didn't match her innocent appearance.

"Uh, where the heck am I?" Chad wondered. His panic was slightly lessened now. At least being kidnapped by fangirls wasn't as bad as say, armed gunmen.

"You're at Toys 'R' Us," Teddy answered, waving her hand. Chad at first thought she was being sarcastic until he felt something brush up against him. The heart throb turned around to see that he was chained to a rack of teddy bears of all different types, sizes and colors.

"Why am I chained to a rack of teddy bears?" Chad asked. Chasity and Teddy gave him a look.

"You really don't remember us?" Chasity asked while Teddy rolled her eyes. "You will buy Sonny a teddy bear..." she recited. Suddenly, it came to Chad.

"You're the two who wrote that creepy note!" Chad gasped, pointing accusingly at the two girls.

"Took ya long enough," Teddy snorted in a very un-ladylike manner. "Now, this won't take long. All you have to do is buy a teddy bear for Sonny."

"Oh, and both of us too." Chasity added, smirking. Chad's eyes widened. This was so not happening.

"What?! No way!" he struggled against the chains that were holding him against the rack of bears. "Chad Dylan Cooper does not buy teddy bears!"

"Chad Dylan Cooper does not buy teddy bears," Teddy mocked him. "Well, there's a first for everything."

"No!" Chad crossed his arms and pouted like a baby. Teddy and Chasity exchanged 'are you kidding me' looks.

"Loser," muttered Chasity.

"I am not!" Chad protested, making a grab for the teen, who stepped back nimbly.

"Are you Chad? Are you really?" Teddy asked, her face mocking the dramatic one he made for MacFalls.

"Yes! I mean, no! I mean, ARGH!" Chad growled and thrased against the chains. Teddy and Chasity laughed and tsk-tsk'ed at him.

"This could take a while," Chasity sighed. Suddenly, Teddy's face perked up into an expression that worried Chad.

"Let's go through his wallet!" she cried.

"And his phone!" agreed Chasity, reaching over towards Chad.

"What?! No, no, n-" Chad's protests were cut off as Chasity yanked both his phone and his wallet out of his back pocket. "Give those back!"

"Ooh, 300 dollars," Teddy grinned, ignorning him and going through his wallet. "Hmm, drivers' license. And a compact mirror? Really, Chad, really?" Chad opened his mouth to protest when Chasity squealed excitedly.

"Look what I found!" she exclaimed, holding up his phone. Chad flushed with red as he realized that Chasity had found the picture of Sonny that he kept as he background. Not because he liked her, psh, no.

"Give me back my stuff!" Chad cried, struggling again.

"Not until you buy those teddy bears," Chasity told him.

"I can't, I don't have my wallet," Chad smirked.

"Don't make me punch you Chad," Teddy glared at him, and Chad gulped slightly. Who knew teenage fan girls could be so creepy?

"Do your parents know that you kidnapped me?" He questioned; Teddy and Chasity just looked at one another with sly smiles across their features.

"Do your fans know that you scream like a girl when threatened?" Teddy raised her eyebrow and Chad didn't have anything else to say about the matter.

"Now, back to the topic at hand, why do you have a picture of Sonny Munroe on your phone?" Chasity smirked, holding up the picture so he could see.

"Chad and Son-ny sittin' in a tree," Teddy sang. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Shut up!" Chad cried, his face turning the color of a tomato.

"FIRST COMES LOOOOVE, THEN COMES MARRIAGE!" Teddy continued to sing at the top of her lungs. "THEN COMES LITTLE CHADDY IN A BABY CARRIAGE!" Teddy burst into hysterical laughter and Chad flushed even deeper.

"Stop singing!" he protested, his voice coming out in a high squeak.

"Are you videotaping this?" Teddy laughed, turning towards Chasity. Chad turned too, and to his horror, Chasity was holding a videocamera.

"You know it!" Chasity grinned. "It woudn't be blackmail without a video camera. Santiago's gonna love this." Chad's eyes widened. No... they wouldn't...

"Ooh, I'll call him!" Teddy beamed, pulling out her phone and dialing. "Hey, Santiago, my man! How's it going? Listen, I got the greatest scoop down at the toy store. What is it, you ask? Three things: Chad Dylan Cooper plus phone plus picture of Sonny Munroe. See you in ten? Great! Peace out, sucka!" Teddy hung up the phone with a triumphant smile.

"So," she said, turning towards Chad. "You change your mind about buying those teddy bears? Or do you want this," she held up the picture of Sonny, "On the cover of Tween Weekly tomorrow?"

"How did you even get Santiago's number?" Chad asked, dumbfounded.

"Just buy the teddy bears!" Chasity snapped.

"Nah, I'm good," Chad smirked. He wiggled his hand loose enough to snatch the phone out of Teddy's outstreched fingers. Typing quickly with one hand (thank goodness for his mad texting skills), he deleted the picture. "I deleted the picture." Chad smirked hugely, thinking he had outsmarted them.

"Good thing I took a picture of the picture," Chasity smirked back at him, holding up her phone. Chad's smirk fell off his face.

"Who takes a picture of a picture?" he spluttered with rage.

"Uh, we do?" Teddy replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Hey, look, Santiago's here!" Chasity waved as a limo pulled up next to the toy store. "Tween Weekly TV" was printed on the cover. Chad's eyes widened as he saw Santiago Heraldo step out of the limo with a smug smile on his face. If he wasn't so tied up (no pun intended) at the moment, he would have wondered how the reporter got here so quickly.

"Hello, girls!" he waved to the two teens like they were old friends.

"Sup, Santiago?" Teddy gave him a fist bump. Santiago's grin widened as he saw Chad sitting chained up to a chair.

"Well, well, well," he said. "Chad Dylan Cooper."

"Santiago," Chad hissed back.

"Nice try Cooper, I'm not gonna participate in your little name game," Santiago smirked. "I'm here strictly on business. Girls?"

"Ah, yes," Chasity said, taking on a business like tone. "We have some very valuable information here for you."

"Yes, about Chad?" Santiago clarified, and Chasity nodded. "Oh, good. I brought along a special guest... Sonny, come on out!"

"SONNY?!" Chad, Teddy, and Chasity all cried at once. Almost in slow motion, the bubbly brunette stepped out of the limo with a huge smile on her face. She looked around the toy store with an expression of joy.

An expression that quickly vanished when she saw Chad.

Sonny's grin dropped off of her face, and her eyes widened. Her brow furrowed in confusion, as she opened her mouth a few times, as if not quite sure what to say. Finally, she spoke.

"Wait, I thought I was here to pick out toys for needy children and... why are you tied to a rack of teddies?"

Chad groaned internally.

This was gonna take a while.

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